Xbox One Kinect 2.0 extension cable

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One issue we have found with the new Xbox One is to do with availability of a Kinect 2.0 extension cable, and this is something we need for our 180-inch screen in a cinema room but after thinking our situation was unique, it seems a lot of gamers have this problem for a number of reasons.

The Microsoft Xbox One Kinect 2.0 extension cable isn’t available at the time of writing, although there is hope of a 3rd party accessory or lead releasing in the near future that can deliver an extension of over 20-30 ft.

When it comes to projectors, a lot of the time all electronics like the Xbox One are stored at the back of a large room and the Kinect 2.0 sensor needs to be at the front along with the screen, so in this situation it is a big problem without a Kinect 2.0 extension cable. The connection isn’t USB 3.0 like some people thought it would be, so thanks to a proprietary cable you will need to seek something more specialist.


You can see the Kinect 2.0 port on the back of an Xbox One above, so as you can see it is far from anything USB related but we do have hope of an accessory maker tapping this market in the near future.

Demand for an Xbox One Kinect 2.0 extension cable – as we explained above, we thought the need for a very long Kinect 2.0 extension cable around 30 ft was unique to us but this seems to be far from the truth.

You can see one forum thread right here that reveals a lot of people have setups for their new Xbox One that require an extension cable for Kinect 2.0, and considering the new features like voice control it’s something you would rather have than leave the sensor in the box.

We noticed a few people with projector rooms just like us looking for the Xbox One Kinect 2.0 extension cable, and also a lot of gamers have certain rooms where the console will be put a long way from their HDTV, so this means an extension cable of up to 30 ft is needed just like in our situation.

Do you need an Xbox One Kinect 2.0 extension cable? If so, explain your situation in the comments and we will update this article when an accessory becomes available. It is worth noting the included lead is pretty long at around 10 feet, although not long enough for some people and this means Microsoft or a 3rd party need to offer a solution to remedy this issue.

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  • Jay

    I have a home theater with 120 inch screen. I have been doing searches for several weeks for just this product. Don’t want cables all over the room and 9 feet is not long enough for my setup.

    • Kevin H

      This is pretty frustrating and rather short-sighted on M$’s part. I’d called the Microsoft store a month ago and ordered a kinect cable after being assured by the rep (who had to put me on hold to double check with the techs) that it would be compatible with the X1. Unwrap my console this morning and lo and behold, it does not!
      Guess no kinect for me until then!

  • pcommenter

    I need another 10ft minimum. This sucks as I had original Kinect ran already

  • Markus

    Should be a way to connect the 2- wirelessly to accomodate home theaters.

  • Darren Sussman

    Count me in! I need to extend the cable by at least 20′, preferably more (and run it through the ceiling and walls).

  • JRL

    I need one for my 105inch theater screen I need at least 30 feet or so

  • Joe

    40+ foot, I have my components/game systems hidden away in a closet in another room, i current run a long USB cable (50 foot) for the Kinect 1.0 in the wall/celing to a panel behind the wall mount TV. I am so adamant about hiding the cables for a clean look i am going to old off on the One until I see a solution for this.

  • Jamie Beau Dixon

    I need 10 feet more as well… I am tempted to just cut it and extend it myself…

    • Matt

      But then if a hardware failure happens the warranty is probably voided

  • Kypp

    Have my whole component setup is in another room. Need about another 20 feet or so.

  • Furyswrath

    I Have a Media Closet, and thats where my XBOX One is Located. My TV Hangs on the Wall in the opposite Side of the Room. I Had a USB Reapeter Cable for The Kinect 1.0, Really need an Extentision Cable for the Kinect 2.0 I hope they make one soon.

  • Wayne Kay

    30 foot required. Also having issues hooking up my surround sound system. I only have a cheap ‘home theatre in a box’. With my 360 I used HDMI and component cables, HDMI from 360 direct to projector and component into the DVD player then selecting the AUX function. Can still get sound through my PX5′s but no good if I want to watch a film with the missus. Can’t seem to find a way around this. (other than buying a better system but this is not an option at the moment.)

  • Chris

    Same here! I have a projector (120in) with all my media in a closet in a guest room. There better be some sort of extension soon….

  • Halroy

    Same here. I need at lease 30ft for my theater room. 120″ screen.

  • Marc Boggio

    Projector in the home theatre- it’s a long room with the image and electronics at opposite ends. I would ideally need at least 40 feet in order to feed it behind the couches and hide the wires.

  • Bryan

    all my av equipment is in a rack in the basement and audio/video cables are passed thru the floor and walls to my family room. I had a USB 2.0 that was run and was about to buy a 3.0 extension to make a new run until I saw this article. Looks like I’m stuck waiting for a 30′ 3rd party cable.

