2014 Vizio Thin and light CT14 features wishlist

2014 Vizio Thin and light CT14 features wishlist

By Posted 18 Nov 2013, 09:51

When the Vizio Thin and light CT14 was released back in 2012 it was met with mixed reviews, this was because while it offered an alternative to some of the more expensive laptops on the market, there were still issues that stopped it being a real winner.

Coming up with an ultrabook to undercut rivals was a real coup for Vizio because it had a decent display and superb build quality, but its trackpad, keyboard and below par battery life was its Achilles heal. These bad points were more than enough to seal the fate of the CT14 because they were terrible problems, even if the price was in-line with people on a tighter budget.

There is still a light at the end of the tunnel though because Vizio should take note of some of the poor reviews and add this to a growing wishlist of features for a possible 2014 Vizio Thin and light CT14.

Wanted Vizio Thin and light CT14 features for refresh

Wanted Vizio Thin and light CT14 features for refresh

What the 2014 Vizio Thin and light CT14 refresh needs – Firstly, the biggest change would have to be to the keyboard, as it would benefit from an island style. An improved screen with something on par with a Retina would go down very well, although this could be hard to do on a budget that would still make the laptop appealing.

We have seen a number of consumers asking why does’nt Vizio just make the trackpad on its CT14 more like that of the MacBook Air and Pro, as the laptop is very similar anyway. Some of you will say this is just copying at its worst, but copying in this industry has existed for years.

An improved battery life would be welcome, but that would come with a newer processor and software management. These are just a few ideas, and so we would ask what changes would you like to see on the next Vizio Thin and light CT14 laptop?

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