New James Bond game desired by developer TellTale


By Posted 8 Jan 2014, 11:13

In the past James Bond games have never quite set the world alight as planned, however TellTale wants to do something about that. The games developer has shown a desire to take on a 007 project, highlighting a focus on good story telling.

In an interview with Xbox Magazine, the co-founder of TellTale Kevin Bruner expressed his feelings on the potential development. If given an unlimited budget, Bruner said that a new James Bond game would be his first pick as he is a huge fan of the franchise. A disappointment was shown at past 007 games as they tend to portray Bond as more of a mass murderer rather than a super spy.

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If TellTale did eventually plan a James Bond title it has been indicated that it would run more in line with the movies than past video games. This would allow for a better focus on the cunning and intrigue of Britain’s favorite spy, opposed to a story line which revolves around simply blowing up baddies.

The studio currently has a Game of Thrones title and a Walking Dead game in the works, meaning for now the possibility of a new 007 adventure is out of the question. Would you like to see a brand new story driven James Bond game released for the next gen consoles?

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  • Damien

    It is a excellent idea