  • Eric Wright

    Same here. I have a projector with AV equipment in the back of the room. When I had a Wii hooked up I had to buy a 50ft cable then when that broke I actually bought a wireless Wii bar. I am getting the Xbone for Christmas so hopefully someone will come up with something. If not maybe I could splice a longer cable?

  • hypnoj

    I don’t need much, but I definitely need at least 15 feet. This drives me crazy that they don’t have any options available for this.

  • Nicholas A Aronne

    Same here :(…..

  • BDHC

    need a extender cable and wall plate to go with this. sticking this under my tv on my coffee table til then..

  • Ted

    I keep my components in a side closet and the cables run behind the wall to get to the TV, so an extension is a must. It’s quite ludicrous that Microsoft would not have addressed this well in advance either by offering a separate proprietary extender or providing in the box, at a minimum for the day one edition. Feeling very annoyed right now.

  • Lisa Kerby Randolph

    We have the same issue. Components in one room, TV in another. We need about a 40′ extension.

  • Kila

    Same problem with Kinect 1.0, im surprised Microsoft didnt plan on the problem continuing with the Xbox1
    I would need a 40-50′ cable myself. I spent over $150 trying to rig a USB (unsuccessfully) for the kinect 1.0 and would gladly shell out another $100 if it meant being able to enjoy the Kinect amd its features with my kids.

  • Jebno

    Yep, so disappointed that it is a proprietary connector, right now my day one xbox has a cable draping across the front of my home theater to the kinect 2.0. But it is Microsoft the company that doesn’t do standards, morons. It is supposed to be a USB3 cable + power. We will probably see some how to videos soon on how to make your own extension. Would be nice if they got rid of the power brick. Just make the thing bigger, they said they wanted it to be like a “true AV component”. Morons.

  • cbeitel67657

    Yes, Have a media closet in the back of my room and need extension cable to put the connect near the screen.

    • brentokuley

      I’m in the EXACT same scenario. At first I didn’t think I’d care for the Kinect, but it’s actually pretty impressive, and quite useful. My media closet is about 30 feet away from where our home theater is set up.

  • raburnettmcse

    What an Epic Failure talk about burning your fans good will! I opened my One and found out that the new connector meant I needed to completely rewire my layout and add a long hdmi to place the xbox and Dish Joey within 10′ of the screen. Would have taken MSFT 30 min to explain why this is now a requirement and help people prepare. Instead I open the xbox one and was ticked off. What a screw up Microsoft.

  • Ehanes

    Major disappointment… The short cable makes the Kinect unusuable in my room… Need 20 – 30 feet.

  • felickz

    WiFi with an ac adapter??? Whynot… Gigqbit wifi speeds

  • jim

    So upset I can use my Kinect because I’m running a projector will all my gear at the back of room in a rack…..why not just leave it usb…….suckered!!

  • OdysseyONE

    Cant’t use the Kinect in my room, exactly as the article explains. Dedicated AV room, all the equipment at the back.

  • Grant

    I also need approx. 30′.

  • Redstang93


  • Redstang93

    I need at least 25 feet. Media rack is in a closet.

  • J Mike.

    I need a 30′ run from wall mounted TV to A/V media closet. This is a major screw up for THE bleeding edge gaming console.

  • jelloslug

    I need another 20 feet to make Kinect work for me.

  • legendarysword

    i need about 20 feet

  • boing boing

    I need about 15 feet

  • RichinMN

    Need about 30 feet to go from my equipment rack up into the ceiling, and over the front of the room and down again. Projector setup with 14 1/2 foot screen. I read there might be some technical hurdles extending a USB3 format over 16 feet.

  • Deacon Gamer

    This is a huge screw up Microsoft for day one launch of the Ultimate gaming machine!!!! I need another 15′ to connect in our family room…media room will need 20′.

  • Matt

    Yes the room i have my xbox one in is about 10×15 with an 90″ projector but the cable is about 7′ long so really i need about a 30′ extension to have it wrap all the way around the room or atleast a 10′ so i can have it just in the middle of my room so i cab use it. Atleast i can still use voice commands until then

  • Boreddjdan

    Why oh why isnt it wireless and why oh why does it have to be so big i only need another half a meter but my tv is on the wall and my xbox is in the corner and to put the sensor in the middle the only viable option is to chisel out my wall to make a shelve to sit it on hmmm not exactly easy to do nor will my misses entertain wall demolition just to humour my new console and also it will ruin the asthetic properties of my wall mounted tv im at a loss at the minute bloody yanks and there supersize culture

    • sphinx riddle

      There is no way they could possibly get the bandwidth needed for the data exchange via wireless, not even with the new AC standard.
      It has to be big because there is a sizable amount of onboard processing and equipment packed into it and risking overheating by shrinking it further or requiring a high rpm fan would be obnoxious. They do have a mount kit available and a standard threaded base so a lot of standard speaker screw mounts should work just peachy with it.
      Having said that…the short cable is an amazingly gross oversight and not having an extension available for sale at launch is utterly inexcusable.

