No GTA V Halloween mod due to PC release delay

By Posted 30 Oct 2013, 16:54

With Halloween tomorrow there will no doubt be gamers looking for some scary themed DLC to add to their game, but for those who were hoping for a GTA V Halloween mod, then you already know this will not happen. The reason for this is rather obvious, as there is no PC release just yet.

No GTA V Halloween mod due to PC release delay

It was the hope to see GTA V for PC released close to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but it was clear early on that this was not going to happen. It is a shame because PC gamers would have loved to get to grips with all that Grand Theft Auto 5 brings, along with creating some awesome mods as well.

Some of the previous GTA mods have seen Jack O’ Lanterns being put up in certain areas of the game, a Halloween house, and also a Michael Myers mod. It is such a shame because we would have loved to have seen what modders would have come up with.

That is not to say that GTA 5 players cannot get in on the Halloween action, as there are several ways to celebrate the spooky day. First up, you could create yourself a Halloween Pumpkin Emblem, which you can see how in the video below.

There’s also a special Halloween inspired GTA V Easter Egg, which is of a Haunted House, the location of which is revealed in the second video. If that is not enough, then how about some awesome GTA V Halloween costume ideas, as there are 11 to choose from? If not, then we have other game inspired Halloween costume ideas.

We hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow, what ever you plan to do.

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  • Sebastiaan van den Berg

    That’s not a haunted house… That’s a house Trevor burns down during one of his missions… wtf

  • Manly Chicken

    This article makes no sense and isn’t relevant to anything.
    It’s like you made this article for the sole purpose of shoehorning GTA V, a PC version, and Halloween to increase web traffic.
    Oh wait, that’s exactly what you did…