Clash of Clans: Clan Wars release time

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The wait is almost over. We told you earlier that the update would be coming within days but now we have some fantastic Clash of Clans news to share. The Clash of Clans Clan Wars release time is imminent as we can confirm that the update will actually be landing some time today.

This confirmation has come directly from the developer and their Facebook page. This means that they have now had the approval from Apple that they hinted at earlier in the week, whilst also being able to release the Clash of Clans update for Android as well.

When the update finally goes live, we know that it will be officially known as Clash of Clans Clan Wars 6.56.1. We can see a confirmation of this in the official Clash of Clans patch notes that have already been released early in preparation of the update.

Are you ready?

Are you ready?

Clan Vs Clan is obviously the big feature to look out for, but there’s plenty of other changes to read through as well. These include a return for the popular Gem Box and also a welcome tweak so that Clan Castles now protect war loot payouts and can be looted in battle.

The full Clash of Clans 6.56.1 patch notes can be seen here. Let us know if you have the update in your area yet, or if you are still waiting – it could go live at any moment so stay tuned.

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  • Marc Anthony Orozco

    JUST WENT LIVE, but it’s under maintenance.

  • asaa

    Yup its under maintenance

  • Sole clasher

    Hell yeah. Maintenance is finally over

    • prisss

      U use android or iPhone??

  • clasher

    under maintainance

  • Nathan

    It’s under maintainance but its about an hour till it’s done :(!

  • Jedi Mamba

    45 minutes until the update is done. Still under maintenance.

  • Bob

    45 minutes to go!

  • morgansmith

    30 mins

  • sys-advance

    The server info is updating .. proxy’s will bee reddy soon

  • TheLiveTaker

    15 min

  • TheLiveTaker


  • TheLiveTaker

    few minutes

  • Guest

    I can wait. Just a few minutes

  • TheLiveTaker

    the update is live

  • KAwsar Rahim

    i got it! AAAAAAHHHHH

  • Mater Dieg

    It keeps reloading the screen Errg

  • Mater Dieg

    I need help anyone know why its doing this??

  • phinfan

    overload! can’t go to war. does your whole clan need to have the update to start?

  • Nickb

    Yeah, what is going on here? It says that I am only a spectator?

  • cameron

    My clan wars is not updating for some reason