  • Ashwood

    I have a projector so I too need a cable at least 10m long

  • Chucky

    30`+ needed here, projector setup…

  • Dago4sho

    Hello all, have a media closet. All cables run through wall to TV. Nowhere to set the Xbox One and will have to leave it in the box tol a extension cable comes out.

  • Steve

    Need a 10ft extension cable to get the ~20ft I need to reach my media cabinet. Why can’t Microsoft be more prepared for its customers at launch!!!

  • TheScottK

    Need about a 25′ extension myself. I have a front projection setup and the xbox one is on the other side of the room.

  • andrew

    Im with everyone else media rack at the back of room. 100′ projector screen at thr front. Help….

  • REDED23

    Need an extension cable ASAP !!!

  • Mike

    bummer. need about 25-30′ extension.

  • Scott

    I have the Xbox in a Home Theater room so all the equipment is in a media closet. Had a 25ft extension for the 360 Kinect, now need one for the One.

  • Rob

    Also need a 25′ extension cable.

  • Jason Dino Lawrence

    I have a projector and will need about 30ft, I expect their will be cables available soon. Considering how long the Kinect version 1 has been out I find it unacceptable that MICROBRAIN I mean SOFT have not taken the intitiative and produced a 30ft propriatry cable. They would have an instant monopoly on sales plus please a myriad of users. A wireless option would have been ideal but I suppose issues of lag and cost would have added more too the overal price of the bundle. However I amnot buying the console until the cable is available probably 3rd party from EBAY. MICRODICK i mean SOFT you can take your 9ft cable and hang yourself with it!

  • FERG

    Plasma on the wall with motorized projection screen, all equipment in cupboard .. need about 15mtr cable. Main reason I have bought a XBOX ONE … I want one for the media and Kinect features … when they as they are supposed to in Australia with all voice commands , tv guide and I can actually plug it in …….. not upset … just disappointed :(

  • mikeisfly

    I have a 55″ on the wall with kinect 1 underneath. 40′ away at the rear of the theater is a communication room where all my gear is. Need this extension cable bad!

  • Geoff

    My living room setup has my receiver, cable box, game units, etc next to the couch and my 65″ tv is mounted above my fireplace about 25′ away. My one USB cable and previous 360 kinect ran under the floor along the basement ceiling to the other side of the room to the tv. So no extension means I have no way to really use the camera and set it up in front of me

  • Justin

    I need a cable! 25ft. I have TV over fireplace and entertainment pulled to closet.

  • Duane Janes

    Would be nice to have a 30′ extension cable so I can use the Kinect but it looks like I’ll have to wait along with everyone else. My TV is on one wall and all the wires to my receiver and new xbox one are 25′ away on an adjacent wall in a built in accessory cabinet.

  • NaiveTech

    I have a 14 foot screen with the projector 19 feet to the back of the room. I’ll need at least 15-20 foot cable extension. Spare room setup is in one location and works fine. Why didn’t they think of us???

  • Derek

    My setup is almost 80′ away in cable lengths, only 30′ or so in actual distance. But with a vaulted ceiling and peculiar runs up and down walls it adds up quick. I had to buy a USB 2.0 extender over Cat 6 with the original Kinect, an expensive solution. Now with a propitiatory connection I am not sure how I am going to do it.

  • Mike

    My Xbox One is in the back of my living room so to run the cable down under the house and behind my TV which is mounted over the fire place…. I would need around a 50′ Cable. So Please Make this happen soon. Lol I want my Kinect up and running

  • Michael Toler

    I have a front projector above my couch which projects to a screen 15 feet in front of the couch. My A/V components (Xbox, PS4, DTV receivers, etc.) are in a cabinet built into the wall behind and to the left of the couch. Putting the Xbox One in the cabinet will require 15 feet of cable minimum in order to put the Kinect 2.0 under the projector screen and above the center speaker. Ideally, a 20 foot extension cable would do the trick. Right now I’m unable to place my Xbox One in the cabinet because the Kinect would then sit about three feet from the couch.

  • jeff

    Same same. TV above the fireplace. Av outlets 10 Ft away with smurf tube up to attic for hdmi cat.6 etc. Figure I need 25 to 30 Ft to connect without unsightly run. Bummer.

  • Klaric

    I need about 40 feet. Guess I will keep the system near my wall/screen and use an HDMI extender to run back to the projector.

