Midnight Club 5 for PS4 next to GTA Online

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With E3 2014 approaching, many PS4 and Xbox One fans are excited to see what new E3 2014 game announcements are coming. Rockstar are usually notoriously absent from the annual event, but Take-Two has recently confirmed that Rockstar are already developing an unannounced game for PS4 and Xbox One.

While GTA V for PS4 and Xbox One is the obvious guess, we are hoping that Rockstar are planning to surprise everyone with a new entry in some of the company’s other successful franchises.

Naturally we are thinking along the lines of a new Red Dead Redemption for PS4 and Xbox One game, or just as good – Midnight Club 5 for PS4 and Xbox One too.

We are actually very surprised that there hasn’t been a Midnight Club 5 game announced for next-gen yet, for a number of reasons. With the focus on GTA V at the moment, it’s clear to see that Rockstar have become experts in everything to do with cars.

Unlocking new cars in GTA Online has become a massive part of GTA V and it’s arguably the one aspect of the game that is still keeping server numbers high. Midnight Club 4 or Midnight Club Los Angeles was a great game and there should be a sequel announced as soon as possible.

With fans knowing Rockstar’s car expertise as seen in GTA Online, the reception for Midnight Club 5 would be very good we feel. We’re not sure if this is a game that will be announced at E3 2014 or even come before GTA V on next-gen, but we definitely hope that it is in Rockstar’s plans.

Would you like to see a Midnight Club 5 release date for PS4 and Xbox One announced soon? Make your voices heard below and let Rockstar know that you want to see this game on your console.

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  • Lewis

    My first choice is GTA 5 on PS4 or Xbox One, as I own both consoles, but second choice has to be Midnight Club 5.

    • Rockstar

      I dont care about a Port. This next generation port is going to push GTA 6 even further back, which we don’t need!

      We need GTA 6 right now, like next year. GTA 5 was good but I havent touched it since December!

      I would rather have them make a San Andreas HD remake than a GTA 5 remake.

      San Andreas > GTA 5

      • Gabe

        They should make a new Vice City.

    • Overated Power


  • kean

    We need a new midnight club. Im sure itll b another platinum game. They always had the best reaching game

  • kean


  • funnystuffenstuff

    Considering that the NFS franchise is not set to release a game this year and the fact that they have continually disappointed fans with their last few games (while refusing to release the desired underground 3) I feel that this is the perfect time for Rockstar to release the racing game that people do want. I sincerely hope that Midnight Club gets announced!

  • Smo Key


  • Tyler Barebo

    Make MC5! MC is practically the only game series I’ll ever play.

  • Ronald H. Long Jr-Bey

    MCLA was the best Driving game ever!!! Why did rockstar ever stop making the series

  • Jalen

    Midnight club hands down best street racing game out there!

  • James

    i have loved every MC game since the first, I was pissed that there was only one PS3 MC. Lets go Rockstar! Its only the most exciting racing game ever! MC5 PS4

  • Midnight requester

    WE WANT MIDNIGHT CLUB 5, especially with the same (or better) customization methods those were in the last midnight club and it’s large map!

  • guilherme santos domingos

    Eu apoio o lacamento do mc5 para ps4 e xbox one pfv lancem pfv conto com vcs da ROCKSTAR GAMES vlw flw. !!!

  • csheape1

    I’d love a new midnight club with the same customizable features at 3 and LA had. Hopefully we get a new midnight club and they don’t screw it up by trying to make it like the need for speeds have been or try to take the forza/gran turismo path. We need a new good street racing game with the feature the games we grew up playing had. Not the bull sh*t they give us today

  • qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm

    I played MC2 on ps2 it was awesome, i would love to see MC5 on ps4 that would be epic~!

  • Brad

    At this point, I would kill to see a 5 sec teaser. Or just to hear the following 5 words: “it is in the works.”

  • ALI

    midnight my fav game all time….. it should be in ps4 n xbox one hs i hv both….. so can’t wait fr midnight club 5

  • Blackstain8

    The only reason I still play GTA 5 online is for the cars and street racing ect, if Midnight Club came out for PS4/Xbox it would be the ONLY game I’d play! Come on Rockstar make the a new Midnight Club game you will make a sh*t load of money and at the same time make your fans very very VERY HAPPY!!!

  • Gabe

    They should keep L.A. but add in San Diego again. Just like a update on the previous games. Newer car’s and soundtrack along with bigger map’s. I don’t know, It’s just a idea.

  • KillerThriller666

    I think Midnight club should have a really good story for the single player as well as amazing online gameplay. If a new Midnight Club doesn’t come out then the other racing games I would like to see on PS4/Xbox are Need For Speed Underground and Burnout!

  • Amy

    Ive been waiting for a new midnight club since a week i completed the last one shortly after it released. The last one was brilliant. And now i have a ps4 i cant play it. Please bring out 5

  • body naser

    Yeah Mann! I want it

  • Please Make One!

    Midnight Club 5 Would be sick.

    The Best Street Racing game right now is still MC LA,

    If the make a Five that would be sick!

    There is nothing in the Street Racing Games Area right now.

    Hopefully it will take Rockstar or Ghost/EA to get their stuff together and make an make an epic street racing game…

    Underground 3 vs Midnight Club 5. Sick for the future, Not everyone wants online team vs team in a gun battle…

  • Shaadurant

    Yea we want midnight the whole psn conmunity we here !!!!!

  • Jalen Davis

    I would love to see midnight club for ps3 ps4 xbox 360 and xbox 0ne the last couple of midnight clubs were the best from the selections of cars and freedom and just like GTA 5 it would make hella money if rockstar decided to make a midnight club 5 rockstar kept the sequel.I’m speaking on the behave of rockstar fans and if you do I would love to have an 2007 Monte Carlo SS…