Pokemon X and Y Walmart event Garchomp, Scizor abilities

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Heads-up all Pokemon X and Y fans, as it looks like Game Freak has sneakily launched the first Pokemon X and Y event. We have confirmation that new buyers of Pokemon X and Y at Walmart, can obtain a serial code to unlock a special version of Garchomp or Scizor.

We now also have confirmation of just how special these Pokemon will be and what moves they will come with. Also, both Garchomp and Scizor will come inside a Cherish Ball, which cannot be obtained normally in Pokemon X and Y.

Firstly, picking up Pokemon X and Walmart will give you Garchomp. Special abilities include Sand Veil or Rough Skin, while Garchomp will also be holding holding a Dragon Fang. The four moves of this event Pokemon will be Slash, Dragon Claw, Dig and Crunch.

As for Scizor, you’ll be able to get this for free by buying Pokemon Y at Walmart. The special abilities of this Pokemon are Swarm or Technician, but Scizor won’t be holding an item. Scizor’s moves will be X-Scissor, Night Slash, Double Hit and Iron Head.

So there we have it – looks like the perfect time to get the game if you didn’t already. Having said that, we’ve also heard feedback from launch buyers who are unhappy that they are not getting any of these exclusive Pokemon.

Let’s hope that Game Freak has something lined up to keep everyone happy. Let us know if you have picked up the game from Walmart this week for the special code – this event will run until June 30th 2014.

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  • Csnook

    i already got both of those Pokemon with good abilities :)

  • Phoenix

    So basically they aren’t special at all…

  • Armadillo

    not only are they not special, but they most likely are determinately male, so that you can’t breed the cherish ball onto other things.

  • Tara

    I bought both of my games at walmart and haven’t gotten any damn codes! I even picked one up the first night it was out! is it soposed to be in the game box or do you get it from a walmart associate? I work there and nobody in electronics even knows about it.

    • marko webb

      did it say special unlock code inside with a garchomp or a scissor on the cover?

    • Pandetta

      This is a new promotion, if you bought it the night of the release you are not eligible for the promotion… This is an incentive to the late bloomers that have not yet picked up the game, OR an incentive to pick up the other copy they do not currently have

  • Josh

    What are the codes

  • Derpness

    maybe its related to future legendary pokemon events?

  • tyler

    Scizor has quick powder

  • msgninja

    Event suck if you already have both version. Need more usa wifi event game freak.