PSN down today, PS4 and PS3 problems

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The PlayStation Network has been down for a number of hours over the past 12 hours, which started on Christmas Eve although some people have been able to connect in different parts of the world. The problems were reported by gamers using Sony PS3 and PS4, but it seems the reports of PSN being down today are mixed depending on location.

We first heard from Product Reviews readers in the United States yesterday and then again by UK gamers today. Some of these people received a PS4 for Christmas today, and then after trying to sign up to the free PS Plus found that PSN was down on Christmas Day.

Others, especially in the USA, tried to access the PlayStation Network late on Christmas Eve to find PSN was down. Some of these gamers were told by others that there is no problems, although they debated that fact and this debate revealed issues were dependant on city, or country.

PSN Down Dec 2013

We checked a few hours ago to see if PSN was down today in Kent, UK, and found that we couldn’t access the service but the status of PSN changed in the last hour. You should be able to access PSN right now in the UK, although we would love to hear from our readers that are still having problems.

Did you notice the PSN outage over the last 24 hours, or have you not seen PSN down in your part of the world?

If you are having problems accessing PSN, then share a comment below with your rough location and when you first noticed PSN is down today.

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PSN down for maintenance, times shows favoritism

  • Jere

    I have problems to connect. Helsinki, Finland

  • AussyPride

    i cant access the playstation network and im all the way in Australia

  • Angel-a

    I haven’t been able to download the update or sign in.. It’s terrible!

    • shaneM

      You can get the update patch if you have a PC and a usb just google official ps4 usb update patch then install it on you ps4. I had to do that @ launch due to this same issue.

  • mark north

    Got ps4 today cant download the update in the uk have been trying for 4 hours now grrrrrrrrrrrr

    • shaneM

      Bud if you have a usb stick you can download the update patch from a pc, then install it to your ps4. I did it, as it was down @ launch just like now, just google official PS4 usb update patch

  • jbearden

    Psn down in South Carolina, USA

  • Aaron

    Can’t sign in or connect to server. Huber Heights, Ohio

    • gergwrg

      Aaron, sony says they will be down for some time while they work on it.

  • simon

    No problems here uk stoke-on-trent


    psn is not loading atm, northern ireland..

  • Liam

    It’s down in PA…

  • David Wodke

    Down in Iowa. What a great Christmas gift from Sony.

  • Donald M. Smith

    PSN down here in MD.

  • Sg

    Down in Fort Wayne, IN. Gimme a freaking break sony!

  • Dwayne M E Henry

    I can connect just can’t buy anything at the moment

  • shaneM

    Been down since 9pm last night for me in Birmingham UK. I brought mine at launch and PSN has more downtime that a hooker on coke imho :/

    • shaneM

      My bad, than*

    • Matt

      I’m in the Southern US and I have not been able to sign in at all.

  • Randell Garfield Huggins

    It’s down in Brooklyn ny….just got my ps4 and…..nothing ugh

  • Dr21982

    It’s down here in downpatrick, N.Ireland….I’ve one very pissed off husband

  • AJ

    Sounds like a lot of the tri-state area is down. I cant sign in from central jersey. Makes a lot of sence, no psn on xmas in the most heavily populated region in the country. Thanks sony…

  • Lennon Carpenter

    I got my ps4 today and I’m trying to make a new psn account so I can play online.. but this is preventing me from doing so (panama city beachFlorida)

  • ringram1093 .

    Charleston, SC been down all morning will take as long as i let it at the PLEASE WAIT screen for the PSN sign in

    • YourSon

      Same in Columbia

  • 80five

    Got my PS4 console today and have been trying to connect to the PSN but having trouble. ( Perth, Western Australia)

  • shaneM

    You can check your area by googling “is psn down in (your city/country)” but this is a joke, I was sort of lucky as I have played mine as I got it at launch but all these upset people at Christmas is just really bad practice sony and please note a lot of us have come over from xbox and the downtime is a joke. It has been down at least 10 times for me since 29th of novemeber..PS if you need the update and have a pc google official PS4 usb update patch, then install that on your PS4

  • basementcrawlftw

    I’m in Birmingham UK and it’s been okay all day for me except now, can’t connect right at the moment but earlier I downloaded resogun and battlefield 4 :)

    • shaneM

      Because it has like a staggered effect, it lets a few on for a while then just as you experienced it goes off while they try to get others on. Hello from Erdington anyway bro. PS if you check the official Playstation UK site the traffic light is green that’s bs it’s always green (well most of the time) even when it confirmed to be down lol

      • basementcrawlftw

        Hey man, nice to see another local on here, my sister actually teaches in Erdington, High Claire School, anyway yeah that makes sense, I think it’s back up for me now, I’m usually pretty lucky with those things! Overall I’m loving the PS4, hopefully the issues will be fixed by the end of today!

        • shaneM

          Happy gaming bud and merry xmas. High Claire is just up the road from me lol

        • basementcrawlftw

          No way, that’s awesome! Happy gaming and merry Xmas to you too!

  • Tamer

    i live in southern Ontario Canada and my PSN has been down since about 6pm last night i woke up this morning only to find the same situation … this is only the first time for me and most of the people in this area but now that im paying for online services this is completely unacceptable…. i really hope this get rectified very soon !!!!!!! like right now no excuses …..

    • shaneM

      Agreed. We are loosing money now as the services we are paying for are not working and yes it may only be a few days/hoursa but not the point we are not getting what we apid for and it’s pi**ing me off. I was with xbox for 6 years and only had it go down 4 times max and was back up in less than 3 hours minus the xmas hack the 1st year, but this is unacceptable imho. I am getting kicked for not having PS+ when I brought 3 months worth. By the way there is a known glitch causing this ps+ issue and found on google

      • tamer

        thanks dude ill look into that….

  • Jonese

    I live in philadelphia PA and the psn is down for the ps4 as of 10:30 am

  • jschsc

    cant get on ps4 psn in new York. it does work on my vita. really ticking me off as I cant do any setup stuff on Christmas morning.

  • link

    im in luisiana psns down here to but it says its undergoing maintenece now

  • sammyd

    camden county NJ and its been down all morning so far -_-

  • berkus

    PSN still down (Finland/Estonia region)

  • massari.e

    i’m from saudi arabia and about an hour ago psn disconnected and still offline to this moment .

  • Glenn

    georgetown, kentucky and have not been able to connect at all so far today

  • eamon

    psn still down Chicago IL

    • Jeremy Alexander Rodriguez

      yup yes it is ;o

  • Hilton

    Can’t access psn…. Ontario canada

    • chilen

      I’m in Ontario (Windsor) and can’t get on either. Gave my son his PS4 last night and could not set up a PSN + account for about 3 hours but fnally managed to get on line. Now he wakes up this morning and can’t log into PSN + once again.

      Wishing I would have bought an Xbone hasn’t even crossed my mind because I will never purchase anything from that scumbag company (MS) but this is bull crap.

  • mgs209

    i can’t play online and it says my playstation plus has rang out

    • shaneM

      It’s a known glitch are you getting this ” you need a ps+ account to play online” if so same issue I have been having all night. Go into your settings and look at accounts make sure your psn is active and then select psn and make your ps4 as your primary console in the psn settings. But this is a known issue, most likely being caused due to psn going down, but there is also info on google about a ps+ glitch causing this issue seen it yesterday when I got kicked.

  • Rae

    Can’t access PSN.

  • BigShaq

    Can’t get on in MD

  • Higgs

    It was working fine this morning in North Carolina. Now getting error saying we cannot connect to PS+.

  • Saxs

    We have lost access to PSN in the last twenty minutes here in the Gatwick, UK area.

  • Frustrated

    Western PA. Down as of 10:30am Christmas morning. If I’m going to pay for a service the service better freaking work. Xbox live works! This is B.S. thanks Sony merry suckmas to you too!

    • Jeremy Alexander Rodriguez

      lol everythings not perfect man, and most people are logging on yesterday and today because they finally got there ps4′s so its flooding the network , give it time

      • shaneM

        You’re right I can’t dispute that but I have paid for ps+ so why am I being kicked for not having it when it clearly states it runs out in march(I know why) we are paying for this so they should compensate imo or @ least give us extra days of + that we are missing out on, 2 days for me now.

        • Jeremy Alexander Rodriguez

          lmfao dude this happens to microsoft also ! its just network issues , stop crying about it that u cant play for a few hours , i had this since day one and the first day was the worst basically everyone logged on and crashed the servers , go play pc or go out with friends

        • Mychal Middleton

          Ikr right. This guys acting like a little girl about it

        • shaneM

          Fools will ride dicks for days

        • shaneM

          I have PC XBOX and PS4 I am not complaining for me I can play my other machines if I wish you docile object. It’s Christmas stop thinking of yourself ignorant fool think of all the unhappy kids :/

        • Jeremy Alexander Rodriguez

          hes acting like he has nothing else to do with life im pretty sure theres other stuff to do lol

        • shaneM

          Well I am here you dope

        • Kelly

          Well go and do those things that you mentioned then you selfish person. He was right with what he said you’re only thinking about yourself. MY SON HAS A RUINED XMAS but i should accept that because YOU say so.

        • Jeremy Alexander Rodriguez

          lmao sucks for your son , go be productive , go play with friends in the snow or something , its christmas spend time with the family , guys are acting like your life is on PSN

        • Kelly

          Thanks for proving my point you immature little toad. I hope your PS4 blue lights after warranty that will serve you right for being so selfish, as a side note you can look my other son up on twitter I beg you too, his handle is @trojan SEE IF YOU GOT THE BALLS……….

  • Tamer

    well im back online it just started working about 2 min ago …. good luck fellow gamers hope yours starts working promptly as well … and marry Christmas !!!!!

  • Nino Alejandro Velasquez

    I cant go online on the ps4 revere Massachusetts

  • Jim

    Its been down since yesterday afternoon in AZ

  • chris

    started an hour ago in hershey, pa

  • Ralph

    CT, USA

    • Alex

      Same here :/

      • Drew Voghel

        Word… the struggle

  • Pat

    Down in Newfoundland Canada as of now. Has been down all morning, was not available yesterday to try

  • Ray

    Down here in lincoln , England

  • Yep…

    Just got one for xmas, along with the rest of the world, and psn has been down all morning. Rochester, NY

  • John G

    Down for a bit on Xmas eve. Down now on Xmas day. New Jersey, USA

  • X—Bolt

    Down in northeastern us

  • Bobstenny

    Can’t connect either and and year ps plus has disappeared as well 😒 central Scotland

  • max

    Near Boston MA

  • Tj

    Boston – gave ps4 to my husband for Christmas and the network down all morning. Epic failure playstation.

    • Ellie

      The network went down and they are fixing it. It’s their holiday too. It just got up and working for me, I live near Boston

  • margoth117

    Down on the east coast of the US. Worked early this morning then went down.

  • Ray

    Its been down since 24th December here, not surprised as a lot of people got ps4 for Christmas all trying to connect but you would have thought Sony would have known this was going to happen
    Feeling robbed to be honest

  • Jon minervini

    Just got today for Xmas trying to put in existing email and I just keeps loading. Secaucus, new jersey

  • Jacob

    my is down in central

  • Dylan

    just got one this morning, stuck in loading phase when i try to log on.
    In west virginia

  • Tim

    been getting a undergoing maintenance code since yesterday afternoon (Christmas Eve). Portland, OR

  • R Willis

    I’m in Washington, D.C. No luck on my end either.

  • Tanya

    Charleston, South Carolina…down all morning.

  • Higgs

    We are back online in NC

  • Tamer

    word of advice turn your PS completely off then on again and log back in this may or may not work but it worked for me

  • massari.e

    i ran a test so i can tell if the problem only with ps4 or both .. i pluged ethernet cable to my ps3 and it connected successfully but the problem was with the nat type it is “strict” so still cant play online . and my ps4 gives me the connection result “successful” with psn and “failed” with nat type .

  • shildor

    We can not log into PSN with our shiny new PS4. Figures, should of went with Xbox one lol

  • 55123

    Wtf it’s x-mas morning and no psn in Minnesota USA

  • Josh

    I’m in Southeast Texas and i just got my PS4 this morning only to find that i was missing the voucher for a free month of PS Plus and that it won’t let me add a credit card to my account. It just keeps saying “Please wait.” I know it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to change some damn account information!!!

    • shaneM

      In the uk it wasn’t inside the box you redeemed it online buddy

  • Polishgiz662

    The store won’t load and my Ps plus account is gone on my PS4! Merry fukn Xmas!!!!!!!!!

    • Jaygo

      You don’t need the network to play games. Why are people complaining? It’s a given that new products always have bugs.

