Samsung 105-inch UHD TV for PS4, Xbox One dreams

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Prepare to be amazed now, as Samsung are lining up a new TV at CES 2014 that is going to make your current TV look like one of Best Buy’s 26-inch budget models. The Korean maker is going to be unleashing the Samsung 105-inch UHD TV soon, which could be the TV you dream of owning with regards to gaming on the PS4 or Xbox One console.

Samsung has just sent out a press release, making the world take notice as Samsung claims to be offering a TV that is a ‘world’s first’. The company has been confident enough to claim that they have the world’s first, largest and most curved 105-inch Curved UHD TV – a claim that is surely going to be disputed as we enter 2014.

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CES 2014 will be the place to see the amazing TV in action, although we already have some basic Samsung 105-inch UHD TV specs to share with you now. This ‘Ultra HD’ model is going to boast a resolution of 5120×2160 pixels (11 million pixels) and also come with a dazzling aspect ratio of 21:9.

Samsung is also promising an optimized color feature and greater feeling of depth thanks to technology within the TV that allows for a new proprietary picture quality algorithm.

Imagine gaming on this beast..

Imagine gaming on this beast..

Unfortunately, there is no Samsung 105-inch UHD TV price in the US or UK yet, but obviously expect this to be a near fortune. By that we mean in excess of $50,000 USD – considering that Samsung’s 85-inch UHD TV that is already on the market, costs $40,000 to buy.

If you suddenly became rich, would you be tempted to buy one of these for $50,000 to play your PS4 and Xbox One games on? Give us your reaction to this TV below – will curved TVs become the next big craze?