  • paul

    I’m the same i need a cable that will convert to cat6 plug as i already have this run 20 meters so a compatible converter with proper kinect 2.0 plugs will be ideal and able to push the signal that far of course, come on microsoft you built a games console but your definetly not in the game on this matter FAIL

  • Cody – day one purchaser

    Same here. 1080p projector on my back wall, connected to media rack on my right. 94″ screen in front, with zero visible wires for anything except about 18″ for one of the rear speakers. I’d love 30′ to route around the side of the room.

    A public acknowledgement is too much to ask for?

  • Michael Slater

    Im in the same boat as cody need 30 feet to reach the equipment room in the back.

  • Slim

    Same Issue. Have a large theatre room 110″ screen with all electronics in a walled compartment. Need a 20 – 30 foot extension to make this work. After watching the Xbox One capabilities, I really want it, but will not purchase until the Kinect extension is an option.

  • Boing Boing

    I have a fancy wiring raceway built into my wall the runs all my cables into a closet around 20 feet away, a 30′ cable would be the right length based on where my Xbox sits.

  • Max Stef

    hi all, thanks to speak about this problem. I apologise that Microsoft didnt think to us (large home teather solution / videoprojectors) at the launch of xbox one :(((( anyway i hope that they will make very soon an extension cable for kinect 2. I need 30 ft too becouse in my room i have in the back all the electronics and forward the screen.

  • oosik

    I am in the same boat. I have a projection theater room where I game, and the Xbox One is in an AV cabinet in the back. I need a 30+ foot extension.

  • Steven Kelley

    I have all my components behind me and a 123″ projector screen in front with a 15ft throw. I’ll need at least a 30ft kinect2 extension cable to follow the wall.
    In the meantime i’ll be purchasing a 30ft monoprice Redmere hdmi cable and not use the new (HDMI IN) feature until Mircosoft thinks of us elite home entertainment users.

  • JohnnySm0ke

    same as everyone else, need a fkn extension cable for the theater. 20-30′ would work

  • Disapointed

    I just open the box and notice I need an additional 20′! Not good Microsoft!! Should have thought this through!

  • Patiently Waiting

    Same situation, I run all the cables from the TV to the components through our crawl space. I need about a 25′ extension cable.

  • Lordzoarial

    Temporary solution B, I suggest you find an extension HDMI. You just have to plug xbox in front and get a long HDMI cable to reach projector. When the wire will be created, swich xbox to te back. ”I got a projector with xbox one / kinect in front

  • tim

    I already have an 50 ft usb 2.0 extension cable (monoprice) in place for my xbox 360 would be nice to just get an adapter that allows me to run this over my existing cable.

  • Greg

    Yep…components in back of room, in a closet. Need at least a 30′ extension.

    thinking about splicing and dicing 😉

  • Ken

    count me in as needing one as well…surprised that one hasn’t already hit the market..

  • Lonny Jones

    Yup, One is currently sitting on the floor by the screen using HDMI to Cat6 baluns to get to the equipment rack in the back until a 35″ or so extension or adapter is made. But this means i cant plug the Tivo in to it. Canceled my preorders for the second and third One’s that were going to go in the living room and bedroom that would both need 30″ extensions…

  • Michael Themeliotis

    My Tv Is wall mounted and all my av equipment is in the cupboard under the stairs which I pre ran hdmi cables, cat 5 cable, coax, power etc under the concrete floor 4 yrs ago. In theory as I have cat 5 terminated behind my TV to the cupboard they just need to come up with a Kinect to cat5 extender and this would be a viable solution for me. I haven’t purchased an xbox one yet as If I cant get this working I may opt for a PS4 instead… Microsoft definitely missed a trick here in my eyes…

  • Skippy2Ton

    I need a twenty-five or thirty foot extension to reach from my projection screen to the back of the equipment cabinet.

  • Jovar

    TV is about a 30ft run from the components, so need about 25-30ft of extension.

  • Pritesh

    My components and xbox are hidden 5 meters away in another room, need a 7+ meter cable to use the Kinect

  • Robert Vogt

    I have 2 Xbox ones and neither of my set up’s allow for me to have the Kinect unit by the screen. The first set up has my TV on top of my Fireplace mantel and I have 2 30 foot HDMI cables that run up into the attic and back down to my electronics rack…so the ideal solution for this would be to have a Kinect 2.0 to hdmi converter. My second set up is a projector in my theater which has all my electronic components at the back of the room with my projector…I would also like to find a way to cut a hole in my wall and set the kinect in it and put some kind of material over the cut out space that would allow me to project an image on it but allow the Kinect to see out of it.

  • vmaxcc

    I put my xbox one on a full swing golf simulator with a lasershot set up as well. Not sure if the kinect will work that high but can only hope. I will need a 15-20ft extension.

  • Greg

    So close. I need about 12 ft.

  • Mijoge

    Projector setup, will likely need at least 20 ft cable, 30 to be safe.

