Hearthstone already released, well a Chinese clone

By Posted 20 Jan 2014, 10:27

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has proven very popular on closed beta and so it seems Blizzard could be onto a winner when the gaming app finally releases. However, it seems as though Hearthstone has already been released in China, although as always it’s not the real deal.

Hearthstone already released, well a Chinese clone

What we have here is a Hearthstone clone and it’s not gone down too well with Blizzard, and just flaunts the lack of copyright law in China. It’s a real shame because most other countries are waiting in anticipation for the official Hearthstone release date, but at least those who wait will be getting the real deal, and so far better graphics and features.

That being said, it is still not nice having a game ripped off long before the official version has yet to even receive its release date. The clone title in question is Legend of Crouching Dragon and is almost identical to Legend of Crouching Dragon, and it is this that has left a sour taste in many gamers mouths – well those who have been unsuccessful in receiving a beta key for the official app.

We ask that you look at the video below and see for yourself how close to the real thing this clone game is, even down to the fake Hearthstone gameplay.

It is worth noting that Hearthstone will not only be released on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, but also on Windows PC and OS X.

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