Knights of Sidonia PS4, Xbox One game desire

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Those of you who love watching Netflix content have probably noticed a ground-breaking new anime that is airing called Knights of Sidonia. It’s Netflix’s first original anime to land on the streaming service, and the more we watch it the more we think how amazing it would be if there was ever a Knights of Sidonia PS4 and Xbox One game made.

Knights of Sidonia aired on Netflix on July 4 and is available in a new English dub, or the original Japanese version with subtitles if you prefer.

It stars Nagate Tanikaze and revolves around genetically-altered mech pilots fighting against aliens which have the ability to shape shift – sounds like a perfect plot for an animated mech-RPG style game if you ask us.

It looks like we are not alone in wanting to see a game either after watching the premiere on Netflix. Here’s what some of you have been saying on Twitter about a Knights of Sidonia game.

We should get the ball rolling with a petition and who knows, maybe the creator Tsutomu Nihei will be able to give the go ahead for a game which can be funded via Kickstarter – that could be a great way to see if the demand for a game is really there.

The Netflix show has proved to be a massive success so far, so would you be willing to buy a game on PS4 or Xbox One, should it become available as an indie title? Let us know your thoughts on this idea below and if you are currently enjoying the series on Netflix.

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  • RufousRock1

    I’m late as well, My heart is racing to see what happens next. I just finished season two now I can’t wait for season three. This is a must watch anime. If u haven’t seen it yet u haven’t lived. Also a game I’d be first in line to buy that game.

  • carlosrossi

    I’m late to this post but I agree 100% that a KOS game would slay, I’m sure there’s an awesome AAA company that would LOVE to do this. The people that made Christine or Akiba’s Trip?!

  • Chris

    I would absolutely love to see a Knights of Sidonia game. I binge watched the series on Netflix the other day and I instantly fell in love with it so much that I had to re-watch the whole thing again today.