Mario Kart 8 reviews scored

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We might be 2 weeks away from a Mario Kart 8 release date, but today we see the reviews arrive in abundance and along with them scores to rate the game with a difference of opinion.

Below, you will see some of the biggest names when it comes to reviewing video games, so take a look next to each publication name to see how they review Mario Kart 8. The score will be listed, but you’d need to head over to the blog or website to see how they arrived at their individual score.

Videogamer list Mario Kart 8 with a review score of 9/10, Joystiq scored the game 4.5/5, Shacknews 8/10, Computer Video Games 9/10, Gamespot 8/10, Polygon 9/10, Eurogamer arrived at a perfect score of 10/10, IGN 9/10, and finally Nintendo Life at 9/10. The scores pretty much speak for themselves, so you can count on many other Mario Kart 8 reviews coming to the conclusion that this Wii U game is well worth purchasing and just what the console needs.

Further details on the release date and characters can be seen in an earlier article and you might want to watch the TV commercial as well.

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