  • John B

    Same as everyone else.. 1080p projector.. 4.5m throw.. 130″ curved screen.. all hail FORZA5!!.. set up components in cabinet to the side of the screen.. as close as i could.. kinect cable only 2m short.. Farken really??

    They should have given you options.. what is your setup? what do you need? How long is the cable you need? Make a standard cable.. make an option to upgrade on purchase as required.. i agree with next gen comments?? please Microwank.. please.. this is what you came up with?

  • John B

    Considering there is need for many different lengths, any where from 2m to 10m, here’s hopin Microfukup thinks this thru a little better.

  • Jean Carper

    Same as everyone else, 20-30 feet in projector room, xbox kinect is the only function that will be used by us here unusable until then. Please let us know when it becomes available.

  • Legenderek

    Yup, need this too. My cable needs to be at least 40 feet to run the distance to my equipment cabinet in the back. Currently running 2 hdmi cables (1 to the XB1 and the 2nd back to my Denon), with my XB1 underneath the screen close to the Kinect 2.0. Unfortunately, this also prevents my XB1 from controlling my other components. Hope somebody makes a solution soon.

  • EvilMoore

    Same here – media room projector setup – need an extra 15 feet.

  • James Moorhead

    Same here TV is above the fire place and sky box and other equipment is hidden away, need a cable around 20 feet

  • Jason Love

    Same situation, TV is above the fireplace with equipment hidden.

  • jcnokinect

    same…projector…audio closet…need 40 feet

    • Clarky

      Cool story bro

  • Darrenh

    Same Projector with a separate component stand. Better than an extension cable, how about a wireless Kinect……. That would certainly eliminate everyones issue no matter what length they need. Bandwidth should be minimal and easily transported across a wireless connection without performance issues.

  • mike d

    i need an extention cable, shame on microsoft. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I am not sure why this has not been addressed before release.

  • kush

    I have my entire entertainment system in a closet about 15 feet away from my TV. My TV is a wall mounted in order to reduce clutter in the room. With this purchase I would be required to move components around to support the game instead of having an extension cable to support the distance required to mount the device. They created a wall mount for the device but didn’t seem to think about how the device would connect to the unit once mounted. Extremely fustrating.

  • youngjb

    Same situation as many of you. I have a home theater system with a projector, equipment is in a rack in the back of the room. I bought two additional 20 foot hdmi cables so that I could run the xbox up to near the front of room, the kinext cable covered the rest of the difference. It was a very ugly set up. I left it like that for about two weeks, until I get sick of everyone tripping over the cords. I disconnected the kinect and I am running the xbox with out it. No where near as fun. So hopefully an extension will be out soon.

  • xboxless in seattle

    I have not purchased an Xbox one because of lack of long (35ft) cable for the connect sensor as my equipment rack is in a closet approximately 35 Ft away from my TV

  • GSF

    Same problem and waiting to get Xbox one 35ft sensor cable as my equipment rack is in a closet about 35ft from wall mounted tv

  • JDM

    More of the same…I won’t buy until a longer 25′+ cable is available. All electronics are in a remote closet and I refuse to put a shelf in just for this piece of equipment.

  • Shannon Fritz

    I’ve got a room 20′ long with the tv and xbox on opposite ends. I need to run the cable through the attic, so I need something about 35 feet to get there. until then, my kinect is all but useless!

  • Jose

    I have a cinema room in the basement, and have an AV rack in the back left need at least 25 feet.

  • Anthony M.

    I have a mancave with a projector and a 100″ screen, so add me to the list for people who need at least 40′ of cable.
    But how much is this cable worth?????
    Don’t forget that your time is money.
    With everyone making it such a huge deal through forums, I’m thinking all we’re doing is driving demand through the roof prior it’s existence.
    I hope that there will be a third party solution sooooon…..maybe even a wireless solution? Hint, hint Mad Catz or anyone else out there.(which I can’t believe didn’t happen, dare I say it? “Day one”)
    So I guess staying LOYAL to Microshaft will only cost us more in the “Long run”
    Is this our fault? Are we too impatient? Is it that our Media rooms are not set up “IDEAL” or is XBONE wanting their Kinect to be the center of attention minus a solution?
    I don’t want to see a Bad accessory released fast, it would be better to have the “IDEAL” solution happen in time so we can Kinect our XBOX to our home theaters and get $500 to meet our “Day One” expectations. So far it’s been all Buck and no Bang… :(
    The Gaming industry has become something that is now an adult community with a very adult cost, Microsoft needs to KEEP us happy, Loyalty can shift….

  • craig

    Add me to the list i had one for my xbox 360

  • drmike5000

    I also need one for a home theater system.

