Cartoon HD app down, not working say users

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It looks like some users have reported problems with the Cartoon HD app not working. This popular app has been used by thousands of users but this popular app may have finally met its end.

As you may remember, Cartoon HD app for iPhone, iPad and Android was an app that initially appeared for download on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

However, shortly after release, Apple removed the Cartoon HD install from the app store and users had to find an alternative method to find the app. This was a similar situation on Android, with the Cartoon HD app for Android harder to locate than on iPhone.

Users still found a way to get Cartoon HD app working though via GappCenter, but this week we are getting messages sent to us about the Cartoon HD app down today – with GappCenter down too with no apparent news on when it will be back up.

Obviously this app is a debatable one as it provides access to free content, but there’s no denying that it is one of the most popular social apps on iPhone and Android today.

As we await an official Cartoon HD status update, let us know if Cartoon HD is down for you today in your area. Have you been able to access the app or do you see a similar Cartoon HD error image as you see above?

Update June 5: Today, GappCenter confirmed Cartoon HD is closed.

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  • Mark Parsons

    Not working for me either! Cheltenham UK

  • Anna Peet

    Nor me! Kent uk

  • Lopais

    Down for me. Germany

  • Vicky e

    Their website has gone too. Says no servers :( leicestershire uk

  • Brad Gelston

    Not working in Milton Keynes No more Breaking Bad! GUTTED is an understatement

  • Mikey

    Was working for me up until about an hour ago :-(

  • Grant.H

    Yup, Down in Essex UK… app on Android says ”No Network Available” :’(

  • Ginette

    Not working in Hempnall Norfolk…. Gutted I use this app all the time :(

  • Huddy

    Not working in Stockport :-(

    • Cathy

      Not working in bolton either?? Gutted. Will it be back?

  • Mrs Christine Knox

    Yea went to use it just now and will not let me in.

  • Tigerbay

    Cartoon hd Not working in Cardiff but the other app “HD cartoon” is still ok ……

    • Samantha Sheldon Law

      Got a link for that one?

  • Ethan

    It only work if you have downloaded them but not anywhere else’s I’m in canada

    • Mrs Christine Knox

      I downloaded months ago

  • Mrs Christine Knox

    Can’t believe it no warning. Crawley sussex

  • Mrs Christine Knox

    I thought it was just virgin but is it other Internet providers

  • broadie

    Not working here in Cumbria, so close to end of season Game of Thrones 😢

    • Anna Peet

      Me too! I’m gutted!!

  • Danny James Walker

    My cartoon hd is down 😩 we are in France.

  • Thereg

    Unbelievable!!! Gone. If you need me I’ll be in mourning for a few days


    • Giles

      Haha morning sounds about right

  • Giles

    In Cornwall cartoon HD is down, hope fully it’s a glitch and if it’s not he or she might make it again in a diffrent name

  • cameron

    Feel like crying. My cartoon HD isn’t working, so I deleted it. Tried to reinstall and their website is down. I hope it is available working again soon.

    • Kai

      There are other websites that do an apk but I just trued the same thing and none of them work.

  • Leeman

    Down he to so sad

  • Haydz

    Saw it earlier. About an hour ago. Cannot connect now. Sad face.

  • Daz

    Down in Lincolnshire,and was so close to completing breaking bad,arrghhhh

    • Samantha Sheldon Law

      It’s on Netflix…

  • Samantha Sheldon Law

    Does anyone know of any apps that do the same thing? Even if the app isn’t free?

    • LeBob

      If you set back your date by two weeks, it works!

      • Samantha Sheldon Law

        That’s fab! Thanks!!!!!

  • mpdicko

    The old version still works

  • Stoke dog

    HD cartoon is free, not as good as cartoon HD tho

  • Bielefeld Germany

    WHYYYYYYYYY? Was so gutted after getting home from work and realise cartoon HD was not working. 😢

    • LeBob

      Just set your date back two weeks. It was still up at that time so they won’t recognise that it has been pulled down.

