Clear feed MIA in Snapchat

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If you want to be able to clear your feed in the Snapchat app, then it looks like you will not happy to find out the feature has disappeared from the new update on Android and iPhone. This is according to teenagers using the app, and they state that the button has gone after installing the new software.

One of our readers explained, “I can’t find how to delete my snaps on the new snapchat update, it was easy before the new update and I wonder if it’s completed removed now?”. Another Product Reviews reader added, “I’m having the same problem as many others on Twitter, the new Snapchat app on my iPhone 5S won’t let me clear the feed. It looks like they’ve completely taken down the feature”.

Nearly every couple of minutes on Twitter you will see someone ask the question: How can you clear feed on the new Snapchat update!? This is a massive issue for thousands of users, and one that needs fixing as soon as possible, unless there is a very good reason not to allow it.


Can you clear your Snapchat feed after installing the latest update? If so, what version are you running and on what phone hardware?

We installed the new Snapchat update on our iPhone 5, and can confirm that the option to clear your feed was under account actions before and since the latest update it’s gone.

Users now hope that the developers put back this feature with a future update, so leave a comment below if you want the ability to clear your Snapchat feed returned? You never know, if enough noise is made on Twitter and blogs, then we could see the clear feed feature return to Snapchat very soon.

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  • Sue

    I cannot clear my Snapchat feed, the setting has been removed.

  • snapchat12`

    bring it back!!

  • billybob

    Bring the clear feed option back…

  • Kelly

    I want to be able to clear my feed again

  • northernmaine4

    Bring the feed clear BACK!

  • abi

    Bring back clear feed!!!!!

  • carenza

    Bring it back or im done with snapchat

  • Raj

    I love the new snapchat update and people are really making a big deal about this I mean come on you can practically ft and have one time convos HA jk that’s gay I just wanna clear my feed

  • Lo

    Getting sick of snapchat. All of my old snaps are there from before the update and I can’t open them, yet they stay there because the option to delete them is gone. So I constantly have 21 snaps to open that I can’t do anything about. Seriously guys, get it together.

  • ashlee

    I need to clear my feed!

  • Lewis


  • Frederick Powell

    I really really need to clear my fees

  • John


  • Angie

    Put the clear feed feature back!!

  • Anna


  • Ashley

    Bring it back!!!! Plz!!!

  • Jme

    Let us clear out feed!!! Not cool

  • Meeeee

    I NEED to clear my feed

  • let me clear my feed

    i need to clear my feed as well

  • Karleigh

    I’d like to be able to clear my snap feed… having all these snaps in my feed is really bugging me and without being able to clear it makes it harder to know who’s snap chatting me and who isn’t .

  • tanya lynn

    I cant clear my feed.. it was much easier with one touch now its gone.. it sucks! I need my feed cleared

  • John

    Need to clear feed got to long of list now

  • cheryl

    cant delete feed on ip5 so frustrating!!

  • Not happy!

    Bring back the ‘clear feed’ feature!!!

  • maddi

    Hurry up with the clear newsfeed button!!!!

  • Yvonne

    oh god, bring back the clear feed button! how frustrating!

  • Morgan

    Yea, I have to much feeds and it won let me view my friends videos or even their snapchats sometimes because my feed must be full, I really hate this new update!

  • Catherine

    Please add “clear feed” feature. My OCD brain is going crazy.

  • Emily

    This needs sorting soon as! Clear feed needs to come back :(

  • Jerikka

    Needs to come back I love clearing my feed it’s easier!

  • Collie

    Thats ridiculous that you cant clear your viewed snaps on snapchat!!😑😑😑

  • Jada

    I want it back! It’s annoying having so many people on there. I have like 100 people and only really talk to like 10. I wanna clear ou feed to get rid of the other 90-.-

  • katie

    snapchat is gay now bc it doesnt have a clear button!!!!!! :(

  • Hello

    Snap chat is rubbish now old one was better

  • Lilly

    They ruined snapchat by added and removing things.

  • Court

    So stupid bring the clear button back

  • BitterLeigh

    I have one snapchat that WON’T load… and I cannot clear my feed to get rid of it, so now I am forced to stare at a red notification bubble on my home screen and its driving me effing nuts! Bring back the clear button!

  • cjg1323

    Clear feed PLEASE!

  • Mad as heck

    I want clear feed option back like soon

  • matt

    Wont be using snapchat anymore. Whats app all the way!!

  • Destanie Munoz

    i want to be able to clear my feed!!! theres alot of old snaps taking up space!!



  • Britt350

    Clear feed!!!!!

  • Taylor

    Their should be a new update so you can delete (clear) your feed, everything new stays the same but at the bottom of settings their should be an option to Clear feed!!! Asap!

