Facebook down today, not working say users

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It looks like Facebook is down today, with many users reporting that Facebook is not working in US and UK. However, we can confirm that it looks like Facebook may be down worldwide as we are having problems accessing the website in Asia too.

If you log into Facebook right now, you may be greeted with the Facebook error message which reads “Sorry, something went wrong.” Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be any heads up on when Facebook will be back up, so users will have to sit tight and hope for the best.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook down today on June 19 has been met with some humorous feedback, with many social users saying that it is ‘the end of the world’ and that ‘Facebook is down, but Twitter is better anyway’.

Hopefully this is just scheduled maintenance and we will get a Facebook status update from the creators later today. It still remains down for us today at the time of writing though, so let us know if you see any improvements.

Have you been able to log into Facebook today, or is still down in your area right now? How on earth are you going to cope with the Facebook outage?

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  • wolo

    in poland doesn’t work also

    • nikhil

      India too

  • Svetlin S.

    Bulgaria too.

  • Fleskemongo

    Problems in norway as well

  • http://crazzzytravel.com Illia

    This is the end of the world.

  • Dani

    Australia too

  • dd

    in montreal, doesnt work just now

  • Guest

    NZ as well

  • abc

    australia too

  • Ivan Arch

    In Philippines too :(

  • http://ehackprograms.blogspot.com/2014/06/mexico-vs-cameroon-live-streaming-hd.html Pele


  • Slobodan Đurić

    Slovakia same..

  • Sara

    Portugal too

  • Guest

    Paris :(

  • hello

    australia too

  • juan el opinador

    worldwide, we dont have facebook on mexico

  • Firecat

    That Mayan calendar was off by two years! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES

  • NIels

    Belgium to … :D

  • DerpHead

    Uh I’m in California and it was working 5 minutes ago and just went down right when you posted this lmfao

    • Marissa LP

      I’m in California and is out! is only 1:10 am I guess im going to bed early today.

      • Pixel

        Can’t you go over to FB HQ and give them a kick for us? lol

  • Andrzej Chodzeński

    End of days, apocalypse coming :]

  • Paul Causton

    lost it 20 mins ago…uk

  • br

    argentina down

  • Djesse

    Lol, darn!

  • isaweb

    5 min ago it worked very well … but now we do also have problems in Austria

  • cocococo

    In Germany too

  • frank

    greece too

  • Jetty

    It’s unbelievable ……!!…

    • Paul


  • Michael

    Commenting from Israel. No FB here.

  • Armando Velazco

    Mexico is down too

  • Cristian P.

    Romania Too

  • Djesse

    Might have to read a book, clean my house or something.

  • Grozzledock

    In Australia too

  • jUNANN

    Argentina too

  • Prabesh Shrestha

    Not working in Germany as well … :)

  • Pseudo patriotic Indian

    India, too.

  • beast

    even in mars

  • GabRATM

    France is not the place where fb is working…

  • rahuman

    Its down in Sri Lanka too…

  • ロレンゾ

    Indonesia, South East Asia, too.

  • MRU man

    Mauritius too

  • LTU_Guy

    In Lithuania doesn’t work too…

    • Anas Khan

      also not working in Pakistan

  • Robbie

    Was trying to go back to my normal feed when all of a sudden no reply thinking it was a normal webpage freeze closed IE then reopened and attempted to get back on fb only to be met with a whoops something went wrong message

  • Siddhartha Sharma

    india too

  • abc

    China as well

  • guest

    In Brasil too, is the FIFA

  • Shreya

    Not working since last 10 mins in India too

  • Cone

    Down in NZ

  • sch3d3f4n

    Germany too

  • dr3772

    in INDIA Too…

  • manuel

    aha this is great Cali is down

  • Emanuel

    Nice..i hope it stays down at least today

  • Chris Card

    switzerland down

  • Jack

    in CAMBODIA too NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

  • rakesh

    india too

  • kaitlynn

    new zealand is down

  • pierre

    yep, confirm for slovakia down

  • Ugo

    Italy too

  • ze economist

    And the news headline at the end of the month: “Magic June: worlds productivity increases by 89 %”

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Hehe :)
      I am disabled and on bed rest or I would absolutely get more accomplished w/o FaceBook.

  • Chris Card


  • Sachin

    its working in india

  • Maurice

    Let’s see how long you drooling robots can function without a social media website.