  • Abdulrashid

    Cartoon hd is perfectly working in southampton I don’t know what you guys are talking about it works for me on my ipad

  • Kai

    This can’t happen. I was halfway through breaking bad. Hope they get it back

    • Bb fan

      If you’re too tight to pay for arguably the best series ever televised…apply for a free 30 day trial on Netflix!…

  • Jim

    Change the date go back a month it’s the same problem with the app gba4ios

  • Greg

    Not been able to get on for past few hours despite it working this morning, pls come back to us as I was half way through a movie and I hate not finishing movies!!!

  • Brittney

    Not working for us in SC!!! Used it yesterday… Just stopped working today.

  • Ant

    Mine worked about 6 hours ago, Watford area

  • Pauline

    It’s down in scotland too

  • Leeman

    How is it on Netflix ..?.

  • Ses

    Same here worked until three this afternoon now can’t get on. Same image appearing as you are showing :(

  • Damoo

    Set date back a couple of weeks will work fine

    • Reub

      Don’t know how you found this out but cheers mate

  • Jim

    Guys change the date on your phone back by about a week you will see it working again

    • Bexy24

      How do u do that with a iphone5c please

    • Christopher Faulkner

      Thanks that worked can continue watching Big Bang now

  • Leeman

    What about on the I pads ?

  • Bobby

    All fukd up!

  • norma

    so does it work

  • Dionne Smith

    Change date on ipad it does work

  • Sas

    Doing as you are saying Jim but it still won’t load :(

    • mick

      It worked on the ipad but not on android. I closed down the app on ipad, then changed the date to 28th May. Reopened the app and hey presto. It’s back. Can’t say the same for the Android though. Didnt work on my Samsung.

  • JT

    Deleted the app on ipad, can i get it back?

  • Leeman

    Just put my date bk by a year and it’s back working wtf and how dose that work lol

  • Ant

    Yeah date change does work on iPad but I got an error message when going on the net :/

  • Carline

    Changed date on both iPad and iPhone tried the old app and new app but neither work :(

    • Dionne Smith

      Restart ipad and phone

  • Jim

    Make sure the app is closed when changing the date manually some newer films won’t work but all older ones will

  • Billy

    Tried date change in general settings by two weeks and 1 year still not working on Ipad

  • Billy

    Even though it looks blank, just type in the search bar and it will appear

  • Ant

    Can’t watch anything new after changing the date like robocop or Lego movie, old stuff seems ok what I tried

    • Guest

      It work fine on my ipad

  • sian

    It says on my table that I dont have any connection on that app but everything else is fine :(

  • steve-o

    Changed the date by a year – also closed app in settings prior still not working – using Android. Hoping it’s some kind of update -but highly unlikely.

    • sian

      Ive tried that as well and still not working at all.

      • steve-o

        I dunno hopefully be back up tomorrow? Ipad is no good for me as I can’t stream thru avia to my chromecast and watch on telly :(

  • Ross

    We put the date back a year on ipad, restarted ipad and can watch most old things. Newer things don’t load (Jack Ryan Shadow recruit, Robocop, Lego Movie)…maybe server crash for these?!…hopefully…

    • Dionne Smith

      Just put date back 2 weeks , all top movies work for me

      • Ross

        Weird..even Robocop for example? most recent 2014 titles not working still for me.

        • Dionne Smith

          Did u change the date to a couple of weeks?

  • Pete

    Cartoon HD app gone…… I’m in Hampshire not the Bermuda Triangle!! Please come back!!

  • shaun

    Does changing the date on android work aswell?

  • Mark ‘chats’ Harris

    Got it working again, but can’t view a film in full screen( iPhone 5 tilted to horizontal) any ideas?

    • Aldal

      How you get it working?

