Xbox One, PS4 stock availability update before Christmas

By Alan Ng - Dec 14, 2013

How is the PS4 and Xbox One stock situation looking for you at the moment in the UK and US? It doesn’t look too healthy at the moment if you are hoping to get one before Christmas, but we have seen that retailers are changing their status frequently as soon as new stock becomes available.

In the UK specifically, it is not looking too good. Amazon UK are sold out of both PS4 and Xbox One consoles. Amazon has said that they won’t have Xbox One stock in the UK until January 8, while they offer no date at all for the PS4 console.

Amazon US is slightly different, as the retailer has now updated their website to state that new Xbox One stock will be available on December 22. Unfortunately, the PS4 remains out of stock and we have seen Amazon third-party sellers use this to their advantage, hiking up the price of PS4 consoles to $680 which is ridiculous.

UK specialists GAME are also out of stock of both consoles, while GameStop in the US is a similar situation with both consoles sold out online – stores may offer better luck though.

Basically put, if you are fortunate to be able to find a retailer who still has PS4 or Xbox One stock before Christmas, you are very lucky indeed. Let us know if you have been trying to buy a console desperately before December 25.

Have you had any luck, or have you accepted that you’ll now have to wait until 2014?

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  • Aaron

    I pre ordered my ps4 on August 1st and got mine on launch all the people complaining that they didn’t have enough is stupid, new consoles come once every 7 years or so not even Sony, Microsoft know exactly how many they need to make all that matters is you should have paid the deposit of £20-$25 if you wanted the new console as soon as it came out end of

  • NgTurbo

    Great to see that some of you have been lucky.. enjoy playing your consoles over Christmas! 🙂

  • David

    I managed to get a ps4 on friday from my local argos. I just went in at opening time and reserved a klllzone bundle to pick up later in the day when the delivery of them had arrived.

  • Chris.w

    Finally have m Xbox one in hand. Can’t wait for Xmas day to set it up and play some awesome games. Last one in stock from j.lewis. I got awesome discount too. B-)

  • BC95

    Instead of them focusing on the “epic” apps etc they want to bring to the console, they should focus on dealing with the short supply, making sure people actually have a ps4 before thinking about what they wanna add…

  • Chris.w

    I’ve managed to secure an Xbox one from John Lewis Bluewater . I phoned them up and got in touch with loca store, said they had a couple left . Picking it up this weekend. B-)

  • Donna

    Argos Torquay just reserved one but think it’s the last one

  • Gemma

    Argos Wolverhampton Bentley bridge have the ps4 shadowfall pack available to collect in store

  • Paul F

    Cex has about 600 xbox ones and about 1000 ps4 for sale if you are desperate

    • mindu

      i would rather wait and pay the £349 for the ps4 instead of the £500+ CEX want for it

      • Paul f

        That’s where all the stock has gone