Cartoon HD app vanishes for iPhone, iPad

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The Cartoon HD app for iPhone and iPad has been building in popularity thanks to its ability to offer free movies, as well as cartoons, although these free downloads seem to be for films that should be paid for and this is why you will experience problems finding the Cartoon HD app on iTunes right now.

In fact, the free Cartoon HD app has vanished completely from the Apple App Store and we found the message below when looking for this application in the US iTunes Store. We found the Cartoon HD app for iPad and iPhone in Google and was told the item requested is not in the US store, but is in the UK store.


After getting the message above we were redirected to the UK iTunes store, and then received another message telling us the free Cartoon HD app is not available to download in the UK store either, as seen in the screenshot below.


You can find out the main features of the Cartoon HD app on iTunes by looking at the cache of the page. This reveals some photos, like in the screenshot below, along with details about the app like being able to watch your “favorite cartoon films”. You would have found the films listed by categories and the ability to watch them in offline mode, also the films were updated daily.


Some still use the Cartoon HD app on iPhone – it is worth noting that we received feedback from Product Reviews readers about this app and some people installed it a few weeks ago before the application was removed from iTunes. “I installed the Cartoon HD app weeks ago and it still works now, although I agree it has been removed from the App Store”, said one reader. Another added, “I heard about the free films at work today and when I got home tried to download the Cartoon HD app, but it is not on the iTunes store anymore”.

We did hear that the Cartoons HD Pro version of this app was still available to download on iTunes, although that is not true and this paid for version has been removed as well.

Some of Product Reviews readers were asking if the Cartoon HD app was legal? The answer should seem obvious now that the application has been removed by Apple, although thousands of potential users are not happy considering they gain access to free films but Apple’s position has been strict on apps like this for a few years.

Did you download the free Cartoon HD app before it was removed, and if so is it still working for you? It is worth pointing out that the application almost reached the number spot on Apple’s App Store in the UK before it got pulled.

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  • Sam

    I am using the Cartoon HD app and the free, normally paid for, movies still work.

  • Rick

    I have tried to download Cartoon HD on my iPhone 5S, but I cannot find a download anywhere, the page on iTunes is not there anymore so Apple has removed it.

  • SueTX

    The fact that my friend has the Cartoon HD app on their iPad only upsets me more, as I cannot download it now. I wonder if there is a way to download Cartoon HD from someone that installed it before?

    • Olivia

      Check your iCloud backup, Apple can remove things from their own Appstore, but not from personal iCloud accounts. :)

  • Becky

    I downloaded it a few days ago and loved the app. I mentioned it to my mum and little brother who downloaded it too. But when I tried downloading a film, it wouldn’t work and got stuck, so I removed it. Then couldn’t find it anywhere on the App Store. I’m gutted! I think it’s still working for my mum and brother, so looks like I’m going to be using their phones..

    • MrsMe

      Go on iCloud and get it back.

    • kmichalec

      The reason it got stuck is because the download process cannot be interrupted. That means you cannot switch to another app, or allow the iDevice to go to sleep. If you start the download, and leave the app open and running, it will complete the download.

  • Drew

    Got it last week, free. Everything seemingly still working

  • Luke

    Downloaded a few weeks ago, now today it’s stopped working on both my iPad and iPhone (connection error) was to good to be true.

    • Luke

      Okay it’s working again yay!

  • Chelsea

    My friend told me about it, downloaded it before it got deleted. Too late for my brother though

  • DannyPrecise

    Still works right now

  • MyFatCat

    Just goes to show everyone would be a pirate if they knew how.

  • Ev0lved

    still works

  • TomP

    Still Working for me, actually my daughter is sat watching a movie through Apple TV!

  • Atomicfridge

    Still working ok for me. Best app I have downloaded.


    Me and my bro downloaded the app on the 5th January 2014. After 1 day it just stopped working, so my bro deleted it. I kept it just in case islt started to work again. Funnily enough it did start working again on the 7th I was soo happy. I told my bro to download it again, but when we looked on the app store, the app had disappeared. He was so upset lool. I have the app on my samsung galaxy s3 and ipad 2.