      • Mark ‘chats’ Harris

        Set date back to about three months ago, it started working. Then set date back to today and it works-iPhone 5s

  • Elficko

    Put the date back by 4 days on my iphone seems to be working again!

  • Grant.H

    Putting the date back on Galaxy S4 has not worked for me, still got the message ”No Network Available”… Where do you download HD Cartoon from? cant find it anywhere

  • Chris

    Cartoon had down in leics as well change date to 23rd may comes back on

  • Brian Sims

    Not working in Manchester and gappcenter link gone looks like its been pulled

  • Stapes

    Set my iPad back 2 weeks and all working fine

  • mpdicko

    V1.3 still working on android

  • Guest

    Date shift backwards works on iOS apple devices. Android devices does not work. If you change the date in iOS devices then open the app then change the date back to today the app still works but don’t close out down otherwise it won’t work unless you change the date back.

  • Grant.H

    Anyone know how to get it working on Android then? lol

  • Kiwi


  • Nathan

    Down in Dorset :-(

  • Eyeballpaul

    Not working in manchester

  • Eva Hickey

    Can’t believe it’s gone, best app out there. I was addicted to watching ivied on it. :-((

    • Dionne Smith

      Change your date back 4 days should do it

    • goldihanw

      Type in search bar h d c a r t o o n . I n f o
      Had to do gaps otherwise it wouldn’t accept it on here but no gaps in search bar.

  • vetty

    Not working in Somerset :-( gutted only found out about this app yesterday

  • MrSonicAdvance

    Just lost it on my phone, my kid still has it working on his tablet though.

  • Michael Louie Lewis

    In Essex down and no signal

  • Shah

    Dont work. Dosent work when date changed…tried different versions and it says ‘no data’ when app is opened.

  • Eva Hickey

    Ok have changed date to 28/5 and it’s working again on iphone. Not all movies playing though.

  • Buzby

    Not working in Bedfordshire

  • Leeman

    Might just be a up date and it might be bk soon as you could pay for it if you liked

  • Benny

    :( lost it on my android phone, and iPad. Hope it comes back was at the start of season 4 of game of thrones. Come back!

  • Liam

    Change date to 21st may reboot and works fine when you change date back it doesn’t work or download hdcartoon

  • Zoe Souch

    Not working in Bristol

  • Veedubber

    Worked for me this AM. Tonight it’s down. Changed date to 25/05/14 and now working again.

  • mango

    Not working in galway. Curses.

  • Hazi

    It’s works if you change date back.

    • Sav

      I just turned date and time “set automatically” off works fine again

  • Loz

    My didn’t work i changed the date by 2 weeks turned it of and on again and it s back, wonder if it will go of again in 2 weeks again

  • Andy

    How do you change the date back on the iPhone ?

  • Loz

    I only changed it on the I pad

  • D

    How do you change the date back on iPad please

    • LeBob

      Settings=> general => swipe down until you see date and time=> uncheck the set time automatically option if not done so=> set the date back two weeks=> enjoy Cartoon HD

  • David

    Does it work if you change date back on ipad?????

    • LeBob


  • Loz

    Just noticed I’ve only got top movies and top cartoon, how strange

  • Veedubber

    Changing date works but some movies won’t play. Have tested a few. I say more than half working at the mo.

  • David

    Don’t think u can change dates manual on ipad

    • iPadder

      To change the date on your iPad go into Settings, General, Date & Time. You can then uncheck the “set automatically” option and adjust the date accordingly back a couple of days/weeks.

      • David

        Lovely thanks loz

  • Loz

    Bet people who paid for the app r gutted

  • Wingprincess

    I changed date and restarted ipad tried again, still not working!

  • goldihanw

    There is another link, I’ve tried to put it on here but it’s waiting to be approved.

    • Grant.H

      what did you type into google to find the link? :P or whats is the link name? put spaces between the dots and you can post it ;)

      • goldihanw

        hd cartoon . info
        Different layout

  • Loz

    You can change the date . Slide it to manual then put the date in.

