Black Ops 3 Zombies demand higher than ever

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Earlier this week, we discussed the possibility and fear of Black Ops 3 not releasing until 2015. There has been some rumors going around recently, suggesting that Sledgehammer Games may release the only Call of Duty game in 2014 instead. You have spoken in numbers though, telling us firmly that Black Ops 3 needs to come first for one reason alone – zombies.

Black Ops 2 was a great game, nobody can dispute that. However, many may argue that the only reason it was a great game was that it depended on the longevity that the new zombie mode brought to the table.

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Despite the tried and tested, some would say ‘recycled’ formula, fans still can’t get enough of Call of Duty zombies and now we see that the demand for Black Ops 3 zombies is as high as it’s even been.

Gamers have told us that they actually wouldn’t mind waiting another two years for the Black Ops 3 release date. Let’s not forget that this will be the first COD Black Ops zombies experience to be running on next-generation PS4 and Xbox One hardware.

Next-gen zombies..are you ready?

Next-gen zombies..are you ready?

That takes time to perfect and obviously Treyarch nor fans want to see the game rushed for the sake of meeting any imposed deadlines that Activision may have set behind the scenes.

A next-gen zombies map on Black Ops 3 sounds like an amazing prospect to look forward to, so would a 2015 release actually be a blessing in disguise? It’s a long time to wait of course, but imagine if the game is rushed – Treyarch would lose their reputation as the ‘best’ COD developer in the franchise and Activision would face a new backlash from fans who love to criticise anything that involves the words ‘Call of Duty’.

Would you agree that you wouldn’t mind waiting until 2015 to ensure that Black Ops 3 zombies on PS4 and Xbox One is the best experience seen so far?

Let us know your thoughts on the rumored ‘delay’ and your thoughts and ideas on what would make Black Ops 3 zombies amazing.


  • sactown

    im still playing black ops 2 cuz of zombies. i havent played multiplayer since MW2 cuz i suck @ multiplayer. if it is a better quality game in 2015 i rather wait the extra yr. ps4 is going to cost an extra $50 for the playstation plus to play. my ps3 doesnt cost any money to play online unless u have a xbox360.


    I don’t think it will be released in 2015 as the next franchise of call of duty will be created by Infinityward. So maybe black ops 3 will be released this year, possibly, who knows.

    • Carlos

      Sledge hammer is working on cod but not alone so it will probably a ghosts 2, but they won’t release that before black ops 3 because then it will be too soon.

  • Carlos

    I will wait till then only if it was early in the year and they don’t make it for previous generation do next generation doesn’t get held back like ghosts did.

  • Activision Employee

    Modern Warfare 4 is coming out in 2014 then Black Ops 3 in 2015. I work for Activision that’s why I Know!


      I’m sure you do.

    • Ben Gillard

      Infinity Ward: There was no way we were going to do Modern Warfare 4

    • Ben Gillard

      Will there be a Modern Warfare 4? Infinity Ward has “no plans at this time”

    • Samot

      You don’t.

    • Sean

      MW4 is non-existent. IW stated that they are done with that series.

    • Juan Cruz

      Modern warfrare 4 was Call of duty Ghost

  • Andrew Palombit

    I would like a good, not highly scripted COD game. A good, 15+ hour campaign with co-op and custom game styles like WAW. I don’t want multiplayer or Zombies. I would love to see 16+ player campaign lobbies with no AI on your side. They need to bring some multiplayer aspects to the campaign.

    • ramtester

      World At War was great, but the Zombies and multiplayer was awesome for its time. World at War started Zombies. I love the campaign as well, but Zombies allows COD to appeal to even more people.

    • TightNinja

      I have been wanting 16 player co-op campaign since Ghost Recon 2 on Xbox…WaW was awesome for its co-op and the new FPS campaigns lack this big time

  • Brandon

    Could u also make for ps3 and xbox 360 for those who dont have the money for a ps4 or xbox one

    • Ben Gillard

      You cant expect a near 10 year old unit to handle more modern platform designed games. you’d be whinging if it did come out, because your old platform would struggle to handle a game, or you’d be whinging about how crappy the game is because they had to “dumb it down” so the minority could play it on their old consoles. that’s like releasing black ops 1 on a ps2. wouldnt happen.

  • nik

    What’s up

  • gg

    that sucks only for xbox one and ps4 what about ps3 and xbox 360

    • Ben Gillard

      Update. you cant expect a near 10 year old unit to handle more modern platform designed games. you’d be whinging if it did come out, because your old platform would struggle to handle a game, or you’d be whinging about how crappy the game is because they had to “dumb it down” so the minority could play it on their old consoles. that’s like releasing black ops 1 on a ps2. wouldnt happen.

    • leprakhauns

      Time to upgrade

  • Samot

    Look. Let’s get this straight Treyarch are under contract with Activsion to create a Call Of Duty game every other year until 2016. The next CoD game WILL be from Treyarch and WON’T be Black Ops 3. Zombies IS returning. Sledgehammer are working on a alternative title.

