iPad Air 2 or iPad 6 release hints

By Peter Chubb - Apr 5, 2014

The current iPad, the Air, is now 6 months old and so we expect the 2014 model to be released in 6 months time. There is no argument about when its release date will be, and for anyone who says it will be sooner, well you were proved very wrong last year.

iPad Air 2 or iPad 6 release – is expected to be in October once again, and seems to be the perfect period due to the build-up to the busy shopping season, and it being just after Apple releases a new iPhone. So, we pretty much know when to expect the 2014 iPad, but what of its name?

As of last year we would have put money on it being the iPad 6, but since the current models release, the iPad Air 2 is also likely. Having said that, it is not as clear-cut as you would think. The reason we say this is because of the iPad mini, as we expected this to come with the numeral 2 after it, but this was not the case.

However, there is a possibility that the iPad Air 2 could be released in October with the same screen size and minor updates to its hardware, although not certain it needs changes to its processor, seeing as though Apple has yet to fully utilize the 64-bit chip.

iPad Air 2 or iPad 6 release hintsiPad Air 2 or iPad 6

Then there is the iPad 6, this could very well be released later this year, as the model with the larger display instead of it being called the Pro, as they don’t want to sound too much like a Samsung tablet.

If Apple were to release the iPad Air 2 as the current size and the iPad 6 as its larger sibling, then what would your expectations be? While we made it clear that there is unlikely to be many changes to the former, it is the latter that seems to be grabbing more interest, although personally a 13-inch tablet could be a bit too big, and could start to encroach on MacBook Air sales for those who don’t use the thin laptop to its full advantage.

If the iPad Pro is released as the iPad 6, then it will surely be catered for a different audience, maybe more enterprise rather than consumer? If this is the case, then Apple has to take this into consideration when developing its design and features. Things like Face Recognition, improved Wi-Fi, Live Multitasking, dedicated Stylus, Memory Card Slot, and Wireless Charging are all important for that sort of market.

We do find it a little strange how Sony believes that Apple will release an iPad 6 and 7 in the same year, which we recently discussed. So what is your personal opinion, when will they be released, and will we see an iPad Air 2, or even an iPad 6 as well this year?

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  • Michael Jordan

    My take on the above speculation about the possible iPad 6 being more enterprise driven, along with all the features that would go along with such a product. Wishful thinking! Its like I just read an article on any OEM besides Apple. Denial? The article was entertaining and would be a great one if not for the fact that Apple is the topic, and when it comes to Apple and especially their mobile devices, you will always be disappointed if you think for a second that Apple will have a sudden change and actually adhere to consumer demands. I can guarantee that Apple will release their new iPad with improvements. These improvements will only appeal to the consumer who choose Apple because “its an iPad” and those who honestly believe that the iPad does everything and has every important feature already. It would be the day of all days when I could have read this and actually entertained what was written. Unfortunately, Apple will make sure to cover their bases and improve the only specs that matter to their loyalists… Build quality, thin, better display, gorgeous design, and high price to solidify the illusion of superiority. If Apple actually put out devices that had true functionality and compatibility, and the iPad could be used as a slate that can handle any task need be, then I would own one. As an educated consumer, I put brand name aside and look at specifications, features, overall design, and what product offers the most. Im not an Apple hater by any means, I simply have to be honest… When comparing tablets side by side, the iPad is usually the first or second device crossed off my list and their is nothing about the iPad that is so good that would justify sacrificing major features, specs, capabilities, and compatibility. A lot of consumers don’t know any better, and Apple makes their profit off of these consumers. Apple does not aim their product at someone like me, a business man, programmer, web developer, app developer, all things tech guy. Microsoft office for iPad does not change things… It helps a little, but apple is way too far left at this point to even consider catching up with Google’s Android, which has become an incredible platform, and I’m not talking about the crap $50 Android China tablets, more like the Nexus 7, LG Gpad, Samsung Galaxy Note Pro, many Asus tablets, Acer iconia, and even the Kindle fire hdx which is Androids version of the IPad! Basically what I’m trying to say is, the iPad is an entertainment device that has some productive features, and Apple is going to keep it that way, the hardware closed off as well as iOS being locked down and limited within the confines of basic functions that developers have done a great job in giving the feeling that their apps offer a lot more than they do. When it comes to enterprise devices, High end Android tablets have that category locked down and the iPad will never be able to compete with that. Apple is dying a slow death anyways, many should save themselves the pain now and switch to Google as Google has done everything there is to offer more, and you can see it in their products improvements year after year.