GTA V Heists release date hype for co-op

By Alan Ng - Apr 6, 2014

It is set to be a very busy period for all GTA V players over the next few weeks. Rockstar could be preparing to launch the GTA V 1.12 patch with the Capture Creator update this week, but after that attention will surely switch to Heists.

Heists has been the in-demand feature that has been heavily requested since the game launched in September 2013. However, Rockstar has kept gamers waiting and in reality very frustrated considering that it was meant to land ‘shortly’ after launch.

Better late than never though, Rockstar has finally promised that the GTA V Heists release date will come sometime in Spring. The developer has maintained that the Capture Creator and High Life updates will come first, but then it is all about Heists.

When it does come, you’ll be able to team up with a friend as well. Rockstar has confirmed that Heists will be fully supported by co-op, so you’ll be able to play Heists missions with friends for ‘glory and profit’ – a hint that Rockstar will still keep things competitive among your friends.

Is there almost a sense that GTA V Heists has been overhyped though to the point where Rockstar may not be able to meet fan expectations? Every single update that Rockstar release for the game, their comment section on the Newswire is instead flooded by Heists-related requests.

Rockstar knows deep down that this is the mode that will keep everyone interested in GTA V until the first major GTA V DLC arrives, but what will happen if the mode doesn’t live up to the hype?

Hopefully we won’t be talking about this as it’s Rockstar and they usually get things right, but it is something to bear in mind.

Let us know your thoughts on Heists now that it is finally coming in Spring. Are you worried that it may not live up to the dreams you once had?

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  • YourBitchzPreference

    GTA V Story mode lacks immersion. There should be at least 100 extra things to do after you beat the story mode since it was so short. 72 missions for a game like GTA is extremely disappointing. There should be THE VERY LEAST 200 missions and over 200 different quests and side missions. Ill state a few things that should be in the game, Like taking out your girlfriends, picking up more than 1 homie and go to the club and start a crew fight with your homies vs some other group at the club, this stuff happens in real life so it would be illogical to add certain aspects of a social environment to a game that mimics real life situations. Lamar should be able to shoot at cops with you, radiantly act accordingly to robbing a store with you. It would also be cool to be able to go back to a cafe like in GTA V and meet random npcs on the street and be able to save them into your contacts, call them up and go out places like the beach etc. How do you have a beach and nobody is swimming…..better yet its CALIFORNIA FFS. Also Fighting people with fists should take less time to kill them. Who really dies after 2 punches and who really runs away from most fights? Why are the simple things overlooked in this game idk, they just make the game 100x better imo, Rockstar , you need to stop taking out certain things from your games, you need to add the ability to bring back certain things to these new games so that the game fits to the player. I have a huge imagination and I use it but with this game all you can do is go around shooting people, hiking (as if that is any different from san andreas running across the country. I still believe san andreas was a better game than GTA V. If skyrim can last me a couple months, why cant GTA V. I buy games to keep on playing them, not beat them and then throw away or let them collect dust. 60-70 bucks is too expensive for any game that wont last a week. Im in college, i have a job, and still was able to beat this game in like 3 days.

  • Speed

    It would have been nice to do a few heists around rank 75 or so to make alot of cash at once, rather than spawning missions like Rooftop Rumble… but the fact is I own everything now. If heists release today, I can only spend my money on trading cars or appts, and who wants to do that forever? They need to add some alot more to purchase before (and after) the heists are released, which is why Im much more exited for the extra properties and garage space… hopefuly this will one day become unlimited as the game advances adding new maps and switching systems, or soner : ).

  • Bigjoe275

    I’m waiting for watchdogs now I believe rockstar will deliver but I’m not hopeful. Making fans wait 7 months for heist rockstar better come guns blazing with the heist or prepare themselves for angry backlash from fans

  • Tom

    I’d like to shoot all they people who are complaining they want heists with a sawed off shotgun. Enjoy what we have right now idiots

    • Tom

      Fyi the sawed off shotgun is a gun in the game

    • me

      just because you like getting lied to and robbed does not mean other people do.

  • “Is there almost a sense that GTA V Heists has been over -hyped though to the point where Rockstar may not be able to meet fan expectations?”

    I think that’s exactly what they did with GTA Online before it finally went live. They hyped it to death, and then released a broken, incomplete POS. Not only that, but just about everything they do with Online is based on greedily trying to sell us their overpriced shark cards. I suspect the heist payouts will likewise be disappointing because R* really doesn’t want us to make any real money off of jobs. We’ll see.

    • Mark

      Gta online lived up to my expectations because it’s super fun, but I did do money glitches for money.

      • I guess my expectations were a bit higher than yours.

        • Matthew

          Everybodies expectations of GTA are very high, It’s funny, I still go on with my friends and have fun everytime I play so I guess some people just have really high standards, I personally can’t wait for heists even if the payouts are crap I have everything I need in online I just want to do a heist cause It would be kick ass to rob a bank in that game. But really though they better make the payouts realistic if they want more people to play, It wouldn’t make sense to hit a major LA Bank and walk out with 20 thousand ..

        • Dan Chak

          You sound terribly bitter. Personally, I think the online game is the best thing to have come out for this generation of systems. They aimed super high and will have learned a ton in the process. The next Rockstar game to come out with online play is going to be even better.
          Also, I have logged in tons of hours in online play with GTA Online and have yet to feel the need to purchase a shark card. I don’t get the grousing over that. If people are impatient for the available toys, they can purchase the cards. If not, they can get it the old fashioned way – play the game.
          Hope whatever you are investing game time in is rocking for you, Fred, the way GTA Online is for me.

        • Bigjoe275

          I agree I never once bought crap cards and never will. But it gets dull real fast when playing missions over and over and over again. Then there the problem with no one joins missions anymore and if no one joins you have to solo the mission and that’s no fun either. For some the online is great for others rockstar missed a golden opportunity with this and the only reason fans bought this game was because rockstar openly advertised heist. So that’s to be expected from fans. You have to admit rockstar has intended to mess with RP and mission payouts to the point to ]frustrate some gamers to buy crap cards. So where’s the fun in the online now and that’s why we have cheaters in the game. Rockstar hasn’t done itself any favors by restricting the online. No one is going to buy crap cards maybe some but not the masses.

        • Speed

          Unfortunitaly, they made 60 million on cash cards alone 1st quater, which was only half of what they expected (due to the hacks less purchases were made), but also an extreemly large chunk of change proving people will continue to buy “crap” cards. R* made more REAL money selling cash cards than i made FAKE money playing the game these last 6 monthes, that says something, and nothing good…

        • Derek

          I never do missions with randoms because they muck everything up. I can run RR and coveted much quicker by myself…

        • Johnny Mexico

          Too bad the new patch diminished coveted from the online server….

        • I’m not at all bitter. No game is worth becoming bitter over, especially this one.

      • Matt Chambers

        I love just doing cop chases. It’s the grass roots of gta. Getting 5 stars and trying to survive. It’s a blast.

    • detumus

      I too share your fears. I love this game but honestly I find it hard to believe that the heist will be worth the wait. so far the highest sound pretty much like extended missions it seems like you do the same thing you do in every other mission for a bigger payout.

    • Bigjoe275


  • GumBoy Montes

    I don’t think so, I bet it’ll be epic. Rockstar is doing a good job for doing this for months