      • tony

        maybe people are complaining because they bought a product that is not working fully and this is an on going issue with Sony; at least it has been over the last month

  • Mike

    Try restarting your playstation. my network was down at first but now it’s working. Saratoga Springs, NY

  • Fletch

    I just got a ps4 for Christmas and PSN won’t work. It won’t let me sign in.

  • Jay PokeAnon

    Had my PS4 Since the 3rd of DEC, Mostly been fine until today (Christmas) I can get online at the home screen, I just can’t get online with games at the moment, tried battlefield and DC Universe. Can’t connect to servers. LEEDS UK

  • Tommy

    I’ve had my ps4 since the release date and psn is down and on ps vita it’s going well slow just hope they fix it soon

  • Noplay Station

    I can’t redeem a code on PSN–just like Thanksgiving.

  • Jan Michael

    Down since yesterday White Plains NY

  • link

    now every once in a while when i try to sign in it gives me the error “you cannot sign in with someone elses psn account” yet this is the account i just fking made is it just cycleing through random errors now?

    • shaneM

      Try making your ps4 a primary and then go to psn in settings and set your psn to primary might help but its down imho. There’s way too many reports but apparently some selfish ps4 users think this is acceptable lmao. Hopefully you get on soon bud

  • Danny

    Just tried it on ps4 and it says “the connection to the server has been lost”…..please dont ruing christmas with this bs…..

    • Danny

      New York

  • Dan

    down since yesterday and still down in new york

    • shaneM

      Same here bud since 9pm Uk time yesterday but according to some selfish ps4 users this is acceptable wow. I had mine since launch and online is the worst I have ever had for downtimes, very unhappy with online overall.

  • eminit

    Down yesterday afternoon was back up around 10:30 last night then went back down some time between 4 A.M. And 10:30 A.M. Christmas morning. Upton MA

  • Tom

    Down all morning for me, but my buddy is playing in the same town as me. Long island, New york

  • Johnny

    The connection on my ps4 is down in Mercedes, TX, USA

  • Niko

    Down in London at the moment

  • Mike

    Not working for new ps4

  • Anonymous

    Ct, USA – Says the servers busy, so I unplug my ps4 and plug in my ps3 and I can sign in perfectly.

    • Obliivion

      Same here

  • bswiney16

    Not working for ps4 ohio

  •!/ShoesOverBoobs Big Tee

    PSN is unavailable down here in Miami, Florida. I better get a free day for this we pay to play online now!

    • shaneM

      I did comment more or less the same thing you did but some selfish ps4 users who can play think this is acceptable. Imo it’s not I also want my 2 days I have lost of ps+ back, yesterday and today.

  • Chris

    New PS4 down near Detroit, MI.

  • Derek

    New ps4 down today Marshfield, Wi.

  • Xarro

    Currently down in Mexico

  • xXBrainBusterXx

    Down in USA California

  • Zombiest

    Down in AZ

  • charles

    New ps4 down cin,ohio

  • Caddle

    Not working in Denver either

  • Caddle

    It just says please wait and it’s been doing this for like 30 minutes. It’s probably because everybody in the world who has a ps4 is doing it as we’ll.

  • jimmy

    Detroit michigan on xmas dsy and my son cant even play his new ps4 cuz its down

  • Anonymous

    Not working in buffalo ny. Just switched back from live and this is not a good start

  • Gene Crowder

    Mine that I bought on launch day works. However my nephew just got his today for Christmas and gets error CE-33743-0. Sounds like Sony was not prepared for the in flux of new users on their servers.

  • Josh Hayat

    Little Rock, Arkansas — Down! Not working!

  • Gixxer158

    Really on Christmas , the network is down !!!!
    I think I made a bad choice of leaving Xbox nation

  • Obliivion

    Dover, Arkansas down not working. Can’t connect on ps4 but I can ps3

  • dan

    yeah I can’t get on. w.e today’s a family day anyway. They better fix this problem fast!

  • dan

    oh I’m in newyork… shits down

  • mike

    Darlington uk is down.

  • samnchris

    Down since yesterday in Enid, Oklahoma

  • Leebo

    Error ce-33743-0 in us

  • Kevin

    Down in New Brunswick, Canada. This is bs.

  • Mr scuzz


  • Christian

    Down in philadelphia, pa. Bought and updated my system on 11/15 so is am guessing this is due to new users.

  • Amachamort

    Down in Canada, Province of Quebec

  • Mason

    Down in Provo, Utah right now

  • Andrew

    Down in waterloo, Ontario Canada

  • Jdnsnsj

    Down in Milwaukee, Wisconsin right now

  • Tyler

    Down in Washington, D.C.

  • Inked505

    Down in Albuquerque NM ugh typical

  • wesco

    Down in Miami, FL

  • Chris Wallace

    Down in Asheboro NC right now. Error code that PSN is undergoing maintainence.

  • Jerrel

    Please fix it down in Milwaukee Wisconsin

  • elvis

    Down in Massachussetts

  • martin

    down in nth east Lincolnshire uk

  • Brenden

    Down in Detroit, MI

  • Jshekkey

    Down in Houston, tx

  • Austin

    down in Noblesville, Indiana. fix now just got ps4 :D

  • Currieman

    Down in sandy springs ga

  • Sweetooth710

    Bought on 11/15 and had server issues when I first got it it and now it is down on Xmas in Seattle, WA.

    The psn servers plus the lack of titanfall makes me wonder did I made the wrong choice in leaving xbox nation?

    Bah humbug!

  • Akiyo

    PSN Down in London,UK

  • gordon pettersen

    down in Easton, Maryland

  • yeoda

    Down in Provo, UT as well

  • Inked505

    oh and just so all you know microsoft is also expierencing the same difficulties… even if yall got the xbox one yall would still be crying and saying u should have went with a ps4 so ssshhhhhh

  • BonezMontana

    Down in Lynchburg Va got my ps4 today.

  • .

    Makes no sense my Ps3 is online but can’t get in my Ps4

    • drift

      Same here. I’m located in Monrovia, CA.

  • Pissedoff

    Down in Chicago

  • BobMarley1432

    Birmingham, Al When I tried to log onto my PS4 it would say sony entertainment is currently undergoing maintenance, but when I just got on my PS3 I logged in right away

  • geca

    down in sweden atm and germany

  • Pnh

    Down in Williamsburg virginia… Sony… Get your act together!

  • BobMarley1432

    The 1st thing I did with my Ps4 mic is turn it back off cause I can’t do anything. Lol

  • laser-agg

    in Rockwall (Dallas) area, PSN is down for PS4, but up for PS3. Are these different servers? Makes no sense.

    • NastyNote

      I’m having the sane issues here in Helena, MT, so you’re not alone.

      • NastyNote


  • alex

    Milan Berlin and Gorham NH

  • BobMarley1432

    You can’t even get on the internet

  • geca99

    down in sweden and germany

  • kman

    Down in Tampa, FL

  • bambino

    Down in Switzerland

  • Drew

    Down in NYC

  • Jshekkey

    I’m so glad I have to pay for the same crap!!!

  • Matthew Truett

    I was playing BF4 on my PS3 this morning, then I opened a new PS4. First the system update kept crashing my WiFi. So I plugged in LAN… finished the update but attempting to connect to PSN: Sony Entertainment Network is currently busy. (CE-33743-0). I’m in Ohio and this sucks.

  • rmanflash

    down in Kansas City, MO

  • Jacqui Lim

    PSN down in Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Zach

    Down in Thousand Oaks California

  • Christmas_and_i_wana_game

    Down in Massachusetts ;(

  • James Jordan

    Just got the ps4 for Christmas, which is a big deal for me seeing as my family are not exactly wealthy earlier today I started downloading fifa14 for ps4 from the PlayStation store and everything seemed to be fine, but once I tried to install it the progress timer stopped after 2 hours of waiting. After googling the problem I took advice from a forum and deleted the fifa14 content and attempted to re-download the game only to find that psn is now down for an undetermined amount of time… This has really got me furious as now my mother is upset thinking that she bought me a broken PlayStation… Sony are supposed to provide us with a service which we have all paid for in full. Thanks for ruining Christmas you money grabbing leeches.
    -James Jordan

    Gorey, Wexford, Ireland

  • Concerned

    Down in Ossett UK. Says undergoing maintenance. This is abysmal, I now have to pay good money for this for my PS4. Today of all days- off work and now have time for gaming. Sony this stinks – you cannot charge and fail to provide a service. I hope compensation is forthcoming.

  • Willo94

    Wilmington, NC

  • sabali

    Down in San Antonio, TX

  • Gary

    PS3 will connect to PSN and I can get on with my IMAC but PS4 will not connect.
    Jacksonville Fl. 12/15/13

  • mk

    Down in omaha nebraska

  • Christmas_and_i_wana_game

    Massachusetts pleaseeeee

  • Kultkiller

    Down in Berlin

  • Jack

    Down in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • Dalton

    It’s down in greenwood Indiana. Right outside of Indianapolis


    The reason they are down is because all the people trying to sign in at the same time on their new ps4 crashed the servers

  • SLH

    PSN down in Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Yiddo

    My xbox live is fine Battlefield 4 online is great!

  • shawn

    Down in Utica, New York..

  • tae

    Down in Baltimore, Maryland

  • Willshakes06

    Down in Alabama

  • AnnoyedGameR

    It says network under maintenance in New Athens, Illinois. It’s upsetting when you buy something FOR Christmas and after all the anticipation IT ISN’T WORKING! :(

  • sonymanmad

    Down in PA

  • Jonathan Deakin

    Down in Littlebourne, Kent, UK

  • Yiddo

    But my ps4 is being used as a paper weight

  • Tom

    Down in Chicago, Il

  • Jack Swag

    Down in South Georgia. ..US

  • Godfather

    Cameron, NC and even though the site says its up and running, I still cant get on. Glad I paid for the network, wouldn’t be a huge deal if it was still free to play ghost online but its not free.

  • Tim

    Down in Lewiston, Idaho… I am trying to sign into my account and get either Server is Busy, Server is Down for Maintenance, Account ID is not correct,

    I wish when I did the Internet Test that it wouldnt try to get a new IP so I could tell if it is my local LAN and not them! Basically, if I have an IP, why get a new one?

  • Anthony Chiavetta

    Down in Tampa, Florida, US

  • Jack Burrows

    I live in Southern California, and my friend across town can access his PSN, but I have had absolutely no luck this Christmas morning. Very discouraging.

  • Mystic

    Down in clifton, NJ

  • Jack Swag

    Correction. PS3 works fine. …PS4….psn is down.

    • stretford17

      damn…just when i want to play ghosts on my new ps4 :(

  • Brent Fag

    Tried signing in and was stuck at “please wait” for about ten minutes, then I decided to go downstairs have myself some fishsticks and custard while watching Doctor Who preparing for the Christmas Special, came back up 2 hours later and it is still at “please wait” (from Lancaster, PA)

    • Yiddo

      Dude you like fishdicks!

      • Brent Fag


        • Yiddo

          Well don’t put it out there you gay fish lol

  • Matt williams

    Down in the uk in Cornwall in the south west – it says the sony entertainment network is currently busy error code ce-33743-0


    Down in Orlando fla

  • Ronaldo Reyes

    Down in Washington, D.C.

  • tony

    Down in Plainfield IL, has been down for the last 12 hours…states I need a PSN subscription even though I bought a 1 year. Over one hour wait on Sony’s help line

  • Annoyed

    PS4 Down in Detroit Michigan

  • Astompp

    Down in bend oregon.

  • asffg

    Down in Toronto, ON

  • Marcus

    Down in Pittsburgh, PA

  • Dubryder9

    Germany cologne psn is down…….. -. –

  • Andres

    During sign up the “please wait…” sign in between each screen lasts forever and ends up failing to load. Playstation network is busy while trying to sign in. I am in St. Pete Beach Florida

  • james

    down in austria :/

  • Yiddo

    Is psn worth the money

  • Pille

    Downloads in solingen, germany

  • Sweetooth710@

    Back up in Seattle, WA!

  • Sonysonic

    Actaully down in Germany

  • Ivan Drago

    Down in Texas since yesterday afternoon

  • JB1998

    Down in San Diego. My games are digital so I can’t play anything. :(

  • Anon

    Down in Kansas City, MO

  • dude

    Down in saskatchewan canada

  • Dragonslayer

    St.Charles, Missouri

  • tony

    Sont better start putting some money/work into their network OR risk losing customers.

  • Rob

    Same problem here, it’s letting me fill in all the information and at the WAY end it’s saying “server error (random number)”.
    I live in Northeast Ohio. Hopefully they get this fixed soon

  • N0rby21

    Down in Hungary, checked one hour ago.

  • Jeremy

    Down in Chicago, IL too . I’m getting a whole bunch of errors all having to do with “Network Connection”.

