GTA V Story DLC could put Heists on backburner

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We have an important heads up for all GTA V players now, players who are sitting there patiently wondering when Rockstar is going to drop the anticipated GTA V Online Heists release date. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on this but we do have some big news to share in relation to the first notable GTA V DLC expansion for the game.

Everyone is waiting for Heists to land, but it appears that Rockstar has other agendas on their mind, specifically the first GTA V DLC content. You’ll remember the amazing DLC expansions for GTA IV that came out post-release, so whatever does happen with GTA V, you should be reminded that you are probably in good hands with Rockstar.

Will we get content in the form of two massive packs such as The Lost and Damned and the Ballad of Gay Tony? Or will Rockstar shake up their tactics and release DLC content that is smaller in size but more frequent through 2014?

What we can tell you is that we should find out the answer soon. A report by GameSpot reveals that Rockstar is planning to announce their first story DLC soon and it could come in the form of a massive expansion akin to the packs seen in GTA IV.

Although Rockstar has maintained that Heists is still in development, it now looks like the first main DLC will take preference. Could we perhaps be seeing some DLC before Christmas, or will Rockstar save it until early next year?

Either way, this could be received as mixed news by fans. A lot of you have told us that you want to see Heists above anything else. Does the availability of new story mode DLC change your mind on this or not? Give us your thoughts below.

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  • Boldrin

    I would much rather have the heists!

  • Jared f

    Id rather have heists! They should have already had it done. Im getting tired of waiting on them for somethimg that should already be done

  • Zach F

    I think I speak for everyone when I say we need the Heists first. That’s what GTA players want and that’s what they were promised. They should focus more on the GTA Online more, because that’s what is new to the GTA franchise.

  • DogLoverGBossGangstaDude

    I want dogs

  • Evildog51

    I think everyone who plays online now want the heists, I like it but doing the same jobs over and over again is getting rather boring now, and cant blow up our cars in private mode and do stunts as we get penalised. They need to give more jobs and the like to make it interesting again

  • xkingxnitemare

    Heists are never coming. too easy a way to make money and rockstar wont make any off the money cards in the store.

  • zpoccc

    i care more about single player dlc than i do online content, personally…

  • heat#1

    Zombies dlc and basketball

  • heat#1

    What ever happen to the old days were u could go to tha bar and shoot a game of pool and drink beer or go shoot a game of basketball. I see courts in gta v but no ball its pretty messed up dat its not n da game. It would be cool to go around sandy shores and killin zombies with a chainsaw or chain gun

  • epicy0da

    Personally I think they should add heists, animals like deer so you can go hunting, pet dogs, zombies, and more sports like volleyball on those courts in the beach or like soccer or even baseball otherwise people might lose interest in the game like how most people are right now. It would be really cool if they bring back the jet pack and put in muliplayer, or even adding a grappling gun would be cool.

    • Truuuuuu

      I like the way this guy thinks. And hell some cool cheat codes llike massive bunny hops wouldnt kill them either

  • Steve Champoux

    who cares about single player i think i speak for alot of ppl when i say WE WANT HEISTS!!! lol

  • SlayerGP

    Getting really tired of these statements that don’t really say much. We were promised heists within a few weeks of online going live, it’s now been 6. Who cares about new hairstyles and whatever other crap they’ve got planned? I haven’t touched GTA online in a week because I’ve lost interest doing the same thing over and over.

  • SylarTheWolf

    Oh my god no one cares JUST GIVE US HEISTS! It’s all anyone wants: rob banks with your friends and get HUGE PAYOUTS. There is nothing better, so stop dancing around it, Rockstar, and DELIVER.

  • SP

    Rockstar should consider a SanDiego / Tijuana expansion.

  • Piko

    I’d prefer more single player content myself.