  • mjames

    When I try to open the app It says I have no Internet connection when I have as I going thro my home wifi and eveything else is working

    • Wingprincess

      Same here!

  • jowitts

    if you want free films try Much Movies! you can watch them through your apple tv

  • Austin26

    Download ‘showbox’. Just as good! (on Android, not sure on ios)

    • Loz

      Show box on the I pad is not for film I’m afraid

  • goldihanw

    hd cartoon . info

    • Wingprincess

      That’s a different app, not as good I’m afraid!!

      • goldihanw

        I’ve gone through it and got virtually the same films plus some old ones. Not quite as good but not far off, same app picture.

        • Wingprincess

          I stand corrected – on second look it’s pretty good, thanks!! Changing the date isn’t working for me …

  • Andy

    Gutted , you could watch cartoon hd through Apple TV !

  • matt

    h d c a r t o o n . I n f o

  • goldihanw

    Thanks Sav

  • Ty

    Does any body know what caused this any why?

    • iPadder

      I’d guess it was a takedown of some sort for copyright infringement. I suppose it was never going to last forever.
      Worst case it’s back to “tube plus me” in Puffin (the iOS app) with its Flash support but that’s horrendously slow and choppy sometimes, and very irritating dealing with endless pop ups. Especially choppy when viewing on the Apple TV too. On the the upside it seems to use its own proxy for accessing content so some of the sites that are blocked by my ISP (like tube plus) can be accessed in Puffin.

  • D

    Go on what loz as posted as I can now watch the film I was watching this afternoon. Happy now just a different layout but great

  • Mezza

    Change the date to 2 days ago on your device -
    (2/06/14) reset your device and restart – open the Cartoon HD app and it should work.
    It’s worked for me

  • AA

    Close the app (double tap home and swipe up) then change the date to before Jun 2nd worked a treat for me

  • Andy


  • Sandy man

    Well what more can I say cartoon hd was the only thing keeping me happy in life …and now it’s no longer here I guess it’s time I threw myself off Brooklyn bridge

    • jdog


  • Loz

    Bingo changed it by 2 days and they r all on , cheers , but do u think it will go of again in the 2 days again

  • R

    Go to my link it works

    • D


  • Guest

    Hi R what’s the link?

  • Guest

    What’s the link? Apple or android?

  • Wag

    I have deleted the app and now unable to re install!!!

  • Kkkk

    What link

  • AC

    What’s the link?

  • Wag

    Anyone tried the hd cartoon . Info on an iPad?

  • Loz

    I give up , thought they was all back but wen I pressed games of thrones it didn’t download, it winding me up now , how can apple just decide to get rid of this app , , some people paid £40 for this

  • G21

    Just been on much movies seems ok… there another link for cartoon Hd?

    • Francoulte

      How do I reset it on iPhone 5 mine went down today

  • jowitts

    yes get in! set my date and time back two days working perfectly

    • G Man

      Jowitts what phone have you hit it working on? I’m on iphone 5s

      • jowitts

        iphone 4

    • marlski

      Surely if you set the date back the time will be the same?

  • David

    Done what Loz said changed date a back a few days and works perfect!!

    • Loz

      I did to 2 nd of June , some play some don’t

  • Cat

    Being stupid here. How do I restart my iPad?

    • Lee mc

      How did you change the date ?

      • Cat

        I went to settings, date time and put it to May

      • Cat

        Not sure what happened. I can now search for films but none appear in home screen or categories

  • Bobby

    is there a way to reinstall it as gappcenter seems to have done down?

  • Kkk

    Cartoon had was the best I just want to watch more

  • Kkk

    I don’t know how to get it working or re install it

  • Chris1203

    I did the same set the date back 2 days closed the I pad rebooted then changed date back now all working. This is a fabulous app. I have downloaded half a dozen disney movies onto my iPad for my granddaughters to watch . I live in the northeast of England and the app went down this evening.