  • Nringit

    Down in Mississippi, this sucks, anyone hear about how long it’s gona be down for?

  • Dragonslayer

    Stuck on please wait when im trying to create a psn account

  • Jason Harman

    Down in British Columbia, Canada as of 18:30GMT

  • Federico Schemidt

    PSN is down in Fortlauderdale Fl, since Dec 24 nice work sony on not letting use your new system on this 2 important days of the year.

  • Just got a ps4 on Christmas

    Down in Oxford, MS. Stuck on please wait when I try to sign into my psn account I used for my ps3

    • CJ

      I’m in Clarksdale haha and that’s exactly what happening to me

  • Andres

    Down in Guatemala

  • Nringit

    It was way worse on day one, you couldn’t do anything, so this is probably because of the wave of new consoles turning on

    • Mississippi boy

      Wait I thought you said mississippi?

      • Nringit

        I did

  • Bob

    connection to the server has been lost nw-31194-8 Connecticut

  • Osama Bin Laden

    PSN is down here in hell too… : /

    • Mississippi boy

      Yo are you in MS or guatemala?

    • Bringit

      I thought they got you?

  • dante

    down in Houston texas

  • LIgamer

    Down in Long Island, NY. Getting the network is busy, connection issue with a random number. Been trying to connect for the last 2-3 hours!

    • Lyle Gillen

      Me too

  • dante

    someone else in Houston texas??

  • Maykel

    Down in Miami Fl usa

  • Lyle Gillen

    Yes, i just got one for xmas and it is down. It sucks man because i was pumped to play COD online.

  • nico

    Actually down in France

  • stretford17

    12.30pm and its been down in mexico since yesterday afternoon.

  • Scott

    Psn down in the uk for me still

  • Mik

    not working in miami :(

  • TommyGunn

    Down in Arizona.

  • JC

    PSN is working on my PS3 just fine but I’ve not been able to log in all day on PS4 >.<

  • Sami

    down in new mexico..i can log in to psn through my lap top tho

  • homoud

    down in Saudi Arabia

  • stretford17

    damn..i really wanted to kick some a$$ online in ghosts :(

  • Brand___X

    San Diego CA: Logged into to PSN But multiplayer Ghosts says ” PlayStation Plus required to play online (I have PS +), network undergoing maintenance.”

  • Ciels

    Down in Malaysia 0230 hours (GMT+8)

  • Alan Fletcher

    I still cant access my psn account or connect to the store in ireland, keep getting a service is currently undergoing maintainence. anyone know when it will be back up. its very unfortunate and was a silly time to do this as im pretty sure it couldve waited till tomorrow or the day after and saved a lot of disappointment

  • Tysia

    Down in Burbank Illinoi ;(((((

  • Claire

    Literally just got in in Scotland!:) I just kept pressing sign in until it worked. Happy christmas

  • Jared

    Still down in Maryland, US. This is unacceptable. PSN is now a paid service for Playstation owners and Sony should be accountable for yet another shortcoming regarding the PSN. All PSN subscribers should be compensated for the loss of functionality ON CHRISTMAS DAY!

  • Bryce

    West Texas is down

  • Chris Jackson

    I got a PS4 today and it won’t let me sign in, but I can login to my PC and PS3 account. I’m in Mississippi. This sucks haha. Thanks Santa…

  • dante

    my ps3 worls fine but my ps4 wnt I just got it yesterday for xmas

  • Kevin

    Central Missouri still down

  • Dubryder9

    Now it works i ca play bf4 baut the store is down

    • Abraham Lincoln


      • Dubryder9

        Gernany cologne

  • Steely1980

    Currently 6.40pm in the UK. Been down since I tried at 8pm yesterday evening. What a joke

  • Abraham Lincoln


  • Houston

    Down in Houston Texas

    • chingon

      since when?

  • stevoMTL514

    I’m in Montreal Canada no PSN access

  • derren

    still down in surrey

  • Loner

    Brazil down too…

  • Steely1980

    Allowed me to sign in in on about 8th attempt but Ghosts is still saying I need ps+ (which I have) – been like this for nearly 24 hours. in the UK

  • Drew

    I am having a problem as well. In Dallas, Texas, United States PSN is down and on my PS4 (which I preordered) I can’t play online in call of duty ghosts.

  • james

    in Austria is working again :-)))

  • jerzzz

    down in new jersey , lets goooo

  • James

    North East of England Down

  • KystalCraze

    Working this morning now PSN is dead 6:42pm

  • Dubryder9

    Now it works in cologne germany

    • KystalCraze

      Will it let you play ghosts or something

  • Mike

    Down in NPR Florida

  • Christy Wilson

    It’s down in Yorktown, Virginia, my son has been trying to connect all day because he got one for Christmas.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Ok so other countries beside the US are connecting now…hopefully the US will began to work now

  • Hunter

    I am having problem and in Evansville Indiana. I also keeps saying i need psn+ and i just put a year membership on. This is outragious

  • KystalCraze

    Sony annoying me and us all

  • Justus

    Can play battlefield online, but no access to the store. New York

    • KystalCraze

      Ha gaaaaaaay that

      • Luis


  • Drew

    PSN Network is down for me on my PS4. Connecticut. 1:47 pm EST.

  • Andrew Nuñez

    down in southern California, ps vita and ps3 work fine

  • james

    he guys change your language of the ps4. to german or italy or …..and the ps4 goes automatically online about german server or italy server …sorry for my bad englisch

    • Abraham Lincoln

      Italian language didnt work for me. Idk the german language

  • Crafty

    PSN is down in Preston Lancashire!!!! I bought my son a PS4 and he can’t use it online, when will it be fixed?

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Why are there so many jeremy’s?

  • Qu

    Down in NJ

  • Hector Torres

    Orlando Florida down, no PSN. This is not cool, this would happen right when I get the ps4 for Christmas

  • Phil – In California

    Down in the San Francisco Bay Area, United States! This is not a good sign for a network that is supposed to be online for those who are paying for Premium! Is there going to be a rebate of sorts for outages?! I think not… I guess we’re going to have to bend over and take it in the arse on Christmas Day.

  • dante


  • Hector Torres

    I just logged on it might be working!!!!

    • Hector Torres

      From florida

  • Mike Oswald

    Sony getting back at America for Hiroshima

  • Mike Oswald

    Can’t log into psn in San Diego

  • McNeily

    Can’t log on in Toronto…trying to set up the PS4… PS3 seems to work though… wierd.

  • Keegan

    Down in Pittsburgh

  • kise

    it’s down in Victorville California

  • Hector Torres

    I just logged on to psn in Florida

  • Albert

    Can’t login in Venezuela – La Victoria.

  • Tayvon Small

    Im in baltimore Maryland, United States and off and on today the EA servers have crashed and the PSN server keeps crashing/glitching. it keeps saying the servers are down but im in a party with friends while it keeps saying the servers are down and psn is under maintenance

  • Hector Torres

    It should be coming up soon for everyone. I’m logged in playing cod ghost online on ps4

    • Abraham Lincoln

      What’s your location?

  • Tayvon Small

    seeing last year when psn was free because of the ps3 online needed no pay. it was ok that this was happening but if were all paying now for psn this shouldn’t be happening still. Also not for this long span of a time.

    • homoud

      I agree, If am paying I want the service to be on 24/7

  • Cole

    Down near Atlanta, Georgia

  • Travis James Roach

    It’s down in Kentucky

  • Nathaniel Leslie

    Down in Hamilton, ontario, Canada currently…got ps4 for Christmas and just set it up and began trying to log in half an hour ago.

  • Hunter

    thanks for language tip

  • Kevin

    Down outside of Philly :(

  • Smitho

    Down in kings Lynn, Norfolk 18:53.

  • BrandiNY2MD

    Down in MD since 11:00am EST. The “Please Wait” screen has been up for over two hours and I have been on hold for 63 minutes with Sony now. There isn’t one thing on the website indicating any kind of issue. It has said since this morning that the Playstation Network is “Online” for the PS4 which is completely inaccurate. What is the point of buying a gift for your child, A VERY EXPENSIVE GIFT, that they can not use? There needs to be some accountability regarding this situation. Don’t create the systems and push them out for mass distribution if the functionality to support them all is not in place.

  • Wyatt

    Champaign Illinois area is still down

  • Travis James Roach

    Yay, PSN is now up in Kentucky.

  • Fernando Pc

    PS4 PSN is down in Mexico

  • Bryson Carpenter

    its down in kentucky

  • Bigbadmaniam

    Down in lagos nigeria

  • MoV3

    hi i´m from germany and i have the same problem
    still down since yesterday

    • Homoud

      In Saudi Arabia , the same issue I think we all got the same thing around the world

  • Bryson Carpenter

    I just got it for Christmas and cant play

  • Danny

    New york bronx, about 10 minutes ago

  • Steely1980

    Been getting ps+ required and psn undergoing maintenance messages but kept trying and finally in a Ghosts lobby. Just busy I think, Keep resetting and trying people. Merry xmas and good luck.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Looks like it’s coming up in places all over the world. PLEASE POST IF YOUR PSN COMES UP AND POST YOUR LOCATION

    • Fernando Pc

      it says its under maintenance in Mexico

  • Pablo

    It’s also down in Germany

  • Milty

    Down in Michigan

  • OhioGamingNerd

    That feeling you get when you just got a PS4 for Xmas and then realize it’s an electronic paper weight because you can’t log into the PSN…

  • Brent

    Down in SLC, Utah trying to sign on with new PS4 for 30 min.

  • Carlos

    when i try to edit my profile i get this msg new jersey

  • Tom

    I’m from sunderland, England and it’s down here too

    • stretford17

      black cats going down this season

  • jay

    Psn Is down in Georgia

  • sheepy98

    on ps4 in north east england , cannot log in and message says sony entertainment network is busy

  • hey guy

    dallas texas is down atleast it was five mins ago

  • Christian

    Down in Memphis Ion have no games so yea the struggle is real w/o psn.!!!

  • Jonathan Frucht

    Im in florida,Usa and its still down (south)

  • Kristi

    Down in Nampa Idaho :(

  • Jamerican28

    In Englewood, nj and tte please wait sign had been up for 4 hours now

  • js17852

    i am on long island ny and i have been trying for the past 3 hours trying to get on and cant

  • Dereck

    It’s down in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States. It says Sony Entertainment Network is currently busy (CE-33743-0)

  • Quohogeater

    PSN down in Boston

  • Mike

    In Chicago. Just got my ps4 can’t get on psn. But it let me update my console and stuff

  • adampoole

    in NY state and it’s still down

    • js17852

      hey man at least i am not the only one in ny. this really blows

  • Trey L

    I am from Abilene, Tx and ps4 network showing down for maintenance. Really sucks that on christmas day this happens, big let down for the kids especially

  • tinsel tommy

    She down. ‘Sconie.

  • Rafe

    Just got PS4. PSN down in NC, America (east coast)

  • Steely1980

    KEEP TRYING PEOPLE. It’s coming back, 50,000 people playing Ghosts according to my ps4

  • pkknight

    Ottawa,Canada down also

  • Naosa

    PSN down in Raleigh Nc have been trying since midnight, have been on the phone for almost 1.5 hrs waiting for tech support!!!!!
    Don’t release a product if you are not fully prepared.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Down in Mississippi….

  • Abraham Lincoln

    This is ridiculous

  • Quohogeater

    Is Sony using the Obama-care servers?

  • Nringit

    I’m on now in jackson, ms

    • Abraham Lincoln

      Thank goodness! Im two and a half hours away from Jackson MS

  • nick

    down in AL mobile Daphne

  • Johnnie

    Chicago ,Illinois is also down


    down in texas

  • Upset

    To sum it all up, It’s down everywhere 😔

  • Master_Of_Many

    I’m in Illinois, Madison county it’s been down for about 2 1/2 hrs now

  • Notyoume

    Psn down at least on ps4 in Racine,wi. I can get on on the iPad though…

  • Noscard

    Down in Arizona

  • Shaz

    Down in Watford, uk at 7pm

  • Dereck

    I live in Fleetwood, Pennsylvania, United States. New thing popped up, I was able to sign up for PSN like country I live in and birthday and such but after I hit next it said Sony Entertainment Network is currently undergoing maintenance.

  • BrandiNY2MD

    After waiting for 70 minutes on the phone, I finally got a Sony rep who “claims” that they were just notified 30 minutes ago that the PSN for PS4 was down. That is HIGHLY unlikely. So I was asked to be transferred to a supervisor who stated that they are indeed aware of the issue and everything should be up and running within 25-30 minutes. I am praying that is the case because I don’t have another 70 minutes to dedicate to being on hold.

