Fable Anniversary gifts pre-orders with rewards

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For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of the Anniversary Edition of Fable, we have some good news. Fans that have pre-ordered the incoming title will be gifted a selection of in game rewards, Lionhead also recently announced that Fable has gone gold.

The US release date for Fable Anniversary is February 4th, Europe will have to wait a little longer until the 7th. The full pre-order incentives have been made available with three different packs, Snowspire, Apollo and Peiratēs. Each pack offers a various set of bonuses so it is up to the player to choose which rewards they want to claim from the deal.

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The in game bonuses include five different variants of launch day outfit: Scythe, Red Prophet, Red Guard, Blue Guard, Black Graduate. Other rewards you can pick up are a weapons pack, and a DLC code for a Lionhead Avatar hat. You can find out more detailed information on the different bonuses that are on offer right here.

Will you be pre-ordering Fable Anniversary to make the most of these gifts or you will picking up the game for Xbox 360 on launch day?