    • Sarah O Taylor

      You clearly checked as well, Cap’n Brain Trust :0)

      • Maurice

        Being informed and worrying about a website are two different things. Hopefully people become more productive with their lives now that is site is down for a bit.

    • Zibarro aka Kryssa

      As long as there are trolls like you to entertain us, we’ll function fine for quite a while ;)

  • Picked a name

    Russia down.. and Facebook in Russia is down too

  • akslfk

    down in El Salvador, Central America -fb suck-

  • Marissa Lopez Perez


    • Sarah O Taylor

      Hang in there, you’ll be OK :)

  • L

    Down in Australia too

  • 123

    PH down

  • Georgas Janata

    Even in Africa – Kenya to be precise, Facebook is down

  • Anas Khan

    Also in Pakistan not working says”

    sorry, something went wrong.

    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can

  • Daniel

    No facebook in australia

  • Natalie Ramirez

    Finally! A break from FB… It’s like detoxic

  • FBIndia

    Down in India as well

  • Asaf Schreiber

    Are we just naming countries now? Israel! (it’s down, of course)

  • nish

    india too :(

  • Knight

    Facebook down right now in Belarus

  • Syed

    in Pakistan too

  • Cameron

    Facebook is down in Ontario, Canada

  • Arseth

    Again, FB on Mexico is down!!

  • Sumit

    Down here in India…

  • abc

    Works in china

  • Bianca

    Down in Australia. Good bye cruel world LOL

  • xkokonati

    Australia aswell

  • Ahmed Amr Al Wakeel

    saudi arabia too

  • bharat

    india too :(

  • Christina

    I’m in Singapore. We’re down! D:

  • Nikhil Nake

    In India too… R.I.P. Facebook

  • SrujanSujju

    INDIA Down

  • sara

    Down also in Egypt

  • Scott

    Hong Kong down.

  • tabitha

    fl is down

  • guest

    down in France

  • seaglassPR

    down in Puerto Rico too

  • Sarah O Taylor

    It is so embarrassing how much I care. :) Well, I am awake at 3.09 AM, there’s not much else going on. So, how is everyone doing?

  • TehDarkAngelGr

    Greece down as well

  • shahbaz qasim

    pakistan tooo :(

  • Ade

    Facebook UK Down!

  • wallyp

    San Diego ist kaput

  • est

    Estonia too

  • Guest

    India too

  • blah

    no fb in hong kong

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    Down in Muncie, Indiana. Nice to know I’m not alone, though :)

  • wajihh

    tunisia too :o

  • Starshine

    It’s down in Arizona USA. 1:10am

  • DZJ

    TURKEY down!



  • Pixel Drum&bass

    Was able to log in and browse about 30 minutes ago, but then when i tried to navigate away from the news feed, was met by that message.. Really not helping me do my work, or is it?

  • fdfd

    down in Switzerland

  • Nikhil Nake

    Brazil down… :P

  • Jyotika

    down in Bharat too

  • Peggy

    Also down in Taiwan!

  • sam

    down in Tunisia as well

  • Teena

    Down in Tassie Australia


    Washington DC. It is down without warning. Hackers?

  • Letsrock

    Czech Rep. is down

  • abc

    North korea and China fb works…

    • Marissa LP


  • Joe

    so all you conspiracy theorists out there give me your best guess

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Alex, shhhhh

  • Daniel

    I need my fix!!!!! WHATS GOING ON!!! Will not read book.. Must…. Resist?!?!???!!!

  • shr3jn

    Nepal Down!

  • Tara

    In Sri Lanka too

  • LilMissPrepper

    Here in Florida, stuck at work watching a 3 year old sleep ….and the damn thing goes down….

    • otzoone

      ()https()://www(.)prod.facebook().com , remove brackets! Use this link! Its working!

    • Sarah O Taylor

      You have a job and a child? Dang, want to trade? If I had a life I wouldn’t give a care about FaceBook.

  • snider

    Also down in Denmark.

  • geoffrey

    Not working in France

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Alex, you are only in one place so just post once.

  • Arseth

    All Around the world! almos in every country is down! damit!

  • bunny

    We are down in Missouri also.

