Android Swedish Fish release mystery

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We know that the next version of Android will be called Android ‘L’, as Google revealed it briefly at Google I/O just hours ago. An interesting Tweet during the event has caught our eye though, possibly teasing a future Android release called Android Swedish Fish.

Traditionally, Google has named their versions of Android after candy, sweets or various treats. It has been a lot of fun for Android fans to predict what future versions will be called and now we may have an early teaser for what the Android S name could turn out to be in years to come.

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The tease has been made by Matt Cutts, the head of spam at Google’s web team. It could be nothing, but take a look at what he Tweeted during the event:

Also pay attention to the fact that Swedish Fish has been written in capital letters too – why we wonder? Swedish Fish just also happens to be the name of a popular pack of sweets which you can see above – similar to wine gums and a product of Sweden, but also available in USA too.

Again, this could be nothing at all. We thought it was worth a mention though, and judging by the subsequent comments that Cutts has received underneath the Tweet – a lot of you are in detective mode as well.

Give us your thoughts on this and let us know if you think Swedish Fish could be a future name for a version of Android. Would it be a popular choice in your opinion?