    • sean

      Sledgehammer worked on Ghosts bro.

      • Guest

        Sledgehammer is working with Treyarch now. Search it.


      Sledgehammer is currently working with Activision and Infinityward on the next call of duty which could possibly be Modern Warfare 4 or Ghosts 2.

  • Guest

    It is NOT going to be black ops 3, the black ops series is done with for now… However treyarch are working on a COD title that is set to be released in November, zombies is coming back… PREPARE FOR DECENSION (hint hint)

    • Sean

      You spelled descension wrong, which isn’t even a word.

      • james

        Which means he didn’t spell it wrong.

  • Jimmy Conway

    I like how these people responding to comments are just repeating what we just read

  • super lulz

    Answer: yes, we can wait. For the love of god, don’t rush another game.

  • Yupitsmeee

    whatever the next game of COD is gonna be it better have zombies in it!!

  • Zombies2014

    Zombies is only reason I play cod. @treyarch zombies 2014 on xbox one can’t wait

  • Guest

    These are just rumors! I say that SledgeHammer Games and Infinity Ward will help Treyarch make Black Ops 3

  • steven

    we can wait!!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob


  • Bob

    Sorry that was my brother guys. Oh and I am looking for 70+ rounds on origins (ps3) send me a message its zombiekiller7385

  • Joseph

    As long the the game is outstanding i don’t care when it’s released. Would i love for it to be released this year, of course, but the truth is I want them to do there best especially that it’s gonna be a ps4 or xbox 1 game

  • supphha

    whatever they do they better not fck it up. We want ZOMBIES, big, epic, jawdropping zombie gameplay!! And i think the map origins definitly set the bar higher so no taking steps back only more and new fun things! Thx that’ll be all..

    • joshua kennen

      Sup dude!?! Tell them what’s up! You got my vote for zombie president!

  • kingtwan

    I can wait into 2015 but they should make another map for the wait

  • Michael

    Its a good thing that Call of duty now has a 3 way developer triangle now. Each developer has two years to better understanding of the next gen console and utilize it perfectly for its time. Next-Gen Zombies in 2015 ill see you then.

  • PatakBomber (psn)

    I don’t really care whose in charge of making cod, i just wish whoever makes the decisions would realise that treyarc should be allowed to do zombies every year regardless of whose developing the main game. we don’t want an alternative to zombies on treyarc’s off year, just zombies. so either let these other developers have a go at zombies on treyarcs year off OR let treyarc do it every year and the others do multi player. OR activision could grow a pair and seperate zombies into its own game

  • búck dish

    biblsn shéigh enélsen pagoh seinfréigh

    • joshua kennen

      Translation, please?

  • ZombieMANIac

    I say we wait It’s better to be safe than sorry. See u until 2015 zombies.

  • Chris


    • Matt

      You’d had 3 years to save up for one, they’ll have dropped in price and if you still can’t afford it then tough luck tbh. There will not be a true next-gen cod until 360 and ps3 are out of the equation.

      • joshua kennen

        You know those little annoying kids that won’t stop talking and yelling when they get in your lobby? Chris is that kid and mom and dad said no xbox1

  • raven kenway

    Dude can there be a call of duty black ops 3. that would be the awesome thing and if there is zombies I want to join in with all the other zombie players.

  • Silent

    PC, make it happen.

  • that guy over there

    make the zombies better there are improvements to be made
    i don’t really care about how it looks i jest felt black ops zombies the learning curve was very difficult and in black ops 2 zombies it was too easy
    if you fix anything give us back spots we can camp since treyarch decided zombies can jump 30 feet it has become increasingly difficult to set up a good location
    IE der riese’s walkway that thing was awesome the random box could show up and there were 2 ways to jump off.

  • MpWj

    I am a huge fan of the grief game mode I started playing late but love everything about it took me a long time to figure everything out treyarch take your time with it but not to much time? 😊

    ps can’t wait

  • Bob Bently

    Zombies is the only reason I play COD. I haven’t touched a campaign since MW2 & the whole spawn-die, spawn-die multiplayer is old & lame. Spawn,, step farward, dude spawns behind you, die, rinse & repeat. I have to argue that making a stand-alone Zombie game would be the greatest thing for next gen consoles. COZ anyone?

    • Ambitionz562

      I agree!!!! COZ please! I only buy for zombies!!!! I would love a zombies only game!! Anything is possible!!!! You can do it! If I had to wait I would for it to be epic and zombies only!! Trey arch please!!!!!

    • joshua kennen

      Yes! Great minds think alike, can you imagine how many dlc maps we would get on a stand alone cod zombie game? And how much $$ treyarch would make.? Waiting 2years for a new game is rough

  • Shellll

    No gimme it now, they can do dlc for anything else they wanna add to it! Crap havin a next gen console with no zombies!!! Even just a port would do me!