  • Praveen

    Saudi Arabia Also Down……

  • Rupert

    Australia is down as well. Can confirm from Channel 9 News that Facebook Corporation has experienced cash flow problems which resulted in their defaulting from bonds owed to Goldman Sachs. News right now is that Facebook has been placed into voluntary administration and they could not afford to maintain the operating expenditure necessary to maintain server bandwidth. At this stage, it seems highly unlikely that Facebook will be switched back on unfortunately.

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Oh please….. *yawn*

    • Mark

      Nonsense…prove it

  • Daz3530

    I was on FB at 08:30 this morning, came back at 9 and poof its gone lol, well at least i will do something productive today now

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Times do not help much unless you say where you are. I am in the middle of the US, it is 3:16 AM now.

  • jawad

    pakistan too

  • Bouchra Rebiai

    It’s down here too, in Saudi Arabia. Since like 17 minutes. How am I supposed to function today? :P

  • Yomamaobese

    Pakistan too

  • Simzel

    Canada too…

  • Andrzej Chodzeński

    Great! Go to real life or… Myspace still working :D

    • Sarah O Taylor

      MySpace? What do you do there?

  • naomi

    bc canada down :(

  • DebAu

    Victoria, Australia

  • casey

    umm…U.S Michigan anyone else its 4:11 here :3 plus…i kinda wonder how many people has googled it lol

  • cory

    Facebook France doesn’t work too

    • cory

      French Facebook

  • AliReza

    Iran too

  • will

    back now

    • Natasha Dolaghan

      Not in Australia ;(

    • Sarah O Taylor

      Where are you?

  • Natasha Dolaghan

    Australia too :((

  • JanninaW

    Taiwan down

  • ConchetuMaicol

    in Chile is down too!

  • Chinthana

    Yes, Dubai too

  • cory


  • JohnnyGeb

    It’s ok people, go outside and do something, hahahah you make me laugh, it’ll be back up soon, patience …

    • LilMissPrepper

      Some of us are stuck at work and get on FB so we can stay awake lol

    • Zibarro aka Kryssa

      I’ll get right on that … seeing as it’s 4:15 a.m. and raining. But since you said so, guess I’ll suck it up and run right out! ;)

    • Sarah O Taylor

      I’m not going outside at 3AM. In my pajamas. Books are a good option though ;0)

  • Guest


  • OctozoneNew

    https()://www(.)prod.facebook().com , remove brackets! Use this link! Its working!

  • Peter

    Egypt too!

  • jane

    philippines.. down

  • Marissa Lopez Perez

    This should made headlines in CNN

  • Pulkit saini

    India down

  • Mike

    Czech Republic down

    • Sarah O Taylor

      HI ::waves:: Your country is on my Bucket List. Beautiful!!

  • rickyd

    its not working in kentucky

  • Mali

    Zimbabwe too!

  • Oscar

    WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO??????????

  • Aamir Rasool

    Sorry, something went wrong.

    We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.

    Go Back


  • Janet Suryasta

    not working in Hong Kong of Malaysia

  • Andoz Invicktograda Randoz


  • Jaska

    Down here in Australia too.

  • etsato

    Italy too

  • flux

    canada down

  • Rupert

    Australia is down as well. Can confirm from Channel 9 News that Facebook
    Corporation has experienced cash flow problems which resulted in their
    defaulting from bonds owed to Goldman Sachs. News right now is that
    Facebook has been placed into voluntary administration and they could
    not afford to maintain the operating expenditure necessary to maintain
    server bandwidth. At this stage, it seems highly unlikely that Facebook
    will be switched back on unfortunately!

  • rajitha

    sri lanka too

  • Janet Suryasta

    hahahah can’t log in with Facebook to comment cuz Facebook is down

  • France

    Down in Paris, France, too! XD

  • anon


  • ConchetuMaicol

    someone call 911!!!

  • Juju

    down in Vancouver Canada

  • Trodance

    In South Africa it’s also down.This is so wrong , aaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

  • ali

    uae too

  • Jane Doe


  • Pero

    In the Republic of Macedonia Facebook is also down :

  • roy

    from facebook personnel 14days before it will be normal

  • Alin

    Down in Romania and Germany

  • Carrie Lynn Blackford

    Iowa’s down for the count, or at least where I live…

  • youmhine

    philippines too

  • flux

    Ontario down

  • Alex Chiu

    FB down in Taiwan.

