GTA V 1.08 money glitch with new method

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The GTA 1.08 update is now live. We told you here that it was coming, as Rockstar already gave users an early heads-up on the complete list of GTA V 1.08 patch notes. Although Rockstar has attempted to fix the GTA V money glitches on 1.07, it looks like users have yet again found a working GTA V 1.08 money glitch that offers unlimited money.

Firsly, head to Rockstar’s patch notes here to get a full idea of what has changed on PS3 and Xbox 360 since the last update. If you remember, on 1.07 players had found a way to make $10 million GTA V cash per hour, by using the Z-Type car – one of the most expensive vehicles in the game.

Now though, this money glitch involves a completely new method and it has to be said a rather naughty method as well. One user has modded the game to give himself billions of GTA V $ after robbing stores, and he is then sharing this money out with those who join his modded lobby.

We have the video below which shows you how this is done, despite Rockstar’s 1.08 update only going live just hours ago so it is working after the new update.

You would think that Rockstar’s online balance team would be able to stop these things from happening, but time after time these glitches still keep happening and a lot of you are telling us that it then makes the whole GTA V Online experience less fun.

Then again, we’ve also heard from some of you who say that these glitches help you as Rockstar has made it too difficult to earn money in the game by normal means after so many tweaks from completed missions and races.

What are your thoughts on the new GTA V 1.08 money glitch that has been found by way of modding? Are you tempted to join this lobby and get free money or not?

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