    Conclusion: if you downloaded the app while it was up and running, do not delete it as you cannot get it back. Apple has removed the app because obviously it us totally illegal. If you didnt get it…. soz loool

    • TomP

      He should be able to get it back, has he tried looking in the purchased part of the App Store?

  • Shiner

    Have this on two of my iPads, tried to download from iCloud onto my daughters iPad (which is under my apple Id) and it isn’t in my cloud… Even when I plug into iTunes on pc it does not sync this app.. Guess she will just watch mine as its for her.. And it still works

  • Marc

    I downloaded this app a few days ago after hearing it was free and to date I cannot get my phone back from my toddler. I was gutted to find out it has now been removed just when I was about to download it on the iPad so I could get my phone back :(

  • Adam

    There’s another called HDCartoon I got both

  • angel

    If you downloaded the app on the iphone and you want it on another device like the ipad, I just discovered that if you back up your phone to your computer through iTunes, transfer your purchases, and then you can copy to your other devices.

  • ZAD

    Still works for me on my main iPad. Was able to transfer it to my second iPad but not to the kids’ iPad mini. My 2 year old found it in the App Store and asked me to download it only hours before it was taken off!

    • matt

      Why is your 2 year old playing with an iPad?

      • Rustybolts

        Why not? There is quite a lot of educational content e.g Endless Alphabet. This particular app is no different from them watching tv. Which is a blessing from time to time with a young family. Sometimes you need to get jobs around the house done, and you are unable to give your undivided attention.

  • Craig Newbould

    For those of you that know someone who has it, if you log out of your iTunes account on your iPad/iPhone and then sign into their account on your device then you can download any apps they have without loosing yours. Once you’ve downloaded which apps you want just log out of theirs and back into yours and you’re good to go

    • Sarah

      I’m trying this but when I try searching it, it doesn’t come up

      • Jack

        Look on the purchased section on the updates tab of the app store

        • Chris

          The app was hacked…it normally retails for Β£19.99 in the UK and suddenly became free. iTunes have deleted the app which means you can’t download it on there devices. I have it on my iPhone but it won’t let me download it from my purchased items. Its a case of lucky timing.

  • Cartoon hd

    I can’t see it in the store but I do have the app! And so I should I bought the pro version!

  • Stats

    I had the app but deleted it . then tried to reinstall it from my iCloud but it is not showing there.

  • El

    I’ve got the app, downloaded it when it was free. I’m not going to get charged for having it am I?

  • DamerRX

    I’m still using it. I watched Man of Steel last night.

  • Clemency Bedford

    Has anyone tried getting a friend who has this app to sign in to their account via your gadget and download from “my apps”? Will this work?

    • Mista cam

      Won’t work. Tried several times.

    • Karol Doran

      Look up “transfer purchases to iTunes”
      Get your friend who has the app to do this. It’s essentially saving the app to the PC. You can then connect your device to that PC an simply drag and drop the app into your device. This 100% works. I have done it myself a few times.

      • Clemency Bedford

        You are a star! It worked! :-)

        • Karol Doran

          No hassle

  • Glover

    I still got it and it works fine. Gutted there wont be anymore updates though :(

    • Howaya

      More films came on it today

  • Dave Hunt

    Still works for me on my ipad, pad mini and iPod touch

  • Dont want trouble 123 :s

    It still works for me would it contain viruses or Potentially charge?

  • rab

    still works on my ipad air

  • rab

    you can get it on the play store aswell

  • Spatchcock

    Free content that should be free, streaming from god knows where, made by a developer whose website (via play store) is a broken webpage. Nobody thinks alarm bells should be ringing about this? Hope you haven’t all just handed access to your web activity, bank details etc over to hackers for the sake of a few crappy films!

    • Tainted Meat

      Paranoid much? Ooooooh, the great and powerful illuminati just gave you something for free and will ruin your life. LOL! Moron

  • Spatchcock

    Should have read “free content that shouldnt be free”. Fat fingers, small keys.

  • Hi

    I accidentally deleted the app but I can’t download it again plzzz someone help how do I re
    download it

    • Doppelganger

      Go into app store than go to purchased and it should be there to re-download.

      • Gavin

        i did the samething but its not showing up in my purchased list

  • El

    What happens if I watch it on there without downloading any of the films? I’m connected to my wifi constantly so all should be good right. Not going to drain my internet usage?

