Facebook down today with social buttons

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Facebook is down following the news earlier today that they were experiencing problems with a blank white sign in page. Since that report, we can now confirm the Facebook website is not working along with social like buttons that many bloggers use on their own websites.

The error message most people are seeing states, “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can”. You then have the option to go back or try and visit their help page, although this doesn’t do much thanks to the website continually crashing.

Is Facebook down for you today and if so, what part of the world are you in? We will update our readers as we get more and will try to find out if these latest issues are related to the blank white screen people saw in the UK earlier today.

Update: We’ve contacted some friends and partners in New York and London, both locations either see the Facebook outage or keep getting a broken connection to social pages. If you’re running any of the web Facebook buttons, they won’t be working until the website comes back up and you’ll likely just see a blank blue image.

It looks like everything is working again.

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  • Sue

    I am getting an error message saying, “Unable to connect”. I guess Facebook is down everywhere.

  • CM

    Same error as you guys – I’m in Canada (Ontario)

  • richmoon

    Here in Taiwan it isn’t working also.

  • MOE

    Down in Nashville, Tn

  • http://www.MercyfulGrace.com/ MercyfulGrace Blog

    Annoying! Makes u wonder what life would be if so depended on it :)

  • OhJustStop

    Yep. It’s toast. Finally, people will be forced to call or have face to face interactions, if only for a few minutes…

  • chaoshq


  • funnyone

    hahahaha so ironic it has a ‘share on facebook’ button!!!! bwhahahahahaha!!!!

  • Kevin


  • vana

    india too

  • bibek

    Same here, It just says “This webpage is not available”

  • Karym VDK

    Paris, France. Facebook down.

  • Jiminthesun

    back up here in Europe (Luxembourg). But slow.

  • pevangel

    Here in Florida, it is not working

  • Julie Corby

    South Australia

  • Sammy

    South Africa

  • Lulu4all

    Ugh! Unable to connect in Virginia :(

  • Mauricio


  • James


  • Andrew

    Down in Chicago

  • Jenna

    I’m in Ontario Canada and it’s down

  • destroya

    Kansas City mo

  • Dawn Courtney-Coles

    Down in SW France

  • Anderson

    Me too in Brazil

  • rick

    Down in Virginia. I guess we had better tell the life-support application development teams to scrap their plans to build dependencies on Facebook.

  • amber

    savannah ga is down wish they would quit doing this its annoying! grrrrrr

    • Your Loved One

      Really amber :p
      <3 sojao beta

  • Jenny Johanson

    It is not working in India either.

  • DangarMajhi

    I am from Bangladesh. Same here too. Facebook isn’t working.

  • Anonymous

    Northern Illinois is down

  • Keezster

    It’s down in Toronto, Canada.

  • Mallory

    Down in Louisiana

  • Nicole

    Down in Italy

  • K1ng

    Upstate New York

  • SDM

    Down in San Diego

  • borborigmus

    Down in Bali, Indonesia

  • Yolo Albert


  • sigh

    here is in China. We can’t even access Facebook when it works

  • lamine zemour


  • André


  • ya’ll

    Down in the USA! Georgia!

  • Melby19

    Down in Philadelphia

  • Danny123

    Manchester, England too

  • terezib

    still completely down as of 12:24 PM US Eastern Time (NY).

  • la

    Down in Los Angeles California

  • Surya Pratap Singh

    down in INDIA

  • justo

    morehead city nc usa

  • http://mindtherant.blogspot.com/ MindTheRant

    Facebook’s down for me. I live in NYC.

  • Mcnight Mcmac

    ur all idiots

    • Danny123

      When you say “all” do you mean the whole world lol

      • terezib

        yes, he means ALL SEVEN BILLION OF US. Even our 1 month old babies who aren’t yet on FB, other than photos posted by their parents.

  • martin

    Facebook down in the UK

  • echasc

    Not working in Long Island, NY

  • Ddhcts Skinner

    Anchorage Alaska not down but very slow and incomplete pages.

    • asfd

      thats down….

  • Miss Missle

    Out in Oregon

  • tky

    Tokyo offline

  • Katie


  • Nathan Lundholm

    Facebook wouldn’t be down every time we blink if they would hire programmers who were at least at the 5th grade level… middle school or high school or college level would be even better, but those programmers don’t even know 5th grade programming.

  • Detroit Dave

    Down….in the Big D …Detroit, Michigan

  • Saurabh Aggarwal

    its working now !!! :)

    • terezib

      not for me, yet, in NY.

  • Blair

    Facebook down in the United Kingdom, fife to be specific.

  • INZN Cmd

    Down in Aguascalientes México :7

  • josh

    Down in Melbourne Australia

    • Julie Corby

      down in Adelaide SA

  • Nydia

    Houston, we have a problem

  • TAtiana

    facebook down in Toronti, Canada

  • Jennifer Burney

    Down in Maryland

  • Thom

    Illinois 11:27 AM

  • Abby

    Facebook is down in Vancouver, British Columbia – Canada

  • Suzette Billings

    Down in Raleigh, NC

  • Eugene Dizon

    same here in the philippines.

