Latest Fallout 4 rumor a case of deja vu

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The whole Fallout 4 saga has been an interesting one because the upcoming title has already been confirmed; yet we have no news as to its eventual release date, or the basis of its story and setting. However, there was a great deal of excitement when a rumored Fallout 4 countdown website had appeared, although that later turned out to be a hoax.

It’s for that very reason why we believe this latest Fallout 4 rumor is a case of déjà vu because we know we have been here before. According to the latest rumor there is a listing on IMDB, which is Fallout: Shadows of Boston, and this has now led many people to believe that this is the name of the next game in the franchise.

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While this could be true seeing as though we have already seen suggestions of a Boston setting, it’s the Fallout: Shadows of Boston release date that has us intrigued, as it states 2017. We just cannot see this game taking another 3 years to develop, as that would mean a gap of 7 years between Fallout 3 and 4.

Latest Fallout 4 rumor

Reasons this is a hoax – There are several reasons to doubt this is the real deal, one of them being the fact that the IMDB listing says Fallout: Shadows of Boston has already been announced. Another reason is, when was the last time a publisher announced a game three years in advance?

Update: In another twist, the Fallout: Shadows of Boston listing on IMDB has now been removed, so I guess that answers that doesn’t it?

Latest Fallout 4 rumor a case of deja vu