  • LG

    There still an app called CartoonWorld that does work (as of right now), albeit some movies are not HD quality. Also, Angel is correct. If you previously downloaded the app, then you can sync it to your iTunes account on your laptop and then download it the same way onto other devices connected to your laptop. If you deleted the app but had previously synced your apps in iTunes, it will still be there and available to download.

  • PIE CJ

    ive got it on my ipad but cant get it to back up to my itunes to the install onto my sons ipad :(
    HD Cartoon app still works fine as of yet :)

    • Karol Doran

      Look up “transfer purchases to itunes”. This will save all you apps to your PC. You can then connect your sons ipad to itunes and literally drag and drop the app from the PC onto his iPad.

      • Zeldazu

        I have the Cartoon HD app on my iPhone, I got a new iPhone 5S a few days ago, but when I tried to download my purchases the app isn’t listed but it’s still on my old phone and still works with my wifi! It’s a bloody brilliant app and well done to everyone who got it :D

        • Karol Doran

          Do what I said above and you’ll have it on your iphone5s too

  • Sky

    Hey everyone so if I download a movie will I get charged

  • Raiz

    I have it , but have noticed today that it’s missing from purchased items in iTunes it was there yesterday ,will this mean if I plug my pad and phone in to my PC to sync will it disappear from my systems ? …. Ps it still works fine by the way

    • Karol Doran

      Look up transfer purchases to itunes. This saves all your apps to your PC, in case you ever need to put the app on another device.

  • Steve

    I got the app when it was free and it’s still working for me even though it’s been removed from iTunes.

  • kimplix

    The app isn’t gone, it’s just renamed. I think they’re now both Cartoonworld and AnimeHD

    • Srghost

      It’s not there, if you please share the a like

      • YesSir

        Change your iTunes Settings to the UK and pick a London post code!
        Cartoonworld is the name.

        • Karol Doran

          cartoonworld is similar but it’s not the same app. It has different programmes on it. Some similar some not.

  • BLD

    I downloaded it a couple weeks ago. Went through a couple days where it didn’t seem to work, now it works again and I’ve seen it updated with new movies since being no longer available in the App Store.

  • Gavin

    i just deleted Cartoon HD because it wasnt playing a few episodes of the show im watching and when i went back to download it i couldnt find it so if anyone know a different name for the app with Dragon Ball Z on it can you please let me know thanks ;D

    • Karol Doran

      cartoonworld has that on it too. Cartoon hd is gone

  • Kurby

    I am still using cartoon dh but would love to know how to transfer the movies to my desktop. Anyone know

  • Goldie

    I downloaded this about 10 days ago just before it was pulled…works fine, movies are great….does anyone know if they ever update or change the movies available???

    • monkeys2222

      yeh new movies & cartoons was added on the other day still works great

  • jamie

    I got it a few weeks ago, but hardly used it atm. Now its been taking down im guessing no updates etc will be made?
    It is STILL available via Google play store on android lol.

  • marc

    it still gets updated even the free one btw anyone know if there is a way to get it still

  • Carleydoyle

    Does anyone know how to get movies downloaded to cartoon hd to your laptop? TIA

  • Dodger

    Still works also updated movies today great app for the people that managed to get it

  • Anna

    I downloaded the app a couple of months ago and it still worked this afternoon, however this evening the ‘Top Movies’ category is now empty, has anyone else experienced this? Gutted! Was just settling down to watch Captain Phillips this evening!

    • kelvin

      just don’t delete the app like that dumb Hassi done.

  • Hassi

    I download it but I removed from my iPad and I want to reinstall it but it was removed from iTunes Store thanks for your information

    • kelvin

      whyy would delete it for

      • kelvin

        whhyyy would you delete the app on your phone

  • laura

    I’ve still got it and it works. My other half has just downloaded it on his hudl about 5 mins ago

  • host303

    Accidentally my daughter deleted it. How can I get it back pls??

    • josh

      Once deleted you are unable to download again, even if it was saved to your icloud account
      Suggested action – Put your child up for adoption

      • Feel J Akir


  • ViolentChef

    if someone has downloaded all their purchases then they shall have the installtion file on their computer, if you get that file then you are able to get it back on your ipad/ Iphone. BTW does anyone have the ipad version? and can someone please send that to me??
    I can send the cartoon HD iphone version if anyone want it. email me then

  • Millie

    if you sync your phone to update it, does the app delete?

