New Adobe hack similar to PSN security breach

New Adobe hack similar to PSN security breach

By Posted 4 Oct 2013, 05:48

The digital age was always going to come with risks, and while we did not think too much about them ten years ago, we certainly do now. The reason for this is that so much or our information is now stored online because of our working life and pastimes.

It is for this very reason why cyber attacks are becoming a common occurrence, we’ve had it with some Government departments throughout the world, but one that got the biggest media attention was the PSN security breach.

Well, it looks as though a new Adobe hack is very similar to that PlayStation Network security breach because it has gained access to “Adobe customer IDs and encrypted passwords“. That is not all, as the software giant also believes other information was taken.

2.9 million Adobe customers could be affected by this hack, with information such as customer names, credit or debit card numbers (although these are encrypted), along with their expiration dates and general details regarding previous orders. Adobe has tried to ease customer’s concerns by saying they do not believe the hackers were able to remove “decrypted credit or debit card numbers” from their systems.

Adobe has come under attack, 2.9 million accounts affected

Adobe has come under attack, 2.9 million accounts affected

What to doAdobe said that as a precaution they are resetting customer passwords to counter any unauthorized access to people’s Adobe ID accounts. In due course you will receive an email from Adobe on details of how to change your password. If you have used the same password on other websites, then you should change those as well.

We know there is a lot of anger towards Adobe and their practices, but this still does not condone what has gone on. Let us hope this was done to antagonize Adobe and not try to cause issues for their 2.9 million innocent customers?

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