GTA V Heists update imminent

By Alan Ng - Aug 4, 2014

We are within touching distance of the Grand Theft Auto V Heists update it seems, Rockstar’s missing content which players have been waiting for, for almost a year. Now, we can see that animations showing elements of the unreleased game mode have leaked, right on the eve of the expected GTA V 1.16 update release time.

We are expecting a new GTA V update on Tuesday August 5, as Rockstar has already said that existing content will expire on Monday August 4 – also combined with the fact that it has been weeks since the last 1.15 update. The big question is though: Will it be the highly anticipated GTA V Heists update or not?

Once again, hacker Chr0m3 X MoDz appears to be at the forefront in revealing early leaks on GTA V content before anyone else. In his latest video, we can see a detailed breakdown of some of the animations that players will have when finally playing Heists.

These include things like the player taking a cower position with his heads behind his back to signify a bank robbery and at this point, it suggests that a GTA V Heists release date could be imminent. The source code for Heists is already there and Rockstar are just putting their final touches on the content it seems.

We can understand why they are taking their time on it too. Once it goes live, Heists is likely to be the definitive method of making free GTA Online money in the shortest amount of time.

We’ve already told you in a previous leak that the maximum Heists payout could be $1,500,000 while the minimum payout could be $100,000 – split between four players.

Rockstar are not stupid either – they know that players won’t need to buy cash cards with real money once Heists is released, so it’s common sense that they are making players wait from a business point of view.

What are your thoughts on this latest leak? Do you think there is a small chance that Heists may even come with GTA V 1.16 this week? We would love to see it happen, so give us your thoughts on this below.

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  • herbertsnow

    Get a life people. Online sucks

    • I’m pissed

      We don’t like ur kind ’round here

  • Corey

    Tell us in the comments how you might feel if Product Reviews was possibly given a release date from being on the internet. Would this likely seem imminent probably good as well as better update for people? 1.16.

  • Nick

    It would be awesome if they add some better type weapons. Probably won’t but it gets a little old using weapons that do the same thing. They just look different. I say chainsaws, brass knuckles, blowtorch, a bucket of battery acid, bow and arrow, and the option to do a public execution would definetly amp up GTA V. More destructive vehicles as well would also be nice

  • Jaded

    Look! It’s Tuesday and no update. People need to quit trying to get that old rusty rumor mill spinning, if you don’t concern yourselves with it, if you act like you don’t care, if you just stop playing for a while, R* will have to do something. No players = no money which puts the ball in your court. No one listens though, they think acting super angry gets companies to do thing. Instead, you guys feed into R* by acting so anticipated that you seem mad. Who cares if it was a core feature, who cares it was promised, stop hyping it with videos and articles and just not give a crap. It may actually do more than you think.

    • coty

      I love you bro

  • bang

    I juss want the damn update but they playin

  • duke

    The only reason they dont release the heists is people keep buying shark cards. Heists will pay out enough and they wont make in game purchase money. Stop buying shark cards and the heist missions will be released.

    • dannyboy

      The heists are supposed to be released when the game comes out for . ps4/xbox one/pc which has been knocked back to October


    Update is out now!

    • dannyboy


  • troy ayres

    They never said there would b an update today.why does everyone believe all these articles

    • dannyboy

      Ha bet you checked for the update before you posted your comment

      • coty


    • Sorel

      You do realise that the “I’m Not a Hipster” and “Independence Day” updates were both unannounced, right?

      • I’m pissed

        True but they still didn’t say it would be released today so why all the anticipation?

  • dannyboy

    Looks like ROCKSTAR are getting the reputation they want FAIL FAIL FAIL this game is the most spoken about game all over Google/ forums I’d of thought they would of got their $hit together and sort the updates out . ROCKSTAR must like the negative feedback . They can’t even reply on the R* forums expaling the delays one of the biggest game F UPS of the year ROCKSTAR well done

  • Lol

    It’s still not out yet omg rockstar are selfish

  • Rockstar sucks

    And sucks to be you you are a rockstar fanboy if we dont get dlc on time everyone gets angry and we quit gta i think what everyone should do if its not realesed boycott gta and then they have to release the dlc so boycotting is a really good idea if we want things

    • Jett Teagues

      I’m already there. F* Rockstar and GTA V. All they do is lie and give empty promises, like a politician.

