RCA 7-inch tablet review after purchase


By Posted 30 Nov 2013, 05:30

Throughout this month, we have been keeping an eye on RCA’s exciting budget range of tablets, specifically the RCA 7-inch tablet that comes with a dual-core processor and Android 4.2. Consumers have been going crazy over it due to a price that is well below $100 – but now we have a short RCA 7-inch tablet review for you to watch from someone who has actually purchased the tablet during the sales.

To recap, this is a seriously low priced tablet that still offers very decent functionality and performance. Access to the Google Play Store is supported with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, while a dual-core processor with 1GB of RAM ensures that multitasking is still possible on such a cheap device.

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There’s also MicroSD storage available for when you get close to filling up the 8GB of internal memory. This could well be the best value tablet of 2013 when it comes to features offered, as we’ve seen plenty of tablets with only single-core processors that are more expensive than the RCA 7-inch RCT6378W2 tablet.

Check out a quick review below to see what one user thinks after picking his up from the busy sales. Let us know if you also managed to get one and what your early impressions are of it so far.

Don’t forget to check out full RCA 7-inch dual-core tablet specs here if you need them again.


  • Howard Hightower

    Got this at Walmart for Black Friday 2013 for $49. Will compare to my 10 inch B&N Nook HD (cost $149 on Mothers Day 2013). As a Black Friday item it was a much better deal than the single core model selling for $69 the day before Black Friday. Plenty of demand in the store for this at $49.
    Slightly slower and not as good pixal vs Nook but at about 1/3 the price – no reason to complain. Some things actually seem to work better on the RCA model. RCA also provides a tap to go to RCS video support option. Comes with a Walmart app (can it be deleted?) Very light weight.
    So far only 3 issues. Cannot get Youtube to launch and it comes with a YouTube icon.
    Sometimes in Chrome, tab for Bookmarks and it displays a empty Bookmark screen and I have 8 bookmarks. Sometimes the Bookmark do appear. Very very tiny sound at times, but earphone is an option.
    Playstore works great. Stays connect to Wi-Fi better than Nook.

    • Rachel

      I got my rca tablet on thanksgiving 2013 at walmart,& I am pleasantly surprised. It is WELL worth $49 since I only want to use it to surf the web, check email, occasionally shop ebay, & play games/shop in the playstore. It is as fast as anything else in my house with my wifi connection (it is fast), it does not freeze, & the sound is just fine for me. I can expect that overpriced ipads have better pixels for viewing crystal clear images-but I would sure hope so for such a high price !!! What do people expect? If this tablet were identical to an ipad-why would apple even remain in business? ? But honestly- this little tablet Is a steal for the price !!! Any one who disagrees is way to picky,& has too high of expectations for a $49 tablet ! I wish I could have got one of these gor several people I know

      • skbmango

        this tablet should not be sold…. I am here trying to connect the charger and will not charge. A new tablet,second use and will not charge? Not even my 3 yr old likes it…. SAMSUNG is # 1… I will stick to them.

  • Patty

    How is Facebook game playing on this?

  • country gal

    Got at Walmart for Black Friday. For the price it is a pretty nice little tablet. The camera could be in a better location but it is what it is. I have found only a couple issues that are somewhat frustrating, first being the battery life. The kids are only able to play games 2 maybe 2 1/2 hrs before it has to be charged again. The other thing is the charger. It would of been nice if it had the universal port that fits most other tablets and phones. We are in the search for a car charger that fits this tablet. The one thing my daughter misses on this tablet vs my Nexus is instagram. It isn’t available on the RCA tablet. Overall it is a good little tablet for the price.

  • amanda

    I don’t recommend buying this. Battery can only last for less than two hours if fully charged. I had headache staring at it for 30 mins because the screen is not soft to the eyes, not good or children. Apps always stop. Slow. It hangs so I need to restart it. The price ($68) is good but if you want better one buy the branded tablet

  • Denise Steinbauer Kober Meyer

    Had nothing but trouble on this tablet. It won’t recognize a MicroSD card. Has “nano-flash” which 8 people have told us was about 4 different things. Our grandson has almost a gig of space on the internal storage and yet can’t download a 46 kb item because it’s “out of space”. Can’t use a memory manager, because it won’t let you move anything. I feel bad for my grandkids as they were so excited to get this for their Christmas gift! Can’t find a REAL phone number to get knowledgeable answers or not be hung up on when we can’t understand their accent. It’s nuts and not worth the time and stress it has caused!

  • Lene

    This is the worse tablet ever. My worked for two weeks. After that I could not even start it. I contacted the manufacturer. They refused to give my money back, or give me another tablet. I will never, ever buy another RCA product.

  • louloubell76

    my kids have this since xmas 2013 works good they love it I do to thinking of getting one myself for 50 bucks at blk Friday what a deal

  • Denette

    I bout 2 of these Thanksgiving 2013 for Christmas gifts. My kids used for 1 week until their other electronics/games came, last week, they tried to use them, and charged them, only got white screens. I called walmart & they said im not the only one. im about to call rca, if they don’t resolve this(according to comment below they don’t care) I think a class-action lawsuit needs to be filed…I will comment here after I speak with them…

  • Paula

    My grandsons each got one for Christmas, and both have gotten messed up charging ports. They are 9 and 11 years of age and are really disappointed. They loved them until they tore up. They are not made well and WERE taken care of. Will definitely never buy RCA tablets again. Yeah they were cheap but only lasting for 2 and 3 months is not worth $49 plus waiting 3 hours in line at Walmart to get. RCA SUCKS!!

  • Mammy

    My daughter bought one of these to. It tore up in 2 months and I mailed it back to the RCA company. The warranty is 1 yr. It’s been a month ago and I haven’t gotten it back yet.. I had an Ematic brand and when it went bad I did the same thing and they replaced it with a new one and I had it within 3 wks.

  • Vernice A Battle

    This company sucks and their customer service agents act like they are trained to give customers the run around. They build tablets to last less than a month and my grand kids are disappointed. Still waiting on the replacement tablets. I purchased less than a month and considering legal action if I am still getting the run around in 3 weeks, I still have my receipt.

  • greedhater

    this product is junk! I got it for Xmas and it always has charging problems! Now it’s battery swelled up overnight and popped the case open! The battery is a joke! A pathetic aluminum pouch that can’t even be replaced! No customer support can be found! I’ll NEVER buy RCA again! I recommend no one should buy RCA ever! I like the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT idea.