  • polo

    well it is down,,time to get productive!!

  • derp


    Take out brackets, it work

    • momocha

      lookslike phishing

      • Mark


  • nate

    But I can’t share this on Facebook!

  • Fundación Mi Mascota Tierhilfe

    Down in the Dominican Republic also !!!!

  • Fabio Lavanna

    Norway down as well

    • Sarah O Taylor

      The cool thing about this is seeing all of you from different countries. Way cooler than what I was going to do on FaceBook :0)

  • bells

    Facebook better get back up :( I need to be somewhere.. without it i dont know :((??

    • JohnnyGeb

      Go outside and enjoy the sun, before it’s too late. Life is short, and you know it.

    • Sarah O Taylor

      What about phones and maps? Don’t keep all info dependent on a social media site, write that stuff down.

  • Mahlia

    Sydney Australia out!

  • E.I.

    Same in Ireland.

  • SMK

    Down here in Bangladesh too.

  • uga buga

    its down in mars too.. but here we only use it to stalk farmers for our research on the next cropcircle project.. so yea.. this time we will go with the flow

  • Farai Leboho

    Zimbabwe, Nope not working.
    At this moment, the sign in with facebook widget should be disabled until availability resumes.

  • hey you

    time to read a book I remember books lol do you?

  • BES

    down from Iceland too

  • blumy

    down in Israel

  • Haider Sami

    my life is over :P down in pakistan too gyz :(

    • Sarah O Taylor

      No, it’s really not. What did you do before crackbook?

  • rohan

    india too

  • Joe

    beast you are a beast :D

  • Jason

    Down in Australia :’(

  • ayush

    down in india too :(

  • Luis Gimenez

    Cool.. now y’all can go outside and see how the world looks like with your own eyes :)

    • JohnnyGeb

      Yep! Finally someone with the same thoughts as me :)

    • Sarah O Taylor

      It looks very dark, as it is 3:25 AM :)

  • http://RINJ.org The RINJ Foundation

    Facebook is down n Toronto

  • http://sachindangol.com.np Sachin Dangol

    down in NEPAL too

  • Brendan

    Canada down

  • DD

    Down in Vancouver, BC, Canada

  • down :(

    Germany down too

  • CR86

    Down in France!

  • teegan

    so in perth australia, vodafone is down, optus is down and facebook is down! the apolocypse!!!!! hahahaha

  • anon

    new zealand down

  • pow power


    • Anonymous

      we hack facebook from philippines.. :D

  • flux


  • Folushology

    Down in Nigeria too @folushology

  • alicia


  • Kelly Topolino Edwards

    Down in Canada!

  • khards

    The UK’s out.

    Can only be a good thing, all those hours wasted on Facebook & watching TV.

  • Lisanne

    Australia too

  • Sundar

    India down too

  • nz

    trying to get on in new zealand and get this message.

  • John Doh

    its not working on the space station ………..

  • sahnan

    Indonesian too…

  • 3digital

    slovakia down

  • krozz

    Nepal => down

  • sven

    DHS is on my street right now! it looks like martial law!

    • Sarah O Taylor

      I am 100% sure these things are not connected. :D

  • Omer Siddiqui

    Down in Pakistan

    • Adeel

      Yup agreed, its down in Pakistan

  • Akhil

    India too… :(

  • Fundación Mi Mascota Tierhilfe

    Can’t post our Animal Rescue pictures and Videos !!! :(

    • Cryndalae

      What ever are we to do with the cute cats pics now????

  • momocha

    facebook is down get a life bro’s find something worth….

  • Little Anna

    But what else is there to do at 4:15 am?!?

  • bells

    belfast down. :((

  • http://RINJ.org The RINJ Foundation

    This is funny: Facebook © 2013
    They haven’t kept the error messages up to date.

  • Cryndalae

    Astonishing to say the least. So many posts so quickly from around the world. If it weren’t for cable and my internet working I would’ve thought it was the apocalypse :)

    Yea, Iowa, USA facebook is down here as well.

  • Al-Quantan H. Pajiji

    Saudi Arabia too

  • Angry

    I was chatting with someone…… CHRIST ON A POGO STICK….. give us back Facebook!!!!!

  • Bear Music


  • Ricky

    Facebooks down here in Israel too : (

  • dudeman

    where are my friends!