  • sarah carmack

    i need one also my equipment is behind my screen

  • Travis JB

    Same. XboxOne in media closet and placement of kinect would be ~18 feet away when routing a wire through studs/wall… wireless not an option for me as I have no 110v near the screen, so really looking forward to a simple physical cable extender w/o balun… if it must pick up 110v, prefer it plug in on client side (xbox one side)

  • ryan

    I need one as well. With many households putting their TV’s over their fireplace I am sure they all need an extension for the cable.

  • Anthony Rallo

    Same here. Media cabinet behind the living room (so about 20-30 feet in wall. Used an extension on my original Kinect. My Xbox One is still in the box as a result. :-(

    • Clarky

      You realise you could just put the kinect on the top of the boxand at least use voice.

  • Matt

    I’m in the same boat. Bought an xbox one today only to find out there is now way for me to get the kinect sensor where I need it. I’m returning it and getting a ps4. The kinect was the only reason the xbox won over the ps4. With out that, ps4 wins.

    • Clarky

      Lol there are heaps of reasons to buy an xbox over ps4, but you’re probably the type of stupid that belongs on ps4

  • Ben

    I haven’t read every post, but why not press for a wireless kinect not much different than a controller? All this talk about longer cables is just a pain in the rear, ugly, and difficult for some to run.

    • Jesse

      three reasons: bandwidth, latency, interference…

  • Brian

    I would need one that can be extended through an HDMI. House is prewired and the TV is about 30feet from the xbox one in storage room. The only way to do it w/o tearing down walls is to have the extension go through and HDMI that I already have in the wall.

  • Trevor

    Yet another with the same problem. Almost done building my theater and even added a special shelf under the screen for stuff like the Kinect. The whole using a proprietary connector and not having an extension cable at launch is really annoying along with a lot of the other crap they half assed. I think my solution for now is going to be to use an HDMI extender and put the xbox closer to this shelf.

    • Clarky

      Worked out a solution. Smart man

  • Brandon

    I have all of my cables hidden in my wall. The Kinect cable is the only cable that is not hidden.

    • Clarky

      Aww poor baby, did you want mommy to come and cuddle you while you cry?

  • Glenn Dalton

    Same as below. All my cables are routed through a wall. Once you go up down and around you find that 10′ is pretty darn short. Even with the Xbox near the TV it won’t make it. So everything looks great except for the ugly black Kinect cable draped across the wall.

    • Clarky

      Thats 10 feet of cable

  • Jared

    Add me to the list. Need an extension at least 20 feet.

  • You’re Flat Out Homo

    I have a projector and i need an extension minimal of 10ft just to use it properly, i would need like 20-30 ft to have all the wires hidden away nicely. Would definitely but one as soon as available

  • What The Heck

    have a TV on a wall over a fireplace. All of my equipment is on the side of the large room and wires are run through the wall. Need close to a 25′ cable to get through walls to behind the tv…was at store money in hand to buy Xbox One…asked about cable and getting extension and none exists…so i said nvm…guess i will wait…was pretty bummed about it being it took me this long to get amped up about it enough to go drop the dough on it…and then didn’t even get it b/c microsoft is a bunch of idiots…how has no one come out with this yet…if first person could come out with it and advertise…everyone would buy it…

  • Jason

    Wall mount TV over fire pace, so i have a media closet for everything. I’m tired of placing my expensive console on a bar stool just so it can reach the TV.. especially with a 7 year old running around the house. Hopefully something comes out soon.

  • Willie

    Converted my double garage into a cinema room with projector so still using xbox 360 until the extension comes out I need at least a15ft extension

  • Jon Bushby

    Got an HD projector which is at the opposite side of the room to my Xbox one. Clearly anyone with a setup like this is not going to be able to use their kinect. Microsoft = fail.

  • Ron

    Same issue. I need a 20′ cable for my theater room.

  • Robert Lougee

    Wall mounted TV over the fire place, media cabinet to the side. Need 30 feet more cable for the XB1 Kinect.

  • marklabelle870

    I need one at least 40′ for my theater room.

    • chardin

      Me too. Same scenario.

  • Keggo

    Using a projector… Need one.

  • Maraksot

    Like most everybody else here I have a home theater where all my electronic equipment is near the back of the room and there’s no way the 9 or 10 feet of cable that comes attached to the Kinect is going to make it. I need at least 10 more feet.

    • Clarky

      Put it at the front of the room and buy a long hdmi cable. idiot

  • Wylam28

    I need one too

  • Dustin Harper

    Running a projector, too. All equipment is ~25′ away from the screen. I need an extension for the first Kinect, I need it for the new one, too.

    However, I haven’t tried it yet – how does it work with very low lighting? I know the first Kinect had some issues with it.

    • fusion10395

      will work great dont worry man

  • tomfardon

    I’mm OK just now, but when I move into our AV room, we’ll need a 30 ft extension cable.