    • 69

      Thanks for the update! They will get it fixed… hopefully sooner than later…

      • BrandiNY2MD

        No problem!! Yes, I am going to continue to stay optimistic and hope it’s sooner than later as well.

  • Annoyed dad

    Ps4 down harrisburg pa pay 800.00 and damn thing can’t connect

  • Notyoume

    Ok. All of you stop trying to log in for 10 min so I can get on. :p

  • Teacch

    Down in the UK for 2.5 hours

  • Naosa

    Just to let you know, we bought the XBox one and the ps4 for Xmas. Xbox working fine…….we are boxing up this ps4 as we speak, taking this thing back tomorrow. Don’t need these problems……if you are interested in Xbox, this thing is badass.

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Down in LA California somehow can log into psn on my phone

  • Russell

    Glasgow 1900

  • Nringit

    I’m on in central usa

  • Nringit

    So it’s coming, woohoo

  • Anthony Harris

    Down in Alabama, I can’t even log on psn from my computer to change my email for the ps3 to ps4 :(

  • Shouldhavegonexbox

    Down in Dallas for 2 hours

  • pmurph17

    Down in Connecticut but my friend in the same town can get on but not me! WTF PSN

  • Neil

    Down in the UK for about an hour now 7:15pm

    • FistOfTheNorthStar

      It’s been down for me for a few hours yesterday and all afternoon up to now. Only worked this morning for killzone. North west England

  • redd1

    down in San Antonio Texas

  • Steely1980

    Working ok in UK, Leeds. Cod a bit laggy but took about 12 attempts to get on.

    • Yiddo


  • Mel

    Just got mine for christmas and already down. Frustrating.

    • Shouldhavegonexbox

      shoud have gone xbox

  • Dave

    Southern Cali for me. Can’t get in either! Thanks Obama

  • Shouldhavegonexbox

    Wait so who is going to go crash the Microsoft server now?

  • Retail

    Down in Fayetteville AR all morning

  • Damage420

    On network in New Mexico, but my son is 20 feet away in his room and getting maintenance error

  • js17852

    the people at sony are useless and tell you it will be fixed right away meanwhile it wont be back up until tonight mark my words!

  • Mihau-CZE

    PSN down for more then 24 hours in Czech Republic. Really good Christmas present by Sony! I am “glad” my PSN+ is for nothing!

  • Doom_111

    Down in Houston TX

  • Mel

    Network back up for me

  • judoeyez83

    Down in Kansas City, Mo still

  • Walter

    Yes my PSN connection is not working, Ontario Canada Dec 25, 2013 14:53 EST.

  • Jimmy

    Down in Baltimore md

  • ManxMeatball

    Down in the isle of man.

  • Damage420

    It’s those damn network gremlins

  • Lot

    Down in Rotterdam

  • Hi

    Microsoft is fine cuz the new xbox one sucks and no ones buying it

    • Yiddo

      I have both and I must say xbox is the better machine by far

  • Cole Brooks

    If only xbox and ps would work together. Sony has the power in the box and Microsoft has the power for mass servers. If that happens there wouldn’t be any problems at this point

  • Hi

    Oh and my ps4 has been down all morning since I got it for Christmas today…sucks :(

  • Jim

    Down in delancey New York

  • Silvia

    Atlanta, GA

  • Cole Brooks

    Same got mine and haven’t been on all day -.-

  • Damage420

    Psn is down, think ill make the wife go down while I wait, lol

  • MSC

    down in DC. Thanks Obama

  • Doc

    Down in metro Orlando, FL area.

  • 69

    down in Chicago

  • Tmfwang

    Norway, Europe…. 5 hours ago first noticed… Still down

  • ecliptic

    We got this cool trapezoid shaped boat anchor. Works fine as long as the current isn’t too swift or the water too deep.

  • Hunter

    change language to italian it works

    • brent

      thats a load of bull

    • Cole Brooks

      Did it work for you?

  • Willy_Boi

    Server is down in Buffalo, NY

  • Pcannibal

    Albuquerque, NM it’s down

  • PS4`

    down in illinois

  • psn FTW

    Down in california

  • Northeast Oklahoma

    Westville, Oklahoma down. Been having log on problems since Christmas. I mean more log on problems than USUAL.

  • Mr. Meanie

    Can’t connect to server in Maryland

  • sixeyez

    Am in Leeds, uk…excuse my French,but this mothafucking thing,is bitching…fuck it ain’t working…still! I want to play fifa



  • Abe

    Down in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  • Josh

    down in cincinnati oh

  • Dakota Dockall

    up in duncan Oklahoma

  • Str8rufryda

    Busy in Egypt

  • Phoenix, AZ

    Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been having problems with logging in since Christmas Eve

  • Andrew

    Server down in NJ

    • John Tkacs

      Bs My Ps4 Has Never Been Down Since Day 1 Im In Jersey (Small State)

  • Johndt

    Down here un Ecuador, Guayaquil

  • Mac

    Psn down in wales……should have stuck with Xbox :(

  • Eric

    unable to log in psn since opening the box 3 hours ago… Las Vegas, NV… great gift for the kids

  • Jordan

    down in New Brunswick, Canada

  • beez

    Down in huntington, Wv

  • Swerve

    PSN down in Knox, TN

  • coolguy

    Down in central fla

  • joey

    Down in Pennsylvania united states

  • Harry

    Working in London

  • Yiddo

    Check your nat settings everyone

    • 69

      what settings?

  • Rand

    What’s their problem? Did they not expect a lot of people to be on ps4 on Christmas??!!

  • I shoulda got an Xbox

    Down in New York Citry

  • Josh

    Down in wales, Uk

  • willy410

    After trying for an hour I just got on!

    • Tyler

      Where are you ?

      • willy410

        Charlotte Nc, USA

  • James

    Issues all last night on PS4. Able to join BF4 matches only with immense lag and issues. Can’t even get into the PSN store or other online features. Definitely down today. Not sure why Sony says it’s “up”. Going to try to get online on COD or Killzone. The amount of service issues in the past month for a paid subscription is completely ridiculous. I went from 360 to the PS4 because I was sick of Xbox. Probably a bad idea now.

  • Julius

    Down in GA they are gonna give us free Psn or games or something! They better lol

  • dawizzle

    down in Texas

  • Dennis

    Mine has been down since I opened it today for Christmas and tried signing in. It sucks! I wanna sign in and go to the playstation store. Can’t wait for the fix.

  • So glad now


    • Guy

      What did you do?

  • Unhappyps4owner

    I’m in Massachusetts US and it’s been down for 18 hrs so far

  • Help

    Does anyone know about Houston, Tx?

    • Jeff

      in san antonio its down

  • jp

    Down in Finland What the f*ck why?

  • ray

    what makes the problem worse is the crap games on release, the worst line up of games that are a little bit better played online, no really good offline ps4 game
    im going back to ps3 until decent games get released

    • Josh

      Check out destiny and tom clancys division! You will be absolutely syched for destiny, Im sure its going to take online gaming to the next level!

  • dcforward12 .

    ever since I opened it this morning I tried to sign in and it wont let me “ps4″

  • Clemente

    Psn have been down for several hours in my country, Chile

  • ray

    oh and sort the update to be able to use official ps3 wireless stereo headphones on the ps4 my tv speaker is utter arse gravy

  • Bryson Carpenter

    what part of Kentucky is on cuz I still cant get on

  • Callum Cook

    Down in Newcastle ;(. Got it for Xmas and can’t even play with friends!…

  • Bryson Carpenter

    yea me too

  • dawizzle

    just sat at my ps4 clicking sign in, and it finally got me in! Wichita Falls, Texas

  • Jack Meoff

    Just post a comment and use your real email and it should fix. That’s what I did

  • gall0_1993

    Still can’t play online (san antonio tx)

  • J

    Down in kitchener ontario, first attempted at 9:00 am

  • Christian

    Down in leander texas

  • Highbatros

    Still no connection, Toronto, ON, Canada

  • Crunch McButtsteak

    Merry Christmas everyone. No psn for you.

  • Highbatros

    I bet its all the little kids who opened their PS4s for christmas…. and overloaded the network.

  • Josh

    unlucky noobs i just signed in, just kicked my feet up to bf4 conquest operation locker, MERRY Christmas

  • Zachary

    Down in Devon Alberta

  • spencer

    It’s down in Michigan too. I’ve been attempting this for the past 5 hours. I kept getting error code (CE-33743-0), which just means it’s busy. Then, I got error code (NP-35000-8) meaning server maintenance. Hopefully this is fixed soon.

  • Fart

    Down in arkansas off and on… Trying to make a psn account.

  • Brian Schmitz

    On in Wisconsin, you just have to test your connection multiple times. Works great.

  • April

    Down in MD, USA.

  • Scott Revis

    No Problem on Xbox live today with my Xbox One but have yet been able to connect with my PS4. Sony you guys are idiots and have disappointed yet again.

    • Christian

      Xbox is retarted , we will have fun with our 1080p/ 1080i while you are stuck with your shitty 720p. Microsoft was a disappointment from the start

  • AJF

    Down in Seattle, WA. Tried a few times off and on for the last hour. No dice.

  • Think2green

    Down in wembley alberta


    I’m located in central fl usa and I haven’t been able to login to psn since early in the morning. I mean REALLY THEY HAD TO BE DOWN TODAY CHRISTMAS DAY……….

  • Kevin

    Lake Ozark Missouri just came up

  • 247awesomegamerz

    OK so I am a lover of CoD, Battlefield 4 (yes I am under aged but mature enough to play it), and for me it says my bank details are invalid (only my long number), so I ahve to struggle on extinction :( xD

  • rich

    back up in las vegas

  • bob

    psn up in Toronto ,ON but psn store down for maintenance

  • Brett

    Down in Indiana

  • nukem1

    As of 20:19 UK time error Ce-33743-0 network busy been trying all day, not good when you consider we now PAY to use the service.

  • Jon

    Up in Ohio. Just keep trying guys.

  • 69


    • Jeff


  • guest

    down in nothern california

  • So glad now

    I was able to get on PSN but cant purchase BF4 for $9.99 :(

    • Stizz

      BF4 is amazing. Add me. Mr_Stizz

  • Ger O’Grady

    20:25 and down all day in Dublin, Ireland.
    I have a gutted son here…

  • beardback

    Down in charlotte, nc

  • Tyler

    Finally got it working in Maryland just keep trying

  • neil

    Back up in the UK at 8:25pm. Ignore the error messages and just keep hitting the login button. It works on about the 3rd attempt :)

    • 247awesomegamerz

      What if you enter your bank details, it picks it up but when you try there is a red square around it saying the bank number is wrong? when I have checked it number by number???

  • tingopher

    20:30 and apparently down here in UK. System cant or wont log on to the internet, had two errors (CE-33743-0) and (CE-33986-9) seriously hope its not my PS4, strongly suspect PSN problem?

    • neil

      It’s the network, think of the hundreds of thousands of people world wide got a new PS4 for Christmas. All them new users flooding the network will cause some teething issues. My PS4 is back working in the UK now :)

  • MoonKinghtOftheOtherSide

    about an hour ago I tried to play DCUO when it said “sony entertainment network is currently busy” then I tried to go to ps store and it did not work. Somewhere about 5 minutes ago I was able to access the store but I still can not launch any multiplayer game

  • Stizz

    Down in Pittsburgh

  • Jamie

    My Ps3 Is down all day, In Ireland, County meath…

  • joe

    Down in Jacksonville FL

  • Jamari

    My ps4 is down in Georgia

    • TheCodeman

      Im in Georgia it was down for a while just keep spam joining and it works

  • Mark

    I’m not having a problem with ps3 online but ps4 wont let me online in Texas

  • Ryumoau

    i was just randomly knocked off psn on my ps3 10 minutes ago. Kind of annoying that this kind of thing would happen when people have more free time to play games.

  • Matt

    It works on my ps3 here in Moberly Missiouri but not on my brand new PS4

  • MaliVai16

    Just got a ps4 for in Westport Connecticut

  • Neil


  • MoonKinghtOftheOtherSide

    mine keeps going off and on again

  • frosty

    I cant sign in i have problems
    Madison, california

  • Mike

    PSN undergoing Maintenance in Minneapolis, MN

  • Skit

    Down in Cali

  • Valter Martinelli

    Down in Tuscany (Italy). Error CE-33743-0.

  • Paul Gbel

    can’t get online via ps4 in sheffield uk atm CE-33743-0 error

  • Dougler

    Ch’town, PEI it’s down right now. I can sign in to the overall network, but the store is down, as well as EA’s servers for BF4 on PS4.

  • Dougler

    Nevermind, it just came back up for me on my PS4.

  • chube Rivero

    I can’t create a PSN in my Ps4. Chihuahua Chih, México.