  • Teishabee

    If you set your date back to about last week it works perfectly fine. I set my date back to 30/05/14 and restarted my iPad and it was back up and running

  • Grrr!

    Mine keeps saying connection error.
    I’ve set it back 2 days, a week and then randomly a month and a few days.
    Did it work for everyone first time?

  • Stephen

    Why has it be blocked

  • Grrr!

    anyone got a link to version 2.2 please…

  • Witchy900

    Change your date back further. I’ve just changed mine to march and everything is loading fine and new films added

  • Grrr!

    sorry i failed to say i’m on version 2.1 anyone have a link to 2.2 please… email?

  • Mikey

    Does anybody think it will come back or is it gone forever?

  • Ant

    Mine half works on ipad (not the film i wanna watch) and works fine on my iphone for the top movies after changing the date but thats it :/

  • Dan

    I have been experimenting on my iPad mini, if you set the date back to 2 June, you do not need to reset the device, the app works mainly just a few films don’t work.
    As long as you do not close the app you can set the date back to current date and you can renter the app and continue watching the films, this is if you want to keep the date current on your device.
    Once the app is closed you have to repeat the process.
    It probably means that each time I want to watch a film I just tap in the 2 June and then reset the current date after. I have a feeling when the date reaches 4 June on any device the app will stop working again

  • Mahan


  • Arc

    Everyone keeps talking about how to get the app working again, but does anyone know why this problem has happened.
    Also, is this temporary or will it stay this way forever, and if it does, will there no longer be any updates to shows and movies.

  • Al

    Set the date back to the 1st June, turn off turn on it works (iPad mini). But if I change the date back and close the app it doesn’t work.

    • Li1234567

      How do I set the date back?

  • Al

    Everyone’s else’s posts here say “in 3 days” lol

  • Insomniac woman

    UK – got same screen. Googled and found this site. Reset date to June 1 and all is ok.

  • Ian

    Set date on my ipad back to May 30th and works fine again now.

    • Li1234567

      How do I do that?

      • Ian

        Settings/ General/ Date & Time

  • Ak

    Set date from where

    • Ak

      Cartoon had bk on by puttin date bk on June 1st

      • Ak

        Can sum1 tell me y sum of da movies don’t play nd sum do is der a way I can get dem all 2 work

  • Dan

    Sorry, if you go to the info page of the app in question it now is working, you can get the new version, I have got it it is working fine

  • Bob

    Where can I download it,gap centre is down?

  • Dan

    I am not allowed to use the name in the post but if you use your common sense and think of the name and then use the word “info”
    you will find it in a search

    • Vic Wars

      Its not the same one, it is a copy cat site

  • Tatts

    I’ve set my date back to march and I can view 90% of movies (that is to say they start, I obviously haven’t watched them all the way through) but I can’t see any of the series that are on there such as Breaking Bad or any of the cartoons.

  • Dan

    Just checked and the new version is the same content as the old, some new additions, just a different layout

  • Cassy78

    How do I get the version 2.2, I had 2.1 and tried everything :(

  • Emz

    Okay so I’ve tried changing it back a few days and a month then even a few months….now I’ve tried this on various android devices tablets and phones yet none of it is working. So can anyone please tell me if changing the date back is working for just Apple users or has anyone got it to work on android devices in the UK? Thanks

  • Help

    How do I get cartoon hd back please tell me

  • — Z —

    Am i right in thinking that this other version people are talking about has a version number of 4.0.3 ?

  • Dan

    You should not need to change anything now, the new version is ready for download

  • Jack

    Try hd cartoon search it on google and download app different same company

    • zach

      Cheers ladd

  • — Z —

    Dan, where from because the only place with “info” in the search, has a completely different layout, and a way higher version number of 4.0.3

  • Dan

    The new one is 4.05

  • Ian

    Set date back a week and now Top Movies and Top Cartoons have come back but none of the other categories are working

  • Bob

    In the new version,where are the latest movies?