  • darrell

    I have everything in a wiring closet and the 10ft will not reach. Will need 30-50′ at least.

  • Slim

    After reviewing some of the latest feedback on the Xbox One vs. PS4, I am getting close to closing the door on the XBOX forever as a gaming console. 2 1/2 months is more than enough time to have had an extension available, yet we all wait. Now I hear that the XBOX One technical specs have not prepared it for the true next gen of gaming. I will be reviewing the PS4 soon at my local Best Buy to see what its like. One thing I always liked about the XBOX was the feel of the controller. If the PS4 controller feels right, then the decision will be an easy one. I’m a gamer – I like to play games, not talk to them. If in the future If need help changing channels, maybe I’ll give the XBOX One another look.

    • Slim

      I checked out the PS4 at Best Buy. I did not like the controller at all. It is far too small and uncomfortable for long gaming sessions. Hopefully Microsoft gets their act together and gets this extension out ASAP. I am starting to think I may not buy either console at this rate.

    • Clarky

      If you’re looking for the door over a cable. Then you sir are probably stupid enough to qualify as a Playstation user.

  • Quick

    I need a 60′ extension for my HT setup, need it soon as I am just finishing my wiring and will be running it in-wall…

  • pip keeling

    I need a 2-3 meter extension as my 63 in tv is about 4 meters from where my xbox 360 ps3 and audio video amp are built into the adjacent wall. I’ll not buy the xbox one until I can solve this problem.

  • pip keeling

    I’m thinking of cutting the kinect lead and splicing an extended cable between the existing plugs has anyone tied this yet?

    • Clarky

      I would say this is a pretty safe bet, i was thinking about doing the same.

  • pip keeling

    Just a thought what about a jumper each end say kinect to usb then we could use existing usb extensions it’s not rocket science????????

  • MaFuBa

    I really need such an extension…
    I have a huge Cinema room and all electronics are in the back of the room.
    I tried to bring the XBOX One to the front and used a 20m “one directional HDMI cable (200€)” to my AV Receiver but the picture then is badly delayed… :(
    So the Box need to be close to the AVR!
    Please give me an extention so I can use the XBone to its full potential…

  • kevshed

    Yup – my kit is all in a central rack that feeds the whole house…. i need about 30ft. Right now, i use the XBOne without kinect, which is fine – but a waste of money. I’d have bought a PS4 at the time, but their weren’t any :)

  • NYPhilsPhan

    Still no solution for those of us with media closets. This is getting kind of ridiculous. It is definitely a proprietary interface with both USB and power, so doesn’t seem to be any kind of work around.

  • Clarky

    Where is the cable. I’m about 30cm short of where I need to be. You’d think they would have thought about this before hand.

  • Mike

    I need a 10 foot cable!!

  • Mike

    They sold this as the center of your media closet and then tell you to take it out of your media closet. This is just insane. 9 feet is nothing, 65″ TV you burn 3 feet just getting to the left or right edge of the tv add another 6-8 to get to a normal media closet (not even talking the real high end ones) and then 2-3 feet once inside the closet to wire it. They should have delivered this with a 20 foot cable and they would have solved 90%of the issues! then the last 10% who need 25 feet would turkey be a minority.

    This is very disappointing to me, I spend a thousand dollars on the console and games and can’t use the kinnect unless I but a table in front of my tv and then run hdmi cables back to me media center to plug in to sound and cable box.

    The fact that is has been out for almost 6 months and ere is still no sign of a cable is really pathetic.

  • Brian Roos

    I need the cable. I will have the xbox one in a theater setup with a projector in my house. The short 9ft cable that comes with it is just too short.

  • bjm

    I need one about 30ft long – the projector and the rest of the A/V equipment are in separate rooms… will have to stick with the 360 until this is worked out.

  • Starfighter

    I have purchased a 50 inch Panasonic Smart Tv I have alo a sound bar set up I have no room for my X-Box one kinnect I am so frustrated with Microsoft to not even consider the new technology age where tv’s are bigger, I was going to purchase a bracket for the top of my TV Only to discover it would be a waste of my Hard earned wage as the kinnect cable would not reach. AAH !! SO MAD :-(

  • ElectronicYoda

    I also have distance issues. A longer cord would be excellent.

  • Jason Thomas Carter

    I set up my xbox in the basement and have the cables run up through the wall to my TV in the living room. I had an extension cable for my Kinect on 360, but I need one for my xbox one. I’m considering getting a new piece of furniture to house my xbox because I don’t have an extension cable.

  • colin c

    I need an extension cable for my media room or Im going to sell my Xbox One for a PS4. Cant believe this is not already available!

