Update for Battlefield 4 on Xbox One is live, crash fixes


By Posted 13 Dec 2013, 13:45

Battlefield 4 players on the Xbox One should be happy to hear that an update which fixes the games crashing issues, is now live. DICE rolled the update out a little earlier and it is said to improve stability and fix a number of the common problems that some gamers have been troubled with.

A PS4 update for Battlefield 4 was released yesterday, helping to patch a number of similar issues within the game. Not only has DICE provided players with this new update they have also announced that they are working on the next one, based on player recommendations. You can see the full list of fixes that the latest update brings by visiting the Battlefield Blog.

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Sony had to release a software update recently to fix the online gaming outage which occurred on Monday, this is by no means the first and last hiccup that the next gen consoles and games will suffer from.

If you have downloaded the patch and are still suffering with crash issues on Battlefield 4 then share your experiences with the community by posting us a comment.


  • Gdm Laz

    Nope still crashes from time to time

  • Bcookjr

    Crashes constantly still, can’t connect to any games (my router and Internet is fine) horrible patch, didn’t fix anything for me