GTA V 1.13 update wishlist

By Alan Ng - Apr 17, 2014

With GTA V 1.12 already live, many GTA V gamers on PS3 and Xbox 360 are expecting the forthcoming GTA V 1.13 update to come with a lot more content than 1.12. We know that the GTA V High Life Update is next, which will probably be the GTA V 1.13 patch and will add new vehicles as well as the highly requested demand for GTA V two garage ownership with two apartments simultaneously.

Remember that the High Life update is the second update of three updates to land in Spring. The first we have already had with the Capture Creator which went live at the end of last week with GTA V 1.12.

Next is the High Life update which is a big update that will bring three new vehicles, a new motorbike, multiple property ownership with two garages and other high-end apartment features.

We are expecting the GTA V High Life update release time to go live early next week and that GTA V 1.13 will arrive at the same time. After the High Life update is done, then we move on to the big one – GTA V Heists, with Rockstar finally giving millions of fans what they have been asking for since launch.

Going back to GTA V 1.13 though, what would you like Rockstar to address in the game on top of the features that we already know are coming with the High Life update?

Is there something that Rockstar has been missing out of their recent patches that you want to see fixed? Take a good look at the official GTA V 1.12 patch notes here and tell us your GTA V 1.13 wishlist to improve the game.

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  • gta beast

    also addddd new guns

  • BillyBob

    How about for the Trucks that have a snorkel built in on them like the Merryweather jeep or the Mesa. Would it be possible for them to actually function! and be able to drive deep in the water without stalling the vehicle?? Oh and more offroading upgrades like Lift kits and bigger tires would be great! Also a Full size monster truck would be sick like the one that was on San Andreas!!!

  • gamias

    bring back tampa from tbogt!!!

  • sakurji

    Wish me neon lights under the cars in all colors 😀 and new colors for xenon lights

  • locomotion

    Spray cans like in the warriors… gas mask,, more muscle cars… ability to drag a body after killing it

  • asvp_syn

    They should put in New music, you can order food from drive thru’s kinda like saints row , new clothes like basketball shorts, and I think it would be dope if your car actually ran out of gas with a meter or something on the side , and you actually have to fill it up.

  • jeremy spencer

    Oh, and since we have wheelie bars for some muscle cars, MAKE THOSE CARS ABLE TO ACTUALLY DO WHEELIES

  • jeremy spencer

    Lift kits on trucks, customizable garage designs, fighter jet on pegasus, vinyls and decals for cars

  • Random

    Rockstar is planning to make gta 6 soon on Xbox one and they will not spend all there time on this game

    • kingcool52

      Yeah right

    • Bob StoleYourGirl

      Sike they are working on 2 others games right now

  • Denis Calarco

    Custom music. That is all.

    • Corey

      If you’re playing on xbox it’s super easy to have custom music.

      • Denis Calarco

        Yea, but I don’t want music playing all the time, just like when I get in a vehicle. Should have said custom radio station. y

  • liam

    You should be able to add nitrous to your car’s I think that will make races a lot harder instead of using boost only in GTA. The old school vehicles should b able to have hydraulics just to give it that extra old school style. I think the colour gold should be a choice of a car colour or and vehicle just to make you look that much more prestige. GTA needs a lot more things were money is concerned, I have 3 million dollars and I can’t even spend it, I only spend it on maxing my ammo which is boring. A real millionaire would buy gold teeth, mansions, businesses, maybe his crew could sell drugs to other crews for extra money just to get that old San Andreas feeling back, this will make the game seem more gangster. Rockatar should add a casino where players can play poker and gamble different ways to win money or even lose.

  • sabercat

    Ok back to the tank! Forgot to add, you guys have a 1 man tank!!! What about when you level up to a 200 or higher you can have a 2 man tank… 1 guy drives and is on the tank cannon and the other guy gets to use the gun on top like a tank is supposed to be used… it would suck for people that don’t have tanks but then again OH well you just gotta level up, and no it shouldn’t come cheap ether.

  • sabercat

    Forgot to add.. if you get to level 3 4 or 500 or higher idk pick a good number… but you also should have a vote on being able to add gta to your car at a los Santos customs shop like in the races but with a limited amout of rockets like 2 or 3 for a pretty good price so people wont abuse it but use it… 10000 a rocket? And also add nitrous ability cause rt now everyone’s car is the same speed… not cool!!

  • sabercat

    The game gets pretty boring after level 120

    • frameworkart

      so then stay off the forums, as you are bored

  • sabercat

    357 Magnum hand gun???

  • Roman Knows

    For me, to make me want to return to it, the online game needs some sense of risk involvement. I’d like to see a Day-Z style system, where if you die, everything you were carrying is available to loot by other players.(Vehicle included) This would encourage more thoughtful play and indeed would eventually lead to a much more rewarding online experience. This of course would require storage systems for weapons and items at your safehouse/garage.
    All those 12 year old ‘shoot first’ numpties would soon leave their top weapons, and souped up cars at home.
    Passive mode, STILL needs to apply when in vehicles too, or what’s the point. I don’t mind being able to be ran down, that is easily avoidable, but being shot in a car on passive is just mind-tearingly frustrating.
    I also think players should only appear on the mini-map when in high a) you are firing weapons, or b) you are acting in a manner that may attract attention..speeding/robbing shops/driving wrong side of road etc. That or make the ‘hide self’ option from Lester last for at least ten minutes rather than the one or whatever it is currently at.
    It’s a shitty Deathmatch fest at the moment and has been since launch really. It could have been the greatest online experience ever, and I guess still can be.
    Turn it into a zombie-less GTA-Z, and you are on to a winner.

    • liam

      Yes that is a sick idea I agree but I really think they should add a casino or some sort where you can play poker or just be able to gample with other players. The looting is an amazing idea, I think I think it’s ridiculous how you can kill a player who is carrying 20k on him but you only get 15$ from him. I hope they see your idea and go a head with it 🙂

  • Derek

    I’d like to see apartments/mansions spread throughout the map. A nice apartment with a 10 car garage in paleto bay would be cool. If all the new apartments are right beside the old ones what’s the point…

  • Michael

    Tactical/military clothing and vehicles. Also cannot wait for my houses/mansions and heists!!

  • qewi00

    To be honest, remove tanks. Cause it became too over powered for many players and that’s how many players settle they’re differences which isn’t fun running from a tank until you get yours……

    • Nicole Crook

      they wouldn’t remove them

    • Copowah

      Or how about bringing back the military so tanks aren’t so OP then two army tanks can just roll down the street kill you and roll back home

    • Justin Beiber

      Their* doesnt make sense with They are..

  • james p

    A casion would be wonderful.

  • Honestly, apart from the obvious such as bug fixes, I would like the ability to make my character fat, or muscular, or anorexic, as having every character the exact same build just doesn’t make sense.

  • Brian Deadmanwalkin Colby

    like to store and custom cop cars and put in garages and smoke stack for sandking trucks and noen under cars/bikes chrome pain for rims and able do more with how ur charters look like so we all not same shape

    • YouAnIdiot

      Go play NFS Underground 1 and 2. This ain’t no car game.