Red Alert Israel app for iOS, Android

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The Red Alert Israel app for Android and iOS devices like iPhone and iPad is saving lives. Hamas rockets fly over Tel Aviv and some comfort is given thanks to the Iron Dome system that shoots down missiles, but multiple rockets at the same time let some through and there’s a warning of 15 seconds to a minute depending on the location.

Meet the Red Alert Israel app – you can find this application by Kobi Snir on iTunes, and we’ve seen people from all around the world download it to see “the frequency of attacks” after hearing about the app on mainstream media news. This opened the eyes of Sky News viewers in the UK and Fox News viewers in the United States, with comments being left from both regions about how many alerts were given within the app for rockets, mortars or missiles.

If you search “Red Alert Israel” on Google play you won’t find the app, instead it’s under the page name “com.kobisnir.redcolor”. Named “צבע אדום”, but also created by Kobi Snir and released a couple of days ago as version 2.1. You can download the Red Alert Israel app for Android on this Google play page.

Leave a comment on this story, we’re impressed how people are using apps to be warned about incoming rocket attacks in Israel, how about you?

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  • ElyG

    why is Red Alert not compatible with my Galaxy S3 (in USA)?

  • Georganne Burke

    Why is Red Alert not available for the Samsung S5?????????????????

  • melanie

    is it available on blackberry