Minecraft PE 0.9.6 update notes in progress

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Most of you will be running Minecraft PE 0.9.5 at the moment, but we could be due yet another Minecraft update as Mojang loves to keep the patches coming. Now we look forward to a potential Minecraft PE 0.9.6 update as we can already bring you some partial notes thanks to hints that the developers at Mojang have shared.

Version 0.9.5 has been deployed as yet another bug fix, with Android users getting the update first once again with Google Play approval process much quicker than Apple’s App Store system.

While we already know that the Minecraft 0.10.0 update is the next major update which will bring player skins to Minecraft Pocket Edition, now we can remind of you other features that could be coming before that.

Below is a list of Minecraft features that have been confirmed already and could land in future updates before Minecraft 0.10.0, so Minecraft 0.9.6, Minecraft 0.9.7 and so on.


This list has been compiled by the Minecraft Gamepedia page, which is a specialist wiki page devoted entirely to Minecraft. If you highlight the source of the information beside each update detail, you’ll see that each feature has been confirmed by somebody at Mojang – so we know it’s real and on the way.

We can see features such as an improved control system, hardcore mode, implementation of commands and an animation for switching items all potentially on the way.

We say potentially as Mojang has not promised that these with all make it with 0.9.6 – we are just giving you a heads-up on some of the features included on this list that may arrive next.

If you are playing Pocket Edition Minecraft right now, let us know what feature or bug fix you are waiting to see next.

Also See: Minecraft PE 0.11.0 fishing update for rare fish, treasure items


  • Daze

    I would like to see maps so we don’t get lost in infinite worlds.

    • smosh819

      yes nice idea daze!

  • Skydoesminecraft

    It freezes too much

    • tomthomasrock

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    • Jason

      your right

  • Bill Reed

    Vertical respawn bug

  • Joseph


  • Jaydon

    Make it have the end

  • Jaydon

    And make it more like PC

  • JosE

    Why can my friend not see any enemies under wifi two player? (He joins me)

  • Dan

    I couldn’t see hostile mobs when wifi connected with my friend on his world

  • Bob

    Items being moved by water

  • james

    Let us craft ourself and add enchantment

  • Muktar Hassan

    Try to add the ender pearl at least

  • Jason

    morph or command blocks or yea ender pearls

  • Jason

    or arrows with flames or something

  • Jason

    what about boats :) it will b way quik er

  • Jason

    craft ourself

  • Jason

    sneakin and sprinnting

  • uwotm8

    Chat doesn’t work on 0.9.5

  • JJ


  • Minecraft fan

    Make it way better than pc

  • Jason

    let it rain weather and all that stuff

  • Jason


  • Jason

    item frames

  • Jason

    potions, witches, midget zombies, pressure plates, buttons, levers, gold apples, ender dragon,
    nether portal,

  • Jason

    brewing stand,GOOD ONE LUCKY BLOCKS

  • Jason

    ENDER CHEAST, SKINS,trading with villagers

  • Jason

    fish,cave spider,witherskeleton, mutan creepers

  • Jason

    eye of ender

  • Jason


  • Jason


  • Jason


  • Jason

    trip wire, trip wire hook

  • Jason

    carrot on a stick, fishing rod

  • Jason


  • Keenan

    Night in creative

  • Hi

    No they should have survival and creative switch button in gameplay settings

  • Hi

    Just in general red stone contraptions

  • James

    Fix the fancy graphics and view fistance bug. And the typing in doesn’t show or disappear bug as well

    • James

      Ment to say view distance

  • TheME36

    Being able to go to the nether. I already made the portal i just need the flint and steel thing to work

  • djhddh


    • http://vcub.blogspot.ca/ Vcube | vcub.blogspot.ca

      ME TOOOOO!

    • Porshe15

      It kinda alredy in mcpe :(

  • http://vcub.blogspot.ca/ Vcube | vcub.blogspot.ca

    Things i would like in PE: boats, nether, end, mod installer, funny bugs…
    What is the tings you would like on MCPE?

  • Jason

    hunger bars levels

  • Jason

    please put commands that allow us to /tp

  • Gage

    Put mods in it and modpacks

  • Gage

    Enchanting tables

  • Dgirl1123

    Multiplayer lag

    • Dgirl1123

      And boats

  • Jason

    everybody should either vote for /tp or hunger bars I say ALL CAMMANDS SPECILY /TPlet us do what pc players do
    or what they have

  • Daniel

    I want there to be texture packs

  • areebshahid800@gmail.com

    I want the end portal

  • WinstonLongPath

    I want a skin for me.

  • Jason

    when is update commin today or nah!

  • Jason

    look at what I said and that everything we need!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • IsaacTrejo

    DAMMIT!! I wanted boats to be added! Commands is still pretty awesome though.

  • NoodlearFusion

    I have encountered a small bug of a solitary zombie in peacefull (not sure if it was) as well as peaceful in creative not seeming to work (creepers etc that first used to despawn in peaceful. When is the update coming exactly?

