Toshiba 5 in 1 concept PC examined

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One of the best concepts that we saw at CES 2014, but what you may have missed hearing about is the Toshiba 5 in 1 concept PC. This smart little contraption turned a lot of heads at Las Vegas, but some of you may be skeptical on if this concept can actually work.

Toshiba had a quiet presence at CES 2014 compared to some of the other big guns, but their concept 5-in-1 PC has kept fans talking ever since. At the event, Toshiba unveiled what initially looked to be an ultra slim laptop.

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On closer inspection, it offers much more functionality though. It can double up as a tablet by detaching the keyboard. It also can fold itself to act as the perfect device to input data or view media using a stylus pen that is also hidden away.


Although full specs are not known for this concept yet, we do hear how Toshiba plan to use a custom motherboard which will allow for all the different configuration and modes, without affecting performance.

The magnesium-based design looks absolutely beautiful, so let’s hope that this laptop goes into production. Toshiba would really have to introduce a comfortable price for consumers though, or risk certain users skipping this in favor of something more conventional.


Top marks for Toshiba thinking outside the box – would you like to see this go into full production or is it a waste of time in your opinion?