New Fallout 4 announcement rumor debunked by Hines

By Posted 9 Jan 2014, 17:39

For more than a month there had been rumors of some sort of Fallout 4 announcement due to a website broadcasting messages, well Morse code, which has since proven to be fake. However, now another rumor has emerged, which was said to be from a Bethesda email.

New Fallout 4 announcement rumor debunked by Hines

On the image there is a message saying, “Come visit our very special announcement” along with a date below, 12. 01. 14. This led many websites to suggest this could either be January 12th or December 1st, but it would have to be the former surely?

However, Peter Hines has debunked this new Fallout 4 announcement rumor. The Bethesda Softworks VP took to his Twitter account to answer a question that asked if the report of a special announcement was true, and his answer was, “no. Another fan hoax.”

There you have it, yet another rumor quashed by Bethesda, but what of that special date? Well we do have another theory, one that we shared with you earlier today.

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