Beats Music service now live in US, Europe soon

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It is no secret that Beats has been planning to launch a music streaming service, last night it went live in the US. Beats Music will provide song lovers with over 20 million tracks, although Europe will have to wait a little longer for the service which is coming soon.

If you are a United States resident you may now access Beats Music on iOS, Android, Windows Phone and web browsers. You can try out the service first on a free 7 day trial, costing $9.99 subsequently each month if you like what you see and choose to subscribe. We are waiting to hear when a trial and launch will be made available outside of the US, but there has been no big announcement yet.

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If you want to share your music experience with other people then you can subscribe to the AT&T family plan which instead gives you a 90 day free trial and will cost $14.99 each month instead. The additional benefits of this package is the unlimited usage through one single account which can be accessed by 5 different people across 10 devices.


Beats Music is already entering a crowded market place with the likes of Spotify, Xbox Music and Google Play Music all competing for business. A slight advantage that Beats Music might have is their endorsement by famous rapper Dr. Dre who champions their highly popular line of headphones and speakers.

Owning a pair of Beats is often considered fashionable as well as having quality audio hardware, this image might be reflected in a subscription to Beats Music too. The pricing and large array of music offered is good, it is just a case of gaining a large user base with either new customers or those willing to switch from a rival, or even people that want to subscribe to both.

Will you be giving Beats Music a free trial and then a monthly subscription?