  • Tatr

    I have deleted my snap chat until this problem is fixed!

  • SM

    please bring back the ability to clear feed!

  • emma

    Please bring back ability to view videos and clear feed

  • Whitney

    This is bugging me so baaaaad!!!

  • Hannah


    • bob the builder


  • bianca

    Bring it back I dont like all this on my snapchat and people tha I dont talk to any more I dont need them

  • Jill Dupon

    Bring back the clear feed button because it’s just plain annoying having everybody you snapchatted on your page. Plus some of my snaps won’t send. So they we will say sending 24/7 and I can’t get it off. But if I could clear my feed I wouldn’t see that.

    • Kathy M

      Yes! That is exactly what is happening to me!! I emailed them about it and they just said they appreciated my feedback. BRING IT BACK

  • mad

    Snap chat is getting deleted until the clear feed comes back. What idiot made that decision?

  • Anna

    Bring back the clear feed button!!! This sucks having everyones name on my home page, and it keeps saying i haven’t sent a snap and its loading for days and won’t go away. BOO!

  • Katie

    PLEASE! Bring back the clear feed button! My snapchat won’t let me view a snap so I’m stuck with that little red 1 on my app and my OCD is taking over!

  • Brenda Mariana

    Bring it back this new update sucks!!! it wont let me see snaps eighter !!

  • Liz

    Bring back the feed clear please !

  • Lynzi

    Bring back the clear feed back! Everything is good except you can’t clear it!

  • kt

    I deleted mine bc I couldnt clear my feed and I really miss it

  • Rft

    Bring clear feed back or at lease be able to delete certain people

  • Samantha Gren

    I am deleting snapchat til I can clear my feed. I do not want to see people’s names that I no longer are in contact with

  • Snapchatteronstrike

    Seriously delaying snap hat until I can clear feed. this is a ridiculous gesture made by snap chat.

  • Me

    Hate it, I want to clear the feed!

  • Ave C

    Hate it – please bring back the “Clear my feed” feature ASAP!!

  • GuySomeone

    Bring it back ffs and why does it say its unable to play videos i mean really wtf

  • Jrodthomas

    My snapchat is gone so long as the clear feature is gone. When it comes back so will my friend “snapchat”

  • Pornstachenat

    I will be deleting my snapchat till the clear feed feature comes back.

  • autie

    Bring back the clear feed feature. It really does make things easier…. Thanks Snapchat Team

  • Mia


  • Kerri

    Bring it back! That one snap I can’t delete is killing me

  • taylor

    BRING IT BACK!! its not that i am hiding anything i just dont like too many notifications.. i might delete it until it comes back

  • CB

    BRING BACK THE CLEAR FEED OPTION! Some people I just don’t want to chat with, but don’t want to be rude about it!!!

  • Billy

    Bring back the clear feed button!!!!! Pleaseeeeeee. I feel like my snapchat is cluttered. :(

  • kito

    Hijos de su puta madre

  • MJ

    Y’all are trying to get me caught up! I need to clear my feed ASAP damnit

  • AV

    Need Clear feed option back ASAP!!

  • HW

    Need the clear feed!! Essential for snapchat :*

    • bob the builder

      you are an idiot

  • 67 Chevy

    Need the clear feed

  • Angelica

    Need to clear my stinking feed!!!

  • Allie

    Need to clear my feed. ASAP

    • bob the builder


  • bob the builder

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  • bob the builder


  • bob the builder


  • Lucy William

    Yes need to clear my feed!!

  • Andrew

    I will no longer be using snapchat because of this idiot decision. Say goodbye to billions snapchat

  • Carrera

    i want to clear my feeeeeeed

  • Lisa

    Clear my news feed please :)

  • lmfm

    yes!!! please bring this back! the clutter is killing me!

  • Missylou

    Yes please

  • Dee

    Please fix it!!

  • Jess

    Pleasssse fix this

  • hi

    yes bring it back

  • gfybn

    Yes please

  • me


  • Memem


  • jordon

    Please return the clear feed. My notifications keep saying I have snaps from people when I know I don’t because I looked at them already.

  • Neil Jones

    Please return the ability to clear the feeds page.

  • vv

    I wont like snapchat anymore if it doesnt let me clear the feeds!!!!

  • vv

    The main feature that made snapchat original was the feature to clear the feed!!!!. Now that it is not available, it is becoming just like another texting/chatting app…I am very disappointed!!!

  • Bagel

    I want to be able to clear my feed it ridiculous!! But I love the video chat don’t get rid of that!!

  • Lou

    I would like it back… I have a video that won’t open and it keeps notifying me! It’s so annoyin need to just delete it for good

  • Jo

    We need the clear feed button back!!! Can’t delete unwanted or un openable snaps!!!!!!