  • Kat

    I did the hd cartoon info thing, seems to work so far, not quite as swanky or easy to navigate but think it’s ok for now. Let me watch a new Big Bang theory.

  • Grant.H

    Download ShowBox from google people :) works on IOS and Android platforms, i very much doubt that Cartoon HD will be back :( ShowBox has a great desktop to it, you can search anything from Genre to Movie Dates, also has most recent tv shows and series :) just a suggestion

    • jay

      I tried showbox, quality wasn’t as great.

      • Grant.H

        have you tried a downloaded file on High Quality?

        • jay

          No, I’ll have to try again. The only two I wanted to see only had low and medium. But Ty for the suggestion I’ll try that next time

        • Dan

          In the “more” page you can select high quality or normal, more bandwidth is required on the higher,

  • Dan

    Yes this is the one, it has all the content that the old one had, I think that the movies that were added last week are not there, but everything else is. Different layout, you just have to look around a bit, the quality is all the same. The only thing I cant find is the imdb top 250

    • kingsley

      dan is it possible that C h D will ever return or is there better app sites out there

  • jay

    I can’t find it on gogole, what are you searching?

    • Dan

      Have you found it yet Jay

  • Shiraz

    I too have had errors. “they is no network available. Would you like to visit the network settings page to set one up?” However, this is incorrect as my Wi-Fi connection works just fine.

    • Joseph Slater

      I have the same message on mine

  • Joseph Slater

    How do you download latest version to get it working?

  • Luke

    Yeah it won’t work for me today and I only got it yesterday :( didn’t get a chance to use it. Hope it comes back! (At least it’s not just me)

  • Jack

    Search hd cartoon on google it’s the new one

  • Russell Miller

    Put IPhone date back to before May and previous films return. May not work on IPhone 5.

  • jt

    Hd cartoon is the new one

  • jt

    Just search it on Google

  • Dan

    I have to be careful what I write, my postings keep getting pulled, type the letters “hd” then the “c” word and then “.info” it is just the same as when it was on gapp.
    By the way Br Bad and Game of T are complete on the new version.

    • jay

      Got it! Ty! Not seeing any new movies like the old app, but hope this is the same app, Ty!

      • Dan

        Just explore a bit, most of them are there.

        • jay

          Correct! Ty again

    • Lucy VanPelt

      Thank you Dan, was having palpitations there lol :)

  • Dan

    Once you have opened the page, halfway down in the centre of the screen there is a button saying “download from the App Store” this is the one for iOS devices

  • Donna Mulraney

    No Harry Potters though :(

    • Jonothejaffa

      I was just thinking the same thing!! Gutted was on the third one aswell

  • Aine

    Down in n.ire

  • Nik

    Cartoon HD is still working for me but that’s because I hadn’t closed the app on my iPad. If I keep the app open and not swipe up to close it then it may stay usable for me.

  • Taz


  • mrsren

    Down in Birmingham uk

  • fred

    Down in Derbyshire

  • David

    Ha just changed ipad date to 1week ago and now have cartoon hd working :)

    • Jude

      Cheers for that mate! :)

    • Bhavika

      I changed iPad date to 1week ago to but still it is not working

  • Will

    That actually works!!!!!

  • Aine

    Thanks dan helpfull :)

  • Tarka

    Just search for hd cartoon in Google and select the install button for your device. Works a treat on my ipad

    Incidentally cartoon hd was working fine for me in the uk, but nada today

  • Arc

    Any idea what the issue is with cartoon hd and if it’ll go back to normal any time soon?

  • borgy

    Its stopped working for me too!