  • Nessa

    Add horses and saddles, hunger bars, more varieties of foods, squids, skins, and fishing poles and lures Along with boats, thank ya :)

  • Creedence


  • xxxxxxxx

    everything that pc has.

  • Creedence

    Do you I have a home in minecraft

  • Jason


  • weepin14

    all like newest pc version,all best

  • justin

    Id be happy with in game music like the pc version,

  • Qi Li

    There is a bug where if even the slightest onscreen notification shows up or if you pull control center up, the game just freezes.

  • Sam133

    There should be boats,levers,iron doors, and ect. That would make it way better

  • Minecraftlover123

    I agree with Sam133

  • Rocky

    There should be red stone torches

  • Rocky

    I agree with Sam133 also

  • MinecraftCraze

    Well iron doors have been implanted just there is no Redstone system their is virtually no use for iron doors right now

  • MinecraftCraze

    Saddles have been implanted too they are only available through inventory editing same with iron door
    They are too useless

  • Gbmac

    Doors disappear if there is a block behind them!

  • bones

    When i play over multiplayer some of the items i place in the chest
    They arent there

  • Casey Byron Adkins

    option to switch between creative and survival and commands.

  • Jason

    everybody that says cool stuff look at what I said

  • Jason


  • Jason

    when doesthe update come out like the right day I would like to know

  • Cade

    I wish I knew I made a maze on my world and now it’s glitching so bad I can’t even get on the world

  • Simeon


  • Simeon

    Hey Should Add Spawn Herobrines

  • minecraft

    Add boats squids fishing poles music horses saddles herobrine spawned ender world and everything on pc!

    • lmllollolo

      Ya even ender pearls
      Levers and buttons

  • willowtree

    they should add a mob exclusive to pocket edition

  • MineFreak

    boats!!!! Then i can cross the see faster!

  • willowtree

    good idea!!! boats are great!

  • Cool guy

    Ad herobrine spawn egg

  • mark

    my game is really laggy

  • Darkcube_lord704

    Add Redstone

  • minecraftian360

    Wither egg spawner and herobrine and i hope tha you can tame ocelots and olso witch

  • Cool guy

    Did you no that skins for pe will me free?

    • Fun

      Add more eggs and the villager protector and the portal to the nether

  • Jonathan Ortega

    What would do us a lot of good is for red stone to be useful,boats,levers,pressure plates ,trading with villagers make iron doors specialy golums and all xbox fetures plz plz

  • Jonathan Ortega

    And the original portal for the to go to the nether be really cool

  • Jonathan Ortega

    And should add mods be AWSOME. And skins

  • Seth Hutcheson

    Hores plz and saddles

    • Ally

      They already have saddles. But there’s no use for them. I found one using the seed FROYOYOLO the way it’s spelled and found a village with two blacksmiths. If you find the one I found first, it has a saddle in it. Horses on the other hand…

      • Seth Hutcheson

        No there’s not unless your on minecraft computer but not on minecraft pe

  • Kayden A Ball

    There adding enchantment i hope

  • Georgia Hampton

    Being able to access superflat worlds created. Can’t seem to access any of mine. Also being able to find a player who has joined your game on infinite worlds. Created some awesome things on infinite worlds but when I try to show other people by them joining, it’s impossible for them to find me. The easy solution would to make anybody who joins, join the game where the other player is, instead of the spawn point. Last thing is no more corner-crash bug. Its super annoying because there are sometimes corners in worlds which make the game crash if you go round the corners (by corners, i mean some block corners) and this actually ended up rendering one of my worlds which me and 2 other people spent hours on, unable to use.

  • Georgia Hampton

    Is there the end on minecraft pe? or even strongholds or monster spawners (ones not created by players, but automatically are underground in the game)? i love hunting for monster spawners because it is something to do. P.S. 100th comment

    • Gary

      Yes, there are strongholds. The way I find them is to hop into wells in villages and if it’s stone brick on the bottom, it’s a stronghold. And yes, they have mob spawners generated, but usually only in dungeons.

  • Camilla

    They should have EVERY single feature PC does. And after that, they should only update all versions the same.

  • Mohammed

    What minecraft should do is start speeding up the proccess in pe instead of holding it back and then make all updates update together

  • Seth Hutcheson

    Can you hurry up with update

  • Seth Hutcheson

    When will the update be here

  • Truth guy

    Hurry up we are becoming impatient

  • Porshe15

    Pls ad commands like OP and gamemode and kick or ban and skins

  • Porshe15

    Pls add rain and commands like kick or ban or gamemode or give item and trading with vilagers pls

  • minepe

    Wen 0.9.6 and 0.10.0 be relased?

  • TheFrozen

    Mc pe commard?and nether too

  • anomus

    More to do with redstone and waypoints for pocket edition commands too

  • johnson miner

    You can update minecraft pe 0.9.5 0.9.0 to 0.10.0 in aptoide

  • Butter nugget

    Well they should really add the end.