Early GTA Online Heists release time for PST, GMT, EST

By Alan Ng - Mar 10, 2015

It is finally time for GTA V players to enjoy the glorious GTA Online Heists release time one year after it originally was scheduled to come out.

The surprising news to bring you though, is it looks like some players are already seeing an early GTA Online Heists release time on PST, EST and GMT timezones.

Rockstar is not supposed to go live with the content until Tuesday March 10 as per with their own announcement, but confirmation has already been seen with screenshots showing that the GTA Online Heists content is live.

To give you evidence of this, take a look at the image below which reveals that the GTA Online Heists update size on Xbox One is 4.8GB.


As you can see that shows that the Xbox One Heists is live for some players, but we’re not sure if the content has appeared early on PS4 or not – it certainly hasn’t for us, yet.

Meanwhile, there’s also whispers suggesting that Xbox 360 players can play Heists right now too and that the file is only 1.2GB in comparison.

Interesting for sure – but why can some players see Heists live before everyone else? Rockstar has not posted a set release time, but obviously look for the content Tuesday morning UK time and early in the hours US time based on previous update trends.

The question is – are you playing Heists right now on your platform? Do you know anyone who has also been prompted to install the 4.8GB update file early on Xbox One?

UPDATE: GTA V 1.07 has just gone live on PS4 – 4.75GB in size.

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  • Craziijay4545

    anyone join me on ps3 craziijay4545

  • Max Marien

    I have a black screen while updating is this normal?




    whats ur gamertag lis5


    same here just shows the sky

  • lis5

    it crashed for me when i tried to walk into lesters building it was just stuck on the outside


    doin hiest right now


    uhhh when u said it crashed ur game was it to were u couldent do anything


    it popped up in my game says visit lester for a job and i got texts that said youve waited long enouhg


    ill enter my

  • lis5

    not sure, but now my game crashed again when i tried to enter my appartment


    was dayly objectives one??



  • lis5

    no new items from what ive seen, went to see lester on a mission but my game crashed.


    cheking to see if there anr new items

  • rhett


  • rhett

    just got it on ps3, 8:33 sydney time


    i did to xbox 360 2:30 AM 22Mb

  • lis5

    Just got an update on xbox 360 (9:25 uk time


    no its not i just cheked

  • Harry

    Achievements are out on xbox

  • Harry

    09:13 no heist update UK


    my brother up in denmark just said he got the update its 12:23 pm where he is

  • AlexCrawley69

    9.01am in the UK and still no text from the girlfriend whom is at home to say the download has started… Unfortunately couldnt blag a day of work to download heists and scive off and play for a while! But she has my PS3 on and is refreshing the tab every 5 minutes so as soon as i get a text saying the content is available for me i will post for you guys! Hope this helps!

  • Gta5gamer

    11am gmt time for update release in uk

  • Vasy Lika

    Somebody from uk please post when u get the update for xb 360

  • Doooooooooomm

    No heists for xbox 360 in uk either

    • Doooooooooomm



        are u in USA to?

        • Vasy Lika

          U ask me? UK

    • Vasy Lika

      Im start to think if they will give us the heist update cause i have read about cause they may stop send update on older consoles

  • Vasy Lika

    I dont really get it how others few guys they get it until now


      i know

  • james

    8:26 am England no heists yet

  • bubble

    25 past 8 am in UK and still nothen

    • sizer84

      ps3 or ps4

    • Vasy Lika

      What platform are you playing?

  • Vasy Lika

    Im sitting awake about 9 hours just meesing with the xbox,first i thougt its my play disc broke,im waiting for more then a year to come out pc version aswel until decided to get the xbox until pc come out and they keep delay the pc version and heist aswel,arrrrghhh

  • sizer84

    I got the update on playstation 4 at around 3 this morning


    1:18 Seattle nothing yet sitting here for 5 hours watching the blank screen of gta 5 doritos and mountain dew currently running low

  • Vasy Lika

    Has to come very soon today cause i cannot start the game me and some friends,is just loading but does not enter in tthe online sesion,and kick me out befor that couples of times,so ots coming i say

  • D3

    X360, Russia – still nothing…

  • Vasy Lika

    Nobody from uk got it yet on 360?

  • Noaman NZ

    no ps3 release im gonna die with the patience

  • Richard Johnson

    So what is the time frame that we’re looking at in EST time zone??

    • mazda

      I saw a post on a comments on another article that said 10:30 gmt which is 6:30 est

  • Richard Johnson

    Some people are already playing the new update and that’s messed up cause it’s out so far for everyone except PS3 users

    • BootsNTrucks

      Dont worry 360 doesn’t have it either

  • gogetitnow

    Those on ps4 need to manually check for the update

  • hetriec

    the netherlands
    time: 7:15
    doesnt work yet :(

  • PR0G4M3R3689

    Anyone with a 360 add me Gamertag: Pr0GaM3R3689

  • PR0G4M3R3689

    Still not on 360…

  • Jordan

    Richard add me on psn craziijay4545

  • Richard Johnson

    I’ve logged off and on, on my PS3 and I still don’t have the update yet but I’m still able to get online and play in closed friend’s session.. I’m in Washington, DC

  • Jordan Jones

    checked it isnt out on ps3

  • Jordan Jones

    Hope lizardsquad doesnt mess with the servers

    • Richard Johnson

      who is lizardsquad?

      • Jordan

        hackers that messed up psn and xbox live on christmas

  • Kristin Taylor

    didn’t get the update yet for xbox 360

  • AndyJoeZander

    When should it be out in Minnesota?

  • GalahadsMustache

    I manually checked for an update on PS4 and the file began downloading.

  • Jari

    Its 12:30 in New York and thats where Rockstar is located so it should be out now

    • Ibaraki Ben

      It should be between 02:00 and 03:00 PST if it’s the same time as all the other updates.

      • GalahadsMustache

        already live (for download) on PS4

  • ian

    Sill waiting in Canada Xbox

  • Ibaraki Ben

    I got it about 45 minutes ago. About to play now. I’m in Japan.

    • fudge packer

      What are you playing on?

      • Ibaraki Ben

        Playstation 4

  • KingWabbajack

    well its nearly march 11th in Australia why don’t we get it on march 10th bloody rock star

    • Hemaia Naniseni

      Nothing over here in New Zealand either mate. Which part of Aussie are you in?.

  • krazzy4legos2

    im on ps3 and rocostar servers ar down for 2 hours now for me how long for u guys on xbox,ps4

  • Merpaderp

    Hate these clickbait headlines.

    • GalahadsMustache

      not clickbait if it’s true.

    • NgTurbo

      Just to let you know, it’s early morning in the UK.. early hours US time at the moment. GTA v 1.07 has just gone live on PS4.. 4.75GB.

  • Eddy

    Anyone know what time is coming out?

    • Anonymous

      Bout an hour or 2 im certain

    • Ibaraki Ben

      Usually between 01:00 and 02:00 PST.

  • boatboy

    They solhould have started installing it on the 9th if it takes this long

  • boatboy

    we will get them next year

  • bubble

    I’m in UK still waiting

  • blaine

    Time does it come out UK?

  • No update as of yet, gonna wake up at 5AM and hope it’s live :P.

  • timtimtom

    no update on the 10th either

  • Harry Heeds

    Not got update on ps3 yet and servers for online are down

    • Kris Fjord

      I’m in a lobby right now.

  • James Roberts

    not got update for xbox 360 yet but the online lobbys are down which means rocstar are installing it

  • Hanzo21

    it´s still monday :)

  • Tommy Flewers

    i havent had a update yet :(