GTA V 1.12 update live

By Alan Ng - Apr 8, 2014

The wait is over for GTA V players, as we can confirm within the last few minutes that the GTA V 1.12 update is live on PS3 and Xbox 360. Rockstar previously said that the first of their Spring updates would be coming this week, so it’s great to see the developer deliver on their promise.

To remind you, Rockstar said that the first update will be the GTA V Capture Creator update. This should now be live for you, so head to your game now and begin the update.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the GTA V 1.12 patch notes for you yet, but they will appear here once they do – as always. Aside from the Capture Creator update, expect to see many bug fixes as what we usually see with every other new GTA V update.

If you are currently playing the game, restart and the next time you boot the game you should see the update required message.

Remember that this is the first of two other planned updates for GTA V this Spring. The next update will be the GTA V High Life update and the one after that is the big one – GTA V Heists.

Let us know if you are downloading GTA V 1.12 now on PS3 or Xbox 360. To those that already have the update – what changes have you noticed compared to GTA V 1.11? We’ll add the GTA V 1.12 update notes once Rockstar release them.

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  • Rahul

    this patch is crashing the game and system. and its totally unplayable..

  • Ryan

    Single player races give far less RP now.

  • Wyldcat

    Dafuq is all this? Where’s my extra garage and extra car mods? Where’s the added radio content, the new vehicles, new missions?! I’ve never had any of the problems this patch ‘fixes’. They’re wasting their time and money. Players want more content and customisation options. I’d happily suffer the one in a million chance of a minor glitch if it meant I got more cool stuff. I guess my chance to buy a shack in the desert will never happen.

    • bdoug

      This is not the high life dlc this is just a patch update

    • Christopher S.

      R E A D the article numnuts.

  • KingGuwop1017

    2 things, where the f*** is Coveted, and what is that red car in the pic?

  • TheTruthandnothingbut..

    Well are you ready for the truth ok but its hard and mean but its real

    I have been a gta game tester since Gta sa this isnt a lie but Nothing but the truth so i can say that gta have there hands full with Fan-Game-Play and whats going to make them money not that they don’t care for the Players but for their needs they must make the Hard-Work Money they have put into this game what people of Business call

    Milk-ing as you would if you had something someone else wanted such as the newest toy you would make them do things right?

    I mean why not its yours

    And they want it

    so you do what you got to do to get yours

    But so i can Keep they slow people up to speed “Fred”

    Don’t blame Gta for Breaking your Gta – spirit That means your just weak and you were never a Hard-Core Gta Fan Give Gta the props they have earned and Stfu if it doesnt matter then why do you keep your self updated Its only what people in this gen call “Hating” “haters” Must always know what the person making the most noise

    (Aka) Anything that you could never do So they can keep that fake ass mouth runing with hate so remember that

    • cheeeeze


    • walty

      LOL wut?

    • TheAmazinStu

      There’s absolutely no chance you were/are a GTA games tester, haha, made my day!

    • Guest

      Is english a second language for you because this rant makes almost no sense at all I can’t even understand your point. If you even had one.

    • I hope your reports as a “game tester” are better written than this. It makes absolutely no sense at all!

      • Zac Curtis

        Ya if he is game tester I can see why there are so many glitches

    • I see my name mentioned, but I can’t figure out if he hates me or loves me. I am so confused.

  • ubaid

    coveted and potshot have been removed

    • LucianSpec

      Nooooooooooooooo, I am only lv 40, crystal clearout & coveted is the only way to get money….

      • AJ

        um no? rooftop rumble

        • Braann

          um no? He is not a high enough level to host it

  • TheAmazinStu

    The update has done nothing for me other than make the public/AI/police cars glitch across the screen, glitch when you hit them and be randomly invisible when either in front of you or coming towards you and eventually hitting you. Good times……..

  • ReliCzz_

    There is no Potshot Mission – Rockstar thinks that this mission on hard is too “Over-Powered” to get easy money

  • Nick Eslinger

    My god does this update take forever to download…

  • ethan

    Only 4 missions ???
    But will be back in high life update

  • Freddy Szubak

    Basic update. A glitch or two is fixed and you can call Lester to have the police ignore whatever you do. Everything is going to get good when High Life is out.

    • Leo

      Hell everything is going to get good when they finally get heists out lol

  • Seth Valentino

    Update is nothing special, but we are all looking forward to the High Life and Heist updates

  • Bored

    Well I have the 1.12 update and I can tell you this there is no capture creator. There are no multiple properties there are no new guns mods or cars. You can call lester to haave the cops ignore you for 3 minutes for the excessive cost of $5000 and captures appear to pay double other than that there is not much here accept patching glitches. and I haven’t seen one level 500-1000 player so maybe they finally reset the RP idiots.