  • Carol

    Busted in Bowmanville, Ontario Canada

  • tanyann

    down in Missouri but mine says the facebook url can’t be found

  • Surya Pratap Singh

    Are you all insane?????? Now atleast People will have face to face talk.. Idiots.

    • terezib

      see my reply above – we don’t ALL have people physically around us to TALK TO. Aren’t YOU lucky you do!

    • Macroscopic debris

      Yes, because everyone lives just right around the corner to each other. It’s a terribly convenient forum to gather and communicate. It’s farther reaching than texting or a phone call, and typing is certainly faster than texting, to say nothing of your internet being faster than your mobile network. More longevity and prolific than a phone call, too, and enables parties to communicate regardless of whether they can synchronize their schedules to do so.

    • Lyss

      obviously its down for you too Surya or you wouldnt be here right now.. so please tell me again.. whose the “idiot”?

    • Surya

      I think I made a wrong statement, apology for that..
      well facebook is working here in India for 5 minutes

  • Aya

    Down in San Francisco, CA

  • Amber Tamberino

    down in new york

  • A-Man

    down in malaysia

  • Marc3993

    down in trinidad

  • Dennis Constantine

    Facebook is down in their home in the Silicon Valley.

  • Surya Pratap Singh

    Are you all insane?????? Now atleast People will have face to face talk.. Idiot

    • Thom


      • terezib

        I think MY reply was much more erudite than YOURS, LOL.

        • Surya Pratap Singh

          I agree :D hahaha

        • Thom

          OP plz

      • tanyann

        Its a wonder that people would rather be online than talk to you Thom face to face. Very clear you never had anyone to teach you what manners are.

        • Surya Pratap Singh

          You are getting me wrong

        • terezib

          wait…are there TWO ‘thoms’ on here? uh oh…we better start calling you thom1 and thom2. I’m guessing thom2 is the one I’d rather have a convo with.

        • tanyann

          I think its clear that both of them could use a little help in the manner department.

        • thom

          you do too abby

        • Thom

          Im not affiliated with ‘thom’

        • Surya

          well there is gud news for u THOM..!! :))
          Facebook got fixed

        • Thom

          Its been up for me for 10 mins

    • terezib

      unfortunately, I work from home by myself, so I don’t HAVE anyone to talk to “face to face”. You are lucky you do!

  • John

    down in Ireland too.

  • StarChilde

    Out in Perth, Western Australia

  • thom

    Abby STFU

    • terezib

      so we’ve established that you’re a fellow (I’m SURE you’re a guy) who knows only one, 4 letter expression.

      • thom

        at least im young

        • terezib

          apparently, young=illiterate.

        • thom

          whatever mom

        • terezib

          wow, I’m VERY glad I raised MY kids right.

        • thom

          your right is my, and mostly everyones left

      • Afaq

        hahhaha u must be very proud of this guy… its funny seeing u taunt him..but its good it gives motivation to do better

  • ladeda88

    Down in Memphis, TN

  • thom

    back up in illinois

  • Judy J

    Down here in Kitwanga BC Canada.
    Looks like the problem is World wide!

  • globetrekker

    Down in London, UK

  • Sunil

    Down in india :(

  • thom

    It’s back up in Illinois, US, as of 11:31 AM but loads very very slow

  • Macroscopic debris

    Florida. Seems quite widespread.

  • Surya Pratap Singh

    Visit ur friend’s home or just pick up ur cell phones and call ur loved ones..
    Learn to live OFFLINE too :p lolz

    • StarChilde

      I’d best not do that! Here in Western Australia it is 12.35 AM :)

      • Surya

        lolz haha
        We have 10:05 PM in india
        hard luck my friend

  • Aldrin

    Down in the Philippines


    facebook is down in chile too

  • KB

    Down in mauritius :O

  • folk

    down in philadelphia

  • realitycheck

    Someone needs to shut down “funnyone” who seems to live everywhere…

  • Satim

    In the Spain neither it’s not working..

  • Shendi

    Down in Indonesia, Jakarta

  • Cheese

    Down in the Philippines

  • fiona

    fb is down in scotland.

  • Lyss

    down in maine

  • Surya Pratap Singh

    Wow.. started working in INDIA a few seconds ago

  • Danny123

    Dear John. You need to get a life.

  • Jd BrezZy

    Down in NewYork :( just was up 15 min ago

    • terezib

      I’m guessing you’re thom2, lol. I’m upstate. Works here – for now.

      • thom

        right here mom

      • Surya

        And Im Thom 1
        got fixed wid the problem
        Hows is urs ? @terezib

      • thom

        terezib… is that french for “idoit”?

  • Lloyd

    Facebook is just fine here in Dubai.

  • FilipinoGuy

    I cannot access from Philippines

    • Cheese

      Pabalik balik.

  • aets

    Down in Taiwan

  • Afaq

    Working in Pakistan but some page dosen’t load at first but then they work

  • Angela Dyke

    Was down in North Carolina, USA…but we survived! LOL

  • Kathleen Coleman Olazaran

    Down in Houston/ Katy TX

  • Roshan

    down in Nepal

  • Shobhit

    Down in India as well for approx 2 hrs

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