  • Stacey

    My iPad died and I lost the app. Can anyone send it to me?

  • Tinkerbell

    This app is fantastic but I want to now put it on my other iPad so my daughter can use it? Is this possible? Both iPads are registered on two different computers so they can’t be synced with one iTunes?

  • k4yl31gh

    Mine still works and has new films on it today such as the new Thor and Catching Fire and a few more :) can you transfer the films you have downloaded on your i-phone to your laptop? I have been trying and failing, Didn’t know if anyone else had been able to do so

  • Nerdydee22

    I’ve had no problems with this app. It’s fantastic, to answer some transfer questions. I downloaded this on my iPhone first. When it was still in the store when I got my iPad mini about a month later it was no longer there since my iPad and iPhone were synced to the same account all I had to do was add the app from my list via the computer and sync easy peesy. “Downloading” does not mean “download” in this instance you cannot pull the video from the app and transfer it to your computer. All it means is your downloading it to the storage within the app so you can watch it later without a wi-fi connection or cellular network, which the app needs in order to stream video.

  • Nerdydee22

    The thing that i don’t understand though is that there are hundreds of Free music download apps on the app store that you know are crazy illegal but they’ve been there for ages but you have one video app that lets you stream movies for free and suddenly the world falls apart whats up with that??

  • Feel J Akir

    The app just updated and put Gravity, Hunger games catching fire among other movies and cartoons. Best app of 2013

  • Mike

    Can some one please send the app to me at

  • Michael

    I have the app on my iPhone and it works perfect but I want to transfer it to my iPad air. Can this be done? It does not appear on my sync list of apps on my iPhone?

    • Nerdydee22

      I have an iphone and an iPad mini. When I downloaded the app, I synced it with my computer. And since my iPad &phone are synced to the same account I just added the app to my iPad from my itunes library. Hope that helps.

      • Aaftab Ilahi Mughal

        I have cartoon hd app on my ipad. Can I load it to another ipad if I buy one?

  • anonymous

    still works on Android, as far as I know its still available, been watching Sam & Max Freelance Police on it.

  • cartoonHDfan

    Just wondering does anyone know if it will still update with new movies even thoo it’s not on the App Store anymore? because this is by far the best app I’ve downloaded!

  • Nerdydee20

    Yeah, new movies & cartoons are added almost weekly for example just this week Frozen was added, last week Catching fire was added etc. I can now confirm the suspicions if this is legal or not. I had been dying to see Frozen and was ecstatic when it was finally added to Cartoon HD during the course of the move twice there was a water mark lasting about 30 seconds at the beginning and end that said “Property of Disney DO NOT COPY” that sent up red flags also some of the older looney toons cartoons don’t play smoothly leading me to think that they were poorly copied over from VHS. Hope this helps.

  • Will

    Can some one send me the iPad version of this app please email is

  • Steelworker

    If possible could someone send me the cartoon HD app? For iPhone
    Please & thanks

  • NikC

    I have it working and updating on my android tablet and my iphone. I would share if I knew how!
    How do you send it on to others?

    • jofie123

      go to ur downloads on your storage sd card or internal and put the apk of the app onto ur comp then email it to ppl on anroid

    • Malak

      You share it and if you can can you send it to me at

  • Kirsty

    If anyone has this on iPhone and is willing to share, I’d be very grateful.

  • marlon

    iphone 4 for sale with cartoon hd

    • cartoonhd

      where and how much?

  • Mitch

    send the app to please my daughter just deleted it by accidgt and it wont redownload from the app store.

  • Ben

    If anyone who has it could share it at I would much appreciate it thanks :)

  • Gill

    Hi could someone send me the app for my grandson on the iPad/iPhone please, it would be very much appreciated.

  • gipsygro

    pls can some1 send it to me also, i need it for iphone. thnx

  • Deanah

    would be very grateful if someone would also send it to me at Many Thanks :o)

  • Tracey

    Ooh I’d love it for my grand kids is it possible to send the app via email?

