New Snapchat server connection problems

By Alan Ng - Mar 30, 2015

We are continuing to see Snapchat not working with some new problems occurring for Android and iOS users at the end of March.

We’ve been getting some constant complaints from users who are telling us that their Snapchat won’t open and that they are always getting a Snapchat server connection error message.

The service is usually pretty stable, but in the last week it seems to have been up and down with many saying that they can’t open Snapchat videos with the same consistency as last year.


For those that want reassurance though, the official Snapchat server status checker states that the app is in normal status, so if your problems persist you may want to try reinstalling to see if that helps.

There is definitely no Snapchat server outage at the moment at the time of writing, so hopefully these server connection issues will fix itself over time.

Have you been having issues with the app over the last few days? Leave your comments below if you are affected by this.

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Snapchat not working correctly after update, problems mount

  • kayleigh

    My SnapChat will not work! I unistalled and re-installed thousands of times already! I tried reseting my password, making a even new account on it and it just WILL NOT WORK DX

    • Andreanna Maria

      Please tell me how you fixed this!!!

  • maya

    I have started to self harm cant do without snapchat :(

  • maya

    Im cutting my wirsts and arms with knifes

  • maya

    Help it wont work

  • Wim

    Mine is down also.

  • ta

    my snapchat hasn’t let me log in for about 3 weeks now..i keep getting a “cannot connect to server” message.. i’m able to login with all other devices but my samsung s4.. its really frustrating i’ve tried everything uninstalling it and reinstalling it.. using only wifi or mobile data.. using airplane mode.. nothing is working.. does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it?????

    • Shannon greaves

      Won’t work

    • Simran

      Im having the same issues since 2 weeks now, is it working for you? Please tell me what you did to solve this

  • Stephanie Ikoro

    Mine is WORSE…I literally cannot post a video with my front or back camera. I logged out, uninstalled and later installed about 20 times (for real) but still nothing works. When I record the video, it shows fine and then when I post it, it is literally black with green and blue colors appearing by the side…I contacted them and they told me to just uninstall an then install …which didn’t help at all…this is definitely a BAD experience. Does anyone else go through this??? OR if you experienced this but your videos are better now…tell me how you solved this problem.

  • Isaura

    Yess I been trying to login for the past two weeks doesn’t let me I deleted it and download it again and still nothing .👎👎👎

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it????

  • Paul p

    Can’t log in says there was a problem connecting to server please try again

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it????????

  • Ratsun1980

    I cannot log in at all anymore and before I Uninstalled it, I couldn’t send anything
    Please fix, getting annoyed

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it??????????

  • HitSnapper

    Couldn’t load snaps so i reinstalled and now i can’t log in. Getting server connection problems and it takes ages to even get the error message. This has been happening since last week.

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it??

  • Dominic Curry

    This has been happening for a couple of days, when trying to view someone’s story, live events or video snaps I get a message saying “There was a problem connecting to the server. Please try again”?! THIS IS SO ANNOYING PLZ FIZ

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it???

  • Skippy

    It just happen to me an hour before and now is telling me there is a problem connecting to the srver it actually getting on my nerves guys just do something to fix it..any help?

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it??

  • Joseph Dunson

    I can’t log in either it keep saying cannot connect to server please help me

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it?

  • Allie Dorman

    This bs what the heck is wrong with snapchat it says it can’t connect

  • bailey

    This is ridiculous I have done anything and everything to try and fix it .I still can’t login and it says cannot connect to server!!!!!

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it?

    • Erin Heald

      Does it work now if so how did you do it??

  • Jackie Gurganus

    I can’t login yo my Snapchat I reinstalled it to see if that would work an now it says it won’t connect to the servers.

    • Erin Heald

      Did you get to log in again on the same device?

  • mima

    Still have the cannot connect to server message