  • Rockstar sucks

    So true

  • dannyboy


  • Rockstar sucks

    This sucks rockstar are being greedy if they dont release dlc that means they dont give 2 shits about us and whats stopping them from doing dlc money glitching no because that’s just an excuse by rockstar so there being greedy and unfair towards us

  • why isnt it out yet

    why isnt it out yet

  • dannyboy

    You have F UP again ROCKSTAR its been one big F UP since they brought this game out everything keeps getting knocked back (updates) all the HYPE about this game was going to be the best when it came was just a load of BS and as for the so called HEISTS well that’s anotner F UP

  • sucks to be you

    Well aren’t you guys a bunch of ungrateful entitled little pricks… Rockstar are the only source you can rely on when updates are going to be released, and they NEVER said anything about dlc coming this week. Bitching about not getting your FREE content ‘on time’ will not get you very far. Sure is summer in here.

    • I’m pissed

      This is true. They NEVER said anything about the dlc coming out today or any other day. So you’ve got a point…

      • Aaron

        What is also true is that R* didn’t announce the past two DLC’s. So that isn’t very true after all…

        • dannyboy

          Spot on there

    • dannyboy

      Lol check you out a$$ licking ROCKSTAR

  • Rockstarpussycunts

    I have no faith in rockstar no faith and I will say sorry if it comes out today but I dont think so

  • Rockstar pussycunts

    If it’s not out by 12 noon uk time then it’s not coming

  • Rockstar pussycunts

    They are its obvious they hate gamers they just want the money nothing else there gonna make the dlc stuff overpriced like 1.2 mill for some crap car or something

  • Rockstar pussycunts

    I bet my life it’s not coming out i just bet its obvious there gonna leave us bored for another week

    • I’m pissed

      I wouldn’t surprised if they did tbh

  • Rockstar sucks

    Guys it’s not coming out just admit it rockstar hates and doesn’t care about its fans they just want money

    • Nick

      Seriously? It’s a business. The programmers don’t work for free. In order to keep the game going, R* has to make some $$.
      I’m not happy with all the decisions they’ve made, but I have to admit that they seem to be trying to keep the game fair and enjoyable.

  • Wesley


  • Wesley

    Is it out anywhere cause it’s not in the uk was meant to be out 10-11 and it’s 11:25

    • Aaron

      What is your last name Wesley?

      You may be someone I know called Wesley other than Wesley Crusher…

  • Jac William Otter

    Anyone know a time in uk it be out

  • Wesley

    It’s still not out I. The uk wtf

    • CoolPie03

      Prob an hour left from your time zone

  • I hate rockstar

    And also I MONEY GLITCH HAHAAH ROCKSTAR ELERGY GLITCH MADE 2.5 mill and I’m just waiting to buy the hydra or the MILJET the reason people money glitch is because they hate your shark card scam and it’s almost impossible to make money thanks for not patching ELERGY glitch doing it right now

    • Wesley

      Elegy glitch not elergy

      • joe nathan

        add me on ps3 and tell me how to do that glitch ManDownn100

  • I hate rockstar


    • CoolPie03

      Woah dude take it easy it will come out today we just gotta be patient.

    • Dro

      Zombies have always been cool (especially in Undead Nightmare). No reason to be hating on them, since they’ve been a symbol of media since you were in diapers.

  • I’m pissed

    Is R* even aware that we are all pissed?

  • Alex Morgan

    wow….it’s still not out yet

    • CoolPie03

      What time do you think it will come out?

      • svdjo

        I heard something about last hour?