  • Mo

    Can you send it to me Many thanks

  • Luk

    Can you send it to me Many thanks

  • Tonarme

    Still working fine for. In fact. Checked it tonight and has been updated with new movies :)

    • donal healy

      can you send on the app please

  • Darell Tan

    can u send it to me ,btw its apple

  • Adrian

    Could someone please send me the app for my iPad thanks

  • Shengusmcneils

    Please sent me the link for my ipad

  • denise

    i love this app it works on my iPhone and on my sons iPad its too bad it was taken down in iTunes but they do seem to be updating for the people who were able to get it before they axed it. I would imagine someone didn’t like the fact that new release movies were being added like Frozen and Gravity

  • Tharinn

    Could you please send me cartoon hd app? really appreciate ^^

  • Valerie Plancon

    So cool! Can someone send me the app? sharing is caring!!

  • Amy

    Can someone email me the app too? Thanks!

  • Lauretta

    Can someone be really nice an email me the app too please would be soo grateful….

  • Callum

    If you please could send it to me too – Thanks! x

  • LadyApril

    Google search ” anime/cartoon plus TV “. Good luck

  • LadyJayda

    Has anyone received the app by email and successfully loaded it onto ipad or iphone. Lots of email addresses but no further comments afterwards??

  • Jordan

    Can someone be really nice an email me the app too please would be soo grateful….

  • Privat

    could any one please emaile me one too @

    please thanks

  • Privat

    could I have the app link too please thanks email me @ please thanks

  • H

    I had it on my daughters Samsung tab3, but we had to reset it after some issues. Please can someone email me it at, thank you so much x x

  • donal healy

    Can someone send me on the app please

  • LadyApril

    Google search ” Anime/Cartoon Plus TV” 1st top search result on page will lead you to the source download link. Good luck if you are interested.

  • Cguy


  • richard214

    Best App ever on iPad with airplay new movies been added like 12 years a slave, american hustle and frozen and more 10/03/2014

  • Lisaludo

    Have tried to play the movies through to TV but only get sound, no picture! Does anyone have a solution for me?

    • Carak

      I have the exact same problem!

    • Elie

      How did you play the movies from your iPhone to your tv? I’ve got a samsung smart tv but don’t know how to do it?

      • rax

        You can buy a connector to connect to ur hdmi and ipad. Ebay or amazon sell them

  • Sanne

    Just added top 250 rated films on IMBD. Brilliant app!

  • Harmy

    How do I download cartoon hd on my iPad. Can’t find the app anywhere!

    • Josh

      Go to the gappcentre website and click on the AppStore icon and it will download automatically to your iPad. It is not available from the App Store.

  • Khala

    My sister has the app. She is in Italy as her husband is in the army. Her app still works and has new movies such as “frozen” on it

  • Stuart

    Can someone please email me the app – My wee girl would absolutely love this!! Stubo x

    • LadyApril

      Google search for ” Anime/Cartoon Plus TV “. You’ll get download source link frm there. Your wee girl’ll surely njoy the cartoons πŸ˜€

      • Stuart

        Thank you so much! It works perfectly. She will be so happy :-)

        • LadyApril


  • alicja

    could someone please email me the link thanks :0)

  • alliemcg


  • shanice

    can u email me the link pleaseeeee

  • Anirut Pop

    Can u send me as well

  • Jes Harper

    I had it until today watched films very day . I accidentally delete it. Is there anyway I can get it back?

    • Josh

      If you backed up your device before via iCloud or computer you will be able to retrieve the app again. Alternatively go to the gappcentre website and click on download from App Store icon and will automatically download to your device without redirecting you to the App Store .

  • Jes Harper

    If someone could send me theibk that would be amazing email

    • Jes Harper

      The page just come up with loads of link and symbols? How am I suppose to download it from there?

  • Jes Harper

    I need it back please.

    • LadyApril

      Try Google search “gappcenter”. Top search result on page will lead you to the app. Good luck.

      • Josh

        This app can harm your device as it has not been downloaded directly from the App Store any therefore could have viruses etc. People have reported having to reset their iPads and iPhones as it has caused issues to the operating system. Don’t you think it is a bit weird that it asks you if you are sure you want to open the app? I would personally deleate the app straigthaway.