    • Paul

      I when on gta5 online I few people on over leve 600 – 700 have they fix it or not

    • joshyoyy

      They arent idiots man i have friends at super high levels but tjey were already lever 130 plus to begin with u dnt have to be rude who cares what their level is

      • bored

        Glitching RP is nothing more than stroking your ego so if they need that than I can say whatever I want about them. I earned my 160 rank and and you unlock everything at 120 so I have my opinion of them and if your defending friends that cheat for no reason than I can’t convince you to have integrity now its already too late.

      • AJ

        its ppl like him josh that dnt know anything about games.. very rude and act like a wussy. stop complaining about the damn lvls players are in and complain to rockstar why the heck we’ve haven’t gotten what we want!! im sure he’s one the ppl that jump on youtube for money glitches!! then u wanna complain about lvls and glitches! SMH

  • PiranhaPlant

    they shouldve made the police more effective and realistic

  • gtafreak

    well there was a car duplication glitch my friends always did but never told me how to do
    it’s gone now. Thanks

  • Dec

    I Got the update whats in it?

  • Kat

    There’s a 2x cash and 2x RP on certan jobs

    • Hemi

      its only on capture at least what i have played lester has blind eye which i think is to expensive @5000 i don’t know that it would b worth it thats all i ve seen so far

      • Kat

        Yeah me too, hopefully there’s some more stuff that we haven’t found yet. Might just be a little update to fix the glitches before the high life update? Not sure though.

      • joshyoyy

        it would probably be good for robbing stores it might also play in for some future missions

        • D-monic Angel

          how so? Robbing stores gets $2,000 at most, paying $5,000 to make 2000 is not worth it

        • me

          if you want a jet from the military base it works well for that if you wanna pay 5000. thats your choice though. armored trucks will also give you a little profit if you use this feature. the update fixed a lot of loading and freezing issues and a lot of duplication glitches and money glitches.

  • Kierent16

    Gta online will be better when we’ve got animals and sharks

    • Daniel Johansson

      Animals AND sharks? Aren’t sharks animals? 🙂

      • Kierent16

        Yes they are but I said sharks because I don’t really care about the loins I only really want sharks online

        • Daniel Johansson

          Haha, ok! 😀

  • Ryan Wosnig

    went back into story mode as Trevor and had multiple Ron’s walking out of the trailer, 1 after another.

  • rogunhqy

    All I see is the new lester call option, coveted and potshot aregone. Also no capture creator yet

  • Haz

    I got deranked from level 1000 to 999

    • Warren

      Oh God Not One Level what ever shall youdo

      • Smokey


    • Luca Hough

      How much RP is needed for that level because the levels get bigger

  • Joey Dutton

    I see nothing from the update. No creator, no new lester calls, nothing.

    • PiranhaPlant

      lester blind eye, have cops ignore any crime u commit

      • Juggalotus

        I see it now, but I thought the creator capture was on this one?

        • PiranhaPlant

          this isnt the high life update

        • Juggalotus

          Okay my bad I must have read wrong thanks

        • D-monic Angel

          they said friday april 11, this is just a hotfix to stop money glitches before anything actually goes live

  • Sebastian

    the transferring single player cars to online glitch has been patched

  • Chuck

    No coverted or potshot?

  • John

    Where are the new houses and other things that r* promised us??

    • Sebastian

      They’ll be in the High Life update which is next

  • Not a damn thing that would make me want to come back to playing GTA online. But at least my money cheats all still work.

    • Youngras

      Can you share some money cheats

      • walty

        Just play rooftop rumble or other stuff in the game. Why cheat?

        • Warren

          I agree Rockstar has made it easier to earn money without cheating

    • Frameworkart

      still monkey-boy commenting on he a game he does not play, OMFG you are sad, run out of kneenex, needed something else to do with your hands

    • Walty

      Glad you are not playing if you still have money cheats. No one wants them in the game so get lost

  • Chenk

    I found that there are 5 new horns at the tuning garage (classical horn 1/5)

    • Shea Lavington

      That was the 1.11 update.

    • John

      They are from the last update (1.11)

  • James Dugan

    Its only the thing for lester, something about blocking cops

  • Blake Roebuck

    shite as. Got all excited for heists. F U Rockstar

    • Shea Lavington

      Heists were not expected in 1.12 Idk why you got excited anyway its pathetic.

      • Gustaviik

        youre a douchebag.

        • Coral

          no u

        • Warren


  • Djplasticbag

    Wow thanks a lot r*

  • Nick

    Absolutely nothing there’s not a thing diffrent capture mode is not even there

    • Juggalotus

      Mine is the same man

  • Solebru

    Call lester now has “cops turn blind eye” $5000.
    commit crimes without cops harassing you.
    and you can Locate plane now or is that old.

    • kilo cash