        • CoolPie03

          Well im in California so time here is now 2:37

      • Alex Morgan

        In the uk it’s around 10-11am in US 3-4 pm in in uk and it’s 10:40 still nothing so…

        • CoolPie03

          Sorry its 2:53 am. And yeah I gotta check gta in abit

  • svdjo

    Waiting with the update, because people might nomore buy R* money ist just nonsense imo. R* will not destroy their money policy/ the economy with heists. Shortage is a precondition of a working market (and an even bigger precondition for earning real money with digital money!).

    Hopefully heists will bring longer lasting jobs, as loading times are still crazy long for those 10 minute jobs.

  • colonel grif

    i feel bad for R* here the heists are so close to coming out (if your right) they’re probably in scotland right now just fearing what will happen almost a year of anticipation leading up to one thing and if its bad they will most likely lose their job.

  • Bossman

    Any news on update

  • where the hell the update at ?? -__-

    • drew13723295

      In 3 hours i was just on gta and as i loaded in a tip said if you dont share the take you will loose crew rp

      • colonel grif

        i want to believe you but im a skeptic here, if you could take a screenshot id be more trusting, i want this to be real but damn it man i need proof.

  • CL

    Ill believe it when I see it, rockstar has yet to actually live up to ANY promises so far to have me put any faith what so ever in any thing gta related. Honestly I don’t believe that they will release heist at all, cause that way they can continue to force us to buy shark cards. Or if they do it wont be until AFTER gt 5 launches on the xbox one and PS4, so they can use it as a selling point to dupe people into paying $60 for the same game all over again. Its nothing but a money making scheme, make the players “think” that your working to make them game better, make them “believe” that you care about them and make “promises” of better weapons, cars, and mission, that are “imminent” THEN make em wait a year or longer, and still never release it. But there again, IF and that’s a BIG IF the next update is does contain heist then ill be the first one to apologies and say I was wrong, and hell even if the next update isn’t heist but still contains something more then some stupid t-shirts and fireworks ill still say I was wrong. The last update rockstar done that was half way decient would probably have been when they released all the new super cars and high end appartments, since then they’ve not added anything that makes me even wanna play any more then maybe an hour or two every so often. So I mean I don’t believe all the hype that people are doing about this so called “imminent” DLC. Ill believe when I see it, and not before then. Until then im just going to continue to play as if there is no such thing as another “good” update even in the works.

    • Rip_Davan

      Nobody is forcing you to buy Shark cards. It’s your impatience that is compelling you to buy Shark cards. I can make $100,000 minimum in one hour just spamming jobs. R* would be laughing all the way to the bank with you morons.

  • Jacues Boullard

    R* is not stupid, just greedy a$$hats, you’ll see, they’ll be selling more cash cards than ever because new penthouse apartments will cost over 10 million, mansions 30 million, and the hydra will probably cost over 40 million.

    • Addison

      R* are be idiots I am from the uk it’s 11:35 and still nothing it’s dumb r* need to step up thier game and do thing right for once I’ve never seen any update yet

  • Michael Taylor

    I’m a idea specialist for games….contact me at

  • Alex Morgan

    Well it has been around a month since the Independence Day. R* are removing the musket, firework launcher etc from the gun shop on the 4th August. (Yesterday) So now there is nothing left to do. Do if R* don’t bring out the DLC I will be so annoyed as we all need new content.

  • Harrison

    so do u think it will come out today ?

  • Harrison

    thanks.alex morgan

  • Alex Morgan

    I’m really hoping that the update will come out. Usually at 10-11am we receive them. Harrison

  • Harrison

    do you guys re]con the update with come out today (5th august) if so what time do you recon ? im really getting annoyed with rockstar because they never give us clues or anything to tell us that a update Is coming out…. ive been playing gta 5 September and ive enjoyed the updates and stuff but they have left heists to long because I just sit on my couch playing gta 5 just bored with nothing to do rockstar why wait this long I just hope it comes out tomorrow and If I doesn’t I will be very annoyed ……… when will it come out ? please tell me ???

