Sims 4 confirm cheats before CAS demo

By Daniel Chubb - Aug 11, 2014

The Sims 4 official Twitter account has confirmed cheats before offering up solid Create a Sim release date details. Within the last hour, it was tweeted by the verified account that The Sims 4 will feature cheats and plenty of hints have been dropped towards an imminent CAS demo.

It is nice to see official channels talking about cheats before a game releases, especially considering many players see these as an extension to a games fun. There’s obviously game-breaking cheats that could appear, but these might need a patch after Sims 4 releases. You can see the cheat confirmation within the official tweet below.

The Sims 4 Create a Sim public release is a different matter and we touched on this 5 days ago with a possible date, which just happens to be tomorrow. This date has become pretty well known with the fan community and that’s thanks to a help document revealing the August 12 launch date.

It seems like the official Twitter account won’t be so obvious with the Sims 4 CAS demo for public, and any questions result in a “Later this summer” message. You can see the said tweet below.

Considering the game releases on PC starting September 2, this doesn’t leave much time for a demo if it’s to come before then. We’d still hope they’re holding out for some sort of surprise tomorrow, and it’s good to remember the press days for Gamescom will also start on Tuesday. This creates the perfect time for The Sims 4 to receive its Create a Sim release.

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  • Kyra

    Will it be released soon in Europe?

    • SimsFan2014

      Hey I’m from the UK, I downloaded it a few hours ago if it’s not letting you download it you probably have to wait because people are probably downloading it like crazy.

  • Xavier

    Apparently they just opened up the demo here in the US midwest. I’m downloading the demo now. Lol I gotta admit……I’m pretty excited. It’s also downloading incredibly fast. I might just get to try it out before work

  • simslover

    How did you get it was it an email or did it just pop up pls tell me

  • Ghostaholic

    It’s downloading for me right now! [I’m in the UK, so maybe a lot of people in the US are downloading it, hence it being a long wait for others? I don’t know, I downloaded it literally 2 minutes ago and it’s already on 30%] I’m looking forward to playing!

  • Lil_red411

    Its’s here! downlaoding it now, it just popped up under the origin demos and betas section! So excited!

    • maxi60

      Make sure you download mods for it too.

      • Lil_red411

        I will. Already planned on it, so excited to finally get my hands on it!

        • maxi60

          I got the demo a couple days earlier. It is cool to use, but takes a while to get used to.

    • SimsFan2014

      You’re lying it keeps coming up with try again later

      • maxi60

        There are too many downloading it now, that is probably why.

      • Lil_red411

        I have no reason to lie, as I type it’s downloading.

  • Eli

    Its up for download, but theres to mant people trying to download it so don’t worry everyone will get it

  • DT

    I just checked the demos and betas on my origin account and there it was! The Sims 4 CAS Demo. I did sign up months ago, but still didn’t receive any email till now.

    • SimsFan2014

      You can’t download it though I just tried and it doesn’t work it comes up with an error message

  • EpicET

    They don’t have the demo for mac. Are they planning to come out with one?

  • Zygortz

    You have to go under “free games” and then “demos and betas”

    • SimsFan2014

      Wrong it says please try again later, it’s listed but you cannot download it

      • BTCA

        You can’t download it because of the amount of people trying to download it. So many people have been waiting, so there’s gonna be an adequate amount of traffic. It’s currently working for me, so just listen to the message and try again later, it’ll probably work then.

  • Lil_red411

    I just wish the would give us a release date already, I’ve been dying to get my hands on this demo! I don’t get why the readme file would all of a sudden have the date “August 12, 2014” for no reason. Makes no sense.

  • sunnyChow

    i lethally was like dying over its release date why the do this

  • sunnyChow


    • SimsFan2014

      That document thing doesn’t even matter, If it was the 12th they would have already said by now and confirmed it coming out tonight

  • SimsFan2014

    It’s not today it’s coming out today at all, They keep telling us later this summer so I’m guessing either the 25th of August or the 31st or the very beginning of September like the 1st, I’m sick of getting my hopes up over the 12th.

    • Lil_red411

      I’ve looked at the Gamecon schedule, they start presenting tomorrow. If the demo doesn’t come out today, then it will most likely tomorrow. I’m hoping.

      • SimsFan2014

        They have said later this summer, And a couple of weeks back I saw on twitter where one of the main Guru’s also said later this summer, So we got given false information of it coming out on the 12th of this month, I’m highly guessing the 28th of August to the 31st.

  • Alexx

    It’ll most likely be today or tomorrow. They’ll release in August, since the game is out on September 2nd here in the US.

  • TheSimsPeople

    I’ve looked and looked on origin but its not there! Why!!!!!!!!! Have they put it on origin yet?

    • TooSimmyForU

      Don’t think they have, they’ll probably put it onwhen Gamecon starts or at the end :P, Just wait till later today and check

      • TheSimsPeople

        Ok. Thx.

  • Centerfold Skye

    I was able to download The Sims 4 CAS yesterday on the 11th. EA didn’t email me saying I was chosen early but I’m glad it finally showed up.

    • Lil_Red411


      • Centerfold Skye

        Keep checking your Origin games. I don’t know why it just suddenly became availabe on the 11th. Glad it did. It’s gorgeous.

        • Lil_Red411

          Thanks! I’m hoping it pops up soon!

    • Zack Grutza

      how did you get it? its not showing up on my origin and theres like a million ppl sayign same thing lol there should be no way you got it

      • Centerfold Skye

        I wish I had a secret for you. Maybe it’s a slow rollout relese. Hopefully it’s being released for everyone today.

        • Zack Grutza

          I hope so. still been looking for it but seems it’s still not there..guess i have to wait..and im sure there wont be an email confrimation due to them makign the sims 4 demo out to the public theyd have to send out like millions upon millions of ppl emails lol i doubt they would have time for that

    • Q.S. Love

      You had signed up for the demo earlier? I didn’t hear about that until it was too late. I’m wondering if they’re making it available first to the people who signed up but weren’t chosen.

      • Centerfold Skye

        Signed up for the demo almost 2 months ago. Available to download yesterday. No confirmation email from EA. Just appeared there at or before 5:15 pm.

  • Joaozinho9555

    You know, by later this summer, they meant September.. :/

    • Alexx

      That’s not fully true. If you think about it, it could be today. (August 12) The date was shown with a coding kinda like thing and press days for Gamescon start today. EA announced the Battlefield Hardline open Beta at the end of a press conference for E3. Who said they won’t do the same thing with The Sims 4 CAS Demo at Gamescon?

      • josephine

        I Checked origin and everything i cant find sims 4 demo

        • Keiji Johnson

          So did I. Maybe it’ll be available later on today, probably by the time Gamescom officially starts… hopefully.

        • Alexx

          It’s not out yet. I was saying why it’s totally possible for them to release it today. I’m keeping an eye on all fan sites, The Sims social medias, and Origin.

    • BlahdyBlah

      Dude, you realize the game is being released in September 5th? There’s no way it’s gonna be released in September.