  • niggawhat


    • hahaha

      you mean ‘down under’ right, lol



  • momocha

    its working now :)

    • cool broi


  • https://twitter.com/iRAPnSHIT @iRAPnSHIT *my twitter*

    :) Facebook sucks anyway .. I hope it stay down forever

    • ahHHH


      • https://twitter.com/iRAPnSHIT @iRAPnSHIT *my twitter*

        lmmfaooo ! Twitter is better ..

  • Alex Masereka

    down in Uganda

  • ayush

    india too

  • Moonie

    Not working in the US :(

  • swag

    the world is over im done im done! i have no life any way i cant do this

  • Dan

    Down in Atlanta, GA too. I googled to find out what is going on and bumped into this article. I need it to come back! I need it for my work!!!

  • arseny

    israel – down

  • Tylo

    slovakia is down as well

  • Miloš

    In Yugoslavia down too !

  • Ibrar Nazar

    facebook is down in Oman right now.

  • Jens

    down in philippines too

  • Oooo


    Take out brackets. Use.

    • Chris Card

      it works, thanks

    • Justin Case

      How does this work?

  • Adrianne

    Down in Australia :(

  • bharat

    how many of u will go on strike for that,if u want to say yes just reply me or like my comment :)

    • facebook

      yes ,ovio

    • Poojit Prince

      yeah dude..!! I’ll be wid u :D

  • tato77

    down in colombia

  • myk moriel

    here in Ph too.. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW?!?

  • Alex Masereka

    all units do you copy? Facebook is down, i repeat, Facebook is down!

  • martios

    world wide system halt! Zuckerberg is gonna be pissed

  • Chris

    Down in Taiwan as well

  • User

    kenya too

  • Rephael Catap

    Yup, no Facebook here. I’m here at Makati, Philippines. Hehe

  • Jai Prakash

    Facebook not working in India as well!

  • Vlad

    Down in Russia. Like many other things…

  • pat

    The world stops when facebook is down

  • David Arzaga

    en México también AYAYAY!!!

  • momocha

    were surrounded by aliens T_T

  • Tim


  • bunny

    india too

  • J

    Not working here in New Zealand either.

  • jade

    facebook down in australia



  • pollywolly

    down in glasgow

  • Prnajal

    In India its also down

  • Cryndalae

    So where were you the day facebook went down world wide?

    A story to tell your grandkids, for sure.

    • Chris Card

      so true


    Game over, man… GAME OVER!

    • Chris Card

      tango down

  • Kristnir Whitestone

    Some pimple-faced geek tripped over the main server XD

  • fostir

    earthquake all over the world planes goes down in greece

  • tony

    uk down 5 mins ago

  • Melissa

    Down in UAE as well.

  • phil j.

    did mark z die or something…

  • Nicola May

    It was on early this morning around about 6.45am..came to log on again 9am and error message occurred…hope it’s back on soon

  • sgl

    mexico… down

  • SGW1686

    Down In Spain too

  • dev94

    Sri Lanka too >.<

  • lucillalin

    London, UK, down
    I guess this is a sign to do something productive for a change…

  • Dyaspora

    Vancouver Island, Canada down! This is like the longest line of global admitted defeats ever!!!!!
    Power to the people!!!!!

  • Sara

    UGH i’m having the same problem from NYC

  • jeff_c_fb

    No facebook for 14 days

  • hazem ayed

    no facebook here (Tunisia)

  • Janet Suryasta

    wonder if its something to do with slingshot app they just launched

  • Star

    Down in FL, USA

  • Brett Mattos


    • odin

      how do you know

  • Saurabh

    Down In India

  • shweta

    down in india also

  • Roxoo

    down in Australia — only happened in the last hour or 2.

  • Greens8

    no facebook in Dubai

  • Guest


  • Coolbroi

    Ufff…. it’s in India too.. :’( why??? :( :(

  • Nemo Fa’amamafa

    New Zealand too lol

  • James bale

    working in india

  • pow power

    In Mars Too..=’(

  • Bob Watson

    down in san francisco

  • Nick C

    Not working in Vietnam….

  • Pinky Marionnette

    Oh nooooo! Time to go back to My Space!!!

    • MySpace Admin

      you find no one on my space !!

  • tahlia

    Facebook is down in Brisbane Australia.

