Battlefield 4 PS4 Vs Xbox One graphics to end debate

By Alan Ng - Dec 13, 2013

In continuation of our graphical comparisons, it’s time to look at another PS4 Vs Xbox One multi-platform game showdown. Earlier this week, we showed you how Call of Duty Ghosts looked on both next-gen platforms, so now it is only right that we take a look at how Battlefield 4 fairs in comparison.

Right away, you’ll need to know that Battlefield 4 is running at 900p on PS4 and only 720p on Xbox One. It’s disappointing that both games cannot hit full 1080p HD resolution, but you’ll be pleased to hear that both still look fantastic in the graphics department and 10 times better than what was possible on the console versions of Battlefield 3.

How does the PS4 slight advantage carry over though against the 720p version of Battlefield 4 on the Xbox One? Like other Xbox One multi-platform games though, we’re hearing that Microsoft’s version is sharper than the PS4, although the PS4 version runs a lot more smoothly.

Visuals are stunning on both..

Visuals are stunning on both..

A video we have added below gives you an analysis from the experts over at Digital Foundry. They have used the final code of the game, ie after all of the day one updates for both systems to determine which version runs best.

You can also witness frame rate drops in this comparison, showing moments when both versions cannot maintain a steady 60FPS. Would you agree that the Xbox One version of the game is sharper than PS4, or do you think the opposite?

Frame rate drops during an explosion..

Frame rate drops during an explosion..

Although we hear many are saying that the PS4 is the better version overall, we think both versions still look great. There’s no debate that the PC version is the better graphically, but just think about how poor console versions of BF3 were in terms of cut content from PC, compared to console versions of BF4.

It’s a massive improvement either way you look at it. Enjoy the game and let us know your own opinions on the fierce debate that we still see going on.

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  • DarkMatter

    Digital Foundry have been known to screw up comparison pictures, trust me when I say the PS4 version they are showing is actually much better than the picture they are showing here

  • Marlon

    Agreed, way horrible aliasing on the X1. Very nasty.

  • boob

    not as good as i thought, but i am a pc gamer. so i wasn’t expecting much.

  • Dude

    The higher resolution PS4 version equates to further visual range. I’ve experienced both, and that reason alone makes a tremendous difference. At longer ranges, the XB1 blurs the image and makes it very difficult to pick fine details. Especially when looking for snipers. In the PS4 version, it is possible to see across the entire map and pick out targets.

  • Truthful Tony

    there are no major differences between the two, so all this jibber jabber about the higher res and consistant frame rates count for nothing. turning up contrast etc. doesnt make a blind bit of difference to this either. facts are that the highers spec etc. on the ps4 arent significant enough to make it a factor when deciding which one to buy no matter how much sony try to play on this.

  • Marvin Deonte’ McClain

    The xbox one version is over-sharpened to hell and the blacks are crushed due to the upscaling system which increases contrast and sharpness to make up for the loss of detail. The ps4 version has natural color and a more natural image thanks to better anti aliasing, less overall jaggedness, higher resolution, and higher and more consistent frame rates. Sorry Microsoft…your silly tricks can’t fool my eyes. Ps4 players can simply turn up the sharpness, contrast, and color levels on their tvs if they want the same innacurate picture as the xbox.

  • Guest

    the xbox v

  • lubba

    you can either sit there and compare and nit pic all the minute and irrelevant details or go play the game and have tons of fun doing so.

    • Money Loo

      Some people have tons of fun doing the nit-picking.

      Silly goose.

      • lubba

        Is it in 1080p or 720p?

  • guest

    The PS4 has a higher overall framerate even with a higher resolution (900p vs 720p)..

  • east10th

    Why does the xb1 version look better

    • MattS

      Because of the broken gamma settings. Same as the 360, makes the Image look punchier at the expense of detail. Same as the settings they use for TV’s when they are in the showroom. It’s broken and wrong but people like it…

    • chava

      Is that so? Try watching the video on 3:07-3:11 min mark and you’ll see that on the floor they jumped from the tiles can be easily distinguished on the ps4 whereas on the x1 they just seem dark without being able to tell each apart.