Flappy Bird users try to cheat scores

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While we recently told you that the Flappy Bird app for Android and iOS was addictive, most would agree that it is also the most frustrating game ever. As a result, some users are hunting ways to cheat and hack scores or the very least, find tips to get the best Flappy Bird score possible.

The object of the game is very simple, almost brilliant in a way. You just have to tap the screen to make your furry friend keep flying, making your way through the pipes without touching any obstacles.

Despite the incredibly simple method, this app has already become the most popular free app on both Android and iOS in recent weeks.

Trying to stay competitive though on the official leaderboards has become a different matter altogether though. Click score on the app and you’ll see that in an ‘amazing’ feat, users have been able to amass a score of 9,999.


You won’t need us to tell you though that these individuals have been achieving their scores by using Flappy Bird hacks and cheats. It’s really surprising to see the sheer amount of users who are willing to cheat on this game, but then again nothing should surprise us with a game that has a heavy emphasis on beating everybody else.

Can you admit to trying to look for cheats to get a better score out of sheer frustration? To those that are playing legitimately, what is the highest score you have managed to get, and what do you say to the hackers out there?

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  • swag


  • Billy

    I got 41 and you cheaters suck

  • Alex

    45 is my highest

  • Alex

    118, then spiked my phone and broke it. Not kidding.

  • Brandon Scott LeBlanc

    I did 65 just yesterday

  • Jessica

    16 😭😭

  • Juan White

    download Flappy Bird Hack 2014 working hered

    http://soulstreaming .co/download/flappy-bird-hack

  • Fitzgerald

    I got 208

    • Me


  • steven


  • james

    384 gimme gimme

  • NgTurbo

    You’ve done well in this game if you can get over 10 I think…

  • TheAnonymousOne

    72, and I stopped playing it .-. I almost threw my phone

  • Kayla

    10 v.v I only downloaded it yesterday

  • Diontae

    167. I’m winning!

  • jayden

    i got 76

  • http://www.dotgear.com/ FlappyBirdOfficial

    Here at the team, the highest score reached is 356. I however have only managed to achieve a maximum of 50 but really struggling to beat that one now.

    • Linkzor24

      Really? You for real? Can I make a suggestion? Just remove the scoreboard altogether. Every scoreboard for every game ever with a scoring system will automatically have a group of people up the top with ridiculous and impossible scores, almost always the work of hackers and cheaters alike. It’s just needless. However if you and your team want to keep the scoreboard, make it a ‘today’s top scores’. That would definitely discourage hackers, because getting the best score everyday would be damn sad.

      • http://www.dotgear.com/ FlappyBirdOfficial

        The team are working on an update which will hopefully be available in the coming months. They’re working on creating an easy mode for younger gamers too.

        • DDER

          Coming MONTHS??? This game will be dead by then and no one will care… People move on quick. Way to get nothing done.

        • http://www.dotgear.com/ FlappyBirdOfficial

          You can visit the App Store and update the app from today.

  • Jr

    I got 18 :) I downloaded the app yesterday though so I didn’t have a lot of time for practice . . . .

  • Jr

    Now my high score is 27 :D OMG OMG OMG

    • Funny rAbit


  • Funny rAbit

    Tell me how to get cheats I need to win

  • Swag

    I got 48

  • jenny

    The scores on the leaderboards are in the trillions and billions. It takes 1 second for the bird to reach the other pipe and score 1 point. If a person can play it for 1hr straight without dying, that will be 3,600pts. To get to the 100,000s you would have to play for at least 27 hrs straight. Cheaters are way too obvious. :/

    • Linkzor24

      9999 is the maximum score you can get…

  • Rhys

    I got 60, beat that woopwooop

    • Cadolots

      I did 108

  • Jose


  • Dave

    48!! not bad right?

  • Anonymous

    29. It’s taken me 5 days to get that.

  • Lola

    I got 53. No cheating :)

  • Toby

    My highest in the last 4 days is 32, which I am extremely proud of. These cheaters probably couldn’t even beat my score legitimately.

  • whatever

    birds are furry?

    • Jack Dipstick


  • Trace

    My highscore right now is 75. I don’t understand why they would want to have 9,999 I mean we know you cheated so you really aren’t the best

  • Elven


    • kow

      ME TOO

  • Isaac Low Tze-Shawn


  • ddimd


  • ddimd

    i wasn´t cheating:D

  • Anonymous


  • guglll


  • E71

    45 so far. I started playing a few hours ago.

  • Sonia

    110. It would have been higher, but I had an itch

  • Jack Dipstick

    my highest is 80. but just because someone has 9,999 as there score doesn’t necessarily mean that they hacked or cheated, although i’m sure 99.999999% of them did, but that extra 0.1% might just be really talented

  • Hiaawatha

    131, i have been playing for a while.

  • Ian Elliott

    58. To achieve 9999 you would have to play continuously for at least 2.7 hrs (assuming a point a second)

  • riddhiman chakrabarti

    99, so annoying

  • Cyberchimp

    I’ve just managed to get 600, didn’t even realise there were cheats. Been playing it for a few hours though!