  • Unknown

    I accidentally deleted off app as I were sorting iPad hopefully there website gets back working :(
    So I can watch robocop

  • Dave

    Not working until I tried altering the date back a week – now works fine

  • Jono

    Thought I’d delete it and re install it to fix the problem. Can’t access the website to re download it :( hope this isn’t goodbye

  • Adver

    Was working yesterday but alas same as everyone else today

  • Úlfur

    Change the date a few days back and it works :D

    • lulu99

      Oooh please let me know what did you do to change the data-cheers

      • tracy

        go into your settings and then ,general, to date and time. Turn off automatic time zone and change time manually to an earlier date. Ive done mine back to may. After you have changed it . see if the app works if it does you can change your time back to normal

  • john

    HD cartoon doesn’t work either

  • Zed

    I can confirm that HD Cartoon no longer wors as well

  • MyNameIsMe

    It’s not working on the iPad mini, I’ve updated the software though. It’s working still on the kids ipad2.

  • Sam

    I’ve just put my date back on my ipad and cartoon hd is back up working again. Don’t know if I have to keep it before the 4th of June for it to continue to work but will try. Give it a try and see if it works for you.

  • Lulu99

    cartoon HD just stopped working-totally gutted!! onto the 2nd series of Breaking Bad!!

  • mark

    hd carton dot info is not working now either :(

  • blondie

    IPhone users change the date on ya phone and it still works

  • Lonewolf

    I did change the date till 2 weeks before but some of the movies still don’t play, Frozen shows as there but when I click on it to play it does not :(

  • Maz

    Hi, I’ve changed the date to 2nd June, on my iPad and cartoon HD works again, yay.

    • Chezza

      How do u change the date on I phone ?

      • Maz

        Just go to settings on your device and where it says date and time change it 2nd June, but you will have to remember to keep putting it back to before the 3rd June every few days for it to work, as that is when it went down, someone said it’s also called HD cartoon now but I haven’t tried that app.

      • Chezza

        Thanks yeah it has worked but it’s not opening all the films like frozen just jumps out ? Do u know how to fix it ?

  • Chezza

    Can anyone tell me how to change the date ta

  • Chezza

    Changed the date on the pad and got it back happy days

  • Ian

    Is there anyway on getting it back on android phones?

  • Jacqui

    I’ve changed date and it’s working again, although GoT, series 4 not playing :( x

  • Amy

    I changed the date back on my iPad mini to the 18th May and now it works again

  • lisa macgregor

    Not working for me either,I’m gutted my kids love this app

  • von

    the alternative isnt working and the hd c fb page has now gone

  • Tom

    Changed date and some (but not all) the content seems to be working ok thought the app is rather prone to crashing

  • Maddie

    It wasn’t working for me this morning but I changed the date to a week ago and it worked just now I changed it back and it seems to be working fine if it isn’t working for you try changing the date back a week earlier hope this helps

  • Currently gutted

    The issue seems to have changed now. Connection is no longer showing as the issue. Adverts are showing but the app crashes when selecting a film group….. May be clutching at straws but maybe, just maybe it is on its Road to recovery?

  • R.I.P cartoon hd

    The reason we were getting “connection error” yesterday was due to the isp’s (Sky, Virgin e.t.c) getting a high court judgement to stop cartoon HD & similar sites from broadcasting! Turning the clocks back is simply bypassing however they are doing this & this only works on iOS & not android tablets. Gappcenter have gone & the app now says closed so looks like anyone still viewing on iOS will also loose the app in the near future! I’m guessing the football streaming sites will be next :o( ……….. Utter Barstewards.

  • Abz

    Cartoon hd is now saying upgrading !

  • Charliechalk

    I can open it but it says “Cartoon HD is closed forever!” Nooooooooo

  • Chef Less

    Can’t believe that they closed down the App…!! Why does it always have to happen to the best of them. What am I gonna watch now( every night )!!!
    Is there another App on the same track?

  • Bhavika

    I opened cartoon hd just now but it was working but when I opened my downloaded voides it was working so pls try my mail if u have downloaded some voides of cartoon hd!!!!!!

  • Xyzzy-123

    Try tune movie in safari