  • Paul Gbel

    can’t connect to DCUO but can connect to blacklight

  • kila492

    Online for me after a while of trying. In Massachussets

  • Ryan Cap

    I cant log on. Fairfield, CT

  • William

    Cannot get online in Dallas Texas

  • Ryan Cap

    I GOT ON!!!. Fairifield CT

  • mrs.x

    I live in zion, il.. mine is up and running now.. after hours of trying. I spoke with the tech dept at PlayStation and he told me that the problem is basically a lot of traffic.. nothing that can really be done about it.. but he did tell me if u had a CUH 1001A model the device comes with 5 free games to download.. he is even sending me a extra controller for this one sticking.. pays to be patient and nice.. Everyone have a blessed Christmas!!


    Working in san diego, cali. I just kept spamming the sign in button and it eventually worked try it guys.

  • nik ferguson

    Hi I am in Hastings, East Sussex and I managed to log on with my PS3 today but have not been able to log on with my PS4

    • Matt

      Just checked my PS3, you are correct….NO PS4, yes to PS3. Is this a conspiracy by Sony knowing how many people would be getting this for Christmas…

      • nik ferguson

        I have got on this morning with both systems

  • Bumbed

    PS3 works not ps4. I’m in north Ga.

  • Christian

    Keep trying to join it works !!

  • Jackson

    I just got in after pushing the sign in button forever-Houston tx

  • Dan

    50 miles north of NYC. Been trying to download patch 1.52 for 2-3 hours. No dice

  • js17852

    i just got on now and im on long island ny

  • Anthony Harris

    yea!! Alabama is up!!!

  • Rickey

    I keep trying to sign in it says PSN undergoing maintenance or PSN is busy I’m located in Louisiana please let me know what the problem is thank you!


    just logged in Orlando fl

  • Alex

    back up in California

  • Matt

    IN was down an hour ago, don’t know if it still is?

  • Ryan

    I live in Laredo, Texas and PSN is being completly random as far as working goes.

  • SA

    On in Phoenix AZ after multiple attempts

  • Marc-Antoine Huet

    I’m in Canada and PSN is ramdom. I try few minutes ago and that didn’t work. Now, I succeed to connect my account :)

  • 0Ld sch00L gam3r

    Got ps4 on Christmas eve. Tried logging in at 6pm EST and again each/every hour on the hour till aprox. 2 am and no dice. I have tried loggin on today about once each hour and STlLLno go…
    Just south of Ann Arbor Michigan

  • CJ

    Working in Clarksdale, MS!!!

  • TheCode

    Works for me fine but anything online related gets an error message but then works?

  • Temporarily here, yo.

    Eastern US here, PSN off and on giving different error codes…

  • Youd

    In FL is working?

  • Thatguy

    Won’t let me create an account, everytime I finish it says there was a communication error, help please!

    • sixeyez

      I got the same beef here in uk

  • OnGodsLevel

    California isn’t working yet ;(

  • Joey

    Im in hawaii wont let me log onto account on a ps4

  • Phil

    Service is spotty here. – New Lexington, Ohio

  • Dave

    Cali, worked for me! Didn’t earlier today though.

  • Jeremy

    Yup my psn is down. I live in pierce county in Washington and i got it for Christmas….i was hyped to play my new 2k14 but can’t get online to download rosters….sad day

  • Bubley

    My psn is also down I live in Edmonton Alberta Canada and I realized this at 12:24 (mountain time)

  • jack

    everyone add roflmonsta234 on PSN

  • hunter

    its up in southern GA

  • Yeeap

    In orlando is working?

  • Damien Dickens

    Sacramento CA and since this morning, I can do music unlimited and everything else and sometimes CoD

  • Jose Luis Amezola

    i live in zapopan, jalisco and is down i open the ps4 for chrisas and i try to connect to my psn acount and i cant it marks an ce-33743-0 error

  • steve fredricks

    Wont work for me.
    Wellington, New Zealand

  • Doubleds

    Valparaiso, Indiana at 7 in the morning

  • V2

    Im in Iowa, can’t login either

  • Kyle

    Texas,us can’t connect at 5:01 on Christmas

  • Troy Fan

    In Troy, AL can’t get on either. It has been the same ALL DAY.

  • Matt

    Up in Atlantic city, New Jersey

  • dan

    Still down in Northumberland UK and has been all day :S fustrating.

  • sixeyez

    Ok it psn is running. But ea sports ain’

  • Toby

    Waco,TX it’s down found out this morning

  • Bradgizoogle

    Still Down in Altoona, Pennsylvania

  • Mr.Meanie

    Any word on baltimore md

  • lemur83

    My bf experienced it he has killzonr from pan and when he first tried he got some log in error and it was locked finally got in and it booted him because he couldn’t”authenticate” which apparently the ps4 has to do every hour he finally gave up and played resogun

  • Monica Jacquette

    Down I Portland Oregon all day

  • Zeddarian

    Working in perrysburg, ohio!!

  • Mr.Meanie

    Baltimore MD is up

  • Ivan

    Down in new jersey south Jersey:( all day

  • CreditKayz

    Not working here in brooklyn NYC

  • commander ralls

    sc is still down i been waiting since 2:43 am 4 it to get done with maintenance

  • Colie23

    My son has been trying to get on psn since Xmas morning some of his mates have got on grrr this is soooo annoying

  • youngtomlin

    I am 11 years old and i cant update it just says cant connect to the server. ITS SO ANNOYING!!!: Location Luton Bedfordshire UK

    • Jake

      Your age has nothing to do with anything lol

      • Zepheon


  • Mad Person

    I am in Charleston, South Carolina and I think I was able to create a psn account but I still can’t download any updates except for the system software: version 1.52 Christmas morning. Other than that any type of online activity has been either non-existent or completely crazy. Could use some advice.

  • Shorty

    Im in Denmark, and just got the message psn is currently not available.

  • montourst

    Down in perkasie Pa

  • Mr Efficient

    Psn busy status Nc

  • Jake

    Can’t connect to anything fl is not loading neither are trophies

  • Sean

    Down again in Chicago. 12/26, 14:00 hrs. Sony need to get this straight if they think they are going to be charging for online gameplay now.

  • izzy

    i’m in the us sate NC and i can not get on they need to fix this. people get this time off work and some of us would like to play

  • Jozay

    Down in Austin, TX

  • SPR

    I’m on the south side of Chicago and I haven’t been able to access the network in two days.

  • SPR

    Actually just got on! Game on!

  • Alan El Sadek

    down in italy

  • Gaz1982

    Down in wrexham uk

    • Bobbins

      What a surprise._ not , its down in devon 8pm boxing day, same as yesterday , at least i had 5 minutes to use it._.Ps4 400 quid well spent

  • icer

    Brooklyn, New york Down can not sign in as of 3:00pm december 26th

  • Kirch79

    Down in eastern north carolina

  • Martha Neeley

    Down in Western North Carolilna. Maybe the staff got the day off. Hopefully they will get this fixed before the kids have to go back to school.

  • Gurutrish

    Down in kent uk. Having to try multiple times before logs in, very erratic past 24 hours,

  • chase

    down in gainesville, Fl yesterday and today

  • BennyParscore

    I keep getting a busy message. I’m in Buffalo, NY.

  • Gerard Butler

    This is sparta.

  • yann

    ( CE-33743-0 ) à Paris

  • Salvat1onforce

    down in pembroke pines, florida.

  • n835n

    down in uk what is going on anyone know

  • Yodude415

    Down in sf

  • olbinek8

    Down in Manchester UK – best thing “sony official error codes dosent match ce-33743-0 lol

  • Steffen

    Down In Randers, Denmark

  • cbeck

    Down in long island, New York this is some bs if u ask me they need to fix this soon

  • Bradley

    Down in northern ireland

  • ZzZ85

    Down in Leeds

  • gary

    ↓ in Salem OR

  • ohwhoknows

    down in oregon

  • Fredy95_CZ_

    Down in Czech Republic -_-

  • Mario R Cappellin

    Down in Turin Italy

  • M4st3r

    Down in Kenia

  • Genesis

    Down in mexico

  • Vino

    Down in London, UK. Just got my PS4 today -.-

  • L3git

    Down in British Columbia, was on yesterday though

  • Phantom

    Down in Kentucky.

  • IVIortus

    Sounds like they are just straight fu*ked up everywhere

  • Technofreakazoid

    Down in Abu Dhabi – UAE

  • Kayser32

    Add Kayser32 on psn. And down in Georgia

  • Sam1201

    Down in pluto

  • Axel

    Down in San Diego last night and today

  • GreenDoggie

    Currently not signing in, down in NZ. 10.07 27/12/2013

  • cameron

    Yea the son is down and I’m getting pissed- ORLANDO FL

  • Derka03

    Down in Georgia about an hour ago.

  • zac za

    ps4 busy/down in MD, ps3 fine

  • oiSHoTz-x

    My ps4 cant connect now. Im in the uk. Ive been connected before now though and not been down once.

  • realchiq215

    not signing in pa

  • Edom

    Down,in Belgium too

  • JJ

    ps4 down/busy in NoVA.

  • Mike

    Down in Nova Scotia, Canada. Really sucks, UbiSoft has a community challenge going on for AC4….

  • Jose Ca

    Get rather that the network connection has been lost (NW-31453) or that it is busy (CE-33743-0) — Mexico

  • bill

    ontario canada and servers are busy

  • Amit

    sweden too

  • ESU

    Busy in Georgia….Only patience will work at this point.

  • stepaside2k13

    Down in Australia.
    Have not been able to connect for 2 days

  • Nomin33

    In Finland… Down…Syndrome

  • Foofoo-fifi

    Down since 3pm EST Pennsylvania

  • Anthony George Bruce

    Servers busy in Maryland North America

  • Caesar Torres

    Psn down on my ps4 im in queens new york, come on i had ps4 since it came out neva had this problem

  • jabberjawky

    Servers busy in Texas too guys. I’m getting the error CE 33743.

  • Mike simpson

    New richmond ohio 3 pm today

  • Checo mtz

    in mexico is the same sony entertainment network is busy

  • zaa1fx

    Im in Preston, Lancashire, UK and unable to play DCUO but I can connect to Netflix. comes up with error code CE-33743-0.

  • James

    Error CE-33743-0. Also says I require ps plus to play online, when i just extended my membership 2 days ago. Fort collins, Colorado. 3:28pm

  • Aron

    Error CE-33743-0. Toronto, Ontario, CANADA

  • Nicholas Leiphart

    (CE-33743-0) Is what I got. Had no problem then it just stopped 5 minutes ago. fort riley Kansas time 1638

  • Andrew

    Error CE-33743-0 NY,US

  • djcrazyt

    Ce-33743-0 lake county California 2:41 pm

  • This_guy

    I get the same error code. I just wish I could use the product and services I payed hundreds of dollars for, but what do I know.

  • Charlotte Moore

    Setting it up now got onto psn nut wont link to my esa account on fifa anyone know how to fix this?

  • Whyte_Devyl

    Error CE-33743-0
    Columbia, SC, USA


  • BollockEYEs

    Oxford England here I try to load my friends list or any psn features and just get the message ” the connection to the server has been lost (CE-34861-2)
    Strange because I can still play battlefield 4multiplayer no probs and internet is connected . I have been using the ps4 fine up till xmas when it started pissing about maybe it’s to much traffic or something and it will sort its self out .. (Fingers crossed )

  • Bking

    Holland too

  • cheryl

    Hamilton ,Scotland .ours is down

  • truesandman

    error (CE-33743-0) sony entertainment network is currently busy. it seems i am paying for a service that cant be provided. Houston, Texas



  • Håvar

    Norway to… well spent money….

  • tommynineone91

    Poland here, same problem…

  • Joan Ardon

    Venezuela, 7pm local time, PSN is busy

  • Hill

    Irving, Texas. No PSN

  • MadJose98

    In kentucky Sony entertainment says I don’t have a membership……………

  • MadJose98

    Why is it doing this?

  • Lews

    California/United States

  • BJthebeast

    Melbourne Australia this sucks it’s not working

  • Mohammed

    Getting an error on my Vita :*( Any1 else?

  • Nick

    Problems trying to connect near Redditch in the UK, for the last two days… Managed to connect today, but unable to play as the control fails, can’t even move at times…I have had a message that says the network is busy….. Can’t believe Sony didn’t plan for the holiday.. Maybe just a victim of their own success ….Not acceptable now that we have to pay to play….PS4….

  • Joe

    Wisconsin/ united states. Im about to sell this whack ass ps4.

  • Tony

    Virginia/United States. No PSN. Code: CE-33743-0. I have had problems trying to download a game off the Network since yesterday as well. It started downloading Christmas morning at 10:00AM and stopped at 65% for installation. It still has not installed any further and now the network will not connect at all. I would appreciate any help or ideas. This has been frustrating considering I paid $60.00 for the game and $400.00 for the system itself.