  • Dani

    I could really use the clear feed!! Thank you

  • georgia

    I want the clear feed button!! I need it!!!!!

  • MMPettit

    Must have clear the feed button!

  • LS

    Yeah def need to be able to clear my feed, change this ASAP!!

  • MMC13

    Please put the clear feed option back!!!

  • Rcg2002

    Please put the clear feed option back!!

  • Rcg2002

    Please add back the clear feed option!! I really need it!!

  • Emily

    I have a video that I can’t view from an android so now it is PERMANENTLY showing I have one new snap I can’t open… In the old version, I could just delete it. Bad move, snapchatπŸ‘Ž

  • Emily Blanco

    My snapchat feels hella cluttered, I hate in! Bring the “clear feed” option back . It’s better. πŸ˜•
    Also, the developers should have know that of people don’t want others to see the pictures they sent, then why would we want to make the people who we talk to visible as well?
    I think you should just put the “clear feed” option back.

  • Jennifer

    Please add the “clear feed” option back!!!!! There’s a snap that I can’t open and it’s really irritating!!!

  • Amanda

    Too much clutter on my snapchat feed and its annoying!

  • Josh

    Okay this no clear feed to snap chat is beyond annoying! I’m far to OCD..and hate that it looks cluttered..please bring it back..or give some other way of being able to do so..thanks in advance!

  • El

    YES PLEASE i have a video that wont open and the notification keeps showing up and i cant delete it i feel like pulling my hair out

  • Freakky keys

    I need to deletemy snaps cuz they will get chu cought up with ur girlfriends an x girlfriends if there is no way to delete them u get it an im in need of deleteing some things an plus some videos are old an i dont need to see who snaped me after im done watching there snap…

  • Donkey


  • Sam

    I use SnapSave Snapchat. Its pretty much the same with a couple differences, but it has the clear feed!

  • Noelle

    Literally I need that clear feed.

  • Megan shepherd

    I use my snapchat a lot and can no longer send or view anything due to too many snaps on my feed. GIANT MISTAKE SNAPCHAT!! We need that fEature to be able to enjoy it! Please fix it!!!

  • Meghan

    Please bring the clear feed button back! We need it…

  • Owennnn

    It deff. Needs to be brought back!

  • Athena Wilson

    Okay seriously, this one guy sends me snaps that im not able to view for some reason so now i have like a permanent notifacation that i cant look at.

    • Bob

      Have that issue as well. It is really annoying.

  • Brittany

    Someone sent me a snapchat I can’t open so now I always have notifications because I can’t view them.

  • A

    Add the clear feed or delete button for individual snaps. PLEASE!

  • lozza

    please add clear feed option or be able to delete individual snaps from feed

  • Stella

    Please add the clear feed.. so annoying to have it filled

  • Michelle

    Put the clear feed option back!! Ridiculous that it was taken away!!!!!

  • Shu

    Please put it back iTS so annoying

  • Boss man

    Get the clear feed button back ! 😩😩😩

  • Maddi

    Bring it back! Bring it back! Bring it back!

  • Anonymous


  • hhbean

    Please fix this.

  • Morgan

    Please fix!!!! Super annoying.

  • Natasha

    Please bring back the clear feed option!

  • Dino

    Please give us the option to clear our feed !

    • ddddd

      go into app. settings. clear conversation. clear all. feed is deleted…….

  • FIX IT

    FIX IT

  • tonya jeoung

    Fix it!!! I hate seeing how cluttered my feed is…

    • ddddd

      go into app. settings. clear conversation. clear all. feed is deleted…

  • Jenaynay

    Please please please bring back the clear feed option!!!!

  • ryane mckenzie

    Please fix!

    • ddddebbie

      open app. settings. clear conversation. clear all. feed is deleted

  • John

    My snapchat on iPhone 4s has a “clear conversation ” on account actions

  • Forrest Oldham

    Please make a new update and able to clear feed!

    • dddebbie

      go into app. settings. clear conversation. clear all. feed is deleted

  • dddebbie

    you can clear the feed! go into the app, go to feed, click settings button in top right. click on clear conversations. then clear all. your feed will be empty saying “ypu have no snaps”

    • dddebbie

      you** ^^ lol

      • IndyHIll

        I did it! I updated the app AGAIN (I’m on iOS 7.1), and the “Clear Feed” option was there again under settings at the bottom of the screen. :) Awesome. I only want to clear my feed to get rid of clutter, not because I want to destroy the record ;) haha honestly

  • jojobean118

    Please bring it back soon! I have so many snaps to get rid of!

  • Sinbad Fagan

    You can clear it in settings.. conversations.. clear

  • eva franken

    i have a samsung galaxy fame but i can’t delete my feed
    I have tried going to settings and then to acount settings and it says only log out. What do I do now?