PSN sign in problems with NP-35000-8 error

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Following the PlayStation Network going down today, the service doesn’t seem to be fully working still even after the official Twitter account said you could sign in to PSN again. Sony has since retracted the statement, and users detail PSN sign in problems with different PS4 / PS3 error codes like NP-35000-8.

The majority of these errors are in relation to PSN server problems. One Product Reviews reader said they received this message, “Sony Entertainment Network is currently undergoing maintenance (NP-35000-8)”. Sony has updated their Twitter support account a few times in the last hour and you can see the latest PSN status updates below.

After we heard there was still intermittent issues with signing in to PSN, then thousands started reaching out to Sony on Facebook and Twitter. Responses can be seen below, which basically confirm the sign in issues and explain they are working on a fix to bring PSN back up and fully working.

Are you seeing the PSN status update as online and if so, are you able to sign in? We’ve run a few tests in the UK and with a work colleague in the US, but it seems there’s still problems trying to connect to PSN and it’s still down for us. Share a comment below with your location and if the service is not working. We’ll update our readers when a fix arrives.

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  • Banga871

    I forint understand why they don’t just tell us the truth… You don’t kno what the problem is so how can you fix it?? Stop lying to us if you don’t kno what you are talking about. @psn


    psn sign in is still NOT working here in NorthEast of UK. Tried for 2 hours now

  • Matt Popieluszko

    psn is down for me in the us.

  • Jake

    Still not working in the uk

  • صعب نسيانك

    Still not working in the U.A.E

  • drew

    Still down in U.S

    • aamer

      Still down in AUS

  • rudu

    Still down in germany

  • Lyli

    *An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PSN. (80710092)* -This came up when I tried to sign in, anyone else sees this too? (Los Angeles, CA)

    • aamer

      yes i have its the 100th i signed in and these dumb hackers should go to jail i swear i get my clan to DDOS Lizard Squad offline hurry up i signed in 10 mins go then a sign in error wow im not waiting any longer 17 hrs i still cant log in

    • Jarrod Gilbert

      Same in Jacksonville NC.

  • Cris

    Still down in SF bay area

  • Bwabbyy Gyallï

  • Marcie Katrina Raye

    80710092 error still coming up in Portland, OR.

    • thelegend8390

      I am getting same

      • richray24

        same problem here in monticello fl

  • Bwabbyy Gyall


  • Evan Thomas

    i’m able to sign in, but all my games are locked

  • Jake McMillan

    In wales but I’m signed in its just not showing my friends list and won’t let me go on any sort of multiplayer..

    • Dan Stevens

      Same here in wales. Logged in but can’t load DCUO up

  • yodaddy

    Oakland cali down for the count! Error 80710092 ftl

  • Jarrod Gilbert

    Same issues in Jacksonville NC.WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jose (Speaedy)

    DOWN IN BRONX, NY…hope that Sony resolves this issue fast!

  • Herm

    Down in Madison, WI, SMH!

  • kev

    Been down in orlando FL, since i woke up this morning..

  • Dell

    Sacramento ca, not working for me but working for my brother…… WTF

  • I just want to play warframe

    Down in South Carolina since i got up

  • Ken Boland

    Online in Jersey

  • Hunter

    South carolina problems allday

  • stinky

    4:47 sunday august 24 and still down in ohio

  • Herm

    It’s back up n running for me here in Madison, WI

  • aayush

    down in dubai

  • Kiwi

    Down in NZ

  • machine gun willie

    I came just read the comments and to see if some jackass has something to say about this comment

    • PSN Grouppie

      I like you comment. Have a nice day.

  • aaron

    Still down at 6:13 pm Memphis tn

  • plscarpenter .

    Still down Arlington, WA 4:22pm 08/24

  • Cyber_BRS

    oh ok

  • Boost

    Down here. Pitts,PA

  • Joshuafourslaps

    Still Down in Saskatchewan.canada.

  • Jay Abbott

    Still down in the uk

  • Irving

    still down in canton, ga……… how can this happen???????? I remember when back when,that everybody wanted to be down with sony,now sony is not the company they USED TO BE!!!!!!!!!

  • jarrett

    Down in Zephyrhills/Tampa Florida

  • hustle

    still not on in BAMA think im going to get a gaming PC next

  • some guy?

    still down in Nashville TN at 11:32

  • Another Guy

    online in Beverly Hills ca, pretty weird that the most U.S have errors tho….

  • Another Guy

    Btw code “80710092″ have to do nothing with the PSN error. It means that you’ve been banned for some reason (idk why) i had that a few weeks ago for trolling people on PSH. So my ban was 1 week. If u hack games. modding in online games etc. Or got this message before u might get perma’band so what u really want to do is call their helpthingy (Check their number on their site) or put ur Modem or router and ps3 off for a long period and i guess it’ll work (helped me) I’ll hope this answers ur question!!!

  • Another Guy

    And the most of the PSN damage is in North America so South, West and East US should get it done by now.

  • Torte

    down in The Hague, Netherlands

  • Rico

    Still down hamilton nj

  • jackson

    Hey how do I report a guy for hacking

  • Ace1213

    Aagghhhh! Still down Glasgow (UK)

  • Andrew Jackson

    you a jackson you look like a jackson still down bit of a shitty move on sony and microsoft to be taken down by a simple small ddos hack tool though tbf you’d have thought they’d have been taught a lesson last time and now were paying for this service on psn gee im so honoured lol

  • John Daniel Ramirez

    Down In Beeville Texas when will it be up again