GTA V Online Jobs lowers Heists demand

By Alan Ng - Dec 30, 2013

Some GTA V players may be so busy with the amount of new content to play, to forget that there is still the missing GTA V Heists release date that was once the hottest prospect in the game a few weeks ago.

Now though, it appears that custom created GTA V Online Jobs are keeping players very busy, a tactic that should buy Rockstar the time they need to finally deliver a pleasing Heists update in 2014.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know when GTA V Heists for PS3 and Xbox 360 will release. Rockstar has been a bit sneaky as to not give a release schedule for the delayed content, but players shouldn’t be too angry about this any more with the sheer amount of new jobs to play through.

While the anger over the 1.08 update lingers on in a separate debate about being gifted ‘free money’, Rockstar has cleverly placed emphasis on the custom creator aspect of the game, in relation to Online Jobs.

Better yet, the developer has even cherry picked a handful of online jobs that they think deserves attention from you. Now, if you head to Rockstar’s website, you’ll be able to see a selection of GTA V Online Jobs that have now been officially certified by Rockstar.

For example, one new custom job that has been picked by Rockstar, is the Saving Ryan’s Privates mission. This is a Deathmatch type of job which requires players to use ‘military training’ and hardware to come out victorious.

While we agree that these new custom jobs have added a new sense of longevity to the game, would you rather still have new Heists to play above anything else?

Let’s hope that Rockstar has some good news to share when the GTA V 1.09 update goes live. Are you having fun with the GTA V content creator or not?

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  • Jayda

    Well my retarded friends on xbox 360 think it was delayed because it was hacked but it was not they delayed to focus on bugs same thing with bf4 and second assault on other consoles.

  • Shawn

    i think for the first heist Micheal and Franklin should help out to “learn the ropes”

  • gtrpunk

    Deathmatches and Races aren’t ‘missions’… and GTA online is turning out to be an empty waste of time… They put so much detail in making this city look real but all in all you can only enter about 3 percent of the buildings, Cops attack you for the most ridiculous reasons, and the payouts are so low that you would have to play for months just to buy something nice.. Once heists come out I’m giving it one more shot… If I’m not impressed by it i’m selling my copy

  • Angelo

    everyone needs to calm down Rockstar is working on! It takes time to make stuff especially for a game that’s huge… One mistake can ruin everything including more glitches that seems to piss everyone off.

  • clifford period

    Deathmatches and racing are not job or missions. They are Deathmatches and racing. A job or mission would be something like base invaders

  • Dj Sanchez

    They need to get rid of Godmode billion dollar bounties give us more properties to buy n new weapons. More cars n most of all HEISTS!!!! THAT MOD SH*T HAS KILLED AND TAKEN ALL THE FUN OUT OF THE GAME. BEING A MILLIONAIRE IS GREAT BUT A MULTI BILLIONAIRE WITH NUTHIN TO SPEND THE MONEY SUCKS. KILL ALL MODZ!!!!! ASAP

    • hockey

      I completely disagree all the trying to do is a scam they want u to waste 50$ to buy money on the game

  • Patlito760

    Hell nah gta shouldn’t cross into the zombie genre it’ll be like playing dead rising pretty much

    • grimwald1990

      if thats what you want go and play dead rising

      • grimwald1990

        that was not aimed at your self btw it was for the person who said about the zombie dlc,

  • Simian Sibling

    The 1.08 update has been causing many users to be afflicted with an ‘infinite loading’ screen. Rockstar has yet to comment. Many can’t even replay the old missions for gold medals because of this issue. The only way I’ve found around it is to delete the update.

    • Mike

      Delete the patch, go into singleplayer. Switch to online character, download the patch VOILA…you’re playing GTA V.

  • Lolatyou332 .

    Yah, they really need heists and to fix the infinite bounty glitch and infinite healtg

    • BOOM!

      Those bounties and health are not glitch, those are mods you can get it if you want go search it in youtube…

      • Lolatyou332 .

        Its a glitch, even if you have to mod to do it. They fixed the infinite money and health but yesterday i junped in the water and fell straight to the ocean floor, infinite breath and could run and shoot under water, it was really funny

        • Will Geis

          The same thing happened to me a couple days ago, I drove my car off the dock at full speed and jumped out and the car hit me and I fell straight to the ocean floor.

  • Dallas

    Its not that they aren’t working hard and all, it’s just they promised heists and still haven’t delivered. That was what we all were looking forward to the most…

  • Shame

    This game could have been so good, so much missing content. I prefer all three GTA’s previously. Least they had a more satisfying ending


    What planet do you live on? Do you even play GTA online? The reason why nobody is pestering R* on the heists is because they simply are not even playing GTA online anymore. I had 10 people on my friends list including myself who played GTA online from the very beginning and out of that 10 there is not 1 playing it now. I myself have been a fan of the GTA series from the beginning but to be honest R* has totally failed their fans with this epic balls up. Everything they have released to try to appease the fans has fallen short because the fans wanted the heists. Now quite simply the fans have left the building. The game was the best I ever played BTW, until they failed to deliver with online. RIP GTA V

    • .

      Your just impatient, with very little appreciation as to how much work Rockstar programmers have to do to put out the updates.. Like c’mon man, they’re trying give everyone a game to play while they still develop it, if they waited to get everything on it first, we still wouldn’t have GTA 5 yet.

      • You are ignorant

        Come on man.. Impatient.. they’re trying.. REALLY?? Because they’ve promised heists since Mid-October, so I don’t really see that as impatient. Or them working hard, besides to fix all the screw ups they have since they released a BETA version (in simple terms) to us. GTA V online would honestly be the BEST game EVER, if it wasn’t missing so much; like only able to buy 1 property, only getting 5K for robbing an armored truck, getting in trouble for blowing up someones car, (and you have to pay for it), but when you kill someone they have to pay for it… That’s screwed up, the paying for their car isn’t real fair but it’s OK, but if you blow enough up you get put into a dunce lobby. Like I thought this was Grand Theft Auto not My Little Car. IT’s VIOLENT why try to take that out? If you don’t want it to happen play the many options “Invite only, Crew, Solo, Friends Only, or just go play Dora…

        • Hype5870

          “I WANT IT! I’M ENTITLED TO IT! And I’ve never developed a game, let alone a record breaking one… but JUST GIVE ME EVERYTHING I WANT NOW NOW NOW! IF IT HAS 999 THINGS PEOPLE LOVE BUT NOT THE 1,000TH ITS A FAILURE!” -A paraphrase

        • duuuuuuuuude23158 h

          exactly… dudes need to grow up

        • Damian

          you guys sound like little kids calm down and get a life, i can wait for it, i’ve been a fan of online because of game modes and just freemode killing other players

    • crybaby

      “Everything they have released to try to appease the fans has fallen short because the fans wanted the heists. Now quite simply the fans have left the building.”

      If that’s why you left then you were never a “fan” to begin with.

  • Conor Hansen

    Nah. Rockstar has just blocked all the people posting about heists from commenting. I (and a lot of other people) have just stopped playing for more interesting games until/if R* actually puts the content in the game they promised would be in from the start.

    • snickopop2014

      I may just be throwing this out there but I’ve been a fan of rockstar games a long time and I would have to say they need to think about adding a dlc that is in a way like what they did with red dead redemption undead nightmare to grand theft auto 5 the ideas that could come to mind. I think it would be an amazing online experience if they could destroy San Andreas as a zombie apocalypse