Dino Crisis 4 reboot will be PS4 exclusive

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There has been rumors of a Dino Crisis 4 reboot for some time now and some new light has been shed on the potential game. We now know for certain that if the game is coming back, it will not be on the Xbox platform. This would mean that a Dino Crisis 4 reboot would be a PS4 exclusive, just as the original and sequel were back in the day.

New head of Xbox Phil Spencer was quizzed over a new Dino Crisis game on Twitter, being asked if there was any truth to a reboot on the Xbox One. Sadly for some fans the answer was no, with Spencer confirming that they were not working on Dino Crisis and that it would be another publisher fronting the game if the remake rumors were true.

The original Dino Crisis games were developed by Capcom and released on to the PlayStation One, a 3rd game was released for the original Xbox but was not considered relatable to the previous 2 games. A new Dino Crisis remake for the PS4 would be very popular with fans and even players of the creature/shooter genre in general. Whilst nothing is certain there is still a possibility this remake could happen.

We spoke to you a short while back about the confirmed and upcoming Dinosaur shooter Primal Carnage: Genesis which will feature on the PS4. If there were to be a big factor to deter developers from creating Dino Crisis 4, the impending release of this game would be one of them. Sony may take a chance on this console exclusive reboot in the future, there is no rush to have Dino Crisis back any time soon.

Would you like to see the return of Dino Crisis on the PlayStation 4, or should the game perhaps be left as a classic and not remade?

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  • SasukeUchiha

    So an PS4 Exclusive sweet!

  • Nick Evans

    lol, all Spencer said was that they weren’t the ones working on it, and that it would be another publisher doing the remake. Not that the game won’t be appearing on the Xbox One platform. How you went from A – B is anyone’s guess. Where did that logic come from?

  • Ridler

    Hope they are remaking this game loved playing this back in day.

    • Racbir Singh Bhurji

      Thumbs Up!

  • shaun jones

    why? it was a horrible game anyway, boring, no real story, linear type of “hey theres dinosaurs” game, far from as good as turok and even that went downhill, give it up guys, try something new instead of revamping stuff that never worked in the first place

    • Chris Hansen

      you are horible… Dino Crisis is one of my favourite games of all time, it beats everything in my opinion….

      • Racbir Singh Bhurji

        Dino Crisis was very heart pounding …and alot of FUN

  • Jake

    Hell Yes!! The original and it’s sequel were absolute classics! Great news. Xbox had their chance with 3 as an exclusive and it bombed so Microsoft can sit out for all I care. The PS4 is a superior gaming console anyway..

    Amazing Rumors

    • Diefenbaker

      You say that like it was Microsoft’s fault the game tanked which is an entirely ignorant and baseless claim.

  • Racbir Singh Bhurji

    Dino Crisis, ..The Good thing, it is very different from anything out on the Market Today. Make it like Dino Crisis 1 and put a bit of Action from Dino Crisis 2 in it :) Hahaha! Yeeessssssss!!! LOOKING FORWARD TO THIS!

    (Dont forget Onimusha and Rival Schools) Thanks for making a new Dino Crisis, Resident Evil 4 , BUT DINOSAURS ON A FORGOTTEN ISLAND

    Dino Crisis, Dino Crisis i will buy this game straight away, it will be amazing!

  • angel

    This game is gonna b3 awsome on ps4 . Looking forward to see this game again . :)

  • Gemini

    Finger crossed! The game is rather off be a PS4 exclusive.

  • Daniel hutcho

    What made DC1 and 2 so good was it was simular to play like Resident evil which also blended puzzles and problem solving with the story and some dirty dacks moments i.e. Velociraptors jumping out of know where screaming and charging at your character!

  • dj redcap

    Yes yes Definatly do a reboot or sequal, and plz dont make it sony exclusive. I think fans of all caliber have been hanging for an authentic dinosaur game for a long time.

  • Diefenbaker

    Reboot or sequel needs to happen but it better be on Xbox.

  • chevchelioz

    Hell yeah!!! remake it for both ps4 an X box

  • Racbir Singh Bhurji

    YYYYYyyyyyeeeeeessssssss yes yes hahaha! Remake Dino crisis 1 with better graphics. Thats all we need and the action from Dino crisis 2. Yes Yes yes )))))))))))))))))))))))). Thumbs Up!