  • Lucas Smith


  • Brett Mattos

    Facebook got hacked!!

  • Wasim Memon

    in pakistan too..

  • Fundación Mi Mascota Tierhilfe

    OKEY …… WHAT is the Alternative????? What do you all recommend ????

  • zaryab sheikh

    in pakistan also not working

  • Oliver

    looks like the UK’s workforce might actually be productive today!

  • Tim

    Down in Australia

  • Alex Masereka

    all units do you copy? Facebook is down, i repeat, Facebook is down! in Uganda, Africa.

  • A

    Down in Israel.

    • bob

      back up…midwest us

  • Reptiloid

    Down in Mars too

  • fostir

    its merkels conspiracy to erase Greece from the map

  • Brett Mattos

    Facebook got hacked!

  • Ammad

    Down in Karachi, Pakistan as well

  • Leon

    Facebook in BAHRAIN is down

  • shweta

    wtf has happened fb

  • Pecussa

    WTF is going on lol

  • Bob

    Facebook is down right now, but hey, like our Facebook page to keep updated!
    Haha :P

  • Pope F. xo

    Working fine in The Vatican

  • Charlotte Anderson

    Australia not working :( Can’t even update my status about this. #firstworldproblems

  • redz8734

    canada too ^_^ been at least 20 mins now :p

  • Shannon Lee

    Ugh #facebookisdown. I guess i will go randomly poke strangers and write on ACTUAL walls and ask people i dont kno,if they will b my friend!

  • ash

    Australia has been down since an hour ago!!!!

  • CVirus

    Down in Africa as well

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    My Facebook is working just fine.

    • Leila

      And you’re a liar as its down worldwide. It’s been confirmed.

  • Cryndalae

    My money is on Anonymous and who ever did this is laughing their ass off right now.

  • taylor

    Australia is down

  • AngelZ

    Down in Macedonia TOO!

  • issey

    Maldives too

  • oohdale

    Down in Missouri too Geez what is going on?

  • Bharat

    Why is it down? there has to be backup servers too.

  • Aakash Srivastava

    Here in India…..

  • lhovy

    Also here in singapore I was updating my status then suddenly its not working.. I used apps and I alsi try in browser but its down..

  • Vikky

    It’s still down here in UK too.

  • sven

    we should all be friends and start our own new facebook but call it something way cooler

  • joseph

    mine is perfect face – book :)

  • tahlia

    I need Facebook NOW!!!!! I’m addicted!!!!!

  • Melusine

    Down in Israel too

  • mobiuschic

    still down…not to be a ba3tard here but am glad it is not just me and a “ban”…lols….I am a comedienne (insult comic) and tend to get a lot of WendyWhiners with their knickers in a knot! lmao…hopefully it will be back up and running soon…thanks for the 411…xoxox~mobe

    • tahlia

      Yes, I was worried I was subject to an IP block for having multiple accounts. LOL

  • sajay

    Facebook is down in India too… :(

  • Sab

    Down in UAE, India, Malaysia

    • Tautime

      It’s down in Qatar too ;~;

  • jet

    facebook is down, I repeat facebook is down! go outside for awhile, have a fresh air

  • niemand

    live in Melbourne Australia and all of a sudden facebook is down. anyone knows when it will be back.current time here 6.22pm

  • sourabh kashyap

    down in india too

  • Brett Mattos

    Facebook got hacked! Anonymous confirmed it!!

  • Pecussa

    Operation hacking cup baby

  • The Man

    oh my god lot of suside attempts all over the work due to Facebook down…. :-)


    The Kennedy Assassination, 9/11, That time FB went out… never forget

  • N

    My tinder isn’t working now because it can’t log into facebook :(

  • Mami Loverz

    is not woking on mobile either ughh

  • bharat

    yeeeehhhhhh now working check it out

  • kenneth123

    down in the uk 2 takes the piss bet tis been hack by some 10year old lol

  • pranav

    Down in India as well.

  • Jac

    I was just on it and it died a few minutes ago, around 4:15 a.m. in New York.

  • fostir

    latest news says that the boing that desapired fall in facebook server

  • kisinga

    kenya too

    • oohdale

      Kenya? You got internet there? WOW

  • SKC

    It’s down in Hawaii too… Where to post the status that Facebook is down. ???,

    • Alias Darker


  • pow power

    who cares. ok, continue ffuck w/ my gf!!

