GTA V title update not solving all problems

By Posted 2 Oct 2013, 04:25

If you have been pulling your hair out over missing vehicles in GTA V that suddenly vanish from your garage, you’ll be pleased to hear that Rockstar has come to the rescue in a relatively timely fashion. The first GTA V title update is now available, updating both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game with some very welcome bug fixes.

GTA V title update not solving all problems

The next time you boot up GTA V, or re-enter the game if you are currently playing, you should see an automatic prompt to install the new update. Rockstar has not only fixed the pesky issue with the disappearing vehicles, but they have also issued a notable number of other bug fixes to the game as well.

You’ll find the full list over at their website here, but some of the changes include random occurrences where a player’s money would drop to zero and stay at zero. There’s also a fix for the issue which involved the Atomic Blimp not appearing as a phone contract for those who picked up the Collector’s Edition of the game.

Some users are still having big problems with the game

Some users are still having big problems with the game

While these changes are obviously designed to improve stability of the game overall, it appears that there are still major problems for users trying to access GTA Online with stable success. Just read through the amount of complaints on Rockstar’s newswire above to get an idea of what is going on.

After the missing vehicle bug caused a big headache for everyone, it looks like Rockstar now has to work around the clock to get GTA Online up to speed without any issues. It’s obviously hard trying to stay on top with the sheer demand and stress on the servers – but then again, it was always expected with a game as big as GTA.

Rockstar has fixed 7 key areas of the game with the first title update, but are you still having problems? Let us know how you are getting on with the game below.

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  • Eamonn

    Still problems with the solo session racing job, the so called ‘trigger’ has appeared which is a start although when you go over to it, the game freezes on a blurry screen and says ‘failed mission. Return to story mode’ eughhh