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Three days ago Google announced the fifth iteration of the Nexus handset line up, the Nexus 5, featuring a quad-core chip, 4.95-inch display, 8MPix camera and more.

It appears that the Nexus 5 wasn’t the company’s last card for 2013 though. If you head over to Android’s official website and then select apps and entertainment, then scroll down a little you will spot a picture of a mysterious tablet posing. It is quite identical to the 7-inch form-factor of the family. The sole difference between these two seems to be taking place on the display, as the unidentified device features a slightly larger one. I presume we can say that we are looking at the Google Nexus 8 – in case the display is actually 8 inches.

Could that be the Nexus 8?

Could that be the Nexus 8?

What is interesting here though, is the fact that we haven’t seen any rumors suggesting a potential launch for the particular device. And frankly, it makes sense since there is no point in selling two devices which are 1-inch different. There would definitely be a problem on the pricing procedure, let alone the fact that vast majority of consumers would opt for one, leaving the other with low-demand, which essentially would lead to a financial failure.

From my standpoint, I think that the company did that deliberately for whatever reason – maybe give us a heads up on what’s coming next. It is implausible to see such a device except if Google decides to discontinue the Nexus 7 product line. Why would they do that? Because they will eventually hit the issue mentioned above with the Nexus 6 or 7, which will release with a 6-inch screen size at some point. Then the Nexus 7 will be redundant, hence a Nexus 8 could be a possibility in that occasion. In conclusion, if Google indeed intends to manufacture an 8-inch tablet, it would be no sooner than 2015.

We wonder what you guys think of this story so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


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  • GianniBarberi

    For me it would make perfect sense: I’m writing this on a nexus 7, but my favourite size is 8, also I ordered a 5 and the 7 is too close.
    Then, generally speaking, you are tied to the Apple approach (which to me looks a little Soviet style): very few product s, easy choice for the consumer.
    I prefer a more open range, like tv sizes, in this case: a dimension for every hand.
    Also, marketing wise, it’s on the right track: nexus+ number. Easy and clear.
    (On the opposite, I never found a sales rep who didn’t mistake the galaxy nexus with the galaxy next or the nexus s…)

    • Orestes Papanastassiou


      First of aall thanks for the feedback. Had you read the piece more carefully though you would have comprehended the fact that the consumer would pick the Nexus 8 simultaneously reducing the Nexus 7 demand, which essentially means that the company will be left with unsold nexus 7 stock. That would be a financial failure. As mentioned in the article when the nexus handset hits a 6-inch display then the nexus 7 would be redundant as the display size will be practically the same, though the nexus 5 will sport more powerful specs and will be capable of conducting phone calls as well.

      In addition to your last remark, I did not comment about the way the company names its products.

      Thanks in advance.

      • vic g

        your argument assumes the nexus 6 will be 6 inches. this is incorrect.

        • Orestes Papanastassiou

          I did not day that. I clearly stated that the device will ONE day, hit the 6 inch size.


  • GianniBarberi

    What’s the point?
    No need to repeat your word,I can read.
    My opinion is different

  • Leigh Walker

    Just looks like a nexus 7 to me.
    Maybe it’s just somebody over analyzing an imagine in a desperate attempt to be ahead of the bunch when looking for an article to write about future devices.

    • OrestGPap

      Hello, thanks for the feedback. Everyone is entitled to his opinion, and based on what I see, I believe that the device showcased in the image is not the Nexus 7.

  • Ted_kazynski

    Looks like a bad Photoshop job. You can see the pixels on the screen have been superimposed over what looks like the new nexus 7. My guess is that Google is trying to take the spotlight off the new nexus 10 after the nexus 5 was such a poorly kept secret. Look at the image a little more closely.

    • OrestGPap


      Interesting takeaway. Thanks for sharing!