  • The D

    I think this is a free advertisement stunt, guess how many people will be talking about facebook today?

  • rameesaa

    back again

  • Bianca

    Download FREE app on your phone [iPhone and Android] to have a chat its called ALL THINGS ADULT. If you have a twitter account you can log in and chat there and see if FB comes back LOL Normally can login with FB but since thats not working you login with twitter now.

  • Jinimy Christmas

    Mass collection of data for the cia and other governing bodies

  • Nicola May

    Hey guy’s it’s back on …yay…no more book reading

    • Chris Card

      you’re gorgeous

  • truman show ending

    this reminds me of the TRUMAN show ending. lol

    • dave

      check truman out on soundcloud he’s amazing!

  • David Cepeda

    Houston is not working since 20 min ago.. Houston did you copy?

  • Roxoo

    yep, working now

  • Cinnamon

    I wish I could remember my MY SPACE password. lol I need a FB back up plan

  • Tim


  • hassan

    down in pakistan

    • M Usman

      Hassan kuch pta ha apko k ye kya hoa ha ???

  • Kris Morrison

    Down in Massachusetts U.S. as well

  • G-zuz Rocha

    myspace hacked fb :0

  • Macki Dudz

    facebook is down! … wait.. what???
    hey boss, even facebook experience this kind of trouble.. =P

  • sara

    yayyy got mines back from NYC, guess its a sign i should have been sleeping at 4am

  • jane

    back on philippines

  • Chris Card

    FB is back

  • Stew Pidfuk

    Down in Mars too.

    • Stew Pidfuk

      you porn it is…

  • wira

    facebook down in indonesia

  • ahHHH

    Facebook Will Be Back Soon
    is down for required maintenance right now, but you should be able to
    get back on within a few minutes. In the meantime, read more about why you’re seeing this message. Thanks for your patience as we improve the site.

  • Svetlin S.

    Alive in Bulgaria now

  • Tim

    Its back up and running now

  • erick jaquez

    you should see the white peoples faces lmfao

  • Angry

    FB back in California, right now. Let’s hope it stays that way.

  • Bob Watson

    Back up in san francisco

  • yashwant nagar

    OMG , this is the very first FACEBOOK is DOWN.
    mark got sleepy at this time?

  • Guest

    Now it’s working Fine … Australia Melbourene.. Cheers !!!

  • nia

    Great :(

  • Lucy C

    Down in east coast of Australia :(

  • pierre

    FB Alive in Slovakia

  • User

    Working on well now… problem solved


    down in UAE also

  • barack obama

    hahahahahahaha ;)

  • Kas

    Now its working Fine … Australia Melbourne ..

  • Sobhith

    Not working in India

  • Akhil

    back it is..

  • Ryan Hansell

    Mine is back. Louisville,Ky

  • Kris Morrison

    Just started working in Massachusetts

  • Karina Kay

    svetlin s. stop repeating what everyone says no wonder theres 400 odd comments half is you

  • Bootyslap


  • hassan

    now working

  • Nana

    down in Philippines too …. :(

  • Fabio Lavanna

    Back here :)

  • yashwant nagar

    Facebook is Back (Y)

  • aaaa

    back up turkey

  • bharat

    working now…

  • jellys

    Its working now.

  • Janet Suryasta

    was back for a second and is down again (hk)

  • uma sivakumar

    fb people 100% shocked today

  • Bash

    Down in Tipton a little town of Pakistan in the UK

  • Amaan Khan

    Aah thnk god m nt d only one who was having this error was tryin alot to recover #Comeback #Fast :((

  • Jay305

    Dwn in miami FL

  • Pixie

    scariest 30 mins of my life

  • barack obama

    it is back .. enjoy kids.

  • signinwithfacebook

    Oh my goodness. I have absolutely no idea how to have a life. If facebook doesnt start working soon i may have to actually go meet people in person. The horror

  • Amaan Khan


  • Pinky Marionnette

    Come on guys, lets all go be friends on My Space!

  • Kristnir Whitestone

    WORKING in Australia

    • adam

      not working anymore

      • Kristnir Whitestone

        It’s still working. Do you want proof? Or did you trip over the Facebook server again?