    • Alex Morgan

      I hope so we usually receive the DLC at 10-11 am if it does come out that is

    • Jeff

      In the US, where R* is, it is still the 4th of august. Sooooooo

  • Ricky

    Im a level 171 online and I still have fun with the game. However, only when playing with friends in races or deathmatches. Im getting kind of sick of the same old crap. I bought one shark card a long long time ago and since then have done 2 money glitches that has gotten me every car apt plane and gun I wanted with 12 million to spare. I refuse to give them any more of my money. The aggravation I deal with in free mode is not worth it. Invincible people and entitys cruising around and I cant kill them. I go into passive mode and they call a firetruck to spray me down. Im sick of the bs. Fight me one on one. I say they need to fix a lot of glitches before even thinkin bout comin out with heists. Cause when they do, people will find another glitch to do with the next dlc. Kudos to the hackers/modders for being computer savy but youre ruining the game.

  • Jett Teagues

    COD Ghosts comes out with its last DLC of the season tomorrow. I doubt Rockstar will issue an update on the same day. Even if they do, it will probably be just as disappointing as the last few. I stopped playing gta a month ago. When Destiny comes out, I wont be playing it at all. I doubt Heists will live up to the hype, and I SERIOUSLY doubt they will come out tomorrow. P.S. F*** R* and their shark cards. They can rub them on their chest.

    • Nicole Crook

      LOL well said

    • That doesn’t make any sense, CODG has nothing to do with GTAO or Rockstar, and I’m sure Rockstar isn’t concerned with a game they have nothing to do with.

      • Jett Teagues

        It doesnt make sense because your thinking about it the wrong way. They don’t release High Profile Games on the same day. They don’t release High Profile DLC on the same day. They may be competitors but they still follow business rules, ethics ect. They dont want you to choose between COD and GTAV, the real objective is to sell them both. so they dont release games/DLC on the same day. As you check GTA V for that new DLC, you will see I am correct.

    • udipshit

      Yea better go pay $14.99 for that cod add on.

      • Jett Teagues

        No. You see, I have brains. I bought them all at once for half price. Seasons Pass. Yaayyyy Math. I hope you are all enjoying GTA Onlines Update today. Oh, wait….. there isn’t one. Just like I said there wouldn’t be. I’ll be playing that new COD DLC. You can go play Rooftop Rumble 17 thousand times so you can buy 1 super car.
        For those who dont understand how I knew, it is logic. Name 1 time 2 high profile games were released on the same day. Never. Same concept goes for DLC. Nuff said.

  • LOLZ

    stop busting rockstars chops I’d love to see on of you make a game like gta LOL

  • Jaded

    Why does every always assume Tuesday? Because it became a habit? They would most likely want to milk the fan’s anticipation by giving the news and making them wait about two weeks. I’ve personally burnt myself out on GTA just trying to make money, so now I have my sights set on Destiny, Far Cry 4 and Batman: Arkham Knight. I don’t like game companies toying with me and trying to make me impatient enough to buy virtual items.

  • Corey

    Don’t say imminent in the grand headline, then fill the article with “maybe, likely, could, possible, and probably. ” You’re nearly as bad as Jack Hack.

    Oh, and “appears” which you use incorrectly given you are an ESL journalist.

  • Corey

    “at this point, it suggests that a GTA V Heists release date could be imminent.”

    Um what? This makes no sense.

  • Searching4Truth

    This was a core feature promised in the initial release of the game. “Making the players wait” is not an acceptable business tactic.

    • Willy Samhan


  • YouTube

    I believe Rockstar Will surprise us With the New GTA V 1.16 update with Heist & the Casino New cars,New weapons surprise maybe or not. 😉

  • Francis Jairam

    Judging by the animations. Most of them were used in the single player while some like the ATM one wasn’t used.


    Why is there an “L” at the minimap in Online?

    • Rafael Barros

      In some time in the begginig of the online there is this L that is for Lester, i dont remember what exactly you have to do there, but there is yes this symbol in Online, sorry for the English, not native language

    • Chad

      You ever play the game before?
      For the longest time I had that sa.e L in MY online game because I refused to do Lester’ missions.

  • Nicole Crook


  • ?

    how do you doubt it? you thats photoshop or something lol

  • troy ayres

    I doubt it

  • Herve Shango

    I can’t wait