    • Matthew

      Due to rapid number of people trying to access ps4 online it is not working just wait it should get fixed this is why I normally buy disc games they’re working to download and play not multiplayer of course but single the internet should get fixed

      • Tony

        Okay. Thank you. I appreciate it.

  • Nick

    Maybe easier to ask who hasn’t got a problem with the network…

  • Matthew

    Chicago illinois it’s down apparently I’ve heard it’s down because of an influx of people signing on to ps4 I think it’s working for ps3 not ps4 which is why don’t says psn is online it is for ps3 not ps4 this is due to a lot of people going online it’s been of and on for me since yesterday morning

  • Matthew

    CE-33743-0 Cheltenham UK

  • Bryan Thomas

    Beavercreek,Ohio it says sony entertainment network is busy

  • Ilya

    The same, Toronto, ON. WTF?

  • Rajje

    S E N is busy. (CE-33743-0) And EA FIFA 14 freezes ingame offline….!? Sweden, Stockholm! SONY pay up fockers!!

  • Chris

    The same in Ct

  • Animal1

    Psn network down cant play my playstation games so mad

  • keith

    Down in NC

  • HystericalTiger

    Mandeville LA server is busy it says cant play online i hope it is fixed fast

  • Max C

    Washington, DC. Can’t connect.

  • Lavall Nelson

    Southern Cali…. TF!!! I wanna play 2K nd Madden. Starting to lose faith in Sony.

  • Anas Alnaggar

    Down london uk

  • kim

    New Jersey’s down too x_x why did I switch to ps4? Should have stuck with Xbox…though Nintendo’s network is down too.

  • Rex

    Down in Coeur D’alene, ID

  • mario

    Down in El Salvador..

  • AngryDuuude

    Chicago down too -,-

  • Italiano46

    Down in Sicily (Italy)

  • Ag

    44107 area code…cannot access PSN for ps4…have been trying to connect for 3 hours

  • Alex

    Down in northern Pa

  • Bl4k3

    Down in Seattle

  • mvp

    Area code 77049

  • calledsole80

    down in eastern canada F***ING Sony seriously dropped the ball on this system. selling my ps4 and going back to xbox at least its more reliable and they listen to the consumers issues.

    • Josh101

      Yeah they really listened to their consumers when they tried forcing online, camera to always be connected and no used games. Microsoft really listens to their consumers. We really want to not have our right to First Sale Doctrine anymore. No sir, no we don’t. /sarcasm

  • Bob

    Down in nashville, tn. Only for my PS4 though. I can login on my ps3. Very strange.

  • Derek

    Minneapolis, minnesota.

  • Dug

    Network Busy – Southern Pennsylvania – PS4

  • CamG

    Connecting perfectly fine in Alabama. I just can’t see friends

  • reg

    down in new zealand

  • Pelao_cortes

    Santiago-Chile, problem ce-33743-0, too busy network

  • Roberto Hernandez

    Florida down too but only on ps4 ps3 seems to be ok

  • Syroo

    Down in dubai

  • JC123456

    I’ve been online all day playing Need For Speed, but PSN just went down for me here in Chicago. I’ve had my PS4 since launch. It was frustrating the first night, just like yesterday. It’s a DDOS attack of our own making. They’ll right the ship. This is to be expected as an early adopter. Hang in there, and trust me, you don’t want to get rid of this machine.

  • Bailey

    My ps4 when I’m trying to sign in says Sony entertainment network is currently busy (CE-33743-0) I really wish I could sign and play some c.o.d ghosts.

  • André Neves

    down in Porto(Portugal) –’

  • Sad

    Connection to the server has been lost.
    Lynnwood, WA USA

  • Brickboy

    Down in Iowa

  • Neil

    1st taken 24 hrs to get latest update had to do using PC in the end, now PSN is busy. Hope ps4 not going to be an expensive paper weight.

  • pissedoffps4owner

    down in allentown pa


    Here in SoCal it says that the PSN servers are busy : kinda bummed, I wanted to play ps4 today…

  • shane

    Down in Illinois hasn’t been up in a day

  • Why????

    I’m in San Diego and they are down

  • Lonewolf

    Down in Poland

  • Brandon Mejia

    I got my PS4 today and PSN is down. Well This Sucks.

  • Trent

    Down in NSW Australia, Error CE-33743-0. Brilliant…

  • ml

    down in Colorado

  • Ryan

    Down in Kent England says I’m signed in but doesn’t let me do anything just says connection terminated

  • Ricky

    Psn down in pittsburg tonight

  • DOM

    Down in toronto ontario

  • Nelly

    Okinawa Japan here, still down

  • Zach

    down in Montgomery County Pennsylvania

  • dan

    Down in new york

  • barney

    ‘Connection to the server has been terminated’ – Down in London

  • Trenton Cousin

    Down in North Texas, Dallas

  • chocolate

    idaho down

  • joe

    psn busy in Chicago

  • S.i

    Down in toronto

  • Chad

    Down in indiana

  • G

    Arizona/USA :(

  • Chad

    Hacked again?

    • calledsole80

      hahahaha probably knowing SONY

  • Chad

    I say whatever the amount of downtime we get, it should be added on to our ps plus accounts. $50 to play and can’t? BS!

    • calledsole80

      thats what i said earlier and the moderator deleted my comment

      • cyrus almighty

        What??? About PSN possibly being hacked? Very possible…

  • Chad

    Campaign time in Ghosts I guess

  • ;)

    down in Atlanta since 6 pm from me

    • Sam

      Just bought ps4 tonight in Atlanta, came back home at 6:30 and cant access to PSN since then… ,?!!!?!&$@!!?!!

  • Chad

    Everyone needs to let sony know their frustrations. Before it was free and we didn’t have a voice. $50 now, we should let them know!

    • calledsole80

      SONY doesnt GAF

  • cyrus almighty

    Down in Connecticut. Was working last night though.

  • Chad

    Calledso80.. They deleted your comment about being hacked? That’s probably because they were or don’t want the rumor to go around because of the big hack last year. If they were, they should let us know anyways!

    • calledsole80

      no it wasnt about being hacked it was saying they should compensate us for the inconvenience be it a free game or a wallet some

    • cyrus almighty

      Very true. They are trying to silence 1 year of Psn not well spent so far

  • calledsole80

    i looked at my error reports on my ps4 and ive been down since 24/12/2013

  • B91212

    Seems to have been down all day in Central Alberta, Canada. New PS4, tried first around noon and now again, network busy each time.

  • Chad

    I was in from 4 to around 5:30 this evening with no problems. Tried signing on about 30 minutes ago. Says psn is busy

  • Chad

    Oh I see

  • Postal08

    Down in Riverview, FL

  • Chad

    The weird thing is I’m able to access ps store

    • calledsole80

      lol youre lucky i cant even do that and being as i only have the free games like blacklight and warframe i cant do a thing rofl

  • jabberjawky

    I have PSN access. I played warframe multiplayer no problem. However whenever I try to play Blacklight Retribution It keeps giving me error messages, then says PSN busy…

  • Twins1987

    down in mn

  • Chad

    In my opinion, I don’t think they were hacked. There would be a total shutdown of psn network. Plus, I only use ps network cards. No more debit info from this guy!

    • calledsole80

      true they werent likely hacked but dropped the ball none the less lol

  • Joel

    Down in Erie Pa

  • DrZeus

    I cant get on to the PSN network or EA online…been having issues since christmas

  • Joel

    PS3 PSN is working but not for the PS4

  • Chad

    PS3 and ps4 are on seperate servers from my understanding

    • calledsole80

      are you able to see your trophies on the ps4?

  • Joel

    That explain Why

  • Dee

    Down in Honolulu hawaii

  • fuckpsn

    Time to move to xbox

  • Chad

    A friend of mine is playing ghosts ps4. Just got on 5 minutes ago. I still can’t play here in northern Indiana

  • Chad

    He lives in Wisconsin

  • Chad

    I can see trophies and just watched a 10 minute preview if Fast 6 in ps store

    • calledsole80

      my trophs arent even showing up all i get is a timed out error and psn service down

  • buck

    down in nh what the hell we are paying for it know so this should not be happen

  • calledsole80

    just tried killzone and i get this: (error code 10000 (E_NP_AUTH_FAILED)

  • shawn

    i cant get on warframe all day mostly i live in bradford maine usa

  • KELEVRA_R001

    PSN down in Joplin, MO

  • Spinmy

    Down in southwest va

  • fred

    it has been down for days here in qatar

  • Bob

    It is down in Mississippi

  • PS4 Gamer

    its down in New York

  • jimmy

    PSN down in Racine, Wi

  • C

    Down in Winston Salem NC

  • Mike

    Down in Phoenix, AZ. I can’t load trophies, my friends lists, or login to PSN at times. The error messages are different for each but I can watch Netflix just fine (thank god).

  • PS4 User

    down in Greenwood, Indiana for some people

    • Brandon


  • B

    Down in Indiana D:

  • paul

    down in Houston

  • Robert Short

    Down in Buffalo, NY, PS4, says my PS+ is invalid and can’t see trophies or get on multiplayer for Ghosts. Also, friends list is empty.

  • B91212

    I can finally log in here in central Alberta. Dowmloading from store okay at the moment.

  • B56678

    Down in Cincinnati,OH

  • Asstastik

    Down in Colorado. Getting the sony network error code. Lame.

  • beantown

    down in boston. this is horseshit. hate to say it but after all the problems ive had with this system in two days of owning it, I shoulda bought xbox one

  • Kyle

    It is down in Chicopee MA and it has been down since early Christmas eve

  • Chad

    On for 30 minutes now northern indiana

    • jose

      wait its working now

  • JLlama

    PS4-PSN Network down. Milwaukee, WI. wtf man

  • Rick

    down in San Diego

  • LoveMeOrHateMe

    Playstation’s servers suck A$$

  • Christian Valerio

    New York,ps4 psn problems

  • Nathaniel Leslie

    It’s been 2 days now in Hamilton ontario…the longest I got on for has been about 30 seconds and then it messed up again.

  • AlexisRG

    PSN is down in Mexico City

  • AlexisRG

    Can someone tell me how to use the multiplayer fuctions on fifa 14 for ps4? I have PS+ but when I enter to the game the functions like 1v1 or the fifa interactive world cup doesnt appear, thats also problem because of the psn servers?

    • XxDeath2UndeadxX

      From the main menu, scroll left or right until you find seasons.

      • AlexisRG

        And then ?? They dont appear yet the online game modes

        • XxDeath2UndeadxX

          Don’t think you can connect to EA servers with PSN the way it is.

  • XxDeath2UndeadxX

    Can log in on PS3, can’t on PS4. Elk River, MN

    • XxDeath2UndeadxX

      However, can still play CoD apparently. NFS Rivals, BF4, and FIFA didn’t work though.

  • I Wanna Play

    Orange County, CA …… No Connection yet! Been trying since Christmas morning!

  • Steven Charles Snyder

    Grand Rapids, MI….. No Connection

  • Loveis100

    Tennessee no connection

  • Josh101

    In Peoria Illinois, connection is fine now, PS store works, messages, etc. But yesterday I couldn’t access my friends like normal, it would show my friends but none of their recent activity n such. But you could still play games, granted you already have PS+ subscription that’s active. My PS+ subscription ran out on Christmas Day around 1a.m., soo I immediately went to the PS Store and redeemed 2, 1 Year subscriptions I bought for myself on Black Friday. I’m covered until Christmas of 2015 :D.

  • Guest

    Sf Bay Area doesn’t work still

  • Adriaan Knox

    Central Coast California… All I am getting is a black screen when I try to get to the Playstation Store on my PS3 (I just want to download new presets for my Pulse Elite’s)

  • calledsole80

    still down in eastern Canada. seriously Sony get your heads out of your A553S and fix it. 3 days and not able to play games is bullsh1t

  • zach000000005

    cant start a party or play any of my games online from central Illinois.

  • Dwayne

    Its down in Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • Lolatyou332 .

    Lol damn, these are the reasons im glad i didnt get a ps4, psn is always going to go down like this whenever a new game comes out

    • #gusten

      dude league of legends, world of warcraft, steam (not often) even youtube fucks up some times, xbox live did when i played on the 360 version.

      • Jacob

        I agree

  • 0.0

    Down in Bristol uk!! :@

  • LoveMeOrHateMe

    i’m trying to open my NBA 2K14 MyCareer file for PS4 but i get this message. “This save requires an active connection to the 2K Sports servers.” and it doesn’t open… Is this happening or has happened to anyone else and if so, were you able to fix the problem? please help… thanks.

