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Flappy Bird is the new craze in mobile gaming right now, causing plenty of fun and frustration. The best Flappy Bird score is a feat many mobile gamers want and so naturally videos have been recorded as legit proof of achievement. Many people have looked online for cheats to try and get the Flappy Bird record, we might have found the highest genuine score so far.

Lets not forget that Flappy Bird is being played competitively on both iOS and Android platforms so there may be various claims from players thinking that they hold the record. On YouTube we found a video claiming that have the highest score on Android, with 58. This has since been overtaken by a video uploaded today which claims to hold the world record of 90!

You would think this is the highest score, however a few days back an unprecedented score of 140 was recorded by an iOS iPad player. After much searching this is the highest legitimate score we have found so far at the time of writing. If you know or have seen anyone who has broken this record and earned it without using hacks then feel free to share this with us.


During hands on time playing on both the iPhone and iPad versions of Flappy Bird, in our opinion it is slightly easier to play the game on tablet than it is on mobile, likely because of the bigger screen. However this by no means takes any glory away from this Flappy Bird record score as it must have taken extreme skill to accomplish and blows the world record claim out of the water by 50 levels.

Flappy Bird app on Android

In case you have been living under a rock for the past week, Flappy Bird is an extremely simple game which requires you to achieve the highest score possible. This is achieved by tapping the screen to keep the bird in flight, guiding it through a series of random pipes and objects. It is very addictive but can also be very frustrating too, it is not the easiest game out there.

Flappy Bird app for Android

What is your best score on Flappy Bird, have you seen anyone break the record so far of 140?

UPDATE: The Flappy Bird app has been taken down.

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  • Megan

    And I was happy with 11…

  • oblap

    I got 178

  • doesnt even matter

    It’s my second day playing and my high score is 84. It’s hard but you just have to get in the zone. I mostly max out at 50 but sometimes ill only get 2. Lol. To bad people are hacking the leaderboards… Makes me just wanna quit playing.

  • Steeda47

    My buddy got 265 no hacks

  • KASSIE16217

    ill be happy when I get to 10 XD

  • Eljay

    my friend got a 309;. WITH NO HACKS. kill me now.

  • Minceraft (Try Minecraft too!)

    on google play games someone got over 3 trillion :P

  • Malik Murray

    High score on IOS is 179 no hacks

  • Anonymous

    4,000,000 with hacks

    • Skittles


  • Kylie Henson

    381 no cheats

  • 9


    • kaito

      lol its over 9000

  • Grace

    I got 234

  • codybull3

    661. iphone 5.

  • Grace

    With no hacks or cheats

  • codybull3

    No hacks. No cheats. Don’t even know how to do it.

  • Sorrynottelling

    12 haha waaaaaa

  • Whoa

    You can look at the highest scores on the app, I’m pretty sure it’s like 3 million something….

  • brickster35

    My friend got 149…

  • michael111

    i have a friend that got 421!

  • enternamehere

    my friend got 252 legitly no hacks

  • Kai

    LOL at anyone thinking that people got 3 million. Not only is this impossible but it would literally take at least 8 months of straight flappy bird. Be realistic people.

  • kuto


  • Charlotte M

    I got 452 :)

    • anonymous

      the world record is only 140,ur lying

      • Charlotte M

        I’m not. I also know someone who got over 300.

        • http://www.korioi.net/ Korios

          Yeah, and the cousin of my sister’s mother-in-law got 466. Come on…

    • picklehead

      O_O 452!!!!

  • Cheyenne

    I’ll be super happy if I get 5. My highest is 4! :D

  • taylor

    my highest is 140

  • Brendan

    172 is my record

  • anonymous

    200 exactly

  • Shortyyy

    I heard the highest you can get on flappy bird is 9,999.. that’s what im hearing from a lot of people.. but my high score is 29, that game bothers the hell outta me -____-

  • Jay hudson

    i got 86 no mods

  • jonh chen

    my friend got 139

  • David Cooper

    I think a screenshot should be posted with every score claim to keep things honest lol

    • Kurtis

      It would be really hard to photoshop that picture.

  • Z Khan

    I got 95 on Android and lost because of low battery. My lord is this game addicitve

  • Lucas Hawranke

    i got 81

  • boop

    Someone got 246

  • Thatstranger

    My friend got 144

  • addictedbird

    My score 189812398123489 no hacks or cheats.. everyone sounds like that.

    • William Biscamp

      you have no life

      • Me

        He wasn’t talking about his own score, he was talking about how everyone else is saying they’ve gotten really high scores

    • glibs

      That would be impossible you would have to play for over 6 million years and it hasn’t even been out fir a year

      • Skittles

        He’s showing what other people sound like…..DUH!!!