  • Leonaldi A.P

    what the hell is this?! oh God! Facebook is down! zzzzzzzz… -_-

  • Akhil

    not working again

    • Alias Darker

      are u sure ?

      • Akhil

        in india its working for few minutes and again that sorry message appears..

        • Alias Darker

          its working for me

  • Mark Zuckerberg

    My Facebook is down.

    • oohdale


  • Tracy Chester

    my facebook is down and so is MSN Spades.:( when will it be working? Im in Deerfield Bch FL.

    • Tracy Chester

      yay, i went to Internet Explorer n tried it and it works… now for a big cup of coffee and some Law And Order n Facebook. Have a great day ppl !! xoxo

  • Ayushmaan Bajpai

    back in india…. wow can breath back now

  • joshua lizardi

    still down in Fort Wayne IN

  • Gulshan Anand

    It’s up now !!

  • Janet Suryasta

    Back online in HK

  • hanetful

    I am glad facebook is down . People who use facebook for other than keeping in contact with friends /family or to promote their business/hobbies need to get away , and do things that are useful and get a life .

    • oohdale

      WE ARE THAT is why we are here. You need to see a good therapist too.

  • KP

    facebook back :)

  • Pablo R.

    Facebook is back now… hallelujah!

  • Gagan

    The problem was solved, Facebook was working….!

  • Fundación Mi Mascota Tierhilfe

    JUST GOT BACK … Facebook is working again !!!

  • joshua lizardi

    wait no. its back

  • sandeep

    UP in Nepal #BirthPlaceOfLoardBuddha&CountryWithTallestMountainInWorld

    • Angry

      Namaste….. Nepal is awesome :-)

      • sandeep

        :-) Thnx..

  • Ritu Tiwari

    Not working in India…

  • uma sivakumar

    people be free today with new entertainments

  • lhovy

    Its working again in singapore

  • ruellago22

    Facebook just got back.

  • san.sparks

    Back in India

  • Sarah O Taylor

    It is back up here. Everyone have a nice day,

  • Aamir Rasool

    Still it is not working in PAKISTAN its emergency FB FGK come back………!

  • Angry

    Yeah Facebook is back and all BUT NOT THE PERSON I WAS CHATTING WITH HALF AN HOUR AGO….. jeez…..

  • Aamir Rasool

    Wow Its back

  • Zibarro aka Kryssa

    Back up in Muncie … good luck and good day to all!

  • Akhil

    now working

  • Illuminati

    Yes……yes..All of you brainless fools go back to your Lives >:) Mwhhahahahhahahhahahahhahahaa!

    • Angry

      It was the universe’s way of telling me to go to sleep.

  • Arseth


  • Khalid

    Keep calm


    New DELHI ….When log into Facebook right now, greeted with the Facebook error message which reads “Sorry, something went wrong.”

  • Dyaspora

    People are posting about being productive but all I am doing is reading down these comments, in a smooth swift voice out loud. Sounds Kewl, and should be remixed into a song. Try it.
    Canada Down!!! Long Live The Maple Leaf! The Mighty Moose!!

  • Star

    Back in FL

  • Ricky

    Does anyone know what happened?

    • Angry

      Maybe another Jimmy Kimmel prank!

  • jesus


  • Angry

    Facebook is back… but now I’m on this damn forum reading all the responses…. dammit!!!!! lol ok, goodnight for real.

  • King Khan

    what was the reason behind it???? ANYONE KNOWS????????

    • Ayushmaan Bajpai

      still not clear

  • Ayushmaan Bajpai

    what was the reason……..

  • Brian

    Still not working in Tanzania

  • Ivan Arch

    It’s back now here in the Philippines :)

  • Johann Klein Quimada

    facebook was down because of me

    • oohdale

      Ok Dude what did you do?

      • Johann Klein Quimada

        i’m pissed of! hahaha

  • why i will tell you my name

    i m from india and used proxy it works but very slow

  • Nuji

    Yes it was down for few minutes here in the Philippines if u are using any search engine but my Phone FB apps is still running & functioning that span of time…

  • Michelle Engebretson

    its down in calif was up then went back down

  • John Buxbaum

    its down on my pc but works on my phone

  • Smokiee Portlock

    it was there but nobody home. mind u, i did not freak out and did something productive.. and actually, might just do it tomorrow as well.