        • LadyApril

          Thnks Josh for the reminder. I’ve the app installed from the site for a while now & had yet to encounter any real problems related to the app on my iPad Mini, touch wood. I found the link by chance too. I am well aware of this issue as reported here & some other sites and i believed many know the issues related to it too.
          A friendly reminder for those who found the source link, if you think you want the app & with the reported problems that it might cause to your devices, refrain frm installing it. But if you do feel the app won’t cause any harm, then it’s your choice.

  • Jordan Gayle

    I know how to get it

  • Faye rads

    Pls pls pls can someone email me the link to download it? Had but it just disappeared today, my 5 year old is gutted, plus kept them entertained!! I would be so grateful.

    • LadyApril

      Try Google search “gappcenter”. Top search result of page will lead you to the app. Good luck.

  • Rebecca Cleary

    My daughters has disappeared this morning, she is gutted too :( Would love to know how to poss get it back…

    • kev

      gappcenter/cartoonhd for googleplay and itune app

  • kev


  • Cartoonhd79

    Ive recently downloaded app from gapcenter website! Amazing! Love it! :)

  • nick

    does anyone else have issues with downloading films/cartoons onto their phone/ipad? i recently updated to a new phone and before i could download onto it no problem to watch later. now, it doesnt download on but is fine to watch when streaming!

  • Mishamishoo

    Hi, I’ve download this app before Christmas and it’s still work fine till now. Do I need to remove it from my ipad since they said this app is not legal? And what happen if I keep this app? Will I be in trouble?

  • baller_pimping

    This app still works perfectly for me and is still being updated with new films/programmes πŸ‘
    The app even got updated a few days ago! After they removed it from iTunes! Redirected to a link and press ok and the new one comes downloads itself, trying to work on the link to put on here and other places!

  • it still works

    if you know someone that still has the app get them to share it via text or email

  • Alisondvd

    Hi I got the app on my new iPad Air no problem watching them but cannot find how to play or where to find downloads?? It defiantly showed 2 downloading but a friend who has iPhone 5 can see her downloads mine is blank says long press the film to download which I’ve already done, also offers me the chance to upgrade everytiime I open app?? Just have no clue!!!

  • Andrew

    how do u find the videos you downloaded in iFile or Dropall cydia tweak in Dropbox app?

  • Terry

    I have it and still more films get downloaded but it now it says they will stop using this version soon and asks if want to download the new hd version which downloads another exact same app so now you have 2, and when you go to open it, it actually asks if you want to open the app published by iphone distributor, open or quit?? Has any one opened it? As I always quit then delete the new copy of the app…

    • Ray

      How do you save the app? When I back up my iPad it does not save it?

  • Peter

    Mine is not letting me play rugrats and other episodes just movies:(:’(

  • Sam

    Hi, I downloaded it recently and selected open and it works fine.

  • batman

    Download it directly off of their website, it still works

    • Yorkietexan

      What is the website name

  • Clare Saunders

    Anyone having problems as I can’t get mine to work

  • Su

    How can I get it back just lost it

  • Su

    Can someone email me the app thankyou

  • Hannah Rushton

    Ours was working fine with regular updates, but today ‘connection error’ gutted. Would live to get it back if anyone has a link?

  • Cat

    Mine has stopped working tonight?…..I must find something similar to this app as used it loads ;( gutted!

  • alan

    As poorly pig would say “Th… Th…. That’s all folks”. It was good while it lasted but I think that’s our lot.

  • alan

    Sorry should have been porky pig damn spell check

  • Mathew Perkins

    Website shut down too. Not possible to get it anymore.

  • Sputum

    Change the date of your iOS ANC it will work again. Strange I know but it works I had to change it back a good week or so

  • Sputum

    Any luck anybody???

  • caira

    Same here, absolutely gutted as my little one loved all the disney and barbie movies :-(

  • Micky

    I changed date back a month and it works fine ;)££

  • Rebecca

    We had it on 2 iPads and 2 iPhones and all 4 have stopped working today, as have friends and relatives. If anyone knows how to revive it let me know,.. Kids are devastated!

  • A

    I am so sad it has stopped working!!! Anyone know of a similar ap?

  • G

    On android u can get it