Samsung Galaxy Note 4 specs envisioned

By Alan Ng - Dec 31, 2013

All eyes are when Samsung will finally announce and unveil the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date. The Korean company is remaining silent for the moment though, meaning that all we have to go on is Galaxy Note 4 rumors and potential specs to keep us excited.

As we await Samsung’s appearance at CES 2014 in January, we have a lovely visual representation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to show you now – giving you a glance of the potential Galaxy Note 4 design, as well as specs.

We see concept designs of upcoming phones all the time, but there has been some real effort put into this one, courtesy of designer Hasan Kaymak. He has used his Google+ profile to unveil some concept Galaxy Note 4 designs and specs, images which we’re sure you will be pleased to see as we look forward to official details from Samsung.

5.7-inch 2k display

5.7-inch 2k display

You can see the complete gallery here to get started. His dream Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a 5.7-inch display, which features a lovely 2K resolution – a quality that is above most smartphones currently on the market right now.

Slick MicroSD slot

Slick MicroSD slot

Other specs include a finger print scanner to rival what Apple has done with the iPhone 5S – many critics are already saying that Samsung are likely to include this on their future Galaxy devices. There’s no mention on what quality camera this concept Galaxy Note 4 will have, but there is a MicroSD slot and a design that offers ‘the thinnest Galaxy’ phone in the world boast.

Thinnest Galaxy phone ever

Thinnest Galaxy phone ever

Take a good look at the images and let us know if this is the Galaxy Note 4 you want to see in real life from Samsung.

Alternatively, feel free to list your own personal Galaxy Note 4 specs that you would love to see in the flesh.

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  • Truffol

    The world is no longer chasing a Samsung with a bigger screen, but of metal construction. Hopefully we will see that in the GS5 or the GSF or the Note 4.