Android vs. Tizen OS explored

Android vs. Tizen OS explored

By Posted 24 Feb 2014, 06:27

It seems another operating system is on the market to rival other industry big guns like Google and Apple as Tizen enters the frame as Samsung’s new Android. The open source Linux-based OS intends to give the likes of Android some stiff competition and has been a work in progress since early 2012, while Samsung’s involvement with the platform means we could see a flagship phone in the future running on Tizen.

This operating system is not widely known and a roundup of 10 facts can be seen on the Laptop Mag website as they contemplate a potential new Android killer.

Specifications highlight this OS being based on the WebKit runtime and Linux kernel, which will give users the option to play around with and change the device’s software.

Below this post we have provided a 6 minute video that discusses whether the Tizen is the new Android killer as Tizen claims that their operating system is more open than Android.

Tizen 2.0 was specifically designed for high-end phones and in the video we also get to hear a visual perspective from the presenter, so we are intrigued to see new Tizen phones sometime this summer.

The latest news in regard to this new OS comes from Samsung, and this is thanks to a surprise change to ship the Samsung Gear 2 with Tizen OS.

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  • Cmiuc Cat

    The problem is: if there is no standard, we are going to get right back where we were when all the flavors of linux came out a few years ago and they lost any competition edge against windows… it was only when Android took the market that it brought stability… now we are doing it again with chrome, and these other flavors including tizen which will kill samsung in the long run, especially when they are beating apple right now.. they will revert to cave style applications that are not cross usable on other phones or os’s… unless they are compatible with android and visa-versa.. it will kill samsung and any other company that follows… Remember when IBM did its own OS and limited to who could buy? Remember why nokia needed assistance from MS and now Android? Symbian died, Remember why Blackberry switched to Android? because it was on its death bed with RimOS… so here we go again.. Samsung really is not learning from the mistakes of much stronger companies…rather trying to create its own OS…of it thinks specialize software.. STUPID Samsung!