  • Hyttelus

    PSN is jumping on and off here in Denmark. Pretty annoying…

  • Dylan Aarhus

    My ps4 is down laguna Niguel California

  • Djack

    Down in Atlanta, Georgia. Haven’t been able to sign on to PSN in days since a couple days BEFORE Christmas. “Sony playstation network is currently busy”

  • CreditKayz

    Still down in Brooklyn, New York?…

  • ty

    Here in denver colorado still dont work.

  • #gusten

    Down in Denmark too, Copenhagen :/ i wannna play battlefield 4, NBA2k14 and fifa !!!! <3 <3

    • Nova36

      Same here down in Raleigh NC

      • Phillip

        Well i guess yall aren’t the only ones, not getting any network in Gainesville FL

    • Supguys

      Denmark down here aswell

  • Shlanteen

    Not working in Lebanon

  • Arteux

    Down in Malaysia.

  • al

    Down in Milwaukee WI USA

  • Rabid Frost

    Down in Jacksonville Florida

  • Linda Schultz

    Down in Daytona Beach Florida USA

  • shaun

    Mableton georgia

  • Jordan A.

    Down in Nyack NY, USA

  • An

    Kent belverdere

  • John

    Down brooklyn New York

  • Allan D.

    Down in Batgon Rouge, LA even though network status says online at the PlayStation Website.

  • Allan D.

    Got my 2 nephews each a new PS4 with Destiny so we could play together. They just called to ask why its not working. Jackson MS

  • Goodluck Jonathan

    Canada, Ontario

  • j.kline

    Down In wake forest, nc for 2nd time in as many days. merry Christmas to all.

  • Dakota K.

    Denham Spring, Louisiana… How long will it take? I just got my ps4 for Christmas with destiny and now this? I’m gonna cry. :’(

  • steve

    Still down here in Conway, SC USA wtf

  • Jordan H

    Down in Bensalem PA

  • jake

    Just got it on Christmas day now it’s down in northeast Philadelphia

    • Jacob

      This morning I was getting on to play destiny then It said all destiny servers are unavailable so I checked psn and it says it had an error with network. This is in BLUFFTON, SOUTH CAROLINA

  • Steve Fidler

    down in gettysburg pa

  • Man

    Down in Columbia Missouri

  • Specop

    Pan Down in Essex, England notified around 12 afternoon

  • Jordan

    Down in New Orleans Louisiana What a Christmas when you can’t play online.

  • Daniel Grimsey

    After always having xbox’s I brought 2 PS4′s for my two sons for Christmas and neither of them will connect to PSN just keeps saying error, we are in Essex, UK, not a great introduction to playstations

  • Michael N

    Down in jacksonville Florida… lot of gamers here

  • me3jsandb

    Wow! my boys have always had Xbox and Xbox 360; brought my oldest the Xbox One and my youngest wanted to go to PS4; well, the oldest is playing all of his games online right now and my youngest is totally ticked off – Fort Washington, MD

  • Kintwon85

    Down in chapel hill, North Carolina

  • John

    Most likely the people that hacked into Sony did this. This is their Christmas surprise! Way to go Sony!!!

  • Drsugarballs

    Down in West Virginia! Nuke North Korea.

  • happysack

    still down 5 pm Luton UK what a farce sony should have been more prepared than this!

  • Consumerista

    Down in Toronto, Ontario. N ppl that think North Korea has anything to do with this are whats wrong with the world today. Read a book u mongoloids.

  • Gamer

    Still Down in Los Angeles, CA

  • joe

    Down in Galveston Tx since yesterday

  • rob

    Down in Toronto, Ontario… was down last night as well

  • adam

    down in Nashville tn was yesterday and today

  • tan

    Down in missoula MT if it counts

  • Dom

    Not down for me in Alabama but the store is down

  • Reddev32

    Cant login on Ps3 or PS4

  • Justin

    My son opened it today (Christmas morning) upon setup and connecting to internet psn will not work showing different codes internet strength100% things seem to be returning little by little. Hopefully working soon. Carroll county Maryland

  • sean

    down in Wheeling,West Virginia

  • Brandy

    Down in Nashville TN

  • Sean

    Down in West Texas

  • akadragonladee

    Down in Greensboro, NC. Don’t you just love paying a ridiculous amount of money for a game system/gift that can’t be used on the occasion for which it was bought?! If these gaming companies can’t handle server issues and hackers then they need to adjust their prices and monthly fees. The hackers need a proper ‘ass-whooping’ as we say in the South, as well..

    • RDBC53

      Has been in PG, NC since he opened his gifts mostly related to PS4; AND after us, his parents, spent over $1000.00 on the system, games, year membership, headset and a new TV that is HDMI capable since PS4 REQUIRES HDMI CAPABLE TV. Way to go SONY; my son was always an XBOX fan, STILL IS and will be ALWAYS. So he is on XBOX today, WHO HAS NO ISSUES AT ALL, and usually don’t. You have disappointed A LOT OF CUSTOMERS TODAY who bought into your hype only to be disappointed on Christmas Day.

  • xandorf

    Down in Portland OR. Psn was down for me most of the 24th but I was able to get on late that night. I woke up this morning on the 25th again with no connection



  • Adrian

    Down in Southwest va

  • Monsoon1974

    eastern ontario, canada. down.

  • John

    Up in Northern Michigan, noticed yesterday

  • Ben

    Down in Pinckneyville, Illinois.

  • Combatbobcat

    Utah, U.S. 11:41 Mountain Time. PSN is Down

  • max glover

    psn is still down here in Georgia usa as of 144pm dec.25

  • JuniorLRamos

    PSN & Xbox Live have been DDOS (hacked)

  • Todd

    down in sacramento, ca

  • Bhawkin00

    Down in Ohio. Has been down for 2 days now, Christmas eve an Christmas day.

  • shane

    Down in Litchfield ill for routine maint it says

  • Jack

    Been working fine in Leeds (England), until now, can’t sign in to psn

  • tenzin

    Medford isnt working

  • mark

    Psn isnt working in New York City

  • Will

    Québec Canada isint working

  • Spm

    PSN is down here in San Diego

  • fernando

    Toledo, Oh ain’t up

  • kyle smith

    down in Canada B.C PLEASE FIX FAST

  • H.R.

    down in skokie and Chicago, IL (60077) (60659)

  • J.t

    Down in Florida I just got a vita today

  • Gregg

    Down in Australia (Christmas has come and gone here)

  • Suga Psych

    Little brother got a new ps4, can’t sign into Psn, Pennsylvania, some friends say they can get online, but we’ve tried restarting again and again in the hopes we could be one of the lucky few but no luck.

  • Andrew Bates

    Down in Leicester, United Kingdom

  • Gregg

    Also …. This post was from dec 25 2013 (not 2014)

  • mdps4not

    8:30 am EST 12/25/14 We chose PS4 over XBOX 1 for Christmas – We have been trying since this morning to set everything up and enjoy the PS4 experience – The excitement and joy have now waned and the disappointment and frustration has set in – it’s now 3:37 PM EST and we still can not enjoy what our children waited all year for – Their faces right now breaks my heart and for this Sony you are not forgiven – Technology issues happen but all should have been anticipated and resolved prior to Christmas day – and now I cant box up the PS4 fast enough to go get an XBox 1 – To me Christmas is ruined – I dont have allot and it took me many long hours of overtime and endless days to save up to provide my children with something really special – Thanks for nothing Sony and PS4

    • Torkaz

      Xbox is down also so be patient

    • Gman113

      If your whole Christmas was ruined and.relied on the ps4, i got news for you pal, either your whole family are adolescent teenagers with only games on their minds or you have the most depressing family in the world and need to go into the sunlight.

  • Phil

    Berkshire, England. And around 2/3pm been terminated ever since!!

  • tim

    Well it’s down here in tn. Been trying to get on line for hours now

  • varoh

    rigby,idaho 11 am

  • Skeith

    Sibley, LA 3pm CST but been down all day as I can tell here

  • dalton

    Cabot,Arkansas PSN not up

  • dalton

    2:59 PM

  • dalton

    and I got the ps4 glacier white
    today too

    • iHateTheLizardSquad

      also got a white ps4 did u get destiny and a mic with it cuz I did

      • dalton

        I did too!

  • CoCo Rizzo

    This blows….. Seattle, Wa

  • Cody Snook

    down in Michigan as well

  • Marcus

    Indiana, US still down

  • garry

    Down in Bolton England all day

  • HugoNout

    Florida – 4:36pm

  • j.kline

    down in wake forest, north carolina

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    I made a Big Mistake, I sold my Xbox 360 and bought a PS4, I never had this much trouble from Microsoft. I’m bored too death on Christmas, can’t access PSN, since 6am ET Dec 25th in Indiana USA. I had PSN last night up until 6am Christmas Day. Have been playing Assassins Creed Unity COOP Missions with my Brother-Hood Club Members, we had 1st place in Competition but have no idea if Sony screwed that up? For those who just received their new PS4 for Christmas, I’ve had my PS4 since June 2014, PSN has been down several times in the last 5 months, I have lost a good friend, my only friend on PS4, he used his PS4 as Target Practice, because it’s NOT RELIABLE NETWORK! Microsoft’s Xbox Network was heck of a lot better than Sony’s Network. I’m saving my $$ to buy an Xbox One, then I will Destroy this POS PS4. I would like too see a Class Action Lawsuit against Sony for it’s Unreliable PSN Network, which charges $49.95 per year. This is my 2 cents about Sony!

  • StormCat

    Down in western North Carolina since the early a.m. hours….

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    PSN App say’s please sign in, then it fails. Sony’s website is down too, Sony must have got Hacked again since they allowed the Movie The Interview to be aired in USA Movie Theater’s and we have to pay for this ??

  • StormCat

    I have always been hardcore Sony person, I own every game console they’ve released, including 2 PS4′s and my entire entertainment setup.. And PSN has been down all freaking day.. But the icing on the cake is even dumber.. And I’ve yet to see anything said on these posts. I own tons of Downloaded games, not just plus stuff, but a lot I have purchased. All of a sudden when PSN goes down they All lock up almost instantly and give me a message that I am not allowed to access the content.. I verified myself when I paid for the content why am I not allowed to use what I paid for and downloaded when they can’t get their carp straight? It’s pure b.s. I thought only xbox was doing that garbage….

    • blzzy_gie

      “I thought only xbox was doing that garbage..”.

      Well you was WRONG and followed the fanboy’s, haven’t you noticed Xbox One can play all media without restrictions and even allows games to be put on USB 3 hard drives and played on Any other Xbox One where you can sign in and play instantly without downloading anything.

      Can’t do any of the on PS4 because of DRM.

  • paul

    Its still down in san Diego ca

  • help

    Im in Scotland stirlingshire and I’m still not able to connect the server is terminated on my ps4 what does this mean

    • blzzy_gie

      It means there are some nasty people out there . There is nothing wrong with your console you will have to wait.

  • branden jerrick

    Have you noticed psn have been down always on dec 25 maybe the hackers want us to spend time with family and not play games?

    • blzzy_gie

      Or maybe they are from a different religion or no religion at all .

  • Hello

    its down in DE

  • Clarge17

    Longmont co near boulder down still been waiting since 9:30 mountain time…its 3:38 guys wtf.

  • dazlelite

    Still down in Dublin, Ireland.

  • wraith99

    Mpls, Mn. Was able to get on about 7am, got no connection Midvale, and it’s now 430 central time….still nothing…..all Sony says is maintenance….on Christmas? Lol….I feel for all the kids and parents that were looking forward to a nice Christmas, and some f#”?tards had to ruin it….what a shame, oh and Xbox was hacked also….just fyi

    • iHateTheLizardSquad

      AHHHHHHHHHHH I got a ps4 today and I cant even sign on !!!!!!!!!!!
      stupid lizard squad I thought the FBI took them down

  • Random thoughts

    Still down in Virginia losing patience its been 20 hours now.

  • baggy

    Was fine a few hours ago in the UK turned system of went back on now won’t let me sign in angry is a understatement

  • C.T

    Down incUSA Pittsburgh pa

  • Apples

    I cant see my friends when is this going to be fixed


    I just got my PS4 today in Bonnyville, Alberta, Canada & PSN was down her to.

  • iHateTheLizardSquad

    down in Georgia,USA

  • RainingNorth

    Down in Watertown, NY USA this morning

  • Goose

    Down in U.S. Utah, SLC

  • destroyer924

    i was on line this morning then try go on line and says im not signed in so i go back re log in and i can get on been like this all chirstmas says its a error when u think it be back on im in usa ohio

    • destroyer924

      well i just tryed turn system off for 5mins reloged in it sign me in hope its fixed :)

  • Rob Klair

    Down in delaware also, I think hack since they went forward with the movie called “the interview”

  • Tgb69

    Still down AZ

  • Beth

    I live in Delaware…. we can’t get on either. Does anyone know what is going on

  • Kevman

    I’m in Belfast Northern Ireland and still no network. Been out practically all of Xmas day.