  • John Collins

    Have a media room with everything in the back of the room with the Kinect just sitting on top waiting for a longer cable. Really frustrated with the situation. At least the first Kinect I was able to plug in and use an USB extension cable.

  • Coban

    i need too

  • Conan

    Yep me too

  • Kevin

    ditto, home theater av box is no where near the wall that my screen is on

  • Graal

    I have a system where the kinnect and HDMI cables have to go through a duct to come out behind the TV. I need at least 15-feet

  • Texas Daddy

    My Kinect is actually close to my old xBox 360, but to hide the wire, the factory cable is just too short.
    I have a 55″ Sony 3D TV mounted above the Fireplace. All my wires go into the wall, around the chimney, and then come back out of the wall to the built-in bookcase.
    This is where my Yamaha Surround Sound Receiver, Cable Box, and old xBox 360 are located.
    They are technically only a few feet from the Kinect, but who wants unsightly wires running across their mantle and then along the wall. I need at least another 10′ (15′ would be better).
    This is a fairly common configuration to have built-in book cases (with bottom cabinets) along both sides of a Fireplace to fill in the entire wall of our Living Room.

  • Maxx Delusional

    Add me to this list. I have a projector, and I need at least 30 feet. A regular USB extension cable worked great for the 360.

  • tdogdfw

    I’ve got a home theater with equipment in a closet in a different room. Would like to use the XBOX One in the closet with and HDMI matrix switch to use games anywhere in the house, but obviously the Kinect would be in only one room… the theater room.

  • BMurdoch

    Still waiting on an Xbone Kinect extension cable. It’s been 10 months folks. C’mon already. Or have you completely abandoned the Kinect? I still use mine, especially for voice controls when watching media content. Hey, I don’t mind out of favor tech. I watched an HD DVD of Casablanca on the standalone player that is still attached to my XBox 360 in my stack….

  • Joe

    Still waiting on the Xbox One extension cable. I have a movie room and everything is in the back except for my xbox one which has to sit in the front for the Kinect. I then have 50 foot HDMI cables running back to my receiver. this is less then ideal as it puts my xbox one in the line of fire when people are jumping around.

  • DaRickmeister

    I’m still waiting for extention cable, my AV closet is a across my room 20ft from TV. I don’t mind seeing xbox one under my TV, but my wife is another story. Worse part she keeps asking me where is the cable, like I have any control for this.

  • ruxpin

    Really disappointed with Microsoft. Kinect was compulsory to purchase yet mine is still sat in box as I don’t wish to have cables trailing across my lounge floor nor rearrange furniture around a games console. Is there ever going to be an official response which differs from move your furniture?

  • Dinlo

    I’m have been waiting for this cable as well!!!!!

  • Neil

    I am not an xbox one owner yet, but have 360. My xbox is in a room above the room with tv and kinect. I was not able to feed a usb cable through my tunnel in the wall (no space and already plastered over and expensive wall paper on top, so no immediate option to open it up), but did have a spare cat 5 cable.

    I was able to use this to get my kinect 1 working, by using a usb 2 to cat 5 convertor. I have seen the new connector for kinect 2, and so my current solution would not work. So would be interested in a solution for when I do purchase a xbox one. Though if I do then will most likely buy without the kinect, until there is a solution

  • Neil

    Though this does not solve my problem, I just found this on Amazon, and is on sale from the 31st October.

    It is only 2 metres, so wonder how many can be daisy chained before latency is affected.

  • Redstang93

    Buy the Xbox Kinect for windows adapter and use an active 3.0 USB. All functions work minus the IR signal on the Kinect used to turn on TV, etc. To fix this, just get an IR blaster and plug into the Xbox. Works great and finally a solution to the problem.

    • Justin Bird

      Can you please help me understand your solution?
      1) I plug the Kinect into the adaptor.
      2) I plug in the adaptor to female end of an active USB 3.0 female-to-male extension cord.
      3) Plug the USB 3.0 male into the Xbox One USB 3.0 slot?
      And the Xbox will recognize the signal as if it were plugged into the Kinect port (minus the IR piece)?

    • Nick

      I liked this idea and went for it. It failed. I can connect with this setup directly to the xbox however it fails going through a powered cable matters 10 m usb 3 active extender. Did you actually get this to work with a specific product or is this just a theory.

  • William LaHay

    Would CAT6 not support the bandwidth requirements of the Kinect 2? USB 3 (in theory) can support 5 Gb/s, as can CAT6. I too am in desperate need of an option to extend the distance of my Kinect cable. All of my equipment is located in a media cabinet in the basement (roughly a 30 foot run) with a plethora of CAT6 runs available. The Kinect is really what makes the Xbox One stand out, and without it you really are giving up a bunch of functionality. Seems to me that Microsoft really didn’t think this one through as there a large number of customers out there who do not, or cannot locate the console next to their display.