  • leah

    i got 553

    • Jazzy Uson

      i have a 1000 u lost hehhehe>>>

  • Quinstin Carter

    1rst of all there is no reason to lie about ur score People can check you’re REAL score on the leaderbords.

  • picklehead

    someone at fivay had 221

  • amos2410

    I have 358 got pics on my facebook of scores lol

  • lol

    My friend got around 250 – 260

  • Megan Smith

    I scored 238 last night! Without cheats or hacks, and i’m on an Android! :)

  • henrymart81

    Just got 87.

  • bammy785

    my friend is at 1021 and took a break. we are on a hangout in google+. his high schore was 277, 411, and is now past 1000

  • Courtney Brummitt

    I got 4

  • meme

    i got 15

  • Flappy Bird player

    140?!?! I scored 245 today on the iPad… I think this record has been broken by a huge number of players.

  • Joe Mark Hodges

    My 13yo daughter just got 162 without any stupid hacks or cheats. Im highly impressed. My high score is 2.

  • bpjoyce10

    i got a 183 today on my iphone. i was pretty happy, but i find it very hard to believe i’m the world record holder.

  • Multiterpen

    Mine is 222, kind of strange. Tryharding so hard. 100% legit.

  • Marc

    295 :)

  • Kim Siltakoski

    i got 128

  • Brian Best

    I’m at 505, and have a 319 video. Unfortunately, this comment thing won’t let me post links…

  • Sal

    377. Check the avy.

  • Brian Best

    Search youtube for Flappy Bird World Record (464). Looking for a higher score but haven’t seen it yet. At least not video confirmation.

  • Sal

    641. Check the avy.

  • Roy Fjelldal

    Yes it’s hard to know who or what is the real world record on this. But my wife got 208

  • MacPoland

    I got 808 on iphone 5s.
    Will try to post a video on youtube.

  • Redwan Siddik

    My highest is 8 on my Lumia 925

  • Ryan

    My friend got 484 and I got 83

  • Rachel

    No need to lie but I got 537 on my tablet, so that is nooo where near the high score! Keep dreamin kid!

  • kenneth

    My record is 5856

  • bibiphoque

    i have 181 bro :)

  • ben

    I got 179 no joke it might be hard to believe but I got 179

  • Sal

    I think I might have the actual record. Check my avatar.

    • Jon G

      Hey props to you man if it’s legit which seems like it since I’ve seen you post several other updates before it in the 400′s. I’ve managed a 389, third time in the 300′s for me. Good stuff man.

  • hansam

    i got 182.

  • kirsty

    God please im on 202 and that is genuine

  • Robert

    im on 206 and i dropped cuz i got bored thought its world record

  • Vincent

    I have 281, don’t know how it stacks against others, since the leaderboards are very missleading…

  • Lu Ly

    My son records is 328!! His friends think he is likes God or something! I can’t past 11!

  • Hansen

    mine is 285

  • will

    Got 199

  • Chelsyy

    mine’s 599.

  • Jonathan Snuffarius Norman

    mines is on 782

  • Alex

    All of you are lying sacks o’ shiz

  • Henri


  • Bea

    I got 169.. Ehe:)

  • Jon G

    389 here and LEGIT. Got into the 300′s now on three separate occasions….all on iPhone 5

  • lolowsky

    827 b****es D:

  • GodOfGaming

    i got 1,329 on flappy bird legit it took me 22 minutes afterwards my head was spinning, my stomach was flipping and i had wrinkles on my left hand from holding it on my head it felt like i was on a roller coaster

  • flappy bird :3

    my high score is 90 i was rlly anoyed when i stopped i was anoyed i had to pause every like 5 mins xD

  • Norman

    I thought I’m badass: 97, but people have even about 1000, so I will hide under my bed and start to cry ;(

  • vg

    Saw my friend get 990, but it was on a tablet so it is easier than phone, I just got 442 on my phone

  • FlappyBirdMon

    All u guys are hackers/ liars- FlappyBird crashes on 480 it takes exactly 10 min, at 10 minutes it crashes and shuts off

  • legit

    lol noobs I got 9999999

  • Jazzy Uson


  • brickster35

    My friend got 449 bruh…

  • Brandon Petersilka


  • Your mommy

    I have just got 1080. That my finger crashed…

  • Tine


  • Petercopter Rodrigáñez

    Pues a mi me la suda desde Heidegger hasta Schoppenhauer pasando por Sabater y eso sin ser contemporáneo ni nada,

  • Rahul Johnson

    I seriously got 308 but no one brlives it..:(

  • Andrea Robinson

    My highest is 234. I am still working on a higher score. Mine are legit, no cheats, just the simple tapping of my finger. The secret is to avoid blinking! 😉