  • Doug

    I live in Canada /Alberta Edmonton and it has been down since around 9 this morning and is still not up!!!

  • leroy jerrkinboys guest

    northern Virginia U.S. was up until about 12:00am

  • leroy jerrkinboys guest

    that damn 4chan!

  • Nathan Gelsone

    San Antonio area!!!

  • Nathan Gelsone


  • joshua winter

    it happened to me yesterday all day from about 10am and it started working in the afternoon and stopped again today and is still not working. Queensland Australia.

  • joshua winter

    when is this going to get fixed It’s so fustrating.

  • Matt

    Down in St. Luis MO

  • Joshua

    Sacramento, CA down here as well

  • Master shake

    Coloardo springs still out 😡

  • airwalker1999

    Las vegas nevada down here

  • robert Moreno

    shingletown California

  • Awsomepants

    Harrisburg, still down

  • Awsomepants

    When will it turn back on someone tell me please

  • benn

    i know im echoing..but anyone heard when a fix is coming?

    • A.Tins (Veteran)

      Sony may have shutdown their Network to prevent Cyber Attacks after the Release of The Interview movie to U.S. Theaters. This is what I’m gathering on Twitter.

      • cbjk0703

        ok ty for the timeline then?

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Tweeted this afternoon with my News organizations about Sony, they said it’s possible Sony’s Network may have suffered another attack on their Network, because Sony agreed to release the Movie “The Interview” to U.S. Movie Theaters. They said it’s Possible they were hacked again or Sony decided to shutdown their Network just in case of cyber attacks. Either way I’m pissed at Sony’s PSN.

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    PSN Down, ACINITIATES is Down, Ubisoft is Down, Uplay is Down, But I have Hi-Speed Internet up and Running. Why can’t we use our own Network instead of relying on Sony. Wish there was a HACK to go around PSN.

  • Parker

    Little Rock, AR still down :/

  • Nico mah

    Monterey CA is down

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Indiana USA Down for 16.5 HRS

  • Jennifer

    Sistersville wv still down why we pay all this money out for ps4 to go down all the time gee

  • Sam

    Spokane Wa

  • Danny Dowd Jr.

    I can get into pen but when I go to cart it says error has occurred trying to download fifa 15

  • Vincent

    El Centro CA Glad to see im not the only one

  • dibyyy

    Singapore still down, 12:00pm

  • Vas

    Philadelphia still down

  • Kiss My Converse

    I am in savannah and i just got through playing online for an hour

  • Jon

    Massachusetts still down.
    It says when I went on the website recently its under scheduled maintenance.
    Could it be because of the hack on Sony?

  • lolololol

    quebec still down

  • 111112222

    Michigan is still down

  • 111112222

    My ps3 works in michigan but not my ps4. Why is that?

    • Young_Gunner20

      same here in Visalia California

  • cbjk0703

    still down in ohio//all day

  • nunya

    Melbourne, Australia is still down

    • Cesar cruz

      Yeah why is psn down

  • Cesar cruz

    Still down in Elgin all day

  • Cesar cruz

    Why dosent my ps4 works for psn

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    19.5 HRS Downtime and Counting in Indiana USA, I hope Sony PSN extends our Annual Paid Playstation Plus Account.

    • James Fitzpatrick

      I agree

  • Sasquatch

    Still Down in Inglewood,California haven’t been able to get on all day

  • James Fitzpatrick

    Yes in Canada it’s bin down all day on the 25 and still now early on the 26th I’m still waiting I had my ps4 since holloween so I’m ok but this wait time is stupid and play station has no clue why it’s down when I do there are rumours be for this server crash took place

  • jordan

    No psn in eau Claire Wisconsin at all Christmas eve and Christmas day. Still waiting. Been getting pissed off.
    Nothing for two days

  • MedicalMan

    I was on this morning played some gta. From 8 to 10 then got off. Came back from trip and psn is now down in Clearlake, CA

  • Johny198232

    here in Athens Greece we have a problem also, psn is down since yesterday morning

  • Young_Gunner20

    in Visalia ca. my brother in law has a ps3 an is able to get on the psn I have a ps4 an live in same house but I cannot access the psn did my account get ruined?

  • david

    Rocky mount nc. My ps 3 works but my ps 4 doesnt. Started since yesterday afternoon

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    I WAS RIGHT! Sony PS4 was HACKED on Christmas, It’s in World News today.

  • Bob

    Now I can’t play dragon age inquisition it can’t connect to the server I was on yesterday

  • Jayln

    My ps3 works, but not ps4. Yesterday morning, I was having trouble but then it let me sign in on ps4. And I was allowed to play online. But now it doesn’t work.

  • Jayln

    Oh and Dagsboro De.

  • Joe

    Still down in Estonia, can’t access playstation store via internet (site not available), can access store on console PS3 but can’t buy anything (an error has occurred), sometimes that also occurres while joing to store via console.

  • Deek

    Can someone advise why my PS4 won’t play the games my son got for Xmas, they worked fine Xmas day but won’t load today and we are not even trying to play online! We are in Scotland. HELP

    • Chad A. Lambert

      Its because if you can’t get online you can’t play you see if you log off your system still maintains a connection to the net and all games have a license on them now and to authenticate them you need online so no online…no license

  • Matthew

    Still can’t connect, Louisville, KENTUCKY. Connected Christmas eve, but haven’t been able to since

  • jordan

    texas is down and I really wanna play destiny

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    The Lizard Squad took out PSN & XBOX Christmas Day Cyber Attack Hacked, 170 Million Gamers Effected. CNN said this Morning 26th. They said XBOX is Fixed, But we have to wait for PS4.

  • Shane Longden

    PSN still down in Yorkshire UK Been down since Christmas day 11am GMT

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    PS4 still down in Indiana USA, been down going on 26 hrs straight so far, CNN says PS4 maybe down after the First of the year. But XBOX was turned on this Morning after the Christmas Cyber Attack.

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    This is Message from Sony’s Website:

    Under Scheduled

    We should be back online shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out:

    BS – They won’t come clean and tell their customers about a Cyber Attack by the (Lizard Squad) on Christmas 2014.
    CNN says, XBOX back online, but PSN is still down, WHY?

  • BARToMerks

    It’s been down since yesterday!! Going on 24hrs TF! /: in North Hollywood Ca 91606 fix it guys!! pls… lol

  • Timmy

    With this, I will probably go to X-Box for my next console. I mean, If I am paying for a service, I expect it to work. Scheduled maintenance is one thing. But, this was not scheduled. PS notifies you prior to scheduled maintenance and it does not last multiple days.

    • Bradley

      Xbox was also down

      • heavensdistroyer

        yeah but Microsoft is always on top of that sort of thing

  • me

    Hope they give is free stuff like they did several years ago when it was down for months

    • Christiandean02

      Me too

  • Jeremy Mayo

    Yeah, I haven’t been able to play ps4 online sense Christmas Day, and I still can’t right now, in Batavia IL. It makes me a little mad, because basically all my games require online. Like I just got the destiny session pass thing. And I can’t play it. Can’t talk to friends either.

  • Michael Faught

    psn down in north Texas 12/26/2014 about 3:45 PM central time, I was playing DCUO, but then was signed out of psn and can’t relog, my connection is still up, cause I’m using my laptop for this message, just PSN

  • dignify

    i can sign in on ps3, but ps4 is a no go……..????

  • Crysus Bu


    “The connection to the server has been terminated.” (CE-34861-2

  • Logan

    Still can’t sign in…. I don’t mind hackers, but when it comes to this, it pisses me off…

  • destroyer924

    in toledo ohio cant log on on ps3 or ps4 this morning my ps3 was working now both are messedup please fix this u need find way block these hackers this bs

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    PSN on PS4 in Indiana USA has been Down since 0600 ET Dec. 25 to Present, 48 hour Outage with No Access…
    Xbox with Microsoft is up and Running, they were only down for 12 hours according to my neighbor.
    Forsale $350 USD or Trade my PS4, 1 Controller, 1 Extended Battery Pack, 1 Console 500GB, 3 Year Extended Warranty, 1 TurtleBeach Headset and 5 Games: AC Unity, AC Black Flag, Thief, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts, Trade for Xbox One System??

  • Jason Leder

    Sterling Heights, Michigan Network is down

  • Harvey

    Psn down in franklin Pa

  • destroyer924

    toledo ohio still down on ps3 and ps4 and its 7:19pm 26 dec

  • ca

    Danapoint ca still down ps3

  • Leonard

    Still down in Sacramento California. 4:40 PM Dec 26

  • Johnbear89

    Still down opelika , alabama 36804

  • cory

    still down baton rouge louisana

  • Christiandean02

    Still down Louisville Kentucky

  • MutinyofSense

    Still down Peace River, Alberta, Canada

  • Shane Levermann

    Still down Akron Ohio 8:45PM Dec 26

  • phil mccrevis

    still down baltimore, md.

  • Mike

    down all over different part of united states an iam in missouri its not working here….

  • Ken

    Still down in Bklyn, NY at 9:27PM

  • blondie

    I’m in minnesota and am unable to connect to psn anyone know how long it’s going to be down

  • mike

    Still down new jersey

  • blondie

    This is BS!!!!

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Indiana USA is Going on 3 Days now in a couple hours without PS4 PSN (Pc Sh** Network) Sony People is taking our money and running with it, they don’t care about us at all! They just want that $500 USD PS4 and $49.95/year for PS+ & PSN Connection Fee. After they Fix this problem, Sony needs to Credit everyone with a Free Year of PS+ & PSN for Ruining everyone’s Christmas.

  • Brisket

    Wayside, MS still down

  • mike

    Finally says under going maintenance

    • A.Tins (Veteran)

      December 25, 2014
      Under Scheduled

      We should be back online shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience.
      While you are waiting for us, please check out: Trading in your PS4 for an Xbox One.

  • Phoenix

    Queensland Australia I lost all access to PSN Christmas eve and here it is 1.38pm December 27 2014 and I still have no access to anything on PSN

  • Phoenix

    I cannot even access PSN on any pc

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    December 25, 2014
    Under Scheduled

    We should be back online shortly. Apologies for any inconvenience.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out: Trading in your PS4 for an Xbox One at your local GameStop.

    • heavensdistroyer


  • Phoenix

    Why is this scheduled maintenance not listed on the PSN status ? It says no scheduled maintenance

  • Damian

    Down in San diego CA

  • Bf4

    Still down in dana point California

  • your momma

    Down in santa rosa California when is it goin to work

  • Courtney

    Mine is down as we speak 😭

  • Leonard

    Nothing yet ps4, sacramento California

  • Garrett

    Nothing – Escondido , California

  • Leonard

    This sucks! I just wanna get my madden fix lol. How much longer is this going to take? ? We should definitely get reimbursement .

  • Nicholson Curtis Cregger

    Nothing can’t get on Marion va

  • A.Tins (Veteran)


  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    CRAP! – PS4 DOWN AGAIN at 0425 AM ET 12/27

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Indiana USA PS4 Network worked for 1 Hr. DOWN AGAIN

  • John

    Down in Pennsylvania

  • Bob

    Nebraska Kearney psn network down

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Still Down Indiana USA

  • abdulah

    down in IRAQ too

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Sony’s Website says: December 27, 2014 – Under Scheduled

    We should be back online next year 2015. Apologies for any inconvenience.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out: Trading in your PS4 for an Xbox One at your local GameStop because we suck!

  • Hector

    Psn still down in reading,Pa

  • Jeff

    Down in Victoria, Australia

  • John

    Down in Philadelphia, PA

  • Cameron

    Still down in Wales,UK

  • luke

    I cant sign in properly still or play online kings lynn Norfolk england

  • George

    Down in Christchurch, New Zealand

  • John

    I’m in Philadelphia and at 10 PM yesterday I got PSN back on my PS4.

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Under Maintenance – December 29, 2014 1230am ET

    We are currently experiencing widespread network issues that are being addressed.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out: Trading your PS4 in for a New Xbox One at your Local GameStop Store, because we can’t seem to fix our network issues on Sony PSN.

  • A.Tins (Veteran)

    Currently Under Maintenance – Dec. 29, 2014 at 0109 ET

    We are currently experiencing widespread network issues that are being addressed.
    While you are waiting for us, please check out:

    Tradings your PS4 for Xbox One at GameStop why? Because Sony’